Mother's Day
By Jullez

Title: Mother's Day
Author: Jullez
Rating: Well, it's not quite 'melt my 'puter', but I think it merits a 'fog up my screen', so I'll say at least a PG-13 but not quite R, so I guess that makes it PG-16.
Spoilers: S5 up to The Body
Dedication: To Wenchie b/c I was playing around with an idea and then her challenge gave it life
Distribution: Gabi, anyone who wants it just ask and it yours, take it and put it everywhere.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, they aren't mine, so sue if you want, but you won't get anything.
Notes: This is a response to Wenchie's challenge which required a fic about Giles and some other person sharing an anniversary or marking a notable event between them. The following things must be included: Giles wearing his earring, a positive mention of the Citroen, a kiss, tea other than Earl Grey. 2 of the following must be included with bonus points for all of them, I did all of them: Mr. Pointy, Anya asking for a raise, an announcement of an engagement or pregnancy, a secret vice of Giles' revealed, a visit from a member of Angel Inv., a quote from Rocky Horror, and a loaf of French bread.
Note 2: Peddie is pronounced PD. I don't spend much time around kids, so if they aren't really like they are in this story, then we'll just say they're advanced. I guess I should thank my friend Peddie coz I stole both his given and nick names.

Soft lips traveled lazily up and down her neck attempting to rouse her from her sleep to greet the waking world. Strong hands drew circles on her skin from the flat stomach they had been resting on around to her soft hips and back again. Low groans could be heard coming from her still sleeping form as the kisses he was placing on her bare shoulder turned into nips. Soon the feminine groans turned into whimpers as the nips turned into bites leaving red marks of his teeth on her perfectly smooth skin. Grinning devilishly he tickled the length of her body with his fingertips; it wasn't usually this difficult to wake her in the morning. Slowly Giles moved the hair blocking the way to Buffy's neck, leaning over he licked her, the tip of his tongue lingering on her neck. His action caused the tiny hairs to stand on end along with a shiver and a moan indicating that she was no longer asleep. Giles grinned like the Cheshire Cat when he recalled some of the more interesting ways he liked to wake his lovely young wife. He wrapped his loving arms tighter around her as she began to grind her backside against him only causing him to groan and trace her spine with his tongue. Buffy loved waking up every morning having her fist coherent though being 'oh somebody's happy to see me.'

She didn't want to interrupt the sensation his lips were causing on her skin, but she wanted those lips in other places. Without opening her eyes she stretched and turned in his embrace her lips finding his chin by memory. He sighed happily once her mouth had moved low enough to find his nipple, automatically hardening as her lips worked their magic on him. A moan escaped him as her fingers began playing with the hairs on his chest and tummy, her nails scraping and digging into his flesh as her mouth moved to his other nipple. Giles ran his fingers through her hair gently tucking the long golden blonde locks behind her ears when Buffy finally opened her eyes to see the look of pleasure on her husbands face. Buffy could count on one hand the number of things that made her happier than seeing the emotions she was invoking in him mirrored on his face. Smiling she swirled her tongue around his nipple before moving lower, down his abdomen tracing the scar on his side and back to delve in his navel. Giles let out a very frustrated sigh when Buffy's tongue dipped just below the waistband of his boxers only to travel back up his body to seek out his mouth. Buffy straddled him when their tongues collided; as the kiss grew more passionate Giles sat up wrapping his arms tightly around Buffy running his hands across her back pressing her closer to his body, so she could feel his arousal.

Moaning happily Buffy moved her hand from Giles hair to creep into the nightstand drawer pulling out one of the many condoms that lived there. Breaking the kiss Giles giggled, "So soon Luv?" Buffy was all but purring while she nibbled on his left ear lightly tugging on the silver hoop she found there. "Mmmm, no I just didn't want to dig around for it later, so now it's on the dresser where I can grab it before the time comes." Her double entendre caused him to laugh wickedly before nibbling at her neck, she leaned back to give him greater access. When thinking about how wonderful Giles mouth felt she wouldn't mind if they stayed exactly like this forever. Her good feeling got even better as Giles mouth left her neck moving south to find her breasts. Buffy whimpered at the attention Giles was lavishing upon her. It reminded her of a baby nursing hungrily. Giles hands slid underneath the silk tank top she still wore pressing her even closer. Soon Buffy couldn't take it anymore and began squirming in Giles lap sending her hand to play beneath the waistband of his boxers. He just grinned and sent his own hand on a little exploration of its own. Buffy clearly wasn't expecting that as she almost screamed when he touched her. Her nails dug into his shoulder as she cried out, deciding that the time for foreplay was over she gently dislodged his hand. Pushing him back against the pillows softly, she winked at him before reaching over to pick up the condom.

Just as things were about to get really hot the bedroom door swung open causing Buffy to quickly remove herself from Giles lap and sit next to him on the bed. Buffy looked at her husband sharply, "I thought you locked that!" Giles shrugged apologetically as 3 small children ran to her side squealing happily, "Mummy, mummy!" Giles stealthily took the condom from Buffy's hand depositing it back into the drawer before their kids could see it and ask what it was; a talk he didn't want to have with his 5 and 3 year-olds. Speaking of which his oldest child Joy who had just curled up to his side between himself and Buffy, giggled happily asking, "Daddy, what were you and Mummy doing?" Buffy laughed at the horrified expression on his face tickling Joy she answered for him, "Daddy was just waking me up sweetie." Joyce Elizabeth Giles at 5 years old was the spitting image of her mother at that age only Joy was a bit taller and damn inquisitive. The 3 year old twins, Patricia Dawn and Spencer Alexander, however, looked more like Giles both of them having his hair and eye color and probably his height someday.

