Mistaken Roommate
Sea Nymph Kali

Title: Mistaken Roommate 1/3
Author: Sea Nymph Kali
Summary: Challenge:The Mistaken Roomate Challenge:Buffy's roommate Cathy is making out with a guy and ends up on Buffy's bed. Giles comes by to see Buffy and thinks it's her in the dark. Buffy sees his reaction in the hall, and decides to go back to his place later and get back at him for the whole Olivia thing.
Rating: for now...PG-13
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Author Notes: C/B is Cathy and Brad.

*squeak* *bang!* "Oopsie! heh heh... I... ooooh!

"Hey, isnít this you room-mates bed?"

"Donít... mmmmh... care."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Buffy wasnít paying attention as she opened the door to her dorm room. Absently, she switched on the lights and nearly dropped all the books she was carrying.

"Eeew, Cathy! Eeew!"


"Hi, Bunny."

"Get the hell off my bed!" Buffy cried. "This is the third time this week! If you are going to get pelvic with whoís-his-face here, do it on _your_ bed and _please_ put something on the door so I donít walk in on you! And for the three billionth time - its _Buffy_!"

Buffy turned around while the two covered themselves and Cathy flopped on her own bed. Brad held his balled up clothes under one arm and slinked past Buffy, looking very smug for someone clad in only boxer shorts. "Bye Muffy."

"For the last time, its Buffy!"

Giles was walking down the hall towards Buffyís dorm room and had been close enough to hear the last exchange between his slayer and the half-naked guy exiting her room. Buffy slammed the door and Brad just gave a nod to a wide-eyed Giles.

"Perhaps... I-I-I should come back... l-later." And he turned around and left.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next day, Buffy was standing out in the quad as both Giles and Brad approached her from different directions. Brad reached her first and tapped her on the shoulder,


"Brad. I didnít recognize you with your clothes on."

"Yeah, well, Iím sorry about last night and the whole... bed... thing."

She gave him a weak smile. "Hey, itís all water under the bridge, or over it or whatever. Just _please_ be careful next time."

He just nodded and walked off. Giles had only been a few feet behind Buffy and had once again heard the exchange between the two.

Buffy spotted him out of the corner of her eye and threw her arms up in the air in defeat. "Boys!" she exclaimed. "Hi, Giles!" Her up-stretched arms wrapped around his neck and she gave him a soft kiss on the nose. "How is my favorite Watcher Man today?"

Giles became flustered at Buffyís closeness. "I-I say, w-w-what was that for?"

Buffy smiled. "What? I canít be happy to see my favorite, very un-boylike Watcher guy?" She had actually done it as an excuse to touch him, to be close to him, but she would never admit that to him.

Giles sighed, then realized her arms were still around his neck. Reaching up, he unclasped her hands and took a step back. Buffy slowly brought her arms down, rubbing his tweed covered ones with her hands.

"Wow, Giles, have you been working out without me?"

He saw the genuine look of approval in her eyes and blushed.

Seeing this only fueled Buffyís attempts to further fluster him. "You know Giles, the blush looks good on you... but before you start to stutter, why donít you tell me whatís the up?" She smiled as he started to stutter anyway.

"Y-Yes, w-well. I have been trying to find you to-to-to discuss a possible new threat in Sunnydale..."

"Iím all yours," she said with a smile she saved just for Giles.

A lovely flush crept into Gilesí face and a good amount of blood began rushing south as he contemplated the meaning behind her words. Clearing his throat, he started over. "Perhaps you-you could... ehem... stop by after patrol?"

"I have a better idea. How about I come over _before_ patrol. We could hang out, talk, have some dinner and then patrol _together_. We never spend time together anymore and you never come patrolling with me either. Its always Willow or Xander or even Oz. I miss my Watcher!"

Giles stood silent for a moment. He hadnít realized she felt this way. "Well, technically Buffy, I am no longer your official watcher..."

She took a step closer to him, gently laying a hand on his arm, "Giles, you will _always_ be my Watcher, my _only_ Watcher. You never stopped."

His heart skipped a beat at her soft spoken words. Giles cleared his throat and smiled at her, "Iíll see you around 6:30 then?"

