Not Always In The Eyes
By GylzGirl

Fic:  Not Always In The Eyes 1/1
Author:  Tricia Stewart (GylzGirl)
Disclaimer:  Joss because he's a deity.  WB for sharing.  Fox because they
make us.
Distribution:  Solo, WorstWitch, my sites, anyone else just ask.
Rating:  NC-17
Pairing:  B/G (Don't all faint from shock will you <g>)
Spoilers:  Who Are You?
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the same.
Timeline:  Not long after Who Are You?
Author's Notes:  Thanks to Meawan for being supportive and Kazza for being supportive and helpfully suggestive with this particular fic.
Summary:  A slightly depressed Buffy comes to visit Giles after Who Are You.

Buffy entered Giles' apartment without knocking. "Giles?"

"Up here," he called from the loft. "I'm just changing the bedclothes."

Instead of her usual bounds, she walked up the steps. Giles sat on the newly made bed and waited for her to join him.

"Hey," she smiled half-heartedly as she ascended the last stair.

"Hello." He paused as he saw her poor attempt of happiness and the droop of her shoulders. "What's wrong Buffy?"

"What could possibly be wrong?" She shrugged.

"Oh I don't know. Your body was stolen from you. You were abducted by the Watcher's Council and treated I'm sure none too gently."

"Yeah, not to mention being spit on."

His fists clenched in instant anger; an action not unnoticed by Buffy. "They what?"

"I probably shouldn't have mentioned that particular "not to mention" thing." She sat beside him and covered his hand with her own. She smiled at him and shrugged. "They thought I was Faith. Not that I think their leader thought I was lying when I told him I was really Buffy. He didn't care either way." Giles' fists tightened until the knuckles were white.

"Bastard," he whispered.

"Giles? Will they ever send those men after me?"

His expression softened then and he squeezed her hand in return. "I can't promise you they won't. But I can promise that they will never take you as long as I live."

"They'd just kill you."

"They'd have to."

She averted her eyes for a moment and then turned back to him. "Riley didn't know it was Faith either."


"He fu...had sex with her."


"Yeah. Big fight. Last fight."

"You broke up?"

"He was so busy being defensive, he wouldn't take the time to understand how much that had hurt me. Despite what anyone says, even I can learn from my mistakes. I've learned that being in love is not supposed to feel like this. Maybe one day we'll get back together. Maybe we won't. But in the mean time he's got to learn to think for himself and sort out everything that's happened. I can't help him do that. And I won't be his punching bag until he figures out how to do it."


"Figure of speech. Relax Giles. You know I could wipe the floor with him."

He smiled. "Of course."

"Giles?" she whispered.

"Yes?" He kept hold of her hand.

"Why didn't you know it was me? Why couldn't you just look into my eyes and *know* it was?"

After a moment's consideration, he spoke. "Because...they weren't your eyes."

She nodded slowly. "Oh."

"I'm sorry."

She wouldn't meet his eyes. "Hey. No big."

He placed his finger under her chin and made her look at him. "It's very big. I don't know how I could have known it was you given the circumstances Buffy. But I'm sorry I didn't. I'm sorry I hurt you."

She smiled. "Thanks."

He smiled as well. "At least I didn't have to beat you up before you convinced me."

"Like that was an option," she teased.

"Fair enough."

She scooted a little closer to him and leaned her head against his chest. When his arms came to encircle her, she smiled. He settled his cheek atop her soft golden hair. He breathed in the scent of her, soaked in her warmth. He knew he shouldn't be holding her this closely in the temptation of his bedroom. He couldn't help himself. Giles sated the ache in his heart with these infrequent innocent embraces.



She licked her lips and released her breath slowly. "What's wrong with us?"

"I don't understand."

"What's wrong with us that it took us not being us for us to really see each other?" She laughed softly. "You know, I think I single-handedly just embarrassed every English teacher I ever had with that sentence."

He smiled. "What's more frightening is that I understood it."

Buffy squeezed him tighter. "That is scary."

Neither would remember who made the next move. One moment they were taking comfort in each other's presence, the next they were staring into the other person's eyes, their lips just inches apart. By mutual consent they joined, their lips brushing in the gentlest of first kisses. They pulled apart, a mixture of confusion and understanding in their expressions. Giles spoke first. "Are you sure?"

Buffy smiled. "Other than tying you up and licking you to death, you're gonna have to accept my word." At the look of interest in his eyes, her own widened in pleased shock. "Giles!"

"Yes, well," clearing his throat he shifted slightly, "as you said before. Now isn't the time for um..."bondage fun"."

The sparkle of mischief in her eyes made his throat constrict with anticipation. "That was then, this is now."

The air went completely out of his lungs and he found himself becoming lightheaded. "Buffy..."

She placed her finger over his lips and shushed him. "Lie back," she whispered.

He took a shuddering breath and did as instructed, his eyes never leaving hers. It was at that moment he realized that the part of his mind that should be objecting to the turn they were about to take together had packed up and left his brain without leaving a forwarding address. Ye Gods was he glad it was gone.

Excitement fluttered through Buffy's bloodstream as she got to her knees and crawled across him. She couldn't believe she was about to do this. More so, she couldn't believe Giles was about to let her. As she sat straddling his hips, she wore a lopsided smile. 'I love it when he lets me win.' She bent to nibble her way along his jawline. His hands came tentatively to her hips.

