One Good Vamp Deserves Another
By RenZach

TITLE - One Good Vamp Deserves Another
AUTHOR - Renzach
RATING - Whatever a regular Buffy episode is rated
DISCLAIMER - Characters belong to Joss, though i'd like to borrow Giles if I may
SPOILER - Tabula Rasa
SUMMARY - Giles comes back from England with a suprise
FEEDBACK - Oh please oh please oh please

She pulled the blanket tighter around her as a chill passed through her body. That's strange, it's a little nippy tonight but nothing I can't handle. She moved about the house to check for an open window when a knocking at the door disturbed her hunt. The knock sounded one more time as she grabbed a stake just to be on the safe side, it was dark and Sunnydale afterall. The sight that greeted her was overwhelming and before she knew it she had leapt from the doorway and into his awaiting arms. He smiled gently and gathered her into his embrace, allowing his head to rest on hers. "God Giles, I've missed you so much, when did you get back?" He laughed at her enthusiasm and placed a small kiss in her hair.
"Oh not very long ago at all, I wanted you to be the first to see me."
"Well I'm so glad, it's not the same without you here, I'd say more but you know me, Buffy the emotional retard."
"Yes and I do believe that I'm the emotional marathon man? Quite the pair we make wouldn't you say?"

He felt cold as she grabbed his hand to drag him inside but found she couldn't pull him in, it was like some sort of barrier was preventing his entrance. Realisation dawned on her and she dropped his hand as quickly as she had taken it. He laughed and his face morphed into a hideous facade that she was all too familiar with. "Why Buffy, I honestly thought you would have figured it out sooner, but let's face it you always were far more adept at the physical than the mental."
Her heart stopped beating and she felt as though she were trapped in a block of ice, smothered, cold and unable to move. Her knees gave way and she collapsed to the ground sobbing desperately. "It can't be true, not you Giles anyone but you, anyone. Tell me this is some kind of sick joke, tell me I'm dreaming."
"Not a dream Buffy, in fact I feel like for the first time I'm truly alive, I'm no longer your mongrel dog waiting for a morsel of attention. No now I live for me, the world is my feast and boy am I peckish." He slammed into the invisible barrier once more before walking into the night, she listened to his laughter until it was no more than a whisper on the breeze.

It was there in the doorway that Willow discovered her, a broken mess of tears and pain. She called her name but Buffy didn't even flinch. She bundled her up and moved them both towards the couch, kicking the door shut on her way. They had all hoped she was past these moments of despair where it seemed like she would never come back. "Buffy what's wrong? Did something happen?" Buffy laughed but it wasn't a pretty sound, it was a laugh filled with torture. "Giles, he..he...was here." Willow became agitated, Giles here? What if he finds out what I've been doing, he'll know, he always knows. He'll never forgive me. "Wait a minute Buffy you love Giles, you should be thrilled he's here, there's something you're not telling me" "He's...a...a vampire." The words were barely out of her mouth before she lost control again and shrunk back to cry. "No it's not true, you were mistaken that's all, Faith got it wrong once, so can you." But deep down she knew Buffy would never accuse Giles of this unless she was absolutely sure, you just had to look at her and know that it was real.

The scooby gang all arrived at the Summer's residence by 10 that same evening, each face a mirror of the next. They had run the gamut of emotions, fear, denial, anger all they were left with now was a deep sense of loss and the knowledge that of all of them Giles had truly been the best. "I keep wanting to ask Giles what we should do and then I remember." Willow began to cry again and allowed Xander to engulf her in a hug. Tara held Dawn's weeping form while Buffy sat rooted to the spot on the couch Willow had dragged her to so many hours ago. They had each tried to make some kind of contact with her, even a punch in the face would have been welcome, some sign she was still in there. Their thoughts were interupted by a shout from Willow, "I think I have an idea, no I know I do."
"What Will, I think we're all pretty much ready to try anything at this point." He wiped a tear from his cheek and allowed himself to hope.
"Tara do you have an orb of Thessulah?"