Buffyís smile was bright enough to light a room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That evening, the Watcher and his Slayer proceeded to have a great time together. They laughed heartily as they made a mess attempting to make dinner. Buffy caught Giles up on the goings on of her new college life and Giles told Buffy about the things he had been doing to keep himself busy while his Slayer and Slayerettes were off at college. When it got dark, the two walked arm in arm, talking and thoroughly enjoying each otherís company, to one of Sunnydaleís twelve cemeteries. Together, they dusted six vampires. They made an excellent team, they both agreed as they walked back to his flat, a little more disheveled than when they left.

Once inside, Giles sat on his couch, groaning as he descended, while Buffy went to get the first aid kit.

"What was that groan for mister? Its just a little cut, I think youíll live."

He laughed. "No Buffy, being around you, I tend to forget that I am nor twenty anymore. This old manís body isnít what it used to be..."

"Oh stop it Giles! You are _not_ old! And Iíve seen your... I mean... I saw you tonight, fighting those vamps. You are in _much_ better shape than most of the twenty year old boys I know!... This is going to sting..." Buffy winced when Giles tensed as she dabbed his cut with the anti-bacterial.

"Aargh! That may be true Buffy but you said it yourself this morning, I am not... boy-like."

"No Giles, you arenít boy-like..." she blew on the cut on his neck. "You are a man."

Giles shivered, he didnít know if it was from Buffyís breath on his neck or from her words. He looked up at her. Neither one of them moved for a moment, just staring into each otherís eyes. He reached up, brushing a fallen lock of hair out of her face, and rubbed either vamp dust or dirt off her forehead. A voice inside Buffy screamed at her to make her move.

"Well... I should probably go. I have an early class tomorrow..." The voice cursed her cowardice.

"Yes, it is rather late. Shall we do this again tomorrow night, or rather this evening?" he asked, indicating the time.

Buffy smiled at the almost hopeful look on his face. "Same vamp time, same vamp channel!" and she was out the door.

After she left, Giles got up to pour himself a cup of tea and the voice that lives in everyone came out to scrutinize him. The voice of self-doubt. He sighed. Giles surrendered to the voice, agreeing it was right. He decided to forgo the tea and go straight to bed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Buffy tried to study, really she did. All she could see was Gilesí face, looking up at her, brushing her hair away, and the hopeful look on his face when he asked to meet again tonight. She laughed at herself, even in her head, her voice sounded anxious. Then, her voice of self doubt crept in. She didnít know what she would do if her beloved Watcher really did think of her as a child, or worse, his child. She corrected herself. she would do what she always did. She would just be near him, soak up his presence. She had secretly loved him for a while now, she could do it for longer, she convinced herself. She could do it if she had to, but unlike Gilesí voice of self-doubt, hers was not overpowering. Buffy then decided to find out just how Giles felt when they were together later that night. She looked at the clock on the wall. She was going to be late and she still had to grab her weapons bag from her dorm room. She had been off in her own little world and lost all track of time. Collecting her books, she ran out of the campus library, towards her dorm room as the sun began to set.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Giles had begun to worry. He knew that Buffy was only six... now seven minutes late but he didnít know what to make of it. Had he scared her off, perhaps showing too much of his true feelings for her? Did she think he was a foolish old man and not want to lead him on? The again, this was the Hellmouth. What if something had happened to her? He knew he would certainly die if anything ever happened to his precious slayer. He took one more look at the time then dialed her number. There was no answer, the answering machine didnít pick up, just that incessant, annoying tone telling him the phone was off the hook. Now he began to panic. He hopped in his Citroen and sped off in the direction of the campus, not caring about the possible consequences. Giles even made it to the dorm room before Buffy did.

He stood outside her room for a moment to catch his breath - he had run all the way from the car. Softly, he tapped on the door, "Buffy?" There was no answer from inside except the sound of something heavy hitting the floor, followed by a groan. Without stopping to think, Giles swung open the unlocked door, ready to aid his slayer. "Buffy!" he cried out in exasperation. The light from the hallway was not enough to illuminate the room but even in the darkness he was able to make out the two figures entwined on Buffyís bed.

Buffy came bounding around the corner at that moment and stopped when she saw Giles standing outside her open door.

Gilesí voice took on a different tone as he processed the scene laid out before him. It was a darker tone that was a mixture of anger, sadness and defeat. "Buffy!"