She rolled her eyes and sat back up. Buffy slowly removed the denim button-up shirt she wore. Giles' eyes hungrily swept across the creamy curves imprisoned in pink satin and lace. While he was preoccupied, Buffy quickly tied her sleeve around his wrist. She leaned over him and while he busied his mouth with tasting what his gaze had studied mere seconds before, she looped her shirt through his headboard, brought his other hand above his head and fastened the remaining sleeve around it.

She leaned back once more to admire her work with a smile. "Gotcha."

His eyes traveled up to see that she had tied him to the headboard. "Um...Buffy?"

She unfastened her bra and dropped it over the side of the bed, trying not to smile when he audibly gulped. Buffy ran her hands up his chest and pulled his shirt apart sending the buttons flying. To her appreciation, she found he hadn't worn a T-shirt underneath this time. She leaned forward and crushed her chest to his own. She kissed him slowly and then pulled back to look into his eyes. "Don't worry Giles. I'm not playing games here. I just noticed you were being Mr. Hesitant Hands and I wasn't about to let you chicken out. So now," she kissed him again, sucking on his lower lip. "Now you only get your hands back when you convince me you're going to do something really good with them." He grinned as she kissed him again. "And after all, I did sorta promise you some bondage fun."

She slowly kissed her way down his neck, her hair trailing behind her and tickling in its wake. She made her way down his chest, stopping only long enough to lick and kiss both of his nipples into hardness before continuing her kisses farther down.

When she reached the waistband of his trousers, she halted and looked up into his eyes. His head was tilted up, focused on her, his breathing coming in heavy pants. Keeping her eyes locked on his, she undid his belt and fly and started to pull the material away. "Lift up."

"No." At her questioning look, he smiled. "You first."

Buffy grinned brightly. "I never imagined you'd be this playful in bed." She crawled off the bed and slowly stripped the rest of the way before him.

"Imagined what I'd be like in bed a lot did you?"

She stepped out of the clothes at her feet and ran her hands up the sides of her body. "Not often enough, or I would have done this a lot sooner." Once again astride him on the bed, she smiled. "Now lift up." He did and she removed both his pants and boxers with one tug. Tossing them away from the bed, her eyes came to focus on him again. "It looks like I wasn't the only one keeping big secrets Giles." Her hand encircled his erection, gently gliding up and down its velvety surface.

"Oh but I would have told you this secret if only you'd asked."

She giggled. "I can just see that." She cleared her throat and tried out her best Giles impersonation. "All right Buffy, today we're going to practice with a staff. Oh no no, not the quarterstaffs, come over here and let me show you something bigger."

He threw his head back and laughed. "Trust me, with some of the skirts you wore, you almost found out my secret on more than one occasion."

"Would that have been so bad?"

He shook his head. "It would have been heaven. But you weren't ready for me. And I wasn't ready for you to be ready for me."

She stopped her hand's ministrations and lay on his chest again. "And now?" she said quietly.

He brushed her forehead with a kiss. "I love you Buffy. I always have. I think maybe now you're old enough to understand how deeply I feel for you. To decide for yourself if you can feel the same for me, if you are even interested in trying."

"Giles I...."

He leaned forward and captured her mouth in a kiss. "You don't have to decide about this now. Just be here with me and let me love you?"

Her mouth quirked into that crooked grin that always made him weak in the knees. "How could a girl refuse an offer like that?"

Giles kissed her again. "Don't refuse. Just untie me and let me show you what good things my hands can do."

She nuzzled against him, kissing his neck. "Well, when you put it that way." She released one arm, then the other. His warm hands were no sooner free than they were sliding along the smooth skin of her bare back and behind. He cradled her in his loving embrace and rolled their positions until he lay atop her, covering her with kisses.

His wonderful hands roamed her body, leaving the skin beneath alive with sensation. He brought his hand to the juncture of her thighs and slipped it between them, encouraging them to part. He squeezed her inner thigh and then moved higher, first petting then parting the folds hiding her sex. His fingers gently explored her warm wetness, slipping easily across the surface of the secret spot they teased.

Buffy pulled his mouth from her breast and brought it to kiss her own. Her fingers laced into his hair and she broke the kiss with the restless thrashing of her head that his attentions caused. His hot breath on her neck only increased the erotic sensations she was drowning in. Unable to form words, she babbled soft sounds in his ear to voice her pleasure in his actions. He in turn whispered how much he loved her; how she was his goddess.

Her legs opened wider in anticipation of her climax. It was then that he pulled his hand away. He soothed her for a moment and then entered her. She moaned and slipped her arms around his back. After a few slow strokes to allow her to adjust to him, Giles began a much faster pace. Her inner walls clutched at him, attempting to imprison him in her heat. His hand moved down her sweat-slickened skin and lifted her hips slightly. The angle allowed him to plunge deeper within her. She screamed in release as her orgasm ripped through her. After a few more strokes, Giles froze as he reached his own climax, calling her name as she languidly kissed his cheek.

Exhausted, they fell asleep in a heated tangle. Their bodies moved and shifted during slumber but remained enclosed in embrace. When Buffy awoke, it was to the tickle of his chest hair shifting under her nose as she breathed. She smiled and looked up. The weight of the world lifted from him in sleep, his features became absolutely boyish. She smoothed her fingers down the crease in his forehead. How well she knew that weight.

Giles smiled in his sleep and turned to kiss her palm, his hold on her tightening. She rested her cheek once more on his chest and sighed contentedly. "I do love you Giles. I'll spend the rest of my life proving it to you." She closed her eyes. "I love you."

After a few moments, when her breathing had become steady with sleep, Giles opened his eyes and blinked back a tear. "I love you too Buffy."