More Spells
By Kat_the_Vampyre

Title: More Spells
Author: Kat_the_Vampyre
Rating: NC-17 Willow/Ethan, Buffy/Giles
Spoilers: General season 4
Distribution: Beth and Solo84 if they want it. Anyone else just ask.
Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine they belong to ME, Joss, WB etc. Please don't sue I'm a poor student. This is just for fun!

Dedication: To my friends, 'Moose', 'Tart', 'Slag', 'Bitch' and 'Babe'.

Ethan saw Willow coming towards his shop and quickly ducked into the backroom. Mumbling under his breath he passed his hands over his face. The man who left the backroom looked nothing like the man who came in and unless one was well versed in glamours it was impossible to tell they were the same man.

"Hello, What can I do for you?" He had forgotten to change his voice in his hurry so Willow started and spun round as she heard the familiar English voice. She was almost as startled when she turned round as the man with Ethan's voice was short, blonde and balding, but certainly not Ethan.

"Um, I'd like a spell. For a friend and me, to help us get what we need at the moment. You know the important stuff."

"Yes. I think we have one. I'll go and find it for you."

A few minutes later Ethan came back out with a small hardback book.

"Here we are. Now, it's in Aramaic, can you read Aramaic?"

"Only the odd word."

Ethan concealed a grin and continued, "I thought as much I've written out the pronunciation and physical directions here."

"Thanks that’s great" Willow beamed.

"Perfectly alright. That will be $17 please."


Willow and Buffy sat in the dorm, the spell ingredients laid out between them. Slowly and carefully Willow followed the instructions of the spell, it was quite complicated and she didn't want either of them to turn into rats. Dipping her fingers in the warm liquid containing all the ingredients she marked a star over her forehead, heart and groin. Buffy followed suit and then poured the remaining mixture into two glasses, taking one each the girls downed the mixture.

After cleaning up and thanking Willow, Buffy left to meet Riley. At the end of the corridor she had to stop and think. she was finding it increasingly difficult to remember what she was supposed to be doing, it was as if a fog had risen up and surrounded her mind blocking off thought. The only thing that seemed to get through the fog was Giles. She tried to concentrate on Riley but Giles kept interfering. Where was he? What was he doing? More disturbing to Buffy were the thoughts of what Giles could be her. As her mind wandered her feet had been on autopilot taken her to where she was meeting Riley.

"Hello Buffy." He greeted her.

"Hi" A sudden thought flashed through her mind, like a beacon through the fog and she acted on it like an automatic reflex.

"I'm sorry Riley. I don’t want to see you anymore. I love someone else"

Through the fog in her mind she managed to be confused at her actions, she had no idea why she'd done that. She hadn't even been considering leaving Riley. But in response the fog intensified allowing only the thought that it was right. And the thought of Giles, that felt right too. The longer she thought about him the more right it felt, she was no longer disturbed by her thoughts of her ex-watcher, she was excited by them. She became more turned on by the second as she imagined Giles hands and lips running the length of her body. She started to run towards his house.


When Buffy left the dorm, Willow was experiencing a similar haze inside. After attempting to clear it with studying and failing she gave up and collapsed on her bed, she tried to contemplate the spell she'd just performed but her thoughts slid back to the shop and the man she'd thought was Ethan. That’s where her thoughts became stuck. Ethan. She tried to focus on his faults to reduce the increasing lust she felt for him. However knowing that he was a bad, evil man who tried to kill them didn't seem to help if anything it made him more attractive. She started to imagine his hands on her using her own as a substitute.

Before she got very far there was a knock at the door, Willow jumped up certain that it would be him. It wasn't. It was Tara,

"Um, Willow, I was, well, wondering if you wanted to come for coffee with me?"

"Sorry Tara. I'm busy." She replied "And I don’t think we should see each other anymore. I'm sorry."

As Tara left her, misery apparent on her face, guilt and confusion tried to invade Willow's lust flooded mind. Soon it was overpowered however and there was no room for thoughts of anything but Ethan.


Giles sat in his apartment attempting to meditate on anything in order to get his mind away from Buffy. He had tried every technique in any of his watcher diaries but none of it was any good. It felt like a spell but he couldn't concentrate long enough to consider it. He had an overwhelming urge to find Buffy but so far he was fighting it, mainly due to the handcuffs with which he'd chained himself to the stairs.

A knock on the door helped to distract him for moment from his emotions, after attempting to answer the door - forgetting that he was chained to the stairs, he shouted for them to come in. Buffy entered the apartment, panting from the run there. All thought left Giles, something that hadn't happened to him for a long time, control being something he prided himself on since Ripper. Walking over to him she knelt down in front of him, his body responded automatically to seeing her as he had so often imagined her.

"Buffy." He whispered his voice husky with lust.

"Shh. Stop talking." She told him. She rested her hands on his knees and slowly slid them up his legs pushing them apart and inching forward as she did so she was kneeling between his legs, she unsnapped his trousers and slowly pulled down the zipper. Buffy cupped his hard length in her small hands causing him to gasp with pleasure. Buffy backed out from between his legs and Giles made a disappointed sigh that dissipated as Buffy slowly pulled his trousers down to his ankles and his boxers with them, savouring every second. Bending forward over him Buffy took his tip in her mouth sucking hard once again causing him to moan with pleasure, a sound which only increased as she slid her mouth down his hard length, sliding back up she gently dragged her teeth over his flesh, before repeating.