They reconvened an hour later, supplies at hand and hope in their hearts. Willow had tried to explain what they were doing to Buffy but she received nothing bar a vacant stare and a tear tracking down her cheek. Willow and Tara began the chant as Xander sprinkled herbs, they all knew this had to work or Buffy would be lost forever. Dawn sat by Buffy gently stroking her hair trying to be soothing, hopeing that somewhere in that head she knew what was going on.

Giles threw the girl against the bronze wall and allowed his game face to slip on. He bared his teeth and was thrilled when her screams filled the alleyway.

Willow's head flew backward as her chants took on a new tone, the orb began to grow brightly.

His head moved towards her succulent neck and he salivated at the thought of all that hot fresh blood.

The orb became dizzingly bright until suddenly it was gone, Willow slumped forward and into Tara's arms.

He dropped to the ground in agony, lifted his head toward heaven and roared into the night. The frightened girl made a run for it, safe for another night in Sunnydale.

"Wow, that was...ummm I don't know how to define what that was but it was spooky." Xander had always wondered about the spell that had been previously used to restore Angel's soul.
"Ah you get used to it, not the headache afterwards though I'm afraid."
Willow was grateful when Tara left to get some Asprin and a glass of water. "So what now?" Xander had never been the patient one.
"Now we wait, if it worked I'm sure he'll come right here and if not then we don't want to be out there anyway."

Memories flooded over Giles in a painful wave until his head was so full he thought it would explode. He had been walking after dark around Bath, he'd known it was foolish but it was such a beautiful evening and he was a watcher afterall, he could take care of himself. So armed with a coat for the chill and a stake for safety he ventured out never to return. It had been Drusilla, he should have known, she had always fancied him. He was caught unawares and before he knew it he was weak from the blood loss. He would never have drunk from her if she hadn't tricked him. Just as she had years before, she hypnotised him to make him see exactly what he wanted. His Buffy was standing before him, radiantly bathed in light. She smiled and whispered in his ear, "My poor Giles, it looks like you have a nasty scratch on your neck, nevermind Buffy will take care of you. I'll always take care of you watcher mine, You're my Giles and I love you." Drusilla drug a fingernail across her chest and pulled him towards the now seeping wound. "Come on Giles let Buffy help you, drink some of my blood, it's slayers blood it'll help you heal quicker." With all rational thought gone he had lapped at it like a thirsty dog. Drusilla organized for his body to be transported and the next thing he knew he was awake and in Sunnydale. Seemed she had a score to settle with the slayer, something to do with Spike I believe.

He had fed on an old man then gone hunting for his prize. He knew he could never have had Buffy as a man but now new possibilties had opened up. She had always had a penchant for vampires, yes she would be unable to resist him now and if she did, well he'd convince her. Buffy dear God what must she be thinking right now? He remembered the shattered look on her face when she had figured it all out, the way she crumpled to the floor in a fit of hysteria. He knew he had to get to her as quickly as his feet could carry him.

Willow ran to the door at the sound of pounding and threw it open. Giles stood on the other side crying and filled with shame. She leapt into his arms and he held her grateful for what he knew she had done. She whispered into his ear before letting him go, "Don't worry Giles, I made some adjustments, this time the curse has no stipulations, you'll never lose your soul again." He looked at her in astonishment and hugged her once more. His eye caught sight of Buffy and his heart shattered. She looked more lost and helpless than he could ever recall seeing her. He moved slowly towards her and the rest of the gang left to give the couple some privacy.

At first he was weary to touch her, but soon the need became overwhelming, he sat beside her on the couch. He spoke her name aloud but recieved no response so he gently touched her face with the palm of his hand. She stirred but her only response was more tears. He leaned towards her and placed his lips ever so lightly on hers as he moved to pull back her arms flew behind his head and held him in place. Her kiss was filled with need, to know it was real and need for him. When she finally relaxed her grip she slumped into his chest and drentched his shirt with her sobs. "Oh my dearest Buffy I'm so sorry to have put you through all of that, please I beg of you to forgive me. I need you to forgive me Buffy you're my life and I'm afraid that I'm in love with you. If you can never look me in the eye again it will be the death of me."
She raised her head to look into his eyes and all he saw there was grief and love, no sign at all of hate or shame. "Oh Buffy." He smiled as she leaned in to kiss him again and he allowed himself to be possesed by her. When she finally came up for air she spoke of her love for him, that it had always been there and when she thought he was gone forever she couldn't bear it. But now that he was back and hers she promised to be completely honest with him starting with how deeply in love she was with a certain watcher.

