Not Again
By Morrwen

Rating - NC-17
Distribution – Gabi if she wants it, anyone else just ask ‘cause I’d love it.
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Summary – It’s not angsty, at least not much. I promise. ;-)
Note – This is my first attempt at smut. <g>
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Buffy wondered if it would always feel this way. His hands touching her skin, causing jolts to run the length of her body with each point of contact.

He leaned closer to her, nibbling her ear and her breath caught.

He gently licked then bit her lobe causing her to cry out in pleasure.

He pulled away slightly and whispered, "Are you certain about this, Buffy? I need to know you’ll have no regrets."

Buffy looked up into the desire filled eyes knowing hers were mirror images.

She scrapped her nails across his left nipple and he arched into her touch with a groan of desire.

Her voice was rich with passion. "I’m sure Giles. Believe me, no regrets. I could never regret loving you. Make love to me, Giles. I...I need you so badly I ache."

She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth roughly down to hers. She ran her tongue along his lips before plunging her tongue deep into his mouth, claiming it for her own.

As she withdrew her tongue she sucked his into her mouth, causing a deep sound in the back of his throat.

She wanted him so bad.

She suddenly flipped them so she was astride his chest, gazing down at him.

He smiled at her triumphant grin as he began to run his hands across her breasts.

Buffy trembled with pleasure as he touched her. He began kissing and nipping at her neck, working his way slowly down to suckle one soft firmly peaked globe.

"Oh God, Giles, that feels sooo gooood...."

The heat between her legs flared and she felt the dampness as she rubbed against him.

Giles reached down and rubbed his hand across her core, dipping his finger in her moisture as she cried out in ecstasy.

He brought his moistened fingers to his mouth and licked each one tasting her essence.

She was breathing erratically as Giles whispered against her skin, "I never thought anything could feel so soft, taste so delicious as you."

Her hands gripping his shoulders, Buffy arched into his mouth, pushing herself further back along his body.

She could feel his hard length against her thigh, and she sighed in anticipation.

She gently pushed his mouth away from her as she leaned in for another heated kiss.

She wound her hands in his hair as she kissed him. She felt his hands moving to firmly cup her rear and pull her closer to him as he arched up pressing himself against her.

Buffy pulled back and looked into Giles’ eyes.

Never loosing eye contact, she slowly, deliberately, teasingly, began to caress his face, working her way slowly down.

Caressing his jaw, his neck, his collarbone with gentle, feather-light touches that sent his senses reeling.

She rubbed his shoulders, stroking inward till both hands were rubbing gentle swirls across his chest.

She watched his eyes she felt his heart pounding rapidly as his breathing came faster.

She ran her thumbs back and forth across his nipples before giving the right one a hard pinch.

Giles’ eyes rolled back and his breathing was getting shallow.

"Oh dear Lord, Buffy...."

Buffy kept swirling her hand across his chest as she leaned in to trail a wet kiss along his jaw line.

Next was his collarbone, and she slowly followed the trail begun by her hand.

Giles was lost in her. He could sense nothing but Buffy and the sensations she was causing him.

When her mouth found his nipple and she sucked it hard, he almost lost control.

He reached out to push her away before he embarrassed himself, but she was having none of it.

"Buffy, please...’ his voice harsh with his efforts to restrain himself.

Buffy smiled against his chest as she ran her tongue from his left nipple slowly down to his belly button.

She felt him shiver as she inched down his body.

Giles was gasping for breath, not able to draw in the much-needed oxygen as she kept him on the edge of the precipice.

"Buffy...I...I want...I want to...Buffy..."

"I know Giles.’

She crawled up his body to look into his eyes. She grinned wickedly as she growled in her throat.

"I know, but tell me Giles," her voice becoming throaty and sultry, "how do you taste?"

Giles moaned audibly, unable to form coherent thoughts anymore as she reached down and grasped his length with her hand.

"You didn’t answer me Giles. How do you taste?"

His arched his hips without conscious thought, his desire guiding him.

She was sliding down his sweat-coated body again trailing kissing as she went.

She reached her destination and ran her tongue from base to tip.

They both groaned.

"Mmm, Giles, you taste so good."

He couldn’t take anymore of her exquisite torture.

He reached down and pulled her up and flipped them over.

"Oooh, Giles, now, oh please now.’

She wrapped her legs around his waist as he slid two fingers inside her.

She was so wet and so ready for him.

He was already so close.

He slid himself inside her with one smooth stroke as her nails clenched into his back.

He hissed in glorious pain as he kissed her.

She rocked her hips matching his long hard strokes.

She could feel it.

"Oh Giles, faster...oooh faster...haaaardeeer Giiiileees..."

He felt his climax build and his thrusts became more frantic and deeper.

"Buffy...feel so clooose...."

He slammed into her and she screamed his name...

...and shot bolt upright in her bed panting and soaked in sweat.

She looked around her darkened bedroom as she cried out in frustration.

"Why can’t I ever finish that goddamned dream?"