Bradís ridiculous smirk turned to greet him. "Hey man, if you want to leave a message for Bunny..." his companion elbowed him and whispered "Buffy." "Whatever. If you want to leave her a message, why donít you write it on the message board on the door that says ĎMuffyí."

That did it. one could almost see the smoke coming out of Gilesí collar. "You stupid bloody pillock!" he roared as Ripper came to the forefront. His eyes darkened visibly as he continued, his posture showing only a fraction of the danger he was more than capable of. "You undeservingly have been given the chance to be with the most beautiful, sweetest, greatest person that has _ever_ graced this earth and you donít even appreciate her! You have the privilege of sharing a bed with an angel and you canít even remember her bloody name! And Buffy, we were supposed to meet almost half an hour ago. I was so panicked, thinking something terrible had happened to you that I rushed over here only to find you in bed with another... this _boy_! When you decide that I am important enough for you to grace me with your presence, you know where I will be. I really thought I meant more to you, that you wouldnít blow me off like this, but it would appear that once again, I am mistaken!" With that, Giles took off leaving a stunned Buffy watching his retreat.

As if in a daze, she walked to the door of her dorm room.

"Hi, Buffy," Cathy greeted her. "Some guy was just here, screaming about you blowing him off. I guess he thought that I was you in the dark. He seemed really p.oíd!"

"Yeah... I saw." "I just... came to get my bag... before I went to see... him..." She couldnít contain a smile. She wasnít even paying attention anymore. Buffy grabbed her weapons bag and headed for the door, "and... get off my bed..."

Throwing her hair up, Buffy ran all the way to Gilesí house, wanting to get there as soon as possible after he did. Once there, she paused for a moment to catch her breath and watch him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Inside, Giles poured himself a drink. He knew he shouldnít and what the consequences would be, but at that very moment, he didnít care. He had just been witness to his world crashing down around him and all his insecurities realized. On top of all that, he had all but told Buffy just how much he loved her. And still, the night was young. Perhaps some hungry fledgling vampire would catch him drunk and off guard and end his misery.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Buffy decided to take pity on him. Using the key he had given her when she came back from her "vacation", Buffy let herself into Gilesí flat. Not saying a word, the mysterious smile on her face the only indication of her mood.

"Ah, Buffy. How nice of you to pry yourself away to check up on an old fool." His sharp tone only made her smile even bigger.

"Iím sorry Giles, I lost all track of time in the library. I would have been here sooner but I figured it would be pointless to patrol without weapons," she explained innocently.

"Donít lie to me, Buffy. I was worried out of my mind, thought maybe something had happened to you! I tried to call your dorm room but your phone was off the hook. I wonder why? I rushed over to your dorm and I saw..."

Buffy just smiled and climbed onto his lap, straddling him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "What you _saw_ was, for at least the fourth time this week that I know of, my _room-mate_ _Cathy_ and Brad getting groiny on my bed." She looked into his deep brown eyes and could see the wheels turning.

"But I thought... I mean... I saw... well, it was fairly dark, but... "

"Well, you thought wrong mister!"

Giles felt like a weight had been lifted off him. "Oh Buffy, Iím sorry. I said some fairly horrible things about you and to you, or at least to who I thought was you... I think that made sense..."

"I know Giles. I heard."

"You heard? How?"

"Well, I was coming around the corner when you started going off on Ďmeí." A blush began to creep into Giles face. "In bed with another...? What was that back there Giles? Jealousy?" He looked anywhere but at Buffyís face, too ashamed and too afraid of what she was going to say. "Cuz, if is _was_, you look really sexy when youíre jealous." His eyes shot to hers but she didnít stop. "Iíll have to add this to my list..."

"You think Iím sexy?" he whispered.

She pretended like she didnít hear him. "Like when you get really angry or when you pretend to be researching _really_ hard to tune us out - you didnít think I knew about that, but I do. And you are so cute when you get irritated and you move your glasses to massage the bridge of your nose or when you get flustered and start to stutter..."


"Like that! Giles, I bet you never knew you had a sexy stutter."

He was dumbfounded. Fifteen minutes ago, he was sure Buffy was shagging someone else and was blowing him off and now here he was listening to her list of her sexy qualities.

"Gi-les! Earth to Giles, Buffy calling! You never answered my question. What... was... that?... Jealousy?"

