Never Say Die
By Sha

Title: Never say die
Author: Sha
Disclaimer: Please, if I owned them I sure as hell wouldn't pull the stunts that Joss and Co. does.
Rating: PG13-R
Notes: This is Novembers poll fic. I didn't expect it to go in this direction but it did. Wow! NOT what I had planned. This had help from a song that GylzGirl sent through the BGL list. Savage Garden's "I Knew I Loved You". Big thanks to Eliz for Beta-ing this and not screaming when she seen my idea.

Notes 2: In my little world, Oz never left. However, the rest has happened so spoilers for season 4 abound. So this monster is dedicated to Eliz cause she totally rocks! Thanks for the great work, time and effort you put in.

Pacing, Giles tore off his black suit jacket. Having just come from Buffy's funeral, he didn't think he could handle this new problem that faced him. Not now. Probably not ever.

The very girl he was to watch, train, protect and worry over was dead. And it was all his fault. He would relive her last breath, the very scene of her death, in his head until he, too, joined his Buffy.

Turning to the young man in the room, he felt like raging. To take his anger, frustrations and general PAIN out on him. Swallowing, Giles wearily took off his glasses before speaking.

"After that damn spell you and Amy did, one would have thought you'd learned your lesson. How could you be so irresponsible? Of all the bloody things."

Trying desperately to lose the image of Buffy's broken and bloodied body from his mind, he sighed and faced Xander.

"Xander, I loved her. I loved her and I never bloody told her. I just let her die in my arms and never. Said. One. Rotting. Word!"

Flinching at the self hatred, and pure pain he heard in Giles voice, Xander tried to think of the words to say that would get Giles to come with him.

"Giles, just think. If this works...."

"I would love to have her back Xander, b-but to do a spell without supervision, an-and knowing how dangerous it is-"

Letting his own pain take control, Xander cut Giles off. "She died! One of my best friends died and we all watched it happen. Of course I was "irresponsible" and did a spell. Buffy shouldn't have died, the world needs her, we need her. It wasn't even by a demon! I would think you, of all people, would want her back."

"Oh Xander, of course I want her back. But this isn't, th-this wasn't...Damnit! Which bloody spell did you do and what do you need help with?"

Feeling very relieved and scared all at once, Xander hurriedly told Giles what was taking place. "We did the spell that opens the portal to the Oracles. Cordy told me about Angel and what he did, so I thought...." Running his hand through his hair, Xander cleared his throat before continuing, "Anya helped, and then she said since she was once a demon, she should go in, and she ran in before I could stop her. She's there now asking for Buffy's life back. I came to get you, just in case. I-I think I love Anya, I don't want her hurt."

Giles grabbed his car keys and headed for the door.

"Don't you realize that the Oracles only talk to warriors? They're liable to turn Anya into a-a toad. And I somehow doubt her heart is pure. Bloody hell! Come on, show me where to go."

The two rode to the cemetery in silence. When they came to the right place, Xander told him to stop the car.

Jumping out of the car, one in worry, the other in a rush of hope, they made their way inside the crypt.

Once inside, they saw an arc filled with light. As they approached, Anya was thrown out of the arc and the light disappeared.

The men rushed to help Anya to her feet, both firing questions at her.

"Are you OK?"

"Well, what happened, what did the Oracles say?"

Nodding her head at Xander, she turned to Giles.

"I wasn't worthy of such a request Giles. They said that it's not their place to grant life or death. Giles? I think YOU could do it. The woman said something as I was being thrown out. She said that there was one who had pure love for her. That with the right offering, he may be able to undo what has been done. I'm just thankful I brought along that vase. I think I'd be a toad if it wasn't for that."

Feeling more frustrated, Giles resumed his pacing. "It's probably Angel she was referring to. Damn, damn, damn! I'll try it anyway. I'd rather be a toad without Buffy in my life."

Turning to the two, he rapidly gave out orders.

"Anya, do the spell again. Xander, get me ... I don't know, something to give to the Oracles. Once I go in, I want you two to clear out. If I'm unworthy, so be it. I need a few minutes, I'll be right back."


"Ahhh Buffy, here I am, just as promised. I will never leave you dear." Running his hand over the cool marble he sighed. " I am going to try something that, if it works, might mean I'll never see you again. If it means you live, it's worth it. Just know, somehow, that even if I do take your place that I will always be with you. I will be the voice that warns you when something is coming. I'll be the nudge you feel when you falter." Clearing his voice, he continued talking. " I-I listened to a CD of yours. Umm Savage something or other. There was this song that I knew when I heard it... It's our song Buffy. I knew I Loved You. That's the name of the song. When this all ends, listen to it." Laughing at himself for his wild fancies, Giles, shook his head," you're my best friend Buffy. I've waited for you for so long and then for you to end up here..."

