Nine Hours In Sunnydale

AUTHOR: Gabriele Schulz
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SPOILERS: season 3 and beyond
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SUMMARY: Buffy and Giles are in love. Which wouldn't be bad, if it wouldn't keep them from doing their work, forcing Cordy (and Oz) to step in as hero(es) of the day. B/G, X/Joyce, though the fic itself is kind of cordy-centric.
DISCLAIMER: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Productions, Kuzui Enterprises, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB Television Network, and whoever else may have a hold on them. I do not mean to infringe upon any copyrights.
As usually set in my "Library" setting.
Cordy the Vampire Slayer and her sidekick Oz :-) No Angel (though he's mentioned), B/G cuteness (and more) and then there's that thing with Xander and Joyce... plus I'm a tiny bit mean to Willow ;-)
DATE: 8/27/99

Welcome to Sunnydale.

Cordelia sighed. The ride from L.A. wasn't too long, but still she was looking forward to getting into a nice comfy bed and sleeping at least 8 hours. She had spent more than enough nights running around L.A. with Angel and Doyle, chasing vampires or demons or other things that tended to ruin her clothes. She certainly deserved a couple of days off.

The bus came to a halt and Cordelia got out with the others. People left or were picked up, but Buffy was nowhere to be seen.

Cordelia took a look at her watch. Five minutes past midnight. She was on time.

"Where is she?"


September 17th 1999, 00:10

Dear Diary,

I'm so happy. I didn't even go on patrol. I was too afraid, I'd just let the next best vampire kill me. I can only think of one thing:

Giles kissed me.

Not on the forehead, not on the cheek. A real kiss.

When I put away some books today after the store was closed, I accidently dropped one of them and it was damaged a little. Only a few creases, but he totally freaked out and screamed at me. I screamed back, that I didn't do it on purpose and he just kept yelling at me. Then I started crying and suddenly he got all gentle and said he was sorry.

He took me in his arms and stroked my hair and kissed my forehead and then he kissed the tears away. Then we looked at each other for, I can't tell, but it seemed like forever. And then he kissed me.

God, it was wonderful. Much better than I always imagined. My whole body was trembling. I cannot describe it. It was just too amazing.

Then Willow and Oz came to pick me up for the Bronze.

I smiled at Giles and kissed him good-bye. On the cheek. I didn't want Will and Oz to suspect anything.

They must have thought I took some drugs or something, because I was basically just grinning all the time and had a hard time reacting to anything.

God, I can't wait to see him tomorrow. I mean today. I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep, but if I am, I hope I'll dream of him.

I love him so much.



Giles got up from the couch. It was useless. He wouldn't be able to grasp anything from the book right now. He could only think of Buffy. And the kiss of course.

When he had looked at her holding her in his arms, he had seen something he had never dared to hope for. He hadn't been sure, but he had taken the chance and kissed her. And she had responded. Had put her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

Oh, god, how was that possible? How could he be so lucky?

He paced his living-room and realizing that he wouldn't be able to sit still, put on his jacket and left his appartment.

He took a deep breath and walked into the warm and beautiful night.


Xander ducked and heared the bottle crash against the wall behind him.

"Get out you worthless piece of shit. I don't wanna see you here anymore."


He shoved her into the couch where she considered protesting again, then deciding against it, got out another bottle from her endless stock.

Xander rushed up the stairs to his room and closed it behind him. When he was sure that his father hadn't followed him, he started going through his cupboard.

When he had found what he had been looking for he put the bag on the bed and started packing.


"Close your eyes."

"Not another gift, Oz. You're too good to me."

"That's impossible."

She smiled and obediently closed her eyes. She heard him walk out of the room, then come back.

Her smile widened, when she heard the first chord of the song.


Cordelia had almost dozed off, when someone approached her finally. It wasn't Buffy though.

She got out her stake and hid it behind her back.

"All alone young lady?"

"I'm waiting for someone."

"Don't wait any longer."

The figure in front of her vamped out and prepared to bite her, when Cordelia impaled the stake into his heart in one swift movement.

"I'm here on holiday!" she let the falling dust know.

She took another look at her watch. 1:30.

"I hope Buffy has a good excuse for this one."

Then she picked up her bag and started to walk away.


In her bed, Buffy finally managed to fall asleep, a wide smile on her face.


Giles walked around without destination, replaying the kiss over and over in his head, then thinking of meeting Buffy in the morning. He pushed away the more unpleasant versions, in which Buffy told him, that it all had been a mistake and that she had just been confused. These were fantasies after all. So why couldn't they be good - and x-rated?

