My Watcher - MY Giles
By Prophecy

TITLE: My Watcher - MY Giles
AUTHOR: Prophecy
FEEDBACK: Please! My first B/G fic!  Constructive critisism craved!
SPOILERS: The Freshman
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Joss's.
SUMMARY: Buffy's not jealous of Olivia. Really!
NOTE: This is dedicated to a very dear friend of mine... if he ever reads it he'll know its for him.

So, all of a sudden I'm "..going to have to take care of (my) self..."? He "..can't always be there..."? Well, couldn't he have said something earlier?

Perhaps I shouldn't have run out the way I did... I just - I had to get out of there before I did something stupid. Something he'd regret and probably never forgive me for. That would be a bad thing, no matter HOW satisifing... Hmm... what would I have done? Something like forcing that bleu cheese so far down her throat sideways...

Ouch! Okay, now I know what you're thinking: You think I'm jealous. I'm not. Remember? I'm the one who tried to make sure he wasn't going to go all recluse or get himself killed after Jenny? And I only got grossed out over Giles and my Mom because it was MY MOM! I mean, that was... ick. Also Faith's little crush was just WRONG - she's too young for him! I mean, hello jailbait!

Plus - why would I be jealous? I mean he's... "really, really old" - ugh! Did I really say that? Poor Giles - I can be SOOO rude! I'd go by with some jelly donuts or something to apologise, but SHE'S there.

Perhaps I just got used to having him all to myself. My Watcher - my Giles. I know I should be happy for him. I know! And I should be! Because... Because he's Giles - he deserves someone to love him.

Just not HER.

She's *SO* not good enough for him. What with her long legs, and being all cutesy calling him 'Ripper' and... and well, and stuff. He HATES being called Ripper! Ethan does it to ANNOY him, so what's with little Miss "Old Friend" anyway? And that shirt looks SO much better on him... Plus - the drink? That's a bad. Giles and alcohol don't really seem to mix all that well in my experience...

I wonder if she's a demon? Hmmm... If she's a demon she's gonna end up hurting my Giles and that's wrong... But I'd get to kill her... and get my Giles back!

And he always has been my Giles... My Giles who I patrolled with, trained with... Spent time with... I need him to be all dry and witty and Giles-y. We used to do stuff - it all changed when we blew up the library... Our space is gone and now it's just... I don't think I'm gonna stop by his appartment agan unannounced. Things have changed - I mean, I used to be able to stop by the library whenever for time with Giles. He was always there.

'Was' - past tense.

God, I never thought I'd have to use the past tense in relation to him being there. I just *can't* quite... It hasn't really sunk in... I guess I'm gonna have to get used to him not being there. Learn to take each moment as a gift. Be less dependant on him. Stop taking him for granted... Learn to bear the though of HER. Actually, forget that last one. She's... well I don't know what she is but I know what she's not. And thats not good enough for my Giles!

Yes, I said 'My Giles'. So what? And if you start that "you're jealous" thing again, so help me...!