Bowing his head, Giles allowed the tears to fall.

Knowing that his time was up and the others would be ready for him, he said a quick farewell.

Turning quickly, he left the small grave with it's larger than life tombstone. Nothing but the best for Giles' Buffy.

He arrived back just as Anya finished preparing for the spell.

"Good timing Giles. I'm ready to do it and Xander has a gift for the Oracles."

Xander handed Giles a stake. Buffy's stake, Mr. Pointy.

Blanching, Giles shook his head vehemently. "No! I will not give Buffy's special stake to a bunch of-of pompous know it all's!"

Staring at Giles in shock, Xander hesitated before gently reminding Giles of their goal.

"Ummm, Buffy alive? It was all I could find that was special enough Giles. I don't like giving it up either, but if we get Buffy back...."

Taking the stake from Xander, Giles patted him on the arm. Turning back to Anya, he told her to proceed with the spell.

Watching the arc fill with light again, Giles didn't look back as he entered.


Two glittering figures stood before him. A male and a female. The sought after Oracles.

"Come before us, lower being. You are most unworthy. You aren't even a warrior."

"Hush brother, he has fought many battles, and won no less. He has the heart of a warrior."

Turning to Giles, she asked," What have you brought us?"

Holding out the stake, Giles didn't speak a word.

The woman opened her hand, the stake flying into it.

Smiling, she turned to the man. "This, this is something! A warrior. THE warrior held this." Turning back to Giles, she smiled again. "You give this? It means much, you must want something... great. What could it be, hmm?"

"I am here to beg for the slayers life."

Turning away, the Oracles shrugged, "It is not our place to grant life or death."

"Damn it! Then take mine. I may not be a true warrior, but I am a fighter and a watcher. Besides, I'm the one who should have died to begin with. Trade mine for hers."

Turning back to Giles, the Oracles gave each other a look.

"Tell me sister, what is it about this tiny slayer that invokes such loyalty? A mighty warrior gives back his very life and happiness for her. A young girl offers to become a demon again and now this one offers to die in her place. Most intriguing."

"Yes, brother, I would like to meet her one day. Nonetheless, again, we are summoned because of her. Love follows her."

Turning in boredom, the man stated," Oh, once again this is a matter of love. Not our concern."

"Yes, it does! A human took a warrior from your cause. A human! I'm asking that you rectify that."

"Sister? I dare-say you have an idea?"

Looking at Giles, she cocked her head. "You have something on you that I would rather have mortal. A dagger."

Reaching down, Giles pulled his dagger out of his leg sheath. The woman raised her hand, the stake returned to Giles as the dagger appeared in her hand.

"Yes, this is old, much blood has been spilled with it too. We can swallow that day,it will be done again. It will be up to you to stop what will happen. The one intended to die that day did not. You alone will hold the memory of everything. The fight, blood, senseless death. All of it. When the intended dies, time will be as it should. Can you handle knowing that the one you loved died so horribly and still look at her?"

"I can do anything, if it's for Buffy. Asking that is so small compared to living with her death."

"Then it is so."

A light flashed, and Giles found himself in his living room, Buffy and the others staring at him oddly.

"Buffy?" For a moment, Giles forgot to act as if she had been there all along. He felt such joy to see her as she had always been.

So vibrant, so damn beautiful and full of life. He just couldn't get the picture of her dead body out of his head.

"Umm guys? I think I need to talk to Giles alone. Meet back here in two hours and we'll finish planning for tonight."

Waiting until the others had cleared the room, Buffy turned to Giles.

"OK watcher man, talk."

Unable to contain himself any longer, he grabbed Buffy up into a hug. He just held her, not saying a word, taking in her scent and the feel of her beating heart.

After that dream she had, Buffy just breathed the scent of Giles in. Things weren't making much sense today, and the safe feeling his arms provided helped her feel sane.

Stepping back, Buffy felt oddly disappointed.

"Giles? Again, what is going on? You zoned out there and when you came back down to earth, you yelled out- um something weird."

Smiling despite himself, Giles took Buffy's hands in his.

"Buffy dear, I love you. I regret not telling you sooner, and I'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable, but I had to say it. I love you." Laughing outright, Giles picked Buffy up and twirled her around.