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't notice the more than average activity around him.


Xander unlocked the door to his room and sneaked to his parent's bedroom. When he heard his father snoring, he went back into his room, got his bag and quietly climbed down the stairs.

His mother was sleeping on the couch a bottle of liquor in her hand.

He whispered "Good-bye, Mom" and went out of the door into the night.


"What do you think?"

Oz just looked at her open-mouthed. She was sitting in front of him cross-legged. One foot above the ground.

When he found his voice back, he asked.

"Have you shown this to Giles?"

"Not yet. It's hard to concentrate so much. This is only the second time I managed and the last time..."

She moved sideways and rolled her arms trying to keep her balance. She crashed to the ground noisily.

"It's not yet perfect."

"But it's still cool."


Cordelia sighed. The moment she had seen the couple, she knew that the guy was of the non-living kind. What was it today? This was supposed to be her holiday, and now she found herself with a second vampire that night.

She followed the couple quietly.

The vampire didn't notice her as he let the girl walk in front of him. She stopped and turned around.

"What? Are we there?"


He vamped out and the girl started screaming.

Cordelia tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and growled at her.

"Oh, please."

She rolled her eyes, then dusted him, before he knew what was happening.

"And you, if you go along with a guy the next time check for some body temperature."

The girl just nodded and walked away quickly.

Cordelia took another look at her watch. 2:00.

She only hoped that Buffy was as busy as she herself.


Buffy was dreaming. Of Giles. She was moving around in her sleep. And she was moaning.


Giles looked up at her window. Her room was dark. He wondered if she slept already. He briefly considered throwing a stone at the window, but then decided against it and just stood there looking up.

Imagining how she slept. How he would sleep next to her one day (maybe even this day). How he would put his arms around her and kiss her neck. How she would nuzzle against him. How she would kiss him. How she would love him...


Oz opened the door to the frantic knocks.

Cordelia rushed in.

"Oh, god, Cordy. Are you all right?"

"Only a little out of breath."

Realizing they couldn't get in the vampires, who had followed Cordelia, left.

"Thank god, you're okay. Where's Buffy?"

"Now, *that's* something I'd like to know. She was supposed to pick me up before her patrol, but guess what? No Buffy, instead it seems that every single vampire in Sunnydale is up and around. I staked five on the way!"

They looked at her with wide eyes.

"What? Hanging with Angel is pretty good training. And they were really dumb. Could we please call Buffy? I want to tell her something about forgetting your friends at the bus depot."

"It's almost half past two."

"Gosh. I hope, I won't wake her up."

She glared at them and picked up the phone. She started to dial, then put the receiver back down, picked it up again, then handed it to Oz.

"Didn't pay the bills?"

He took the receiver and tried to dial.

"It's dead."

"Perceptive much?"

She went to the window and looked out.

"Something is going on."

They joined her at the window and saw a couple of vampires going along the street. They were followed by a smaller creature that had a human shape, but green skin and no hair.

"We should go to Giles."


"That's a vorbote. They are demons that work for other demons, especially to gather power or food or something like that."

They stared at her.

"What? I said I was hanging with Angel too much."

Then she looked shocked.

"You're right. I didn't get that from Angel. I read that in a book. Oh, my god, first it's slaying all those vampires, and now I'm turning into Giles."

"Well, you still look like Cordelia, if that helps."


Giles walked into the store for no particular reason. He got a pack of orange juice then walked to the counter, where he saw it. Condoms. He hesitated a second before taking a pack. After another second he took another pack.

"Now Giles, who would you be buying these for?"

He turned around.


"Are we in for a hot night?"

"I... wh-what are you doing here?"

He looked at the young man and then saw the bag he was carrying. His embarrassment gave way to concern.

"Are you moving out?"


"I guess, it's best if we take the van, straight to Giles' appartment."

"I think we should kill the vamps."

"Cordelia! It's three of us and four of them. Plus that vorb... demon thing."

"Vorboten are as vulnerable as humans. It's gonna be no problem and as for the vampires...", she got a little crossbow out of her handbag, "... I'll get two of them before they can even start running."

They once again gave her a stare.

"I've been..."

"...hanging with Angel too much. We got it."

"Okay. What weapons do you have?"

"Stakes, crosses..."

"Is that all?"

"An old baseball bat?"

She shook her head, sighing.

"I guess we'll have to go with the stakes. And hurry, we won't want them to be gone."