"Peddie, stop using your brother as a ladder!" Buffy tried to sound stern, but it wasn't working well. Peddie wasn't quite tall enough to pull herself up onto the large bed by herself and Buffy had to admit that using Spencer as a step was not only funny, but smart. Once all the kids had made it on the bed they all scrambled into Buffy's lap showering her with kisses. She had to admit even though they could be a bit precocious at times and Dawn often referred to them as "the little demons," she did have wonderful children. Buffy hugged them tightly and sat for a while just cuddling with them because, after all the only cuddling she preferred to cuddling with Giles was cuddling with their kids. Giles wrapped an arm around the quartet to join in on the cuddling fun. "So what'd I do to deserve all the attention guys?" "Mum, you know," Spencer said hopefully. Giles snickered at Buffy's innocence routine, "No, I really don't know sweetie." The kids gave her bright smiles indicating that they thought their surprise was working. The twins started giggling, "Silly Mummy," as Joy informed her that it was Mother's Day. "Oh, I see, so that's why you are all acting so sweet!" Handing her a folded piece of paper Peddie said brightly, "We made this for you Mummy!" Buffy looked down at the hand made card and felt like crying it was the first real Mother's Day gift she had gotten from her kids and she thought it was beautiful. The hand writing was beautiful even though Joy was just learning how and despite the fact the twins couldn't write yet they sure did have some drawing skills. She hugged them tightly again, "What would I ever do without you guys." Giles snorted, "I can think of a few things." Buffy glared at him, "So kids what are we doing today?" Giles kissed her wrapping both arms around them tightly only to be rewarded by giggles coming from all three children, "Well, all of us are going to lunch with Dawn and our friends then my favorite sister-in-law is going to baby-sit while we do dinner and dancing and whatever else should come about." "Ohh, I like the sound of that." She planted another kiss on his lips letting it last until the laughing children finally got annoying. "Kissy faces," all three children snickered at them. "Kissy faces, huh? I'll show you kissy faces," Giles then proceeded to tickle and kiss each one of them playfully until they were all in fits of laughter.

When the tickling stopped Buffy sent the kids off to their rooms to get dressed and ready for the day, then she turned back to her husband picking up where they had left off not really caring that the door was still open. They were interrupted again by a bark coming from the floor. Buffy looked over to the fawn and white English Bulldog looking up at them from the floor. She clearly ignored Winston and went back to the task at hand, kissing her husband senseless. Winston craved attention and obviously didn't appreciate being ignored he barked a few more times even louder and when that still didn't stop them he walked up to the bed standing on his stubby legs he barked in their faces. Giles patted Winston on the head ruffling his little ears, "Do you think he's trying to tell us something Luv?" Buffy rested her head against his chest, "Yeah he's trying to say no sex for you two you have to get up, make the kids breakfast, get ready, and go out." Winston licked Buffy's face as if he was trying to confirm what she said she pushed him away playfully and he barked again when she tried to kiss Giles. Eventually she gave up, Giles rubbed at her back soothingly, "I'll get dressed and give the kids breakfast while you get dressed and go to Dawn's okay?" "Okay," she kissed him before letting him get out of the bed and admiring the view of his retreating backside covered in silk Union Jack boxers leave the room with Winston following.


It was almost 11am when Buffy arrived at her old house on Revello Drive. When her mother died she had left Buffy both the house and the gallery already paid for. Buffy had kept the gallery and enjoyed working there which proved to be quite lucrative, it was her mothers and she couldn't bring herself to sell it. When Buffy got pregnant with the twins it was time for a bigger house and for Dawn to be off to college. Buffy and Giles bought a bigger two story house two blocks from the one on Revello and left the old house for Dawn to live in with her friend Melinda instead of the dorms. Dawn greeted her older sister with a kiss, "Hey Buffy! I didn't think we were leaving for another hour." Taking a seat at the table Buffy replied tiredly, "We aren't I just wanted to get away from my super hyper kids for a little while." "Oh, um do you want some tea?"

"Ugh, what kind of tea?"

"Lipton. Why?"

"Because being married I have to make sacrifices one of which is pretending I like Rupert's nasty tea. Gimme the Lipton!"

Dawn returned with the tea and sat down at the table across from Buffy nonchalantly slipping her a card as she sipped the tea. "What's this?" Dawn looked a bit nervous and replied shakily, "It's for you, for Mother's Day. Go ahead open it." Buffy looked at the envelope for a minute before taking the card out, Dawn had never given her anything for Mother's Day before. The card was a beautiful cream and lilac color with flowers adorning the front cover, a scanned image of Dawn and Buffy made up the inside, with gold lettering that read: "Buffy, it's been a long time since I have seen my mother, but spending these past few years with you I feel like I still have one. Love always, Dawn."

