My Watcher, My Slayer
By Savage

AUTHOR: Savage
TITLE: My Watcher, My Slayer
PAIRING: B/G (Guys, come on, really, who's shocked?) W/T X/A
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(The Beach)

The water splashed, and the waves crashed, while drops of salt water slid down the watcher's bare, bronzed chest.
Through the light sprinkling of hair on his pecks, down and over his nipples....

Buffy swallow hard. Giles was hot! Really hot!

"I cant believe he's......Having fun? Laughing? Beating Xander up? Well, ok, I believe that, but.... Laughing?"
"It looks good on him. The laughing. And having of fun" Willow said with a smile. She stood next to her best friend and watched as Giles threw an attacking Xander over his shoulder, into deeper water.Then Anya jumped on his back and they wrestled as he tried to stay above the water.

Buffy and Willow shared a smile when Tara grabbed Anya and yanked her off, giving Giles enough time for a smile to thank her before Xander jumped him again.

Sighing in contentment, Willow said....

"Life is good. Life is Kind. Life is-"
"The worlds ending!"
"Well! No one, and I MEAN no one, is ever allowed to be this happy on the hellmouth, Will! Somethings going to happen!"
"Yeah, you, having a heart attack. Thats what going to happen!"
"Buffy! Relax! Have fun! Seduce Giles already!"
"Wow, that was good."
"What was?"
"I almost actually believed you were shocked!"

Both girls giggled as Willow threw her arm around her best friend and sighed.

"I know you want him. I know he wants you. I also know he loves you. And that you feel the same for him. So... are you following me here?"
"Yeah" Buffy smiled as she watched Giles dunk Xander under the water and high five Tara when she did the same to Anya."I know where your going".

Unaware that he was being watched, Giles ran his hands through his wet hair, slicking it back. The water dripped from his hands, down his arms, to his shoulders.

Willow and Buffy both swollowed hard as the watcher ran for a shallow place of water as Xander lunged at him. His bronzed, rippling cords of muscle, playing in his back as he evaded Xander and grabed Anya, holding her hostage!

Xander stood at a halt as Tara smiled. She was standing behind Giles and feeling very well protected. Willow smiled proudly as Giles stood protectivly in front of her lover. While holding Anya as leverage.

"You have quite a man there, Buffy. Don't let him get away" Willow whispered as she smiled at her friend,then went to join in on he fun. And as Buffy watched Willow jump onto Xanders back and they fell into the water giggling, the slayer decided she wouldn't.

It was about time she had a little fun of her own. A smirk dawned on her face as she walked to Giles, his back to her. Those muscles she never knew he had playing with every move he made. Tara was in the water helping Willow with Xander and Anya as Giles did the watcher thing and well....watched.

He was thoroughly enjoying them. Watching their smiles and hearing their laughter. If only Buffy ....Where was his Slayer? As he turned to search for her, he was attacked by something that knocked him into the water.When he surfaced, he found Buffy smiling at him mischievously.

"And I suppose you think that was funny?"
"No. I know that was funny."
"Oh really?"
"Hell yeah pal! I had you going! You didn't even know what hit you!"

A wicked, Ripperish smile flashed not only across his face but in his eyes as well. Buffy squeaked as she tried to swim away from him but was caught by his large hands, that pulled her back aginst him. Her shoulders, flush with the hard wall of his chest. His hair tickling her, while his arms wrapped around her waist.

Had he not been standing where his feet could touch the sand, and the water only coming to his shoulders, he would have drowned them both. For the sudden realisation that he had a half-naked Buffy, the woman who pleasantly haunted his nightly dreams, in his arms. Squirming.

And then, for no apparent reason, she just stopped. All was still and silent. He could vaguely hear Xander and Willow arguing as water splashed behind him.

He felt his slayer sigh, and her head leaned back on his shoulder, allowing him to hold her in the warm water. The sun beating down on them pleasently. Her skin, shining so very beautifully as the sun hit it. So tan. Toned, and incredably sexy.

He watched her throat,the muscles there working as she swallowed. God how he wished he was a vampire at that very moment. To be totaly and completly lost in her. Of course then he'd be, a big pile of dust as well!

Feeling bold, he lifted his right hand, and let his fingers graze her exposed throat. Sliding them up and down the length of her. A smile spead arcoss her face, her eyes, he could see were closed, but that smile, the one that did him in everytime, was there. She was happy. Content even. A deep moan vibrated his fingers as he continued to caress her.

It was then he felt her hand snake back and cup him through his shorts. And good lord in heaven if he wasnt already hard enough to burst through steel, she moved her hand, slowly, up and down his shaft, somehow making him even harder.

A moan eased from his chest, up his throat and out of his mouth.

"Y-Yes, Luv?"
"I love you"

His fingers lay against her throat. He could feel her pulse pounding as hard as his. And her hand,stopped briefly on him.

"Y-You, love me?"
"Is, that a, problem?"

A chuckle escaped him and his hot breath washed over her neck as he placed a sweet kiss to her ear.

"I dont see how that could ever be a problem, lass." His tongue snaked out and teased the sensitive skin behind her ear, causing Buffy to groan.

"I, ungh, think, the gang..."

Giles turned to see where they had run off to and found the four Scoobies on the beach, eating from the picnic basket, completely ignoring them.

"Are far away from here. Can't see, or hear a thing"
His voice turned low, dark, passionate in her ear. His hands came to cup her breasts. Allowing his fingers to play and bring her nipples into tight, taunt buds. Buffy's hand again started to move on the watcher's shaft, causing him to apply more pressure with his mouth to the side of her throat. Nipping and gently biting at her flesh.

Buffy turned her head, facing him. Smiling brightly as he lowered his mouth and claimed hers. She tasted so sweet. So pure. He knew he was in heaven. His tounge slid out and traced her mouth and bottom lip lazily. Then he took her lip between his teeth and sucked on it teasingly.

"Hmmm, Giles, that was, is, so...hmmmm"

A grin formed on his lips as he slid his left hand down and over her firm belly and into her bikini bottom, where he found her neather lips eagerly awaiting his touch. He rubbed her rhythmically. Then slid one finger then two into her. Pleasing her.

She gripped his shaft harder as he teased her. And when she came, he soon followed....

When both their breathing and their minds had cleared and started to work again, they shared the warmest of smiles and tenderest of kisses.

"I want you, but not here. Home. My home. Our home."

Giles stated horsley. Buffy turned in his arms, lifted her own, wrapped them around his neck and smiled.

"Our home." Her hand clenched a handful of his hair in her fist as he forced him to lower his head to hers, where she claimed his mouth in a heated kiss.

"Our home is where I want us to make love for the first time too."

The slayer whispered against her watcher's mouth.

"Buffy, are you...?"
"Will you marry me Rupert Giles?"
"Oh, God yes Miss Summers! Yes!"

He took her in a searing kiss as the sound of laughter and hands slapping filled the air. Willow looked at Tara and smiled.

"Boy. When I say don't let him go, she really doesn't let him go!"
"They are perfect for each other" Tara smiled as Anya added.... "Well, yeah. I mean, everyone needs an orgasm friend. Right? And Giles' penis still works so I'm assumming he-"

Xander slammed his hand over her mouth and smiled.

"Shut-up sweetheart!"

As the sun, yellow, reddish tints played off the water, as one man and one woman, who were destined to fight the fight together, would now love one another forever.

The End