"Wow, Cordy... hanging with Angel or not, you are quite... in a good way!"

"I hate to say it, but with Buffy not around, you kind of have to learn to take care of yourself. But only if I have to. The moment Buffy shows up and is in control, I'm willing to run and hide as soon as my nails are in danger."

She winked at Willow, who smiled back, amazed by her friend.

"A stake and a cross for everyone."

Oz handed all of them a cross and a stake.

"No, I'll stick with mine, but thanks anyway. Everyone ready?"

"As ready as we'll get."

They opened the door and went off.


"... so I decided it was time. I packed a couple of things and left."

"It was the right decision, I think. It doesn't seem like things will change. You'll have to build up your own home now."

"I will, I will."

"Do you already have a place to go to?"

"I was thinking I could lodge in 'The Library' for a couple of days. Only until I find my own place."

"No. I mean. I won't let you sleep there. You can stay in my appartment for a couple of days."

"Giles, that's... I really don't want to bother you."

"You're not bothering me at all. You can stay as long as you want."

"Well, thanks."

They walked a couple of steps in silence.

"Wait! What about your date? You know, whoever you bought the condoms for? I don't wanna disturb anything..."

"Xander, you're not disturbing anything. I just... I bought these... you're not disturbing anything."

"So you're going to *her* place or what?"

Giles sighed.


"Giles! Giles! Wake up!"

"I think he's not here."


"Shut up you fucking bitch. It's three o'clock in the morning."

Cordelia was about to answer Giles' neighbor, when Oz tapped her on the shoulder.


He pointed at the group of vampires and vorboten walking along the street.

"God, they must be into something big. Buffy must be having one hell of a night."

"And she probably doesn't even know what is really going on. Vorboten and vampires together - not good. But so many of them - really bad."

"We should check 'The Library'. Giles is probably there."

Cordelia looked at the group of demons.

"I don't like that look."

"I think we should follow them."

"I think I don't like that look either. Cordy, are you insane? Nothing against Cordelia, the Vampire Slayer, and you really did a good job, but that's at least half a dozen."

"I don't want to kill them. Just follow. I mean look at them. They are walking to one destination. They didn't even look up to us, when I was yelling. As long as we don't attack them, they won't bother us. We should follow them."

"And then?"

"Well... maybe one of us should go to Giles and find out what we'll be dealing with. That way, we can kill the thing as soon as we know *how* to kill it and *where* it is."

"That seems like a reasonable idea. I guess, I'll try to find Giles and help him research."

"Willow, I don't want you walking around alone."

"Let her take the van."

"Uhm, I kinda didn't pass the test... we pulled an all-nighter the day before, so I practically got no sleep..."

"You'll manage."

"She's right, Will, you *can* drive. It doesn't matter that you didn't pass the test."

"Uhm, hmm, well... I guess I can give it a try."

He smiled assuringly, kissed her and gave her the keys.

"Be careful."

"You, too."

She went towards the van and they started to follow the demons. Then suddenly she came back to them.

"What shall I do, when I find him. I mean, how will we find *you*?"

"Either you'll know where to find us, or we'll go to 'The Library' to fetch you."

"Good. Bye. Be careful."

They proceeded. When Oz heard the engine of the car, he turned around.

"She'll be fine," Cordy assured him.


"I'm fine. I can do this. No problem. Oops. Don't get on the other lane. There's a curve. Brakes! Brakes are good. I can do this. No problem. Ooooh."


Xander looked around as if he was looking for something - or someone.

"Hey, you can come out now. I won't hurt you."

"Xander, there's nobody here."

"So what are you trying to tell me. You just decided 'Hhm, I need some juice, why not buy *two* packs of condoms along with it?' Giles, you were preparing for a major shag fest. You can tell me. I can keep a secret."

"Xander, I really appreciate your... whatever it is you're offering, but I don't think I can talk about it. I'm not really sure what happened and where this is going."

"So you were buying out of hope?"

"Well, I guess so."

"You must be hoping for a lot there..."

"Eh, good-night Xander."

"You're sitting on my bed."

"What? No, please take the bed, I don't think, I'll be able to sleep anyway. And actually I should read. I think I found something about a demon a couple of days ago, but I was too... I didn't have the, eh, time to read about it yet."

"Blond or brunette?"


"Redhead, maybe?"


"Night, Giles. And?"

Giles looked up at him.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."



He stopped, watching her as she opened her handbag and got out a pair of shoes. She got out of her high-heels and put the thin sneakers on instead. Then she managed to put the high-heels in the bag.

