Not Dad
By Gabriele Schulz

TITLE: Not Dad
AUTHOR: Gabriele Schulz
DISTRIBUTION: Everyone who has my general permission. Others please ask first.
SPOILERS: All of season 6 (including spoilers for the last 5 episodes)
FEEDBACK: Love it. Especially if you like the story ;-)
SUMMARY: Giles returns in the midst of the gang's fight to rescue Willow.
COUPLE: Buffy/Giles
DISCLAIMER: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Productions, Kuzui Enterprises, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB Television Network, and whoever else may have a hold on them. I do not mean to infringe upon any copyrights.
NOTES: I keep having vision after vision of what could happen when Giles returns. And it seems I cannot keep kissage or other kinds of confessions out of it. Here is a short one, that I felt I could share.
Thanks to Jac for a quick beta.
DATE: 04/11/2002

Buffy was alone in the Magic Box. She stood at the shelves pulling out the volumes that looked as if they could help. It wasn't that she actually thought they would find something that would not only defeat Willow, but would also save her life. But it was their best bet.

The door opened and she turned around to tell whoever it was that the Magic Box was closed. When she saw who had entered she didn't say anything, just stared at him.

It wasn't whoever. It was Giles.

He returned her stare.

After a while he approached her.

"Buffy. I..."



"We don't have time for talking. Willow is... Tara is dead and Willow has gone mad. Magic mad. Bad magic. The kind that would make Ethan go 'bad, bad, don't do it'."

He took in the information.

"All right, what do we know?"

"Well, Warren shot us, I was in the hospital. Willow came and... no."

"She didn't come?"

"I can't do this. I can't just pretend that nothing happened."


She held up her hand to stop him.

"I don't want to hear it. Not now. I... I have an idea."

He nodded and looked at her silently asking her to go on.

For a few seconds she stared at him with controlled anger, but also something else that wasn't as easy to define.

Then she hit him across the jaw with her fist.

He straightened up, putting his hand on his chin testing if he could still move it. He could.

Then he looked at her. He wasn't even surprised.

And this scared Buffy. There was one thing that had been comfortable about his absence. That he didn't have to see what she'd become. But he knew. Could he just see it in her eyes or... Or had she always been this person. She didn't really want to dwell on that question. As she had said herself, they didn't have the time.

"Okay, your turn."

She didn't really know what to expect, but fair was fair. If he wanted to hit her back, she could take it. Not that he had the right to be angry. Thoughts of Spike went through her head and the fact that she had never called him. What did it matter? If he was angry, he could get it out and they could get working.

He suddenly stepped closer putting his arms around her and his lips on hers. Her arms had reflexively gone up.

He was kissing her. Giles was kissing her.

Her hands pushed him away. A little. She was really too surprised to think about what she was doing.

He was still kissing her. Open-mouthed kisses.

Her hands started crawling up his chest around his neck.

He suddenly stopped.

Buffy felt a bit confused. One moment he was kissing her... She still had her hands halfway around his neck. Perhaps she should sit down. That sounded like a good idea. She had gone through a lot in the last days.

She pulled her hands away from him to sit down at the table, when she suddenly felt his arms around her again.

"The chair is over there."

He gently helped her the few steps and she sat down.

Once seated she hoped her brain would clear up a bit. She looked up at Giles who smiled at her. Not the smug grin Spike had whenever he had talked her into sex again. No, this was different. Gentle. Caring. Affectionate.

He had moved his lips.


"Willow. She used magic you said. What sort of magic? Do we know anything about it? Did she take anything from here?"


He looked up to where the more dangerous books and ingredients were stored. When she still didn't say anything he walked up the ladder. Buffy's gaze followed him. He had lost some weight. Then something clicked in her. Anya. She had noticed a few missing things. They needed to find out what Willow had done. That was why they hadn't talked and instead... She shook her head.

"Anya said she took a couple of things," she called up to him.


Buffy was watching Xander and Giles as they took care of Willow. Xander had been able to save her. At least her life.

Buffy felt a light touch on her arm.

She turned around to see Dawn smiling at her.

"I knew he'd be back."

Both their gazes turned to the group.

"You know, he's not Angel or Riley. Or Dad."

Buffy kept looking at Giles. The memory of his kiss flashed through her mind.

"No, he's definitely not Dad."