When the gang finally returned to the lounge room a round of applause was given at the sight of Buffy and Giles making out on the couch. Xander covered Dawn's eyes and for once she didn't mind because it meant her sister was back and had finally snagged the man she loved. When the hugs and welcome backs were over and everything was quiet Buffy decided it was time to make her announcement. "I've really thought about this and I know your going to be against it but I have resolve face." She turned to Giles and took his hands in her own. "Giles I've done the whole slayer dates a vampire thing and it doesn't work." Giles felt his heart drop to the floor. She saw the hurt in his eyes and hastily continued to explain. "Giles I don't want to go there again, so I've made a decision. I wan't you to turn me."
Everyone began voicing their concern at once and Buffy was forced to shout to get their attention. "I know all of your concerns but think of it, Will you can do the orb thingy so I wont go on any rampant killing sprees and I'll be a better slayer than I am now because I'll not only have slayer strength and speed but vamp bonuses too. Plus it'll be way harder for me to get killed in the line of duty. Most importantly though I'll be able to spend eternity with Giles and even that wont be long enough."

Giles asked everyone to leave them alone again so he and Buffy could have a chance to talk in private. "Buffy I don't think you know what you're asking here."
"Yes I do Giles, I know everything this means and I'm ready."
"Buffy this isn't something you can change your mind on later, there's no turning back."
"I know, I also know that I want to be with you forever, I love you Giles, that's not gonna change I promise you. I know all the risks and the consequences and they seem minimal compared to a life with you. Can you honestly tell me that you could stand being immortal knowing that I could die any day?"
"No Buffy I can't, I've tried to live without you before and I haven't been successful at it, I love you and forever by your side still wouldn't be long enough but you need to be sure."
"I am." She sealed her promise with a kiss and once more that was how the gang found them.

After more shouting and crying on all fronts, everyone was finally resigned to the fact that she was not to be deterred. Willow and Tara left to retrieve another Orb while Xander went to order a pizza as he had grown famished amidst all the chaos. Buffy held Dawn and promised her that things would still be the same. "All this means munchkin is that my tan is gonna suck and I get to stay young and beautiful while you grow old and fat." Dawn hit her arm playfully as a teary smile covered her features. She liked Spike and he was a vamp and Giles seemed like a pretty decent creature of the night so she guessed it wouldn't totally bite, she giggled at the pun, to have a vampire for a sister.

Buffy asked Giles to turn her in private, she knew from Angel's stories how intimate an act it was and wanted it to be that way with Giles. She always wondered if one day she would be turned, never dreamed it would be Giles doing it though. But now it seemed like the most natural thing in the world and she was ready. They made their way to her bedroom and got settled on the bed, he explained that it would hurt at first but it would soon become pleasurable. He set up the chains to hold her in place when she awoke until her soul had been restored and asked if it was time. She bared her neck in response and he moved hungrily toward it. He took his time enjoying this, knowing slayers blood was a precious commodity. His heart swelled with pride that she would finally be marked as his, he would be her sire and that was a bond no-one could break. Her back arched as his teeth broke the skin and began to drain her, she clawed his back as the pain turned to pleasure until she was writheing beneath him. When he felt her heart slow he slashed his wrist and held it to her lips, she suckled eagerly. He lay her back as darkness overwhelmed her and finally she was gone.

When she awoke he was by her side but she barely noticed, all she could feel was the intense desire for blood. She tried to rip free of the chains but they were strengthed with magic, no regular chains would hold her in this state. Willow repeated the spell and within minutes Buffy was restored. Giles fed her from a blood bag and waited till the bloodlust had been sated. When she was done and her senses had returned she grabbed him and planted a deeply sensual kiss on his lips. She took her time to explore his mouth and he allowed her, loving every second of it. "I love you Giles." He smiled at the first words to pass her newly dead lips. "I love you too."