"Okay. Done."

He climbed down the ladder and she followed closely.

"Ewww. I hate the sewers."

"Is that why you always have a pair of sneakers with you?"

"Well, I used to just buy a new pair of shoes, but now if a pair is gone, it's gone. Uh oh."

She pointed at group of demons who were coming from a different channel and now followed the demons that had brought them here.

She gave him her stake and got out her crossbow along with some arrows neatly arranged on a belt. She tied the belt around her waist then loaded the crossbow and took her stake back.



"However do you fit all of this stuff in a handbag?"


The van came to a screeching halt in front of the Library - barely in front of it. Willow jumped out and pressed herself in between the van and the door.

There came a faint light from the backoffice door. That was good.


She knocked at the glass at the same time fumbling for her keys.

"*Giles*. It's me. Willow."

She banged at the glass again, then took a better look at her pockets.

"No, please don't tell me that I... forgot them at Oz' place. *GILES*."

She started banging as loudly as she could.


In his appartment Giles had fallen asleep over the book he had wanted to read the whole evening.


"Do you really think, that's a good idea?"

"To be honest, no, but the way I see it we have to get in here before we can take a look at what is going on inside there. And it's only six vampires."

"Yeah right, only six, what was I thinking."

"When did you learn to use sarcasm?"

"Maybe you never listened before."

They glared at each other for a second.

Then Cordelia opened the door to the little room and shot two vampires straight in the heart, while Oz struggled with another one, before staking him.

Cordelia was just reloading her crossbow, when a vampire grabbed her from behind and flung her to the ground.


She kicked at the demon, but to no avail, he kicked the crossbow out of her hand, then pressed her to the ground, when she tried to get away.

"No need to hurry."

"Hold your breath."

She did and the vampire dissolved into the dust.

When the dust had settled, she took a deep breath.


He helped her up.

"We're not done yet."

They turned around to face the two vampires that were approaching them.

Oz quickly ran sideways and one of the demons followed him, while the other grabbed Cordelia by the throat and held her up the wall.

"This... isn't... very nice."

She gurgled, getting one of the arrows from her belt. When she got it, she flung her arms around him and tried to stake him from the back.

Unfortunately she didn't hit the heart.

The vampire laughed down at her.

She lifted her knee, kicking him in the groin.


She pushed him away and got another arrow out of her belt. He ran right into it, when he attacked her again.

"Stupid much?"

She turned around to see the last vampire bending over Oz.

"Nobody does that to my friends."

She tried to dust him with the stake she had picked up again, but he hit it out of her hand and kicked the feet out under her. He crawled towards her and she slid backwards until she saw her crossbow.


His eyes grew wide before they dissolved with the rest of his body.

"I told you we'd manage... Oz?"

He crawled over to him. He seemed unconscious.




"He's not here dammit. It's 4:30 in the morning. Go bother someone else or I'll call the police."

4:30? It had taken her over an hour to get into the inner courtyard?! And Giles must be sleeping like sleeping beauty. Damn him.

But there was no use in keeping on screaming and getting arrested.

She had to find Buffy.



"Oz? Everything okay?"

"I think so."

He sat up and put a hand on his head.

"How long was I unconscious?"

She looked at her watch.

"Not even half an hour. But we should get out now."

"Do you know what... the vorboten are helping?"

"Yes. I've seen it. It's kind of a green ball. Sits exactly on the wall, where the telephone lines run. It seems to be feeding off vampires or rather it seems to be eating them or sucking or something."

He got up from the ground, then picked up his stake.

"Do I want to know this?"

"The vorboten throw a vampire *into* it and the part where the 'food' fell on shrinks but the rest gets bigger and I guess swallows it up."

"Do you know this thing?"

"I'm not sure. I think I may have read about it."

He looked at her.

"I know. I should spent some quality time with Xander reading comics. But now we should leave and find Giles. Are you ready?"

He held up the stake and nodded.

"I killed five of them while you were unconscious. Thank god, they never came in more than two at a time. But chances are that we'll meet more, so be prepared."

"I'll do my best."

She nodded and went out. Oz followed closely behind.


"Oops, that was a sign. Well, only a parking sign, but still a sign. Relax, nobody saw that. What's that noise? Oh, no. Please not."

The van came to a halt.

"Morning officer."

"Can I see your license?"

"My license..."


Buffy shouted at the top of her lungs, singing one song after another or rather refrains that she knew. When she got out of the shower, she finally heard the banging at the door.


