One Sweet Day
By Veronique

Title: One Sweet Day
Rating: PG
Author: Veronique (
Feedback: Please! Please! This is my first attempt at writing fanfic. Whacha think?
Spoilers: Up to Helpless
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters, Joss does. The song is by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men and is called One Sweet Day.
Summary: Buffy is thinking about her time with Giles while standing at his grave sometime in the future.
Warning: Character Death


As Buffy stood at Rupert’s grave she reminisced about all the times they had had together. Whether good, bad or terrifying, she could see them all in her head. He had stood by her side through thick and thin no matter what. She truly loved him.

Sorry I never told you,
All I wanted to say.
And now it’s to late to hold you,
Cause you’ve flown away,
So far away.

That day that she had betrayed him by not telling him about Angel. The pain in his eyes when he found out was unbearable, but she knew that she should to be punished. When the Scoobies found out and confronted her about it she just wanted him to take her into his arms, and tell her that everything was going to be alright. She knew he wouldn’t, shouldn’t. She didn’t deserve his love or comfort.

Never had I imagined,
Living without your smile.
Feeling and knowing you hear me,
It keeps me alive.

Standing there at his grave, brought so many painful memories. Her 18th birthday stood out the most. He had betrayed her and her trust in him was shattered. As she stood there in front of him crying, she knew things would never be the same between them.

~ You touch me and I’ll kill you. ~

~ ... to win back your trust ~

~ I don’t know you. ~

And I know you’re shining down on me from Heaven,
Like so many friends we’ve lost along the way.
And I know eventually we’ll be together,
One sweet day.

While standing there watching Kralik die from the inside out, a little part of her died with him. When the other one came down the steps with Rupert on his heels, a tiny bit of hope came from inside of her. She sat in that chair while Travers told her she passed. She wanted to kill him for looking like he was enjoying himself while she was so bruised and battered that she could hardly move. Then he told Rupert that he was fired. When she heard that, she managed to look past the day’s events to all the times he had stood by her side. After Travers had left, when he kneeled in front of her to wash her head, and she looked into those irresistible green eyes, she loved him all over again.

Darling, I never showed you,
Assumed you’d always be there.
I took your presence for granted,
But I always cared,
I miss the love we shared.

The night that they had confessed their love to each other was another memory that came to mind. It had been the day after the Cruciamentum when she came to his house asking him to hold her. He had held her all night and told her that he was sorry and didn’t deserve her trust. When she had woken up he was right by her side as he had promised, and in the heat of the moment they had kissed. The most amazing, and intense kiss she had ever experienced.

And I know you’re shining down on me from Heaven,
Like so many friends we’ve lost along the way.
And I know eventually we’ll be together
One sweet day.

At first all he could do is apologize. And do that really sexy stutter that he does.

~Buffy smiled to herself~

When his apologies turned into rambling, she had kissed him again, and again, until he had responded. When he did, there was nothing on the face of the earth that could of pulled her away from him.

Although the sun will never shine the same,
I’ll always look to brighter days.
Lord, I know when I lay me down to sleep,
You will always listen, as I pray

They had made love that night over and over. Never getting enough of each other and both wanting each other with a passion that had been pent up for 4 years. They shouted out their releases to one another and then Buffy laid in Rupert’s arms and fell silently asleep. She was woken up by the gentle pecks of his kisses on her neck. They were in bed that whole day until she had to go patrolling.

And I know you’re shining down on me from Heaven,
Like so many friends we’ve lost along the way,
And I now eventually we’ll be together,
One sweet day.

The memories were almost too painful to remember. They were walking hand in hand through the cemetery when a vamp came along and tried to eat Buffy. She had fended him off easily and hit the stake home in about a minute. When she was done she found out that she had attracted some attention from his vamp followers. There were about five and in about 6 minutes she had 3 of them staked. She was dealing with the 4th one when she looked at Rupert and the vamp had taken advantage of the momentary distraction. He punched her in the face and she fell to the ground. He was about to bite her neck when she heard the familiar sound of a dusted vamp and thin dust was sprinkled all over her body. Rupert had dusted the vamp for her. She got up and since she was a little shaken, she didn’t see the vamp that came right up behind her. She grabbed Rupert and threw him on the ground. She saw his skull hit the headstone and fall down unconscious. The vamp turned her attention to Buffy and tried to hit her. Buffy easily blocked the hit and shoved her stake home. The vamp dusted and in seconds she was by his side.

And I know your shining down on me from Heaven,
Like so many friends we’ve lost along the way.
And I know eventually we’ll be together,
One sweet day.

Once at the hospital they took him into the ICU. They said they had to run some tests, but she was so out of it, she didn’t really hear them. Or want to. She told them that she wanted to see him, but they said she had to sit in the waiting room. She didn’t want to sit in the waiting room god damn it!!! She wanted to see her lover. When the doctor came out and told her that there was nothing that they could do because he had lost too much blood, she told him that it wasn’t true and that he was going to be fine. She screamed at him, and pushed past him into Rupert’s room. He was lying there cold and lifeless. She sat down, held his hand, and wept. She cried for hours until there were no more tears left. She went to his house later that day, that now seemed cold without him and lied on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

Sorry I never told you,
All I wanted to say....

She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked up. “I love you, Rupert” she whispered to the sky, and walked off into the night, leaving her heart with him.