When Dawn saw the tear running down Buffy's cheek she thought she had just made a huge mistake by giving her the card. "Buffy, I'm sorry. It's stupid I shouldn't have given it to you." Buffy took her hand quickly, "No Dawn, it's not stupid. I love it." "But you were crying." "Dawn come here." Dawn stood and moved to sit on Buffy's lap. At twenty years old Dawn still sat on Buffy's lap even though she was 6 inches taller than her. Buffy wrapped her arms around her sister's waist, "Dawn, did you mean that. What you said in the card." Dawn shrugged, "Well, yeah, of course I meant it. You've always been there for me and you became the parent. You didn't have to raise me I could have gone to live with Dad, but you wanted me to be with you and you made me the most important person in the world to you. I loved Mom so much, but honestly I'm more yours than I am hers. I am an actual part of you and you and Giles made me yours. You took care of me when you didn't have to and you gave up and risked everything to keep me safe. I couldn't have asked for a more loving sister or brother-in-law. I must sound really dorky, huh?" Buffy kissed her cheek hugging her tighter, "No not at all. Dawn I am so proud of you! You got me through a lot of hard times too. After Mom died I would have completely lost it if it wasn't for you. If I hadn't had you to take care of then I probably would have just stopped. Dawn I love you so much. You are as much a part of me as my own children are. Ya know you did give me and Giles a lot of practice for when the kids were born, now we know what to expect when they get to be older." Dawn laughed at that remembering how much she and Buffy used to get on each others nerves. If she was anything like that with them when they got to be teenagers god help them! "Buffy, how about we go over to your place now and I'll watch the kids so you can get some down time." "You don't have to ask me twice!" With that they were off for the adventurous Mother's Day festivities.


Back at the Giles' home:

Dawn was keeping the kids occupied upstairs, Giles was playing in the back yard with Winston, and Buffy realized that she had actual alone time. At first she didn't realize it was alone time, it had been so long since she'd had any that she didn't know it still existed. She found herself pacing the downstairs trying to figure out what to do with herself. Finally she decided to look at the mail she had left sitting on the entryway table for the past week. Picking up the hefty stack she began to sift through the contents. Bills, junk, junk, bills, a letter from her aunt, a post card from her cousin, and a package from her in-laws in England. Rupert had already opened it but looking through it wouldn't hurt.

"Ow! Damn it!" Buffy examined the giant splinter in her thumb wondering how it got there. She was trying to remove it when Giles wrapped his arms around her waist kissing her neck sweetly. "What's wrong Luv?"

"Somehow I got a splinter from looking at the mail. I don't understand how…" She stopped spying Mr. Pointy out of the corner of her eye. There he sat sitting half buried underneath the mail. She picked him up and her temper flared. "I told those kids not to play with Mr. Pointy anymore!" Giles grabbed her arm to stop her as she stormed off to yell at the kids.

"What Giles?"

"Don't yell at them dear it wasn't their fault."

"You were playing with Mr. Pointy!?"

"Well no, I wasn't playing with him per say, but some of the letters were glued rather tightly."

"You used Mr. Pointy as a letter opener!" Giles nodded guiltily.

"So that's why I always find him laying around the house!" She walked up to him smacking his chest and went on completely ignoring Giles wince of pain. "I have yelled at the kids god knows how many times because your secret vice is using Mr. Pointy as a letter opener!" Giles silenced her with a kiss, a small price to pay to still be able to use Mr. Pointy; thank god she didn't know that he also used Mr. Pointy to play fetch with Winston. He smiled against her lips. "Mmmm, what's that for?" To cover his tracks he said the first thing that came to mind. "Well, Dawn is upstairs with the children all of which will not be coming down here anytime soon, which leaves you and I almost an hour of peace before we have to leave." Buffy stopped him with a mind blowing kiss. When Buffy broke the kiss from lack of oxygen he continued. "I think we should endeavor to finish what we started this morning." Grinning wickedly she responded eagerly, "I like that idea, but not as much as you do from the looks of things." Ravishing her mouth he picked her up pinning her against the front door continuing what they had begun before being interrupted by their children. This time they were so eager that they didn't care if someone came down stairs, but Buffy was confident that Dawn had put the kids down for a nap or she was playing with them mercilessly. Giles had completely unbuttoned her shirt and was already kissing her upper torso before she even got a chance to lay her hands on him. She ran her hands through his hair loving the soft feel of it caressing her fingers. Wrapping her legs tighter around his waist her hands started trailing down his back then up to his shoulder and finally around to work on the buttons of his shirt. The first 3 buttons were open when Buffy groaned loudly due to the chiming of the doorbell.

Reluctantly she pulled away from him trying to button her shirt and at least make herself presentable. "Fix your face," Buffy said jokingly to Giles before opening the door. "Cordelia!" "Hey Buffy," Cordelia enveloped her old friend in a bear hug. Cordelia looked her over thoroughly it had been a while since they had seen each other, "God you look great! Not bad for a woman with 3 kids." "Thanks. It's good to see you." Cordelia took a look at Giles who was even more handsome now than the last time they had a visit, "And you look pretty good to Giles!" He gave her a kiss and an affectionate hug, "It's a pleasure to see you again." "No the pleasure is all mine," Cordelia responded not letting him out of the hug just yet. Buffy finally grabbed her elbow, "Okay hands off my husband!" Both women giggled profusely at the deep shade of red Giles face had just turned.

"So where are those wonderful little kids of yours? I haven't seen them in forever; the twins are probably big by now!"

"Well, they're bigger. The last time you saw them they were almost a year old, so they've grown a lot. They're upstairs right now with Dawn. They'll be down in a bit, but I know you didn't come all this way just to see them, so what brings you here?"

"Well, I was in town to visit my mom for Mother's Day to tell her some big news, but things didn't go over well, so I thought I'd come by to see my other favorite old mom in the world."

"Gee, that sounds just lovely."

"I hate to ask, but can I stay here for the night?"