"Honey, it's 5:30 in the morning. Why the hell are you up at this time and why are you trying to wake up the whole neighborhood as well?"

"I'm sorry, Mom. Giles wants me... to go through a couple of books. It's really important, so I promised to come early. I'm sorry I woke you up. Get back to sleep."

She kissed her mother on the cheek and jumped off happily.

"And don't wait for me this evening. This whole book-sorting-thing might take a while. Bye."

Joyce shook her head.


Then she stumbled back into her bed to get some more sleep.


When Giles opened the door a short time later, Buffy looked up at him a wide smile on her face.

"Good morning."


She fidgeted a little then came forward shyly. She stood on tiptoe and placed a kiss on his mouth.

"Aren't you going to kiss me back?"

That got him out of his reverie. He bent down and kissed her, putting his arms around her and pressing her to him. She snaked her arms out of his embrace to put them around his neck and run her fingers through his hair. She opened her mouth and felt the electrifying presence of his tongue in her mouth.

"I'll leave you alone."

They stopped kissing and looked at Xander.

"Xander, what are you doing here?"

"Giles was nice enough to let me spent the night here, but I think I'll better leave you alone now."

He leaned towards Giles.

"Good luck."

Then he went out the door with his bag.

"Xander, wait. You don't have to leave."

"Giles... There's a couch in 'The Library' that has my name on it."

He waved them good-bye and moved off.

"Poor guy. He left his parents yesterday..."

He took a look at the watch.

"Actually only a couple of hours ago. Do you know what time it is?"

"I couldn't wait to get here."

She put her arms around his waist and kissed him again.

"Oh, wait."

She ran off, then came back to kiss him again.

"Stay here."

Then she was gone. He followed her and watched her as she stopped Xander who was walking along the street towards 'The Library'.


"Buffy, I'm sure the two of you don't need me right now."


She handed him a key.

"Try not to wake my mom. She took the day off and was pretty upset when I woke her."

"How could that be? It's... not even six o'clock."

She rolled her eyes.

"Thanks, Buffy. I'm happy for the two of you."

They hugged and he whispered into her ear.

"Don't exhaust him too much."

She laughed.

"But also not too little."

She hit him playfully and went back up the stairs where Giles was waiting for her waving Xander good-bye, who was now going in a different direction towards Buffy's home.


Willow let the phone ring. Three times. Five times. Ten times. After the 15th time she hang up.

"Nobody seems to be there. Can I try another number."

"Go ahead. But there seems the be a problem with the lines in some areas."

"I know."


After the tenth time, Joyce got out of the bed and walked downstairs.

"You better be in real danger young lady and if not then you *will* be."

Just when she got to the phone it stopped ringing.

She mumbled a curse and got back to bed.


"No Willow. No Giles. God, he shouldn't leave the lights on at night. That's a waste of money."

"I'll try to call him."

He got to the phone, while Cordelia went into their hidden stacks to find out more about the demon.

She walked back into the backoffice with a book.

"The line's dead. Maybe we should drive to his home or to Buffy's."

"Maybe we shouldn't."

She put the book on the table pointing at a picture of a gigantic ball.

"It says it grows exponentially."

"How big did you say was it?"

"When I last saw it 7 feet in diameter."

"That's not good."

"Look at the upside."

"Which would be?"

"It's easy to kill. All we need is holy water."

"Ehm, Cordelia?"


"What about the roughly five thousand vampires and vorboten running around it?"

"Now there starts the problem..."

"Maybe we should try to find the others."

"... but I have a plan."

"A plan?"

"Giles still has some of the explosives from the ascension hasn't he?"


She pushed him onto the couch kissing him passionately.

"Oh, god, Buffy."

"Mmh, Giles..."

"Ah, yes. Mmmh. Oh. Wait. Maybe we should slow down a little. Oh, god, Buffy. Stop that. Aaaaah. Oooh. Buffffffy. Don't or I'll.... I'm sorry."

She kissed him lovingly.

"It's no problem. Really. I think it's kind of cute that you are so excited."

"How could I not be? I'm really sorry."

"Now, now. No need to be sorry. Better this way than the other. And I'm sure that happens to everyone. Just ask... Cordelia."

"How is she?"

"Cordy? She's... uh oh."

"Uh oh, what? Is something wrong with her?"

"I don't know, I..."

"You didn't pick her up?!"

"I totally forgot about her after... you kissed me."

He smiled at her.