Laughing, she took advantage of this usually unseen side of Giles.

After the room stopped spinning, she stepped away from his distracting presence.

"Giles? I had a dream that you would say that. Actually a silver, shiny lady told me in the dream that you would say that."

Realization dawned on Giles as to what Buffy's dream had really involved. How much had the Oracle told Buffy?

"Tell me about this dream. Do you think it was prophecy?"

"Yeah, it seemed so real. But I was dead, so if it's prophecy-"

"Never, that won't happen. Tell me everything this woman said to you."

"Well, she said that she has wanted to meet me for a while now. She admires the warrior I am and the love I inspire. Then she said that an older man who watches me will admit his undying love to me and fight by my side in battle. A deadly battle to the death."

His heart leapt at her words. The Oracle never said it was 'him' but Buffy automatically *knew* it would be. Hope filled his very soul as he asked, "why did you think it meant me? She could have been describing Angel."

Blushing as she realized he was right, Buffy stammered to answer. "Uh- well, I just...I- oh to hell with it! I hoped it was you. I *wanted* it to be you."

Forgetting about the matter at hand, if only for a moment, Giles again swept his slayer in his arms. Crushing their bodies together as one, he fused his mouth to hers, sweeping his tongue along her lips until she granted him entrance.

Their tongues danced the timeless mating ritual of all lovers.

Cupping her bottom in his hands, he lifted her off the ground. Breaking his mouth free of hers, he began kissing her face and neck. Like a man in total desperation, he bathed her in his love, showered her with all his devotion. But as much as he wanted to take her up to his bed and love her right, he knew they had more important things to talk about.

Like how to keep Buffy alive this time.

Setting Buffy back on the floor, Giles stepped away and turned his back to her.

Taking in deep breaths, he calmed his libido before turning back to her.

"Buffy, as-as much as I would love to-ah well we have things we need to talk about. I want to be prepared for tonight. Not to mention how fast we are moving."

Taking a deep breath, Buffy nodded before speaking, "I know, I feel a little strange. I mean, you're my mentor, my authority figure, and I have my tongue half way down your throat." Cringing at how vulgar that sounded, she gave him a lopsided grin. "I mean, I enjoyed it, and wanted it, it's just...confusing right now. Especially after that dream I had."

"Oh yes! The dream, tell me all about it. Think carefully, it could mean the difference between life or death."

"I was dead, in a coffin and all of you were there. In the cemetery. This woman showed up and said I was dead, that a death had been stopped that shouldn't have and I paid the price for it. " Wiping tears from her eyes, Buffy looked at Giles in pain. "But Giles, I had a dream for a week before this one that I didn't tell you about. I dreamed that you were going to be killed but I stopped it and died. If that's right, then I don't want to change things. I don't *want* to not stop your death."

Kneeling in front of her, Giles looked deep into her eyes, willing her to understand.

"Buffy, I can't go on without you. I know this for fact. Without you here, my life is nothing. What you do day to day is infinitely more important than what I do. I-if it comes down to choices, you dying is unacceptable."

"You're saying that if it comes down to me watching you die or stopping it from happening, I should just sit back and say it's been fun, sorry you had to go?!"

Jumping up from the couch, she stomped her way to the door. "I'm out of here. If I go by myself tonight, none of this will matter. Besides, the woman said that nothing is as it seems and the weak is the foe. Who knows, maybe she meant you."

Staggering from the intentionally hurtful words, Giles begged Buffy to stay and listen.

"Please Buffy, I watched you go off once without me to die, and you did! Then I tried to go with you and watched you die anyway! I cannot bear it again. Stay, maybe th-there is a way to-to stop all this craziness. I don't know, but I do know that my heart can't take you walking out that door. Please."

Sliding down the door, Buffy sobbed as her heart broke. Once again her destiny had led her into a no win situation.

Going to her side, Giles cradled her in his arms, allowing a few tears of his own to fall.

This girl fought for humanity nightly and any moment of happiness or peace was sucked away by the daylight. Sending up a silent prayer that once, just once, she win without the cost being as great as the victory, Giles got out a kerchief and wiped Buffy's face with it.

Smiling through her tears at the man who always helped her through sad times, something he had said finally filtered through.

"Wait a minute! You said that once you watched me go off by myself, OK that was the whole mess with the master. But the other doesn't make sense. You said you went with me and watched me die. Giles, I'm alive, so what in the hell are you talking about?"

Cursing himself for the slip, Giles got up and walked into the kitchen, Buffy hot on his heels.

