By Jae Kayelle

title:  More 1/1
author: Jae Kayelle
rating: somewhere between PG13 and R 
spoilers: none
distribution:  my site, Solo's -- saving you the trouble of asking <g>, otherwise please ask
disclaimer: altogether now: 20th Century Fox and WB own the BtVS characters.  Joss owns the vision and intent and the dream and our souls.  I'm not making a profit.
note: If you start off having a problem with this one, stick with it until the end.  You won't be sorry. This one is for Holly who asked for "more". Now the title makes sense! feedback:  yessirreebob. No flames -- see note above.

"You devil you," Buffy crowed.

Giles' attempt to look innocent failed miserably due to the smirk on his face as he walked through the front door of the Summers' house.  Closing it behind him, he leaned back against the wood.

Buffy continued, "Driving my mother to the airport just to make sure she got on the plane."

"Can't have her walking in on us, can we?"  He pushed away from the door and started towards her.  He prowled rather than walked. 

Buffy's eyes sparkled as she watched him move toward her across the living room.  She stayed where she was. "You saw the plane take off?"

He nodded.  "I walked her to the departure gate and wished her a good trip."

Giggling, Buffy said, "Well then.  I guess we'd better get on with it."

"It?" Giles' eyebrows climbed toward his hairline.  "It?  You call this "it"?"


Giles was three feet away from her when Buffy turned and ran into the kitchen.  He followed, not quite running but moving very quickly. In the kitchen, Buffy kept the table between them. He made a grab for her over it, his long reach nearly catching her. Buffy shrieked and danced away.  She made a daring run for the door, ducked under his arms and raced out of the room.

He was hard on her heels when she got partway up the stairs, barely escaping the lunge that sent him to his knees.  He grabbed again and seized her foot, pulling hard so that she crashed down on the stairs.  Laughing, Buffy shook herself loose, leaving her clunky shoe in his hand in the process.  She bounded up the stairs, the lack of one shoe not hindering her at all. 

Giles shot into Buffy's room and was tackled from behind.  The momentum carried them both across the room and they landed together on the bed. Giles twisted around underneath her so that he was on his back, and tried to buck her off. Buffy crawled up his body, straddling him to hold him down.  Her knees rested on his forearms.  Giles subsided, merely lying there looking up at her. He was relaxed and passive, a gentle smile on his lips as he gazed at her.

Her smile softened as well.  It was full of love.  She pulled his glasses from his face and set them on her bedside table then cupped his cheeks and leaned down to place a kiss on his mouth. 

Giles moved under her.

"Sorry."  She lifted her knees, freeing his arms which immediately swept up to encircle her.  He drew her down to him and deepened the kiss, teasing her mouth open with his tongue.   

Somewhere in the middle of it, they both got the giggles. Eyes and lips locked, they stared at one another fighting off the laughter.  No good.  Laughing out loud, Buffy fell to the bed and rolled against Giles' side. 

After they wound down, Buffy asked, "You actually walked my mother to the departure gate?"

"Just being thorough."  He rolled onto his right side so he could look at her.  His green eyes took in the curve of her cheek and her lips that seemed in a perpetual pout. "You're so beautiful."

Buffy said, "I was just thinking the same thing about you.  I'm so lucky to have you in my life.  You are my life."

Giles traced the line of her jaw with his forefinger.  "And you are mine."

They gazed at each other adoringly for a minute then Buffy said, "Aren't we the mushy pair?  Straight out of a romance novel."

"How many heroines in those books slay vampires?"

"So I'll write my own book.  An autobiography. It'll be a bestseller."

"On the fantasy lists."

Her mouth opened in mock disbelief.  Reaching above their heads, she grabbed a pillow and smacked him across the face with it, the force of it blowing their hair all over.  Giles snatched the pillow out of her grip, got up on his knees and proceeded to whack her backside with it. 

Buffy started to roll away from him, reaching for a second pillow but he tossed his to the floor and threw himself on top of her. 

"Oof!  You're heavy," she complained, squirming, yet smiling broadly while she said it. 

Giles' hand snaked under her shirt, caressing the skin on her abdomen.  Buffy stopped moving.  Her eyes fluttered closed when his questing fingers reached her breasts.  Even through the lacy bra his touch felt good. 

They shifted around into a more comfortable position, arranging arms and legs, and Giles continued his exploration of the woman underneath him. 

Deftly undoing the snap on her jeans, he inched the zipper down and parted the material, exposing the beginning of her blonde curls that peeked over the elastic of her bikini panties.  Buffy lifted her hips and he pulled the denim down to her thighs.  He leaned down and dropped tiny kisses on her belly, his hot breath distracting her from her task of getting his shirt unbuttoned.  She shivered at his touch.

She finally got the shirt opened all the way to his waistband and tugged it out of his pants, shoving it off his shoulders.  Her fingers spread across his chest, flattening as they ran through the crisp hair. 

"I can't believe you've always wanted to make love to me here," she whispered.

"Ever since the first time I came up here and saw all the pink and feminine decor..."

"...and the stuffed animals and the girly things," she finished for him.

"Yes.  It's your room and I wanted to be here in it with you."

"And you drove my Mom to the airport to make sure we could have our fantasy become real."

Their eyes met. 

They both sat up and started straightening their clothing. 

Giles finished buttoning his shirt and got to his feet, turning to Buffy.  She zipped up her jeans and moved into his arms, resting her head against his chest, safe in his warm protective embrace.

He kissed the top of her head.

"Let's go home to our bed, Mrs. Giles."