"But you were supposed to pick her up...", he took a look at his watch, "... six and a half hours ago."

"I'm sorry."

She looked at him apologetically.

"We have to look for her."


She ran her hands through his chest hair.

"I'm afraid that will have to wait."

He kissed her.

"At least until we know she's safe."

Buffy sighed and started to rearrange her clothes.


"Hey, sweetie, don't you wanna let me find out whether you're a natural red-head or not?"

Willow pressed herself onto a bench into a corner of the cell.


"Here you go, a dynamite enhanced arrow, and all the easy to carry weapons I could find."

"Good. I got my crossbow and the holy water."

He looked at the belt with an unbelievable amount of arrows attached to it.

"Where did these come from? No, let me guess. Your wonderbag."

She put on the belt loaded the crossbow with two of the arrows, then put two stakes and crosses in her bag. She got out her high-heels and placed them on the table, then put in some of the knives, the arrows that didn't fit on the belt and the one with the explosive attached to it.

"Do we have something to light this?"

He got a lighter and two packs of matches.

"Better not take any chances."

He threw the lighter and one of the packs of matches. She caught them and placed them in the bag, before closing it and hanging it over her shoulder.

He put a big cross around his neck and took two stakes and two knifes that he placed in his pockets.

"I'm ready if you are."

"Hhm. I'm beginning to suspect, that this is just a dream and Buffy is going to wake me any minute."

"Do you dream about such things often?"

"Not really, but my dress still looks okay, in spite of sewers and dusting god knows how many vampires. Plus I think I've already been way too heroic for a real night."

"When this is over, you can get back to your bitchy self."

She stared at him.

"I'm sorry."

"Well, prepare to get better acquainted with that 'bitchy self', when we're done."

She looked at him coldly, then flashed him a grin.

He smiled back, relieved, if still somewhat uneasily.

And off they went.


"Well, if she's not here and not at Willow's, maybe she did go to my place."

He didn't want to tell her, that if she didn't show up until 5:30 she wasn't likely to have come the last one and a half hours.

"Do you think I should call?"

"Maybe. I'm not sure where the phones stop working."

They had already tried 'The Library' and Oz' place in vain.

"It's ringing."

He nodded and looked at her, then around the bus depot. Cordelia wasn't generally someone who couldn't take care of herself, but this was the Hellmouth and one could never know.

"Something is wrong. She isn't picking it up."

She let it ring another time, then ran to the car.

"We have to check if something happened to her."


"Damn you."

For the second time that morning, Joyce just got to the phone when it stopped ringing.

She walked back up, when she suddenly heard a noise in the bathroom. Water running.

She stepped closer and took a look into Buffy's room. The door was uncharacteristically open and she saw a filled bag on the ground.

"Oh my god."

Joyce sneaked back to her room and got a baseball bat out of her cupboard. Then she sneaked back to the bathroom door. The water had stopped. She held up the bat, waiting for the invader to come out, mentally only willing to distinguish between Buffy and non-Buffy.

The door opened and what came out was definitely not Buffy, so without thinking Joyce hit him on the head.

"Oh, Joyc..."



"We could drop by Oz' place. It's on the way."


When he stopped in front of it, she jumped out and rang the bell several times. Then she started knocking and screaming, but there was no answer.

She rushed back to the car.

"They're gone, too."

"Maybe Cordelia called them to pick her up."

"The phone doesn't work."

"Maybe she got here and asked them to drive her to 'The Library'."

"You're right. The van is gone. Vampires wouldn't steal the van, right?"

"I don't think so."

She let out a sigh of relief and he took her in his arms.

"Calm down, darling. They'll all be all right."

He kissed her forehead and when she looked up at him with big eyes he couldn't resist and kissed her mouth thoroughly. So thoroughly in fact that a couple of minutes later he found his hand in her underpants, while she was gasping.

"God, Giles, yesss, don't stop, please. It's only fair. You already- yesssss. Oh, gooooooooood.... Thank you."

She kissed him and he carefully slid his hand out of her pants.

"Now let's see what Mom's doing."


Joyce was dragging Xander along the floor, when she suddenly noticed that the towel, he had had around his waist, when she knocked him out, was gone.

After a couple of seconds she teared her gaze from his body to the bathroom door, where the towel lay.

She went and got it then returned kneeling down next to Xander. He moved him sideways and placed the towel under him, then she moved him the other way and dragged the towel from under him so that she could put it back the way it was.

She was just fumbling at it exactly over his groin when she heard his voice.

"Joyce, what are you doing?"


