By Janine Ose

Title:  Patrol
Author:  Janine Ose
Rating:  NC-17
Spoilers:  None
Distribution:  B/G Shippers and Watching You, Watching Me (everyone else please ask first)
Disclaimer:  All characters belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox, WB and Mutant Enemy. 
Summary:  Completely PWP.  Just a bit of fun. 
Feedback:  Please, just no flames.  My muse is deathly afraid of fire.

    "Here vampy, vampy," Buffy called as she wandered around the cemetery.  Pouting when she got no answer she settled down on a headstone near a new grave to wait.  "Sheesh, you guys are taking longer and longer," she muttered when she finally got bored.  Stuffing her stake in her pocket she started shadow boxing, jabbing at invisible opponents and practicing her spin kicks.  Suddenly she stopped and cocked her head, a feral grin sliding across her face when she heard the tell-tale scrabble beneath the earth.  Withdrawing her stake she hopped over and crouched next to the grave.  "Come to Buffy," she cooed. 
    A hand burst through the earth and she jumped backwards, waiting for the rest of him to appear.  As soon as he did she plunged her stake into his heart, sneezing uncontrollably when he burst into dust.  Humming to herself she wandered over to the next new grave, getting there just as the vamp hauled itself to its feet.  "Damn, I was late," she muttered.  With a dismissive shrug, she staked the vamp and took off for the third grave.
      When she got there she saw nothing but a gaping hole.  Planting her hands on her hips she looked around the area.  "Well damn.  That first one really threw off my timing," she observed with a pout.  "Watching them coming up is always the fun part."  With an absent kick at the dirt surrounding the hole she looked around for any sign of where the vamp may have gone.  A feral grin slid across her face when she spotted the trail it had left behind.  "Oh goody, I love hide and seek," she said cheerfully as she took off after it.
    Since she was bored she decided to have a bit of fun once she found it.  Fluffing her hair she skipped out in front of it, shrieking when it's face changed and it took off after her.  She led it through the woods surrounding the cemetery, pelting it with stones and dirt, laughing at it when I lunged at her and fell on its face.  "You gotta do better than that," she taunted as she ducked under a branch and back into the cemetery.  Suddenly she stopped and tilted her head slightly a giddy laugh bubbling from her lips.  "Sorry, play time's over.  It's been fun," she announced before whirling and plunging her stake into the vamp's heart. 
    She wandered between the headstones, anticipation racing through her and sending a shot of pure heat between her thighs.  Suddenly she was grabbed and forced up against a headstone.  "Didn't anyone ever tell you it was dangerous to walk around here at night?" a low voice growled in her ear.  She shivered, her body trembling slightly.  "Please don't hurt me," she begged in a small voice.  A large hand slid up her thigh and under her short skirt.  "Now why would I want to do that?"  She heard the sound of ripping fabric and her panties floated to the ground.  "No, what I have in mind is much more enjoyable." 
    A knee forced its way between her thighs, pushing them further apart and a hand on her back bent her forward over the headstone.  "What are you doing?" she whimpered, a small smile playing about her lips.  She could feel his breath on her neck when he bent over her, his lips tracing a fiery path along her skin.  "Having fun," he whispered.  His hand slipped between her thighs and she could feel him chuckle when he felt how wet she already was.  He continued touching her, using his weight to keep her bent over the headstone while he used his other hand to unzip his pants.  Buffy trembled when she heard the rasp of the zipper, her hands gripping the sides of the headstone tightly.
    He removed his hand from her center and she whimpered in protest, her whimper turning into a moan of satisfaction when he pushed himself inside her.  Despite herself she pushed back against him, urging him to take her harder.  He growled low in his throat, his teeth and lips working their magic on her skin as he thrust into her.  Her cries grew louder and more ragged as her body began to shake and, knowing she was close, he moved his hand back to her center, rubbing and rolling her clit between his fingers. 
    Buffy's back arched and she threw her head back, her scream echoing around the deserted cemetery.  A split second later his harsh cry joined hers as he emptied himself inside her, her convulsing walls milking him until there was nothing left.  "That was fun," she mumbled when he collapsed onto her.  His answering laughter rang around them as he pulled out of her and pulled up his jeans.  He patted her bare bottom and pulled her skirt down before reaching over to pick up her torn panties.  With a contented purr, Buffy turned around and smiled at him.  "Let's go home Giles."  Giles wrapped his arm around her shoulders and hugged her against his side, dropping a tender kiss atop her head as they left the cemetery.  "Have I told you lately how much I love you?" he asked as they walked down the quiet street.  She giggled.  "Yes, but you can tell me again anyway." 
    They were half-way down the street when she looked up at him.  "That was a lot of fun.  How about if next time we.." Her voice trailed off as they rounded the corner, their combined laughter wafting on the breeze behind them.