"Sure, just don't enter our bedroom without knocking like my kids are oh so fond of doing."

"Okay." The kids in question had just run down the stairs chasing after Winston. "Joyce Elizabeth, Patricia Dawn, Spencer Alexander Giles, do not run down the stairs!" The kids ignored they're father's command as they saw Cordelia standing at the bottom of the stairs. All three kids ran up to her squealing, "Cordy," Joy jumped into her arms to give her a big kiss as the twins hugged her ankles, and even Winston pawed at her leg. Cordelia wasn't sure if the twins would recognize her in person because they had only spoken to her on the phone and seen pictures of her over the past 2 years. She realized that she shouldn't underestimate any child of Buffy and Giles. Cordelia hugged each one tightly giving the twins extra attention because she hadn't seen them in so long. She couldn't believe how big they were getting. They were beautiful kids. "Oh guys they are adorable! They look just like you Giles," Cordelia said ruffling the twin's hair. Winston barked at Cordelia's feet, he didn't like being ignored. She handed Peddie over to her mother and kneeled down to pat Winston. "Hey Winston! How's my favorite boyfriend?" "Ruff," he replied licking her face. Buffy wasn't sure what was wrong with Cordelia, but she was sure a lot different since their high school days and even from the last time they'd seen each other a little over 2 years earlier. Cordy never seized to amaze her.

"Cordelia, we are having a gathering for lunch to celebrate. Would you care to join us," Giles asked politely.

Cordy was clearly surprised by the invite. She knew that it was something Giles would have done because he was such a gentleman, but she felt wanted in their little family, a feeling she didn't know that she missed until now, but that would all change soon, hopefully. She had news to share, but wasn't sure how everyone else would take it. She was sure Xander wouldn't be happy and even though she knew how much Buffy and Giles loved each other she wondered how it would affect them. She'd find out eventually, but she was going to put off telling them until she absolutely had to. "That'd be great. I'd love to spend some time with everyone."



Lunch got off without a hitch. Cordelia was a pleasant surprise that only highlighted the celebration. She hadn't seen Willow and Tara since they vacationed in LA the year before and the last time she saw Xander and Anya was at the Giles house just before the twins first birthday. Cordelia was extremely happy for her ex-boyfriend it had taken them a while to actually become friends again after the break-up and now she looked across the table to he and his wife who were so happy together. She wondered if she would ever be that happy in the future. Looking at Buffy and Giles she knew she could never have with someone what they had together. How can you top destiny? They were just the cutest thing sitting there playing a slightly toned down version of tonsil hockey while she and Dawn played with the kids who had very good table manners for their age. The twins still needed their parents to feed them some of their foods, but they looked oh so cute doing it. Once the meal had come all the adults stopped to stare at Buffy and Giles feeding the 3 year-olds spaghetti. Giles thought his little group of friends fussed over nothing, but he would never understand how cute he looked with "Little Mini G," as Xander referred to Spencer, on his lap slurping up the noodles with his adorable brown curls, shinning dimples, Giles grin, and that delectable toddler giggle.

Willow let out a pleasant little whimper at the sight. "Ohh, he is so cute!! I just love my little godson!" "Hey," Xander protested, "Mini G's my godson too ya know!" "Yes," Giles replied dryly, "you make me painfully aware of that fact every time you call him by that dreadful nick name." Despite being 26 years-old Xander stuck out his tongue in no way reflecting his maturity. "Xander and I are considering having a squalling infant of our own someday, so I can experience extreme pain while having it ripped from my uterus. I'll need a raise Giles." As appalled as he was at Anya's statement he tried to respond with the least amount of disgust as possible, "Well, I believe we should discuss this issue if that occasion should arise."

Xander quickly changed the subject. "So Wills how come you and Tara aren't spending today with your mom?" Willow laughed at him not because of the question, but because of her mother and her selective memory. "I couldn't deal with my mom's version of reality. I mean, she still thinks I'm seeing Oz." Cordelia broke in not comprehending, "What? Haven't you been seeing Tara for over 6 years now?" Willow nodded, "Yeah, imagine what she'll come up with when she finds out that we are going to adopt a baby." The entire table responded at the same time with elation. They were going to be adding more members of their family soon. Buffy kept pushing them for details like when she was going to get a playmate for the twins. Tara snickered and didn't even stutter when she answered showing how happy she was. "Well, not for a while yet. We want to wait another year or so until we are very financially secure." Buffy beamed about how great she thought it all was she seemed to be even happier than the "expectant" couple. She hugged Peddie, who was sitting on her lap, tightly until Peddie protested, "Mum!" "Sorry sweetheart," she replied with a kiss to her forehead. Today was turning out to be wonderful with more surprises in store everything was looking up, but she thought that the best present she got was a visit from Cordelia, a thought that took her back to just before lunch.

"Hey Cordy when you arrived at the house you said you had big news for your mom, what was it?"

Cordelia's smile faded as her nerves started to run marathons. All eyes were upon her even Peddie's who had no idea what was going on. She took a deep breath and though it was now or never. She smiled brightly and just said it, "I'm getting married." The sound of jaws dropping reverberated through the restaurant and they were soon replaced by girlish shrieks of joy. The twins were confused by the noise and looked at Joy for some hint of what to do, when she smiled they followed suit. Willow was the first one to actually voice her congratulations before the others joined in. Then she asked the question Cordelia had been dreading all day, "So is it anyone we know?" Cordy went pale, "Yeah you know him," was the only information she offered.