She stared at him, color rushing into her cheeks. Her hands were still almost on his groin, a fact she only realized, when his erection stirred to life. She pulled her hands away as if they were on fire.

They looked at each other neither saying a word for a long time in which Xander's penis got harder and harder.

Then he moved slightly up, took Joyce' hand in his and placed it under the towel onto his straining cock. She didn't do anything for a couple of seconds, then she started stroking him.


"I hope she's all right."

They heard a moan from above and rushed upstairs. Giles bumped into Buffy, when she stopped on one of the upper steps. He looked over her shoulder and saw what had made her freeze in mid-motion.

A couple of feet away Joyce lay on the floor. Xander was moving above her. And if he wasn't totally mistaken what the young man did with Joyce could most accurately be described as 'fucking her hard'.

Giles unconsciously moved his arms around Buffy, who now turned around and kissed him, moving him down the stairs at the same time.

"They don't seem to be in any immediate danger."

She kissed his neck.

"I agree."

"You said something about waiting until we know they are safe."

She kept nibbling at his ear.

"I was- oh... referring to Cordelia, I believe."

"Giles, I don't think I can wait any longer."

"I suppose, it won't be much of a delay, considering our state."

He kissed her and they moved towards the living-room.

"Oh, god, Xander, yessss."

Buffy stopped kissing him.

"Let's go somewhere else."

She dragged him out of the house and into the car, where she started kissing him again.

"No, Buffy, please, not here. I'm too old to do it in a car. At least not for the first time."

"Then hurry up."

She sat next to him, clenching her hands together to keep herself from touching him, while they were driving.


"Ugh. This kind of makes you appreciate the quick and clean killing of vampires. Cordelia, what are doing?"

"Getting my arrow out of him?"


"They are hard to make, see?"

She held the arrow up in front of him, then turned the tip and pushed the ends together. It miraculously shrank until its shaft was gone. Then she pulled the ends away from each other until it clicked.

"We make these ourselves. Extra for my little crossbow."

"So that's what you do while hanging with Angel."

She glared at him.

"I can fit a whole army of these in my bag, Mr. I-only-have-crosses-stakes-and-an-old-baseball-bat."


"So I hit him. I mean, did I have a choice? I had to do it. I have to protect myself, don't I?"

Willow put an arm around the woman who was sobbing into her sweater.

God, how long would it be until she could try to call again, or the police reached Oz, to inform him about his van?


He tried to keep up with her thrusts as Buffy moved frantically above and around him.

She repeated his name over and over. He could only moan as she rammed back and forth, her breasts jumping up and down, following their rhythm.

She tightened around him and he lost the last bit of control. He moved up one last time, thrusting deep, lifting her up high in the air, shooting his hot seed into her tight passage. Then his hips dropped down on the sofa and the impact send him so deep inside her that she climaxed, spasming around him for several seconds.

She collapsed on top of him, panting into his neck. He put his arms around her holding her to him tightly.

"I love you so much, Buffy."

"I love you, too, Giles. I love you, too."

They lay like that cuddled together until their breathing relaxed.

"Sorry, we didn't make it to your bed."

"That's quite all right. And if you're a good girl, we can think about the car again."

She grinned.

"Giles, who would have thought, that you could be so naughty."

"I can't really see what's so naughty about doing it in a car."

"Maybe it's just *your* car that makes it seem... unusual."

"Let's better not talk about unusual sex, or we'll never get to do what we have to do. Ever since that kiss of yours I couldn't think straight for more than a few seconds."

"Then I guess it's good, you're not a brain surgeon."

She kissed his cheek leisurely.

"Buffy that's not funny. I tried for three hours to read that book, but I never got past the second sentence. It's almost like when I had that nightmare."

"Let's test that."

She reached over and took the book from the table. Since he was still inside her, this movement caused both of them to moan. She placed the book on his chest, holding it.



"I have to know if I cause intolerable side effects."

He reached for his glasses, causing her to shift to keep her balance which in turn made them both moan again.

He put on the glasses and began to read, while she teased him, by clenching and unclenching her inner muscles around his once again hardening penis.

"Oh, Buffy, this is so unfair."

"Try. Really hard."

"I'm hard that much is certain."

She giggled and stopped her actions, instead looking over the book, watching him as he tried to focus on the lines.

His eyes moved over the page, faster and faster and suddenly his look changed from concentration to shock.

"Oh, dear god."


"Did you encounter an over-average amount of vampire or more generally demon activity today on patrol?"

