My Deal
By Holly

Disclaimer: All characters in the Buffyverse belong to Joss Whedon (Bless him), WB and ME (Mutant Enemy). Unfortunately they don’t belong to me. Giles would be a lot happier if he did. Really. He would.

Spoilers: Up through Season 3 to be safe.

Summary: Response to Fanfic challenge regarding strip poker involving Buffy, Giles and at least 2 Slayerettes.

Rating: NC-17 (D’uh) Buffy/Giles

Distribution: Solo, Abby and Cap if they want it.

Notes: Buffy and the Slayerettes are in college, living in the Dorm, Giles works at the Sunnydale Museum as the Curator.

As Buffy sat at the small table in the Dorm room she shared with Willow; she stared at the two frat boys, Rudy and Kile. She found herself wishing that they were vampires so that she could stake them and wipe the grins off of their faces. Then Buffy looked at her partners in crime; Willow, Xander and Anya.

Xander had already lost his shoes, socks and both shirts. Willow and Anya had each lost shoes, pantyhose, sweaters and shirts. Buffy’s eyes narrowed as she looked at Anya. <This is all her fault. If she hadn’t begged to play strip poker with these guys when they asked, then I wouldn’t be taking off my shirt. > And with a pout Buffy did just that, she laid her shirt on the top of the other clothes.

Before Rudy could deal again, a voice Buffy would recognize anywhere spoke. "I seem to be interrupting… something."

Buffy’s head snapped up, her eyes meeting Giles’. He gave her a searching look, ascertaining that she was unharmed. The ice in his eyes thawed as he saw that she was uninjured. Then his eyes grew warm as he took in her lack of attire. Buffy flushed in mortification. He, of all people to witness her humiliation. Her shoulders slumped.

He saw this and his eyes narrowed, the icy anger back, as he looked at the two frat boys who had done this. He reached out a hand, and Rudy hesitantly handed over the deck of cards. Giles shuffled through the deck, running his fingertips over some of the cards, holding some of those up to the light.

The look he gave the two boys was beyond intimidating, and their eyes widened in fear. Giles looked out the now open door of the Dorm room. "You there," he said to Jonathan. "Go find a fresh deck, would you?"

Buffy’s jaw dropped. "You mean they were… cheating?" She demanded her eyes flashing in anger.

"Oh yes," Giles replied calmly. Buffy rose, as if to beat the boys to a pulp. Giles spoke again. "Sit down," he said unequivocally. Buffy looked at him in shock. He had never spoken to her in that tone. Well, okay, that once when she had hidden Angel, but never in front of others. She closed her mouth and sat.

Jonathan returned with a new deck of cards. As Giles shuffled them, he looked at Xander and the girls. His expression was an odd cross between amused and disappointed. "I think that we should start on a level playing field," Giles said with a gesture to the pile of clothes. They gratefully put on their clothes. "My deal." He said with Ripper’s grin. "Nothing wild."

Giles won the first hand, to no one’s surprise. He also won the two after that. <What am I suppose to do with two pair of pantyhose> He thought in amusement. As Kile finished dealing the next hand, Buffy looked at Giles and knew, with absolute certainty that he held nothing. His bluff fooled the others, but not Buffy. She won the hand, taking possession of four male shirts, and the two sweaters belonging to Willow and Anya. Buffy’s eyes lingered for a moment on her Watcher’s bare chest. She would never have guessed that he had chest hair. <Were his shoulders always so broad? > She wondered.

The next hand went to Giles, giving him socks from the boys, and shirts from all the girls. Willow, having drawn a full house of aces over queens by pure luck, took the next hand. She got undershirts from the boys, including Xander, a shoe from Giles and Buffy and Anya’s skirts.

Xander dealt the next hand, and once again Buffy was able to read Giles well enough to take the hand, earning three pair of pants, Giles’ other shoe, Willow’s skirt, and Anya’s slip (which she was fervently thanking several deities that she had worn.).