"I-uh, had a dream m-myself and uh-"

He was thankfully interrupted by the others return. Looking at Buffy in what he hoped was apology and not relief, he went to greet them.


"OK, so Parker Abrams knows about this vampire ritual because he was grabbed by a vamp but managed to escape? Anyone else saying yeah right?" Xander looked around the room to see if anyone else shared his skepticism.

Willow, Oz, Anya, Buffy and Giles all raised their hand. Spike was the only one who didn't.

"OK, Spike, why do you believe it?"

"I don't care either way. He could be the next coming for all I care. I just want to make it out of this bloody thing alive, find the commando's and make them fucking fix me!"

"Well, it's always nice to know who backs you up. OK, after the dream I had, I think it's best if we treat him as a threat and a source. I'll be damned if he'll be the one who stabs us in the back and gets away with it. But, if he is for real, we can't just let him be killed."

Standing once again, Giles checked his watch. "OK, we have an hour to get to the park. As I said before, that's where the ritual is to take place. As Buffy said, this could very well be an elaborate trap and not a ritual at all. If it's not, innocent people will be there. Our first priority is to get them out. Oz, Anya, that is your job. Willow, you and Xander need to watch Parker, if he is the key to the ritual he'll be in danger, if he is not, he'll BE the danger. Spike, you know your job."

Looking at the ex-watcher, Spike simply nodded.

"OK, lets get going then. Buffy will be riding with me and Spike. Oz will take the rest of you. I need to make a quick stop somewhere, so I want you to wait before going on to the park. Willow, I need you to go get Buffy's crossbow any way."

"Yeah, and could you look for Mr. Pointy too? I couldn't find him anywhere. Check in the closet, maybe he fell out when I grabbed my bag this morning."

Clearing his throat, Giles told the four to get going. As they headed out the door he heard Xander ask ,"So, did you all notice the Buffy colored lipstick on Giles mouth?"

The door shut behind them before Giles could hear any more.

Turning back to Buffy, he asked her, "Um, do you have any of your CD's and that little box with the ear pieces in your bag?"

Giving him a strange look, she simply nodded.

"Oh good! May I see them please?"

Getting the portable player and two CDs out of her bag she turned them over to Giles.

Seeing the CD he wanted, he handed the other back to Buffy and motioned her and Spike out the door.

"Um, Spike? Is he acting strange to you?"

"He is bloody strange, let's go and get this over with."


Sitting in the front with Giles, she looked at him as he drove.

"OK, why the interest in my music? Also, I thought you said you had to get something before you headed to the park?"

"I was bored the other day and listened to this CD of yours and I rather liked it. Also, I don't need to get anything anymore, so I'm going straight to the park. Does that suit you?"

Shrugging, she shot a quick look at Spike before saying, "The kind of week I've been having? That not only suits me, but sounds perfectly normal."

Hearing a "Bloody great!" come from the back seat, Buffy and Giles turned to see what was the matter with Spike.

Staring out the window, Spike pointed telling them to look.

There, already waiting for them was about twenty vampires, Parker tied to a tree and two very young kids being watched over by six or so of the vampires.

Slowly getting out of the car, Giles sighed in short lived relief as the others pulled up in Oz's van.

"Let's get this thing started. It looks to be genuine, but don't let down your guard, it could still be a trap. Be careful. Spike, do your job and I'll fix you like promised."

Spreading out, the gang prepared for battle.

Grabbing Buffy's arm as she started to stalk past, Giles earnestly told her, "no matter what happens here Buffy, I love you. When listening to that CD of yours, I found one that makes me think of us. You mostly, but us too. If I don't make it, listen to it and think of me. The name of the song is-"

Cutting Giles off, she told him quite plainly, "you can tell me the name of the song after we get done fighting here."

Not giving him a chance to say another word, Buffy walked off and confronted the vampires.

Grabbing her crossbow from Willow, Buffy quickly loaded a bolt and fired it into the vampire nearest her.

Smiling in satisfaction as it exploded with a scream, Buffy reloaded and fired again.

The others took this as their cue and jumped in to do the jobs they were assigned.

Giving Anya a nod, Oz made his way to the children.

Coming around to his other side, Anya brought out a stake. They managed to takeout two more vamps before they were tackled.

Hearing Anya's scream ,Xander yelled out to Willow for extra help and fought his way over to the two fallen friends.

Seeing Xander get jumped as well, Giles reluctantly left Buffy's side to help.

"Damn Buffy, trouble, the others are in trouble. This is falling apart fast. Spike! Cover Buffy while I help the others."