"Is it Wes," Buffy asked only to have Cordelia shake her head no.

"Devin," Willow asked and was again met with a no.

"Well, it can't be Larry," Xander stated, "Can it?"

"No, it's nobody we went to high school with."

That left Giles drawing a blank and he was getting tired of the guessing game. "Who is it Cordelia?"

Deep breath. Deep breath. "Angel." Silence fell upon the happy group. The different stages of their brain functions could actually be seen on their faces. First there was the 'I didn't hear her right' stage, second came the 'maybe I did hear her right' stage, third there was the 'Angel who' stage, followed by the 'not that Angel' stage, and it all ended with the 'yep that Angel' stage. Cordelia looked at all the shocked faces wondering if anyone would actually say anything. Silence was finally broken by the twins who had started whimpering at their parent's obvious distress. "Mummy? Daddy," both Spencer and Peddie asked wanting to know what had made them stop being happy. Giles snapped himself out of the shock to console his children. "We're fine sweethearts just surprised by Aunt Cordelia's news is all."

"So you guys are just surprised?"

Xander snorted loudly, "Surprised is a bit of an understatement. It's more like we're afraid for our lives once the honeymoon rolls around. Cordy are you sure that the hair products haven't seeped into your brain because that's the only reason I could think of why you would ever marry Dead Boy."

Cordelia shook her head in acceptance of his position, but she still had a few rabbits up her sleeve to shock them further. "Well, maybe I want to marry him because he's not Dead Boy anymore?"

"Again with the huh."

"I see that I'm just going to have to give you the full story. Okay, a few years back the Powers That Be told Angel that after he'd served them he would receive his reward. Basically that meant that after he had saved enough souls he would become human again. He saved this extra holy god type thing about two years ago and that got him his one way ticket to becoming human. He still has some accelerated strength so he can keep fighting, but other than that he's completely normal. At first he found it kind of hard to be living he couldn't quite get away from being the brooding obsessed type, but I convinced him to go out. He started to change and we realized that we really enjoyed each others company. Not that we didn't before coz we were friends, but we felt different towards each other. We started dating and viola a year later we're getting married. And before you all ask no I'm not insane and yes I do know what I'm getting myself into and yes I do know I'm marrying a guy that's pushing 300."

<Silence. Silence is never good. That can't be good right? Those looks can't be good either. Great just great they are so pissed at me and probably are ready to commit me. I should have waited until I have grandchildren to tell them, I just knew it!> "Congratulations!" Buffy was the first person to speak since Xander unleashed his witty repartee. Buffy's was the only reaction Cordelia was dreading. Given her history Cordelia wasn't sure how Buffy was going to respond, but she knew she didn't want to face the consequences of a blow out on Buffy's behalf. It wasn't like Cordelia actually believed that she could possibly want Angel anymore, but Cordelia was going into this preparing for the worst. She was well aware of the dislike for Angel that was prominent through out the group. Breathing in a sigh of relief Cordelia spoke sounding calm for the first time, "Do you really mean that Buffy?" Reaching across the table Buffy took Cordelia's hand, smiling at her brightly she gave her hand a little squeeze and said sincerely, "Yes I meant it. I'm really happy for you. Both of you." Cordelia's smile could have lit up the room if it were night time. Giles threw an arm happily around his wife giving Cordelia a beautiful smile he shared her sentiments. "I'm happy for you as well Cordelia. Congratulations." She thanked him and then watched him kiss his wife tenderly. Watching them she hoped she could be the same way with her husband someday.

Looking around the table she realized that Buffy and Giles were the only two who appeared to be pleased with the situation except for the kids. <Well, it sure is going to be a small reception party. Let's see no one for the groom because he killed his entire family, so that just leaves Lindsey and Kate, Wesley, Gunn, Lorne, Fred, Buffy and Giles, Joy, Peddie, and Spencer. Great! Maybe we can have the party at Burger King.> The happiness she had received at the Giles' acceptance quickly disappeared with the fear of ridicule on the behalf of her other best friends. Somberly Cordelia started playing with her salad fork. <Maybe I could stab myself right now.> The table was so quiet the sound of Xander clearing his throat could be heard as loud as a freight train. "So when's the wedding," Xander asked with a bright smile. Cordelia immediately perked up, "You really want to go Xander?"

"Yeah, I mean Dead Boy marrying you wasn't something I thought I'd ever see and I wouldn't miss seeing you get married for the world." Cordy's heart could have melted at that bright Xander grin. "Ditto," Willow and Tara replied simultaneously and then giggled about it! After the engagement news was out of the way the rest of the afternoon was spent in relative bliss. No fights, no arguments, no demons, no vampires, no glares or long silences, just happy conversation and laughter. In other words it was nothing like the old days.


Back at the Giles' home:

Several hours later found Giles preparing for the evening out with his wife completely child free and Buffy and Cordelia unfolding clothes in the guest room sharing some good old fashioned girl talk. Buffy was just finishing up a round of laughter created by the images Cordy was supplying of Wesley getting drunk at a karaoke bar and doing the Full Monty routine to the song "I Touch Myself." Now that they were alone and sharing so much Cordy finally had the opportunity to ask the question she'd been dying to ask all day long. "Buffy, are you really okay with me and Angel. I mean, you don't still have feelings for him do you?" Buffy was taken aback. <How can she even ask me something like that?> Buffy worked through her anger to finally answer Cordelia. She couldn't stay mad long because she knew given the history between herself and Angel she could understand how it may bother Cordelia. She was almost positive that had Jenny lived and gave her blessing for Buffy to marry Giles seeming more happy about the marriage than anyone else she would probably want to know if she still had feelings for him, so in a way she sympathized with Cordelia.