As the boys sat in just their underwear, the only one who didn’t look nervous, was Xander. It was Giles’ turn to deal, and Xander knew that Giles wouldn’t let him be humiliated in front of the frat boys. When Xander looked at his cards, he couldn’t help a glance at Giles. Four aces. Willow and Buffy exchanged looks before standing to take of their slips. They both turned to watch Giles remove his trousers, {who wouldn’t?} leaving him in just his blue boxers. Buffy couldn’t help but notice that practically naked was a good look for her usually well-covered Watcher. Anya slowly unhooked her bra, and covering herself, let it fall. Xander’s jaw dropped.

Then all eyes turned to the two frat boys. They started to welch, but Giles half-naked could still be pretty Ripperish. Rudy and Kile, hastily stripped off their underwear. Buffy traumatized them by giggling. Anya followed suit.

Rudy spoke, "all right, lesson learned. Don’t cheat. Can we have our clothes back now?" He was clearly unimpressed with the lesson. As he reached for the clothes, Giles’ hand came down. Thud.

Giles’ voice was frighteningly quiet. "I don’t believe the lesson has been learned. Perhaps by the time you make it to your fraternity, should you get that far, you’ll have learned it." His voice got even lower, meant only for the ears of the frat boys. "If you ever attempt any more of your nonsense with my family again, running naked across campus will be the very least of your concerns." He looked down at the boy’s groins, "and I rather think you’d want to keep your clothes on." He shook his head sadly. Buffy and Anya giggled again, with Willow joining in for good measure.

The boys left, clearly thinking that someone in the dorm would give them clothes. Unfortunately, this was not the first time they’d done this, and they found no sympathy. The friends all rushed to the window to watch them run from the dorm, into the night, clutching their groins.

Buffy had a thought, "you don’t think they’re in danger from… you know… do you?"

"I shouldn’t think so," Giles answered. "It’s really not all that late. They’re in far more danger from the campus police." Even as he said it, a police car had pulled up beside the boys. The Scooby-gang exchanged satisfied looks, before realizing that they still were semi-naked. They scurried around throwing on clothes, except Buffy and Giles.

Buffy looked in surprise at her Watcher. He seemed curiously unashamed to be in just his boxers. She found that she wasn’t all that eager to put her clothes back on either.

A fully dressed Willow approached. "Thanks, Giles. How did you know?"

"Jonathan. He’s a good lad. He came to see me and told me what was going on. I thought that I had better get over here before Buffy decided to slay them." He quirked a grin at his Slayer, who flushed in embarrassment. Hadn’t she been thinking just that when he’d come in? Did he really know her that well? The answer to that was clearly yes. And there were times that she felt that she knew him that well also. Then there were times like tonight; that she felt that there was a whole side to Giles that she was missing.

"Where did you learn to play so good?" Xander asked.

"Well, Xander."

"Well what?"

Giles sighed. "’Play so well’. And the answer is, a long time ago. I use to eat on money made from pool, poker, and darts. That will hone your skill like little else." He replied with feeling. The others nodded sympathetically.

"Oh!" Said Willow, suddenly. "I was supposed to meet Oz, at the Bronze."

Xander spoke up. "We’ll drop you off. Okay, Anya?" Anya nodded her agreement and they left together, seemingly not to notice that Buffy and Giles were still mostly undressed. Yet, outside the door they paused, silently jostling for positions to listen at the door.

Buffy turned to Giles. She was speaking before she realized that she intended to. "So, is the game over?"

He looked at her, startled. "I-I beg your pardon?" He couldn’t have heard her correctly. Could he?

"I always thought you played until all but one person was naked." <Oh God. Did I really say that? > Buffy was starting to wonder about her sanity. Did she really want to see Giles naked? "So are we done, or…?" She trailed off. Apparently she did.

Giles had intentionally not looked at Buffy’s semi naked body, knowing that he would not be able to hold his concentration once he did so. He did so now. "B-but you’re wearing more clothes than I am."

"And isn’t that something new?" Buffy said with a grin.

"Yes, rather. I was in bed when Jonathan came by. I just threw on enough clothes to be decent."