Bringing his knee up , Spike caught the vampire he was fighting in the groin. As it fell to the ground, Spike brought the stake he was gripping down into the vampires back, straight through to it's heart.

Not pausing to enjoy his victory, Spike moved to Buffy's side, taking out a vamp that had come up on her blind side.

"Thanks, how are the others?"

Shrugging, Spike delivered a blow to the leaders head. "Not my problem pet. My job is watching your back. DUCK!"

Dropping into a crouch, Buffy swept the legs from the vamp that Spike was trying to stake. Staking it herself, she stood back up.

"I can take care of myself. Go help them. They are on kid duty, we need to get the kids out of here at all cost."

Ignoring her, Spike grabbed the crossbow from her. Loading the last bolt, he shot it into the vampire that had just jumped on Buffy's back.

"Damn it Spike! Then at least free Parker."

Looking over at the boy tied to the tree, Spike dismissed him.

"They've bloody forgot he's even there. He's fine."

Gritting her teeth, Buffy turned to check on the others. Spike was distracted, fighting his own vampire so neither saw the leader get off the ground and lunge for Buffy.

Catching the slayer around the waist, he brought her to the ground.

Kicking him in the stomach, she flipped back up to her feet only to be grabbed by the neck and slammed into a tree.

Head cracking hard against the trunk, she slid down the tree,unconscious.

Giles and the others had finally dispatched of the vampires and Oz ,Willow and Anya took the children off in Oz's van.

Watching Buffy slide down the tree, Giles cried out, running to help.

"Damn it Xander,Spike this is how it went the last time, bloody get her out of here!"

Taking a half second to look at Giles in confusion, Xander grabbed his fallen stake and made his way to the fallen slayer.

Spike had already killed the vampire that had brought her down and was standing guard over her against the remaining six.

Noticing that Giles and Spike had Buffy covered, Xander silently cut Parker from the tree.

Handing him a stake, Xander pantomimed the staking motion before pointing to the others.

Turning his back to the freed boy, Xander made his way back to his friends. That was the last thing he remembered as his world went black.


Buffy began to stir as all six vamps attacked Spike at once. Shaking her head, trying to dispel the dizziness, she jumped to her feet quickly rushing to his aid.

As the two fought off the vampires, laughter brought all to a halt. They all stopped so quickly, it almost looked as if a switch had been thrown, turning them off.

Seeing the site of her former watcher and future lover with a knife to his throat, held there by Parker, Buffy felt her stomach drop in dismay.

"You dick. I knew it. I just knew it! So help me,know this Parker, if you even scratch him ,I. Will. Hurt.You."

Laughing, Parker used the knife to make a scratch along Giles neck. "Big talk there, Buffy. See, I hold all the cards now. *You* have to do what *I* say. This worked out so well. You see, there really is a ritual. We just needed the blood of a watcher mixed with that of a slayer. Having your vampire friend and little boy toy here just adds to the fun."

Hearing the small moan Giles couldn't hold back, Buffy winced. Trying to show him with her eyes that she loved him and would do what it took to get them out of this, Buffy casually looked around, taking stock of everyone's position.

Ignoring the desperate feeling that settled into her heart, Buffy smirked, before saying, "I don't know Spike. It hardly seems fair. I mean, there is six vampires and one 'little' boy with obvious self esteem problems against the two of us."

"Yes love, so I've noticed. So this is the one that didn't even know how to operate his own tool. I see how it would have been hard to get pleasure from the wanker." Seeing movement behind Parker, Spike nudged Buffy, saying, " We can even things up by tying one hand behind our backs. Might give them a fighting chance that way. You game Pet?"

Smiling with confidence she didn't really feel, Buffy nodded. "You bet. On three?"

Preparing himself for the attack, Spike let his demon come forth. "You count."

"One, t-"

In one fluid motion, the two attacked.

Seeing two vamps explode almost immediately enraged Parker. Digging the knife deeper into Giles neck, he yelled out to Buffy.

"Stop or the old guy gets it you bitch! I've drawn blood, next I'll pull his vocal cords out."

Gasping for air, Giles rasped out,"Just do it you bloody wanker. I don't think you're man enough. Prove it so Buffy can rip your rotting innards out through your nose."

Staking another vampire, Buffy looked at Giles and Parker. Seeing Xander behind Parker, stake raised, she ignored him.

Praying her faith would work, she took out two more vampires.

As Parker drew back to stab Giles, he felt a sharp searing pain in his back.