"Cordy, if I still had feelings for Angel I wouldn't be married to another man and have three of his children. That wouldn't be fair to Angel if I was still in love with him and there would be no way I could marry one man when I have romantic feelings for another. I love Rupert more than anything and if you don't believe that I'm not so sure that I want you to stay in my house tonight. Of course I'm happy for you Cordelia. If you've found someone that you really love you deserve to have a chance at happiness. And believe it or not I'm happy for Angel too. He's a person who was once a big part of my life and now he's my friend, even though it took us a long way to get there. I want him to be happy too. And to tell you the truth you two always had that chemistry. Even when he and I were together the two of you still got along better than he and I did at times. From what you've told me about how you make him laugh and how the two of you make each other happy that just makes me want to see the wedding even more. The entire time he and I were together we never made each other happy we never even made each other laugh. When he left it hurt because he was my first love but I got over him a lot sooner than people like to think. When I fell in love with Rupert it was like nothing else I've ever experienced in my life. I never want that indescribable feeling to go away. The only other male I could ever love as much as I love Giles is our son. So yes I do want you to be with Angel. He's really changed, huh?"

"Yeah, he has. He's…full of life now. He smiles and laughs it's a good look on him and I've also done wonders for his wardrobe."

"Really? He's strayed away from his black on black motif?"

"Oh yeah."

"I so can not picture that. From what I remember Angel even wore black boxers."

"Oh, he wears colors now. One time I got him to wear a pink pastel dress shirt."

Buffy laughed, "Really?"

"Really. And that's not all. He now is the proud owner of gold lamé briefs!"

Buffy could not believe that. She burst into another fit of laughter. When she could finally breathe again she had to ask, "Gold <laugh> lamé <laugh> briefs?"

"Yeah, we're talking 'Oh Rocky' here. You should have seen his face when I told him I thought guys in gold lamé briefs looked gay. I meant happy trying to use some older language to make him feel better about being close to 300, but he didn't know that and proceeded to tell me that he didn't mean to walk in on Wesley in the shower those two times to which I didn't respond."

"I would pay anything to see Angel in gold lamé briefs," Buffy continued laughing and didn't stop when she heard the sound of her husband's voice. "I sincerely hope not." She wrapped her arms around his waist lovingly giving him a kiss on the part of his chest exposed by the open buttons on his shirt. "Just think about it Rupert, Angel brooding, obsessed, manic depressive, stalker type wearing gold lamé." Giles laughed at the image that created. He couldn't help himself. "Besides you know that you're the only person that I want to see without their clothes on. In fact why don't we skip the festivities and head to our bedroom and get you out of these sexy clothes." Buffy ran her hands over his broad shoulders covered by the black sports coat he was wearing over an ice blue shirt with the top three buttons undone and the collar hanging over the jacket. The black pants, belt, and leather shoes matched perfectly. His slightly gelled hair was accented by the small silver hoop in his left ear that she was resisting very hard to not lean up and bite because Cordelia was still in the room observing the whole scene.

Rubbing his hands up her arms Giles read her mind and said, "Now none of that Luv. Remember what I promised you?" Buffy purred kissing him again, "Yeah. You said we'd do dinner, dancing, and then each other." She said the last part wriggling her brows looking more childish than seductive. "Well, I seem to recall promising dinner and dancing, but I never once promised that I would as you say 'give you any.'" Now he wanted to be playful, but two could play at that game. Just before leaning up to take him into a mind blowing kiss Buffy said, "Put out or get out." "Well we better get out, so we can get to each other sooner." "Ohhh, in the car?" Giles remembered the first time they'd ever had sex in a car, as he recalled they had conceived Joy in the backseat of his old Citroen. A wide smile crossed his face and he pulled Buffy into an amorous kiss. They were finally broken up by Cordelia clearing her throat loudly, "Guys hey I'm still in the room." They broke apart and Giles apologized to Cordelia before announcing they had to leave.


In the Giles living room:

Cordelia had followed Buffy and Giles downstairs to help them be off on their merry way. At the moment Buffy was giving Dawn a slew of directions to follow. Cordelia found it all rather amusing, <Like Dawns never babysat her own nieces and nephew before.>

"Dawn Cordelia is our house guest she's not here to watch the kids while you run off somewhere with Spike. She will only watch them if she tells you you can go home. Don't give them any sugar or sweets; they'll be up all night. Don't let them stay up all night or they'll be cranky in the morning. Joy can stay up a bit later than the twins if she wants to. Read the twins a story before bed and make Joy read to you. Make sure Peddie has her teddy bear and Spencer has his Superman doll to sleep with. There is a loaf of French bread in the fridge to make sandwiches with if they get hungry. Oh and Dawn if I come home and find anyone tied to a chair I'll kill you."

"Hey I did that like once alright over a year ago."

"It was more like a month ago Dawn. Nevertheless, if we come home and I find anyone that includes the kids, Winston, and or Cordelia either tied, glued, taped, painted, stapled, paper clipped, pasted, or adhered in any way to anything I will introduce Mr. Pointy to you're a…"

"Buffy!" Giles barked. "If you kill her, then we will be absent a sitter."

"Fine! Fine."