Buffy could feel him approaching the edge and stopped, quickly removing her panties. Before he had barely had time to notice her absence, she stood astride him and as he opened his eyes to see what she was doing she quickly lowered herself onto him causing them both to cry out, Buffy rose up off him and then slammed back down even harder than before.

"Buffy." He gasped. "Get...the...key." He told her motioning to the handcuffs. Buffy scanned the immediate area but not wanting to wait she took hold of the handcuffs and pulled till they came free, taking half the barrister out with them. Holding Buffy's ass he stood up still inside her, she wrapped her legs round him pushing him deeper into her core, turning round Giles placed Buffy on the step he had previously been occupying and slammed into her again and again till they both came screaming each others names.


Ethan was still in his shop when the spell’s effects took hold. He laughed out loud at the irony,

"Caught in my own spell. How typical!" He unlike the others felt no need to fight the effects of the spell and was rather looking forward to it. Grabbing his coat from the office he shut up shop, hurrying his last customers out a few minutes early. Then he couldn't wait any longer and started running. He had no idea where Willow lived but he trusted in the spell and sure enough he found himself standing outside the dorm. Willow responded quickly to his knock.

"I was sure it would be you, I know that sounds..." She babbled her natural timidity not fully suppressed by the spells effects. Ethan however didn't have that problem. Side-stepping Willow so he was inside the dorm he pushed her against the door shutting it in the process.

Holding Willow firmly against the door with his full body weight, he lowered his mouth to hers, begging entry with his tongue and sweeping possessively round her mouth once granted it. Willow brought one hand up behind his head pulling him closer to her and rested the other on his chest, idly tracing patterns with her thumb. Encouraged by her attentions he brought one hand up to her neck tracing the line of her top, then slowly bringing it down the centre of her chest along her cleavage and over her top. He didn't stop when he reached the bottom instead he brought up the other hand as well and gently traced both hands down the Willow's legs lowering himself to the ground so he was kneeling. After tracing all the way to her ankles he slowly began to move back up her the inside of her legs under her skirt. When he reached the top of her legs he halted rubbing his thumbs back and forth over the sides of her panties.

"Ethan!" Willow cried out in frustration.

"Patience luv." He growled but gave in to her pleading and moved one thumb inwards to rub her swollen clit through her panties. Willow shut her eyes to try and prolong the experience so was surprised when instead of his thumb she found his tongue massaging her.

"Ethan. Now." She pleaded.

Sensing her desperation Ethan inserted both thumbs in the top of her panties and tugged, pulling them off her. Standing, he thrust into her in one fluid movement causing Willow to come immediately, Ethan joined her moments later and they both rested, panting on the door.


Riley still couldn't believe that Buffy had left him, for no apparent reason. There was the 'I love someone else' stuff but girls always said that, didn't they? It gave them a reason to do stupid irrational things. Maybe she didn't mean it and wanted to change her mind now. Yes, he decided, that was it, so he set off for the dorm, hoping to find her there. As he turned a corner he walked straight into a girl running the other way, knocking her to the ground.

"I'm so sorry." He apologised not really feeling it was his fault but the girl was crying so he felt it was the least he could do. "Oh Hello Tara. I am right aren't I? Willow's friend"

"Yes. But I'm not Willows friend anymore. She left me. You're Buffy's boyfriend aren't you?"

"Not anymore. She left me too. She didn't seem to have a very good reason either, it was all very strange." They stood for a minute in silence thinking about the day.

"Hey wait a minute." Tara exclaimed. "There was loads of spell stuff out in Willows room. She normally puts it away and if she'd just been studying then she wouldn't have had that much stuff."

Riley looked confused for a minute. "You think they were under a spell." He brightened. "Maybe they didn't mean it at all."

Tara also cheered up at the thought. "Well, there's one way to find out. Let’s go through spell books."


"That should have done it." Tara said dramatically dusting her hands off, pretty much for Riley's benefit.

"I'm going to call Buffy. She's probably at Mr Giles' she always goes there when she's upset."

"I'll call Willow too."

They simultaneously called their Ex's, Riley on his Mobile and Tara on the landline.

"Willow?" Tara asked into the phone.

"Yeah. Stop that! Who is it?"

"Tara. We countered the spell."

"Spell? What spell?"
"Sorry luv that was me. It was a mistake honestly."

"Who's that?" Tara asked crossly down the phone.

"Oh It's just Ethan. I don't believe you but you're forgiven anyway! Why are you calling Tara?"

"I thought you might want to apologise for earlier."

"Well, yeah. I was really rude to you I can't believe I said that stuff. But I did want to break up I'm with Ethan now, I'm sorry Tara, I really am. Can you just wait 2 minutes? We've got all afternoon. Can this wait?"

"Yeah Sure whatever. Bye." And Tara put down the phone and turned to Riley who was slumped on the bed head in his hands. She didn't need to ask how his conversation went she could guess.