"Hello ass hole, you have a sharp,pointy stake stuck half an inch in your back.It's held there by a very pissed off ex-military guy. I have just one question for you, dick. What do you do? Hmmm?"

Grabbing Parker's arm while he was distracted, Giles elbowed him in the gut, and spun under his arm, twisting the hand that held the knife.

Looking at Xander, Giles smiled before asking," Ex-military guy?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Xander simply replied,"Halloween, spell, close enough."

Turning to check on Buffy, the two were dismayed to see Spike laying on the ground not moving and Buffy held up off the ground by her throat.

"Seems we have a stale mate watcher. I have your whore and you have my master. Now here is what we are going to do, you let him go, I let your slayer go. Doesn't mean she'll live, but it will give you an extra thirty seconds to see her alive."

"You're talking brave for someone who is all alone. All your mates have been dusted, we still have three standing."

"Yes, but the advantage is, you love her. You'll do what I say just to save her pathetic life. No matter how short lived it is. Now let him go."

Looking Buffy in the eye, Giles silently apologized before releasing Parker.

Walking over to where his minion had Buffy held, Parker grabbed her turning towards Giles.

Brushing Buffy's hair aside, he licked her neck, keeping eye contact with Giles."Oh the things I could do. And you only have two standing old man."

Snarling, Spike staked the last vampire. "Three, your not very good at counting pup. That makes twice you let a fallen man take you down. Let the slayer go."

Throwing Buffy into Spike, Parker ran past the two headed for the tree he had been tied to. Grabbing a long spear from behind it, he rushed at Giles with a war cry.

Eyes wide as her nightmare came to life, Buffy jumped in front of Giles. Closing her eyes, she waited for the searing, devastating pain to envelope her body.

When it didn't come, she opened her eyes to see that Spike had jumped in front of her and now had the spear embedded in his chest.

Stumbling back, Spike fell into Buffy causing them to fall to the ground, Buffy beneath him.

Running forward, Parker grabbed the spear, intending to thrust it all the way through Spike's body and into Buffy's. He never saw Giles pull Buffy's Mr. Pointy from his pocket and throw it.

Watching in immense satisfaction as the stake hit it's mark, straight through Parker's heart, Giles wasn't surprised to see green blood spurt from his mouth.

Rushing to Buffy and Spike, he and Xander helped Buffy get up from beneath Spike.

Giving her a brief hug, he turned and knelt next to Spike.

"Is it in your heart? Can I pull the bloody thing out?"

Grunting, Spike nodded. Every move he made hurt like hell. "Do it."

Turning to Buffy and Xander for help, Giles had Buffy hold Spike down while he and Xander pulled the metal weapon from the vampire.

Rubbing Spikes hair and face, Buffy murmured in his ear trying to distract him.

Giving a big pull, the two guys pulled the spear from Spike's chest.

"Bloody hell! That fucking wanker better be dead. IS he dead?"

Looking over at Parker, Buffy smiled. "Oh yeah, and surprise! He was a demon. Lets bury the germ and get the hell out of here."


Snuggled up with Giles in his bed, Buffy kissed his bare shoulder. "So, how to you happen to have my stake?"

Groaning as he hardened yet again, he grabbed Buffy's wandering hand before replying,"I have my ways. It was nice of Xander to watch over Spike for us hmm?"

Running her hand down his sweat slicked chest, Buffy merely nodded.

"Buffy, the CD? You do have it up here, don't you?"

"Yes, you're going to make me get up and turn it on aren't you?"

Smiling, he ran his hand beneath the covers and purred, "Please? I'll make it worth your while."

Moaning, Buffy kissed his mouth before getting up and going to the CD player. Putting in the CD he seemed obsessed with, she pushed play.

Getting up, Giles forwarded it until it came to the song he wanted.

As the melody began playing, Giles held his hand out to Buffy in silent invitation. Taking his hand, she stepped into his arms, dancing to 'their' song.

{I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden

Maybe it's intuition
But some things you just don't question
Like in your eyes
I see my future in an instant
And there it goes
I think I've found my best friend
I know that it might sound more than a little crazy
But I believe

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

There's just no rhyme or reason
Only this sense of completion
And in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I'm searching for
I think I've found my way home

I know that it might sound more than a little crazy
But I believe

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

A thousand angels dance around you
I am complete now that I've found you

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life)

"Giles? I think I dreamed you into life. You make me so happy and normal feeling."

Pulling her into his arms tighter, he enjoyed hearing her breath with her heart beating against his. "Well love, because of you I found my way home. I think I bloody loved you before I even met you."