Buffy turned to leave when Dawn stopped her with a question. "Um Buffy there's still one thing we haven't discussed yet."

"What's that babe?"

"How much am I getting paid?"

Buffy laughed maniacally. Cupping Dawn's face in her hands Buffy pulled her close and stroked her hair. "Oh you poor sweet disillusioned child." Buffy released her to look in the concerned and disappointed face of her sister. "Why aren't I getting paid?" There was that laugh again. Frightening, just frightening. "You aren't getting paid because I'm currently putting you through college. Let's see for the past 6 years I've feed and clothed you, bought you everything you wanted, taken you on trips to Hawaii, and England, not to mention other parts of Europe. Right now I spend over $13,000 per year to send you to college where I not only pay for your tuition, but also your books, clothes, meals, and car. Oh I also give you a job at the Gallery whenever you need it even though running it with you around is a bit of a challenge. What else do me and my husband do for you? Oh yeah, we also pay the bills for the house you live in. And I wasn't going to pay you for tonight, gee how thoughtless of me."

"Alright I get it. God go slay something." Buffy kissed Dawn on the forehead, "You'll thank me when you're older."

"Yeah right! I still think I should be getting paid."

"Spending time with your nieces and nephew should be thanks enough."

Before Dawn could say anything Cordelia interrupted yelling at them to quit bickering and for Buffy to go out with her gorgeous husband. Buffy let the sibling squabble drop taking Cordelia's advice. She met Giles in the entryway grabbing his arm tightly she pulled him out the door dragging him away to the car.


It was around 1am when the happy couple finally returned home. First they had indulged themselves to a meal of lobster and champagne with a big chocolate desert. After dinner they danced for hours. Nothing elaborate, just slow dancing so they wouldn't have to let each other go. They wrapped their arms around each other tightly curling into a sweet embrace and swayed to whatever music they heard. To most observers they might have looked like they were sleeping standing up because they never opened their eyes, they just wanted to feel the others presence not needing to see. After dancing they took a drive in Giles BMW around the city settling on top of a hill for a while, so they could look up at the sky. When Buffy saw a few shooting stars Giles wrapped his arms around her telling her that it meant that her wishes would come true. She said that it was impossible because they already had. He did the Giles thing and just blushed. Some more time passed and they decided they should finally relieve Dawn of her sitting duties.

When they opened the door they found a note from Cordelia stating that she had told Dawn to go home a little while after she had put the twins to bed. The note said that the kids were out cold and Dawn was almost in the same condition before being sent home. Sending Dawn home still sounded weird to Buffy. Dawn and Buffy had technically lived apart for almost three years, but Buffy still missed being able to check on her at night. Buffy recalled the first year that she and Giles were married very vividly. Buffy would have a dream or just wake up for no reason and go check to see if Dawn was sleeping peacefully in her bed. When she was satisfied that Dawn was in no danger she'd creep back to her own bedroom and always wake Rupert as she slipped back into bed. Dawn use to joke that was how they got Joy so quickly; Buffy always chose to let her believe that because she wasn't planning on telling anyone just how they had wrecked Giles car.

Giles had other things in mind for the rest of the evening, but he wanted no interruptions. He sent Buffy off to their room while he checked on the kids and made some preparations of his own. He arrived at Spencer's room to see him sprawled asleep allover the bed with the covers askew and his Superman dolly on the floor by the bed. Chuckling Giles righted the covers putting his son back under them he tucked Superman under Spencer's arm. He saw the boy hug it to his chest slightly before leaning down to kiss his forehead and leaving the room shutting the door behind him. Next he arrived at Peddie's room right next to Spencer's. He laughed at the picture of his 3 year-old daughter covered by nothing but her teddy bear. Her pajamas had been discarded on the floor next to the bed. He slowly dressed her attempting not to wake her up and tucked her under the covers with her teddy bears. He kissed her forehead and shook his head being slightly worried by her exhibitionist streak. The next stop was Joy's room. He peeked in the door seeing her sleeping soundly with her arm thrown around Winston who was snoring peacefully as well. He closed her door and made another detour on the way back to his bedroom. He stopped at the guest room door that was ajar. Peering in cautiously he saw Cordelia asleep with the covers pulled no higher than her waist over the ducky pajamas. Feeling the slight chill in the air he went in and covered her turned off the TV and finally headed off to his bedroom.

Once inside he closed the double doors of their huge bedroom removing his jacket, shoes, and socks depositing them on the chair by the doors. He looked around for his wife only slightly disappointed that she wasn't waiting naked in bed for him. He spied her standing out on the balcony and went up to her wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his chin against her shoulder. She was dressed in her silk pajamas and bathrobe because the wind had caused a slight chill in the air; for the second time that night they stayed together in silence staring at the stars. Giles wanted to pull her away from the serene image by kissing her shoulders, neck and back, but she seemed reluctant to move. When she didn't respond he asked, "What's wrong Luv?" She shrugged her shoulders slightly, "Nothing, I'm just thinking." He continued kissing her, "About what Luv?" Pulling away from him she turned to face him wrapping her arms around his neck.

Kissing him evenly on the lips she said calmly, "Rupert do you ever think about having another baby?"

He answered honestly not sure what exactly she wanted to hear. "Well, I suppose I don't. I always think about you, Joy, Spencer, and Peddie so much that I never really give much thought to another child. I presume on occasion I'll be with the children and consider that I'd like to have more, but I've in no way given it serious thought." She nodded at him looking at her feet. "Why do you ask Luv?"