"Ah. What do you suggest?" Buffy asked as she shook off that visual.

Giles looked at her in consideration. "I suppose we could have a hand of ‘winner-takes-all’." He said, finally.

"And ‘all’ would be…?"

"Up to the dealer usually."

"Do we cut to see who deals?"

"That would be the most fair." Giles replied calmly, though his heart was starting to beat erratically. His body was starting to react to the mere thought of…. <Don’t think about it, Rupert, old boy. You’ll never be able to win this hand if you dwell on that. >

"Okay," Buffy said as she sat at the table and picked up the deck. "You cheated that last hand, didn’t you? So Xander wouldn’t have to go Full Monty?" He nodded. "I won’t even ask for your word that you won’t cheat, if you win the deal."

"You don’t need to. You have my word. I would not cheat you." She nodded her acceptance, knowing that it was true, even without his word.

They cut and Buffy drew the high card. She looked at him, speculation easily read on her face She licked her lips, and, not wanting to sound too… slutty, said "Back rub." At his upraised eyebrows, she continued. "The winner gets the rest of the clothes and a backrub." There. Not too slutty, but definitely in the right direction.

Giles smiled. "That sounds like an excellent prize. I could use a backrub."

"Ha. I beat you twice. Hold onto your shorts Watcherman, ‘cause I’m about to own them."

"We shall see." His face went blank, as Buffy dealt the cards. She tried to read his expression, as she had earlier. Nothing. Giles worked to keep anything from showing in his expression or body language. He had too much riding on this game to lose.

Buffy bit her lower lip, which Giles found quite distracting. Finally, she laid down her cards. Two pair, one of sevens, one of kings. Giles could barely keep his expression neutral as he put his cards on the table. Three of a kind. Their eyes locked both of them nervous, yet quite pleased with the results. Buffy knew that she would be far more likely to explore Giles as she massaged him, than he would be if massaging her. And she found herself with a very strong urge to do just that.

She spoke. "You should go and lie on the bed." He merely nodded, as he found he couldn’t speak.

Out in the hallway, Willow, Xander and Anya were grinning like fools. Willow whispered, "looks like I’ll be spending the night in your room, Anya." They giggled as less than a minute later, Buffy’s hand snaked out the door, placing a note that said "Anya’s" on the door. They all heard the door lock. Xander did his happy dance as the girls just grinned. After a minute of gloating, they left.

Inside the dorm room, Giles was on the small bed, sitting, looking at Buffy. She was a bit shy about stripping with him looking at her that way, but…. She reached behind her to remove the bra. His voice stopped her. "Why don’t we wait on that, my dear. Start with the backrub, hmmm?"

She smiled at him, gratefully. "That would be good." She slowly approached the bed, and gestured for him to lie down on his stomach. He complied. She straddled his hips, holding most of her slight weight off of him. She rubbed her hands together to warm them and hesitantly touched his shoulders. Warm. He was so very warm. She began to gently knead his shoulders, and the back of his neck, using just the pads of her fingers. She reached farther up his body to move her hands into his hair, gently scraping his scalp with her nails. She intentionally allowed her breasts to brush against his bare back as she did so.

She felt the quiet groan go through him, and exulted in it. She slowly tightened her thighs around him as she continued to massage his neck then his back. As she reached his lower back, she scooted further down his body. She took her time, knowing that they had all night if they wanted. At first he had begun to relax, but now as she reached the waistband of his boxers, a new tension filled him.

She began to ease his shorts down, when he spoke again. "I won. Y-you should…." He trailed off. Uncertain whether to be embarrassed or not. She bit her lower lip, then reached behind and unfastened her bra. He saw it land next to him on the bed. He closed his eyes. She reached up to again rub his shoulders and he felt her bare breasts on the overheated flesh of his back.

She again reached for the waistband of his boxers and this time he cooperated in letting her pull them down; they got a bit hung up in front, and he had to arch off of the bed in order for her to pull them off. She tossed them on the floor as she carefully touched his bare backside. She couldn’t believe that she had never noticed what a well-formed butt he had. And his legs; long, muscular, with lovely curly brown hair.

