One Sweet Day
By Renee

PLOT - Buffy asks Giles to a picnic.
TITLE - One Sweet Day
AUTHOR - Yup it's Renee again
SPOILERS - Set season 5 I guess.
DISCLAIMER - Joss Whedon, Ruler of all earth owns everything Buffy.
FEEDBACK - I love it I love it I love it!

"So this demon isn't supposed to show up till what...9pm?"
"That's what my sources tell me yes."
"But we have to be lying in wait right?"
"Mmm yes."
"So why don't we have a picnic then?"
"Pardon?" She giggled at his shocked expression, this was a big leap she was taking, she just hoped he caught her when she fell.

"You know an activity where two or more people sit on a blanket or similar object and eat food, possibly sandwiches etc from a basket. It's usually held outdoors on a sunny day, perhaps they don't have those in England."
"Hah bloody hah, yes I am familiar with the concept." His voice was exasperated but his eyes danced with merriment. He loved moments like this, when it was just the two of them. When the conversation revolved around simple things rather than life and death.

"W....w...well that sounds delightful as a matter of fact." She bounced excitedly and rushed to the door.
"Ah where are you off to now?"
"Well I have to prepare don't I? I need to make the sandwiches and find a blanket, figure out a dessert that won't melt, there's so much to do." 'I also need to go have a shower, pick out a dress that'll drive him crazy and spend 2 hours making myself up as though I jump out of bed each morning looking that fabulous.'

He smiled as she hurried home, a genuine warmth and affection filled him at the thought of the evening ahead. This was uncharted territory, they'd spent countless hours together, even in what some would call intimate settings but it was all in the line of duty. They'd never just hung out before. The fact that it was she that had brought it up sent his mind spinning in a million different directions. He bounded the stairs two at a time, he needed to get ready, he'd show her he was more than just a watcher.

He showered, shaved and dabbed on the cologne Buffy had mentioned she liked on a previous occasion. He riffled through his entire closet looking for something a little more Rippery and a lot less tweedy. After much searching he finally settled on a maroon silk shirt and a pair of form fitting black trousers. The final debate rested on two things, he opted for the earring and his hair slightly moussed.

Her room was littered with clothes, surely she didn't own that many? The second she had gotten home she'd called Willow to let her in on the plan. Willow had rushed right over, the idea that this could make or break the Buffy/Giles romance put her in hyper drive.
"Buffy, your closet is kind of like a clown car."
"I think I'm not out of line here when I say huh?"
"There's no way all those clothes go in that one little closet, it's just like a clown car and all those freaky little clowns." She shuddered Xander wasn't the only one with an aversion to clowns.

Buffy finally settled on a strappy light yellow dress. It had a low v-neck front and an even lower back and it came to her mid thigh, perfect for slaying and picnicking, they should advertise it that way. She left her hair down but curled and put on light, subtle makeup, enough to make him notice anyway. She threw some items in the basket and grabbed a nice cosy blanket, 'all the better to snuggle on' she thought. There was a knock at the door mere moments later and she rushed to it only to stop for a minute in front of the mirror, she wanted to knock his socks off.

When the door opened he was certain he'd died and gone to heaven, she was a vision. His heart pounded so loudly he was sure she could hear it. He tried to form a sentence to assure her how lovely she looked but all that came out was, "Oh my!" She seconded the thought, Giles was super hot and the earring was a nice touch. 'Yes! He can feel it too, he knows this is not just a sit around and wait for a demon to come thing. Oh my gosh it's practically a first date.' He held his arm out for her and she gladly wrapped hers around it.
"You two kids have fun now," Willow called from inside. Buffy turned and winked at her before allowing Giles to escort her to the car.

He tried in vain to keep his eyes on the road, he'd almost hit two rubbish bins and a small dog because he couldn't tear himself away from her beauty. Buffy on the other hand was thrilled for once to not have a driver's license, she didn't need to pay attention to anything but the gorgeous hunk of man beef that sat beside her. Every so often she would 'accidentally' brush a hand against the side of his leg, however when he would look her way she'd pretend nothing had happened. When he'd finally decided it was his imagination he caught her staring at him from the corner of his eye. She was lost in a trance and seemed to be licking her lips an awful lot. He screeched the tires to avoid a light pole, 'I really should pay more attention to the road,' he chastised himself. She smiled, everything was going according to plan.