She sighed, "It's just that, I've been thinking lately that I'd like to have another baby. With Dawn gone I've missed having another one around. I know she didn't technically live hear when the twins were born, but she was around so much to help out that it seemed like she was and until recently I didn't realize how much I missed her. I guess I'm doing the whole empty nest thing, but I don't know I'm young and we're still really lively and we love having the kids around and I just…I think we should talk about if we want to have another kid or if we're done. If you want to have another baby eventually I'd rather do it sooner rather than later, because I'm pretty much operating on borrowed time here. And isn't the third pregnancy supposed to be a charm or something like that?"

"Do you really want to have another baby? Are you ready for that?"

"Yeah, I think so. Faith does all the slaying now, so I really don't have to worry about that part much anymore. We have plenty of room because this place is huge. Money isn't an issue, so nothing to think about there. And we can do what we did with the other kids by taking them to work with us because we are both our own bosses and when Dawn isn't in class she can baby-sit like she has for the other three it may take some sweet talking or death threats, but she'll do it. Most importantly, I love you so much that I want to have a pack of kids. I never had a big close family, well not a real biological one. The Gang has been the best family on Earth, but now I want to have a real one, a real one of my own. I can deal with the morning sickness, cramps, labor, diapers, and all the blood, sweat, and tears that go into having a baby. So what do you think?"

"I think that sounds nice?"


Leaning down he kissed her soundly. "Really. I don't know if you'll understand how happy it made me when we found out you were pregnant with Joy. It was astonishing; this incredibly beautiful, amazing woman that I was madly in love with was having my baby. It was also quite horrifying to think that I was going to be responsible for another human life, but everything worked out marvelously. Having the kids around to come home and play with is…I don't know how to describe it, but I guess I don't have to tell you, do I? I swore a long time ago that I was never going to have children, but after Joy I do tend to think that another one would be nice. If you really want to have another baby, then we could try."

"Right now?"

"Yes, right now."

Wrapping her arms around him tighter she leaned up on her tip toes to kiss him passionately. "So, you wanna impregnate me?"

"Well, when you put it like that how can I refuse?" They kissed again for a while before moving off the balcony. Once inside their actual room he pulled away from her for a moment, "Do you want a boy or a girl?"

She considered the question for a moment, "I just want your healthy baby. To tell you the truth I hate to say it, but I'm kinda partial to a boy. You know, so we could have two of each, but either way it doesn't matter."

He lay her down on the bed gently grinning at her seductively he moved over her, "I think we need some practice."

"Hmmmmmm, practice makes perfect."


Father's Day the same year:

The Gang was gathered at the Giles house for their annual celebration even Cordelia had made another appearance after being invited back. Buffy even talked Faith into coming over as well. Even after all these years they still had a strained relationship even though they were friends. Willow, Xander, Cordy, and Dawn all preferred to spend Father's Day together and with Giles than they did with their own fathers. Dawn and Buffy hadn't seen theirs in a while. He sent them cards every now and then and the occasional toy or cheque would come to get a gift for his grandchildren, but other than that he didn't do much. Of course with the others Giles was the closest thing to a father they all had mostly for Cordelia and Faith. Cordelia's family had basically disowned her and no one knew anything about Faith's.

At the moment everyone was gathered in the living room talking about nothing in particular waiting for Buffy to get ready so they could all go out. Xander was complaining about how long it takes women to get ready to go out and how it takes even longer when they know they are running late. Little did he know that Buffy was preparing and she had almost walked into the living room a hundred times already. She finally made it with thanks to an accidental shove from Faith. She entered the room with a look of shock on her face.

"Finally," Xander shrieked, "I am hungry and want to go out to lunch." Everyone stood to get ready to leave when Buffy got their attention. "Um…will you guys all sit down for another minute or two?" All eyes turned to her wondering what on Earth could be wrong. Was she sick? Was the world ending again? Suddenly everyone was panicked. "Is something wrong Buffy," Dawn asked worried. Buffy walked up to Giles and perched on the arm of the chair he was sitting on taking his hand she addressed the group, "We have an announcement to make." She'd never seen so many people on the edges of their seats in her life. "Guys, we're going to have another baby!" Everyone in the room breathed a sigh of relieve and then congratulated them happily, everyone except Anya.

"Damn it Buffy!"


"Now, you've ruined our news!"

Xander blinked at Anya not knowing what news she was talking about, "What news Anya?"

"We're having a baby too and now Buffy and Giles have ruined it because they can't control their orgasms."

"Anya," Giles barked at her harshly, "It would do you well to remember that you're in my house and I have three small children here as well, so unless you want to leave rather quickly, I'd suggest that you be careful of what you say."

"Fine, but I'm gonna need that raise now."

His temper rose even more and he rubbed at his forehead which was aching not surprisingly. His kids came up to he and Buffy in a big group, tugging at his sleeve gently Joy asked, "Daddy where do babies come from?" Buffy went off into fits of laughter at the expression on his face.


Sometime in February:

Once February rolled around all three kids found out where babies came from when their little brother Keagan Eric Michael Giles was born. Buffy got the boy she was hoping for and Giles got spared a heart attack when Buffy agreed to tell the kids about the birds and the bees. She really didn't have a choice considering the fact that when she had announced her pregnancy Anya saw fit to tell them right then and there just how exactly one got pregnant. She didn't want them to have nightmares and be emotionally scared for life, so she had to clear up the facts. Despite her display, Giles still gave Anya her raise.

The End