Her hands lovingly caressed the firm flesh of his backside; then down his legs lingering on his calves, then to his feet. Then she started back up his body, not straddling him this time, but between his legs, forcing them farther apart, the higher up his body she got. This time when she touched his backside, she allowed her hands to slide a bit under him. Just barely brushing his balls. That was when she realized that he was making tiny movements, small thrusts against her bed. Her breathing started to come in gasps. She stretched her small body out half on his much larger one, still running a caressing hand up and down his back, from hairline to the bottom of his backside.

He felt her pressing against him. "Buffy, you need to tell me what you want me to do. Soon." He finished urgently.

"How about if we just start with a kiss, and see where it goes." She murmured in his ear, her breath warm on the skin of his neck.

He moved so that they lay on their sides, facing each other. He gently cupped her face, and touched his lips to hers. She put her hands on his bare chest as she felt his tongue trace the outline of her lips. She immediately parted her lips for him. His tongue explored her mouth, filling her with a warmth that she’d never felt before. She ran her fingers through the hair on his chest, as she had been fairly itching to do since he’d first bared it.

As he deepened the kiss, she felt a tingling down low in her belly. His hands hesitantly began to explore the soft flesh of her body. He gently cupped her breasts and rubbed his thumbs across the sensitive nipples. She arched against him, and threw her leg over him, bringing him closer to the cradle of her thighs. He moaned into her shoulder, as he felt her dampness against him.

He moved his lips down to her chest, licking and nibbling until she was squirming against him. His hands cupped her backside, bringing her flush with his erection. She groaned deep in her throat as she felt his large warmth against her. She started to move her hips, as he did the same.

He continued his tender assault on her breasts for several minutes before moving his attentions farther down her body, gently urging her onto her back. As she felt his warm breath against her intimacy, she spread her legs, giving him complete access to do as his would.

She felt his mouth through the material of her panties, then his tongue. Then she heard a rip, and it was his mouth on her bare flesh. Her hips bucked against his mouth. He lightly grasped her hips to hold her still, his mouth soon joined by his hand. His fingers stroked in and out of her, as his mouth brought her closer and closer to the edge. With a muffled scream, she came hard against him.

She looked down to where he rested between her quivering thighs. She felt around for the condom that she had palmed from Willow’s nightstand before she had joined him on the bed. Once she found it, she held it up for him to see. He licked his lips, and crawled up her body, pausing at her stomach and breasts, then her throat. Finally he reached her lips, and captured them in a demanding kiss. She wondered briefly what had happened to her stammering, hesitant Watcher, to turn him into this… she didn’t even have a word to encompass this. He took the condom from her, and moved to slide it on. She stopped him, wanting to touch him.

She ran her fingers down the velvety length, her breathing speeding up at the thought of him inside of her. She nodded and he put the condom on. He rested his weight on his one elbow, as he guided himself to the warm entrance to her body. He held her eyes as he thrust his hips forward slowly, filling her almost to the point of discomfort.

He held still, letting her become accustomed to him. He kissed her lips, her neck, the delicate curve of her ear, until finally, she began to move under him. She wrapped her legs around his hips, sending him even deeper. She gasped, then closed her eyes in pleasure.

Their thrusts were slow to start, until they found a tempo that pleased them both. His hands moved under them, holding her butt, angling her so that he was even deeper. "Oh God, Giles." She gasped out.

Then, words failed her, as his thrusts gained speed; her hips rising to meet his, bringing them closer and closer, until finally, she tightened around him. He barely managed one full thrust when his own orgasm hit. "Oh Buffy, my Buffy, love." He babbled incoherently.

Afterwards, as they lay together, not spent, but definitely in need of rest, they spoke the words of love. They knew that the words weren’t really necessary, not between them, but they couldn’t seem to stop them from pouring forth.

Then, to lighten the mood Buffy spoke "So, do you wanna’ go double or nothing?"