Not Yet
By Katyd

Title: Not Yet
Authour: Katyd
Rating: R?  NC17?  Where's the line anyway?
Disclaimer: own nothing, not even the idea.  That belongs to
Distribution: naughtylist, Solo, anyone who wants and asks
Spoilers: End of seson four
Note: This hasn't been beta'd.  I only wrot it after Holly posted her challenge
Summary: Buffy finds Giles handcuffed to a bed...

Giles sat in his apartment (he really didn't have much choice about that) and fumed.  This was *not* how he had planned his evening.  A nice dinner, a little dancing, perhaps a goodnight kiss.  At no point had his plans involved a minor demon who, on finding he knew enough majic to protect himself, decided to handcuff him to his own bed and steal his wallet.  He was never allowing anyone to set him up on a blind date again.

Buffy sat in her dorm room and fumed.  This was not what she had planned for this evening.  She and Riley were meant to be on a free-from-the-initiative/killed-Adam-survived-the-apocolypse ice cream date.  The phone call from her mother earlier that day had kind of put a crimp in things though.

"Buffy, I have a guest artist for the gallery staying this weekend and I wanted to find her a nice dinner companion for Saturday night, I can't spend the time with her my self so I thought..."

"Sure Mom, I'm sure there are plenty of professors here on campus who'd jump at the chance.  You want I should dig one up?  I know a nice history prof."

"Actually, I was thinking perhaps Mr Giles."

"Giles?  My Giles?"

"If you could just give me his phone number"

So it wasn't enough that her mom had actually slept with Giles herself, now she was giving out his phone number to every floosie travelling through town?  And why didn't Riley see it as the same kind of problem she did? Didn't he know that Giles was *her* watcher?  She needed to know he was focused on her needs, not some two bit, and she used the term loosely, 'artist'.

Okay, so maybe she went on about it a little bit more than she should while they were eating ice cream but what else were they gonna talk about.  It's not like she and Riley actually had that much in common.  Talking was never their strong suit.  So blowing her off half way through the evening was just...rude.

Buffy sighed.  She really needed to patrol.

One hour and four vamps later Buffy found herself standing on the lawn outside Giles' apartment.  The light was on in his bedroom window.  Maybe she should go in.  After all, he always said she should report after patrol and she didn't *know* he had anyone with him.

Mind made up Buffy let herself into the apartment.  (No point knocking and giving him the chance not to answer.)

"Hey Giles, you here?  I've come to report."

"Buffy?"  Giles voice floated to her down the stairs.  "Please don't come up.  I wonder if you could perhaps call Xander?"

"Huh?  Never mind, I'm coming up."  She ran up the stairs coming to a halt at the top as she spotted her watcher lying on his bed, arms over his head and handcuffed to the bed.  "Is she still here?  Giles I know Mom wanted you to show that little hussy a good time but this is going above and beyond the call."


"Where is she Giles, there's no point pretending she's not here."  Buffy started poking her head into the cupboard and under the bed.

"Buffy, please..."

"Really Giles, Olivia was one thing, but to let some strange woman..."


"Demon, whatever, chain you to the bed," Buffy was checking the bathroom, "naked no less..."  She trailed off as she came back into the room. "Naked?  Giles, you're naked."

"Yes, I was aware.  There should be a set of keys in my desk downstairs if you could..."

But Buffy wasn't listening.  She was walking towards him, a strange look on her face.  "You're naked Giles, how come I never saw you naked before?"

"Er, Buffy?"

"Olivia's seen you naked, my Mom's seen you naked, now this 'artist'..."


"Whatever.  Giles I think it's time you and I had a little talk."

"Do you think you could at least throw a blanket over me?"  Giles sounded annoyed but he was also blushing.  Buffy stared at him, amazed he could have enough blood to blush considering the size of his erection.  Why was he aroused anyway?  Was it just because of the cuffs, or because of her. She looked into his eyes for the first time that evening.  "Giles, do you want me?"

"Buffy, this isn't funny."

"Yes or no answer Giles, one time only offer.  Do you want me?"  She was sitting beside him on the bed now, her hand idly stroking his chest.  She held eye contact with him for a long and silent moment.  "Clock's ticking Giles.  Yes or no?"  and she slid her hand down his chest and wrapped it around his cock.

Giles hissed a quick intake of breath.  "Yes, God yes.  Now let me out of these things."

"Not yet."  Buffy stood quickly and pulled her shirt over her head.  Giles sucked in another breath.

"Let me out of these things.  I need to touch you."

"Not yet."  In a series of quick movements Buffy divested herself of the rest of her cloathes and rejoined him on the bed.  She swung one leg across his body so that she straddled him without touching.  She leaned down until their lips were almost touching.  Giles could feel the heat of her breath on his face and the heat of her womanhood above his straining flesh.  "I want you too."  And then she kissed him, hard and wanting.  He licked out at her lips and she parted them for him. 

As his tounge gained entry to her mouth she lowered her body against his. He could feel the hard nub of her nipples rasping against his chest and the softness of her breasts pushing against him as she breathed.  Her hands snaked up his arms to entangle with his and their fingers twined together. She move her hips and a soft wet warmth carressed the length of his cock. "Buffy" he groaned her name into her mouth, straining against his bonds, wanting to hold her, touch her.  She pulled away from the kiss, lifting her body away from his.

"I love you Giles." And she lowered her body once again, this time impaling herself on him.

"God Buffy!"  He thrust into her, close to the edge, driven there by desire and torment and her admission.  "I love you.  I love you so much."  She silenced him with a kiss, driving their bodies together again and again until she came screaming his name, the contractions of her body and the sound of her voice dragging him over the edge with her.

"God Giles," she collapesed against him, "I've wanted to do that for so long."

"What kept you love?"  There was a note of gentle teasing in his voice but she could hear the underlying pain.  She bought one hand down from where she had still been holding his and stroked his face.

"I don't know, stupidity maybe.  But Giles," and again she looked into his eyes, holding his gaze, "nothing's ever going to keep me away again.  I promise."

"Good."  He kissed her briefly, but sweetly.  "Now do you think you could fetch that key?"

"Not yet."  She shifted her hips and felt him begin to swell where he still rested inside her.  "Not just yet."  And she kissed him again.