"I didn't patrol today. I was too excited. Why?"

He turned the book around and pointed out a small picture. It graphically displayed how a person was sucked in from a giant ball. The person, whose lower body had disappeared inside the ball, was screaming.



They were once again in the small room, that led directly to the larger chamber, where the giant green ball was waiting for them.

Oz nodded.

Cordelia lighted the fuse of the dynamite, then took a deep breath and opened the door.

One shot and the arrow, with its attached explosive flew right into the ceiling, where it stuck. The demons that were standing aroung the ball, that had grown to double its size, didn't even notice.

She closed the door again, reloading her crossbow, then holding her fingers on her ears. He did the same.

The explosion came and shook them. When it stopped she opened the door, that flung right into her face pushing her to the wall.

Vampires streamed out, running from the sudden daylight.

When the greatest rush was over, they finished off the ones that came in one by one, some of them weakened by the exposure to sunlight.

Then they got inside. The chamber was still relatively full. The vorboten were running around wildly, wondering what had happened.

Cordelia grabbed a handful of arrows and shot the first two, then reloaded and shot the next two. Oz fended the ones off, that got into her way, which thank god weren't all of them. They didn't seem to attack, just ran around, only trying to bite, when they bumped into him. When they got close to the ball Cordelia grabbed into her bag and got out a pistol. She handed it to Oz, who looked puzzled.

"Shoot it."

She nodded towards the pulsing ball.


"That's the holy water!"

While she shot another vorbote, he aimed at the ball and pulled the trigger half expecting a bullet, but the only thing coming out was a stream of some transparent liquid.

And it really seemed to be holy water, for the creature in front of him, sank into itself, wherever the liquid touched it. Just like candyfloss.

Soon there were only a few green strands left - and a small green ball, that wasn't affected by the holy water.


She turned around. Most of the vorboten had started to run away after Oz' attack on the ball and now only very few were left. She pulled out one of the knives then turned around and shot an arrow into the small green ball.

It exploded spraying green liquid all over the place, but leaving Cordelia's dress miraculously unblemished.

She smiled, then felt teeth sinking into her arm.

She turned around and slit open the throat of the vorbote, jumping back in time to avoid getting stained by its green blood.

They started for the exit, Oz giving her back the pistol.

"I suppose, this is another one of your gadgets."

"It comes in handy when you-"

"-re hanging with Angel." He finished with her.

They laughed and got out of the chamber.


"Oh, my god."

They heard the explosion and moved forward.

"What was that?"

"I think it's safe to assume, it wasn't the demon."

"You think that was one of us?"

They rushed forward along the channel.

"Not necessarily. But definitely someone fighting it."

"I'd never forgive myself if something happened to them."

"Neither would I."


They rushed around the corner and Cordelia could stop herself from shooting Buffy in the last second.

"You! I nearly shot you."

"Thank god, you're okay."

"Well, it's not thanks to you, if I may say so."

"Are you all right? Where's Willow? Oh, god."

"Don't worry. She wasn't with us when we... killed it."

"You destroyed the Lyrrus globe?"

"Green vamp-munching ball? Yep. It's history. And I didn't even ruin my dress."

They stared at her.

"How did you...?"

"Books come in handy, you know."

"You were in 'The Library'?"

"Only for about half an hour."

"And where were you the rest of the time?"

"I think I'll tell after sleeping for the rest of this day. I'll also expect some answers then."

"Uh, sure, I'm sorry about not picking you up..."

"You better be."

They followed her along the channel, until they came to an opening. Before she started climbing up, Cordelia turned around one more time.

"Why did you never show up?"

"I totally forgot. I could only think of... Giles' kiss."

"Giles kissed you? You kissed her?"

Oz displayed as much as surprise as Oz could.

"Uh, yes, we..."

"I guess you could say we are together."

"You mean just like Willow and I?"



Cordelia looked from Buffy to Giles than back to Buffy. Then a grin spread over her face.

"Well, in that case, I might forgive you. Just don't expect me to do this again anytime soon."

She started climbing the ladder.

"Really. I mean I could have ruined this dress, not to speak of my nails..."


"Welcome to the nine o'clock news. Today an explosion caused severe damage in the sewer system of Sunnydale. Nobody was injured, but many households still cannot use their phones. In cases of..."

Xander cuddled into Joyce.

"Do you think that was Buffy? I mean it's usually a demon or one of us, if something like that happens."

"I don't know, I just hope they are okay. And I so wish it would have been our phone."

She yawned.