When they made it to Breaker's woods, he gathered up the basket and blanket and headed to a secluded spot. "Giles I can help you carry that you know, I am the slayer."
"Really?" He smiled cheekily at her and she fell further. "Buffy I know that you're probably many times stronger than I but I'm old fashioned and I believe that the men should carry the items and the women should dig up the corpses."

Buffy remembered a time when she'd once said something similar to him. Xander and Giles were digging up what turned out to be an empty grave, while Willow and herself were chatting on the sidelines. Xander had made a fuss about the men doing all the work and she had retorted that she believed women should have the babies and men dig up the corpses. She smiled at Giles, they'd never been this relaxed with one another, come to think of it she'd never been this relaxed with anyone.

They reached a spot that Giles seemed to think was suitable, they were surrounded by trees in all directions but their area was a lush green clearing with a small stream running alongside. He couldn't have picked a more romantic spot if he'd tried. They had hours till the demon was due so they made themselves comfortable in the shade of a large elm. Buffy began to unpack the food from the basket and laid it out before Giles. She was ravished, she'd forgotten to eat lunch amidst all the excitement of getting ready. Giles grabbed a sandwich and began to munch, he was quite content to just sit and watch Buffy. There was a slight breeze, which made her hair rustle, the sun making it shine like gold, she was stunning.

Buffy blushed and wondered what was running through Giles' mind, he was staring at her with a look of utter peace and joy. The wind picked up a little and some of her hair flew in her eyes, without thinking Giles casually leaned forward and tucked the strand behind her ear. Her eyes were wide with hope and anticipation, her breath was locked somewhere in her throat. His hand lingered on her cheek until he gently rubbed a thumb across it, she closed her eyes mesmerised by its feel. He'd stirred more within her with a slight touch than any other man had been able to achieve with full body contact.

He grinned encouraged by her reaction, everything just felt so right, for the first time he allowed himself to explore how he felt for her. Moments like these had existed only in his dreams and imaginings before now, he was petrified of waking. His thumb slid down her jawbone until it lightly touched her bottom lip, she drew in a breath and her lip began to tremble. He stroked his thumb across it slowly, tenderly until he could see her whole body shaking. She opened her mouth every so slightly and he placed his digit barely inside, her tongue flicked over it and she began to suck in earnest. Her eyes opened when she heard his groan, he was now the one with eyes closed. He looked lost in passion and she was amazed that she'd been the cause of it.

Her hand came up and held his as she sucked each finger in turn, it was painfully slow but it was heaven. His eyes opened and met hers, love, friendship and lust were mirrored in her own. As though some invisible force had tied them together and was now gradually pulling the string tighter, they drew together. His eyes questioned her, did she really want to take this step, for him there would be no going back if they did. She nodded slightly aware of his fears as she felt them herself but she was ready and more than willing, Giles was her forever guy. Their lips met and fireworks shot off inside her skull, her every nerve ending screamed to climb into his mouth, to feel his touch. It was soft and gentle at first as they pushed beyond their nerves but as they began to get a feel for one another it became a graceful swordplay of tongues.

'Oh my gosh, Giles is the best kisser on the planet!' Thoughts of love and desire overwhelmed her until there was no room for thought only feeling and boy did she feel. He pulled her to him, their food forgotten, and laid her beside him. He raised himself up and took the time to just stare at his slayer. Her lips were swollen from their passionate kisses and her face was flush with desire. "I love you Buffy, I always have."
"I love you too Giles, you mean everything to me, you're my other half." He brushed a hand across her cheek and leaned in to kiss her once again. They lay side by side for hours, kissing and touching, overjoyed at their newfound closeness. It felt perfect to just lie in one another's embrace, nothing had come close to this in either of their pasts.

The sun began to sink and still they had no urge to face the world yet, though when they did it would be arm in arm. She was not ashamed to call Giles her man, nor would she be so to one day call him husband. The demon arrived right on schedule, though the couple had forgotten not only the time but reason for their locale in the first place. He was small and not particularly bright and Buffy took him out in under a minute. She wiped the blood from her sword and turned to Giles, he was watching her with admiration and love but she had noticed he'd been ready to leap to her defence had the need arrived.

"How about we go home luv?"
"My place or yours?" She winked seductively.
"My home has always been wherever you are my dearest."
"Awwwwwwww." He was the sweetest man and always knew exactly what to say to melt her heart. He picked their goodies up and held out a hand. She gladly took it and they strolled away, two broken and battered hearts had been gathered up and mended miraculously in one sweet day.