My Man
by Gabriele Schulz

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SPOILERS: season 2 set between Ted and Surprise
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SUMMARY: Giles sets priorities. G/Jenny with B/G subtext (if you want to call it that)
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I'm back to season 2 here in Germany so I saw myself forced to deal with Jenny "I'm-the-perfect-character-so-everyone-has-to-love-and-miss-me" Calendar. Grrr.
He loves Buffy. He loves Buffy. He loves Buffy. I feel better now.
Thanks to Lily, my wonderful beta-reader.
DATE: 02/13/2000


Non-verbal response.

"She'll come in any second."

Non-verbal response.

"She needs her training."

"Wouldn't you rather train with me?"

"I-I'm her watcher..."

"I know. But you sometimes forget that you're also a man. *My* man."

She didn't notice his frown as she tried to kiss him again, when a voice floated to them.

"Giles? You there?"


His response was muffled by another kiss.

"Giles, if you don't want me I'm outta here in a second."

He pushed Jenny gently but firmly away.

"Buffy, I'm here."

Buffy went into his office, but when she saw Jenny sitting half on top of him her arms possessively around his neck, she turned straight on her heels and went out again.

Giles extracted himself from Jenny and ran after her.

"Buffy, wait."

He out of his office to the library door not noticing that Buffy stood leaning against the wall next to his office.

Jenny came out of the office.

"Oh, is she gone?"

"No, but if you are busy doing... other stuff I can leave."

"Yes." "No!"

Giles came back towards them.

He looked sternly at Jenny and added putting emphasis on each word.

"Jenny just wanted to leave."

She sighed and went to Rupert to give him a last kiss.

Buffy found a sudden interest in the floor.

When Jenny finally let go Buffy saw Giles looking after her.

Buffy followed his gaze and saw her walking out slowly swaying her hips.

< God, does she have to do this? Isn't it enough that he's her boyfriend? At least when we're training his mind is on me. Although probably not after this display... >

When she looked at Giles though, he had stopped admiring Jenny's rear and was smiling at her instead.

"I'm sorry."

"Hey, I could survive an afternoon without training. If you'd rather spend the time with her, I'm sure-"

"Buffy. I'm first and foremost your watcher. *Everything* else in my life comes *after* you... r training."

He blushed slightly and went to the cage to get some weapons.

She did notice his lapse and it was probably one of the sweetest things he'd ever said to her. The uneasiness she felt whenever she saw him with Jenny suddenly dissolved.

< Mine... > she thought not able to suppress a wide smile.