He took one look into her sparkling eyes and knew he could refuse her nothing, let alone the truth, and he gave in. "Yes."

Buffy bounced happily in his lap, hugging him closer. Giles gritted his teeth and tried very hard to gain control of his emotions. His body was reacting to Buffyís closeness and her unconscious movement in his lap wasnít helping any. "Buffy," he ground out, "If you donít stop moving like that..."

It was then that Buffy felt his erection pressing against her, straining against its denim confines. "You mean... like... _this_?" She slowly, languidly rubbed her warm sex against him, knowing exactly what she was doing to him.

"Buffy! You must stop this!"

She began to pout. "No. Why? Do you... not... want me?" Doubt began to find its way in again.

Giles grabbed her by the hips and brought her down _hard_ against his lap, making sure there was no way she would miss his point. "Does this feel like I donít want you?"

Buffy sighed, preparing for what she had to do. "I love you, Giles. And I want you, and you _obviously_ want me. I have wasted way too much time wondering if we were on the same page... we are on the same page, arenít we?"

"I am afraid, my dear, that I canít always tell with you ."

Buffy looked him in the eyes, "And now?"

"And now, it would seem that for once, we are Ďon the same pageí."

Her smile was brighter at that moment than he remembered it being in a very long time. He was about to lean in to kiss her when she pulled back. "You know," she said, "we never did have our dinner..."

"Oh my dear, Iím sorry, I didnít even realize. Are you hungry? Would you like me to fix you something to eat?"

"I... am hungry for... Giles!" Buffyís lips captured his in a soft, passionate kiss.

Giles brain effectively shut down at the feeling of Buffyís soft lips on his. Forming a coherent thought was impossible as all the blood in his head was headed somewhere south. When Buffy pulled back to catch her breath, he opened he opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. She was breathing heavily. Their first kiss had been electric. There was warmth and passion there that Buffy had never felt before. "Wow." was the only thing she managed to come up with.

Somehow, the fact that she had said something registered in Gilesí number mind. "Indeed."

Buffy smiled at him as she crawled off his lap and backed towards the stairs. Giles whimpered at the loss of contact. Standing at the bottom of the stairs, Buffy slowly pulled her top over her head and stepped out of her skirt. With a sly smile, she crooked her finger, calling him to her. He was still for a moment, then with a growl, he was up and tearing after her. When they reached the bedroom, her normally reserved watcher tackled her on the bed. Using her slayer strength, Buffy flipped them. She sat up straddling him again and he sat up to join her but she had other ideas.

"Lie back," she whispered.

Stunned, Giles didnít move for a moment. Gently she pushed him back onto the bed, draping herself over his rigid form like a soft blanket. With the faintest of touches, she ran her hand over his face, closing his eyes. Buffy placed butterfly kisses on his eyelids. He moved to put his arms around her but she urged him to be still. Holding his head in her hands, her kisses trailed down his face. One on the cheek, one on the nose, one on the side of his lips before reaching her destination. Her silken lips claimed his, neither demanding or asking, only unquestionable ownership. Her moist tongue came out to trace his mouth. Impatient for his response, Buffy slid her tongue between his softening lips, hoping to rouse him out of his stupor. As he felt her tongue slide along the inside of his top lip, Giles opened his mouth, his own tongue inviting hers in to duel.

They stayed like that for a moment, a battle for dominance between her mouth and his before she pulled away. One of her hands undid the fastening of his pants and slid inside, grabbing hold of his more than ample erection. Looking back up at him, she was suddenly slightly nervous. Taking a deep breath, she studied his face and the look in his beautiful eyes.

"Giles, I love you. I think maybe I always have. And I want you to make love to me, now and forever."

"Oh, my dearest Buffy. I could never begin to tell you how much I love you and what it means to me to know that you love me too."

"Donít tell me, show me," she whispered as her mouth descended upon his.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As dawn began to break the next morning, the Watcher and his Slayer lay sated and exhausted beneath the covers on his bed, hands entwined. Giles turned her in his arms so that she was facing him, cradled perfectly against his warm chest. "You know love, I have been thinking..."

"You are capable of forming a coherent thought right now? I must be loosing my touch!"

He chuckled and she smiled, loving the happy sound emanating from beside her. "Well, to be honest Buffy, I have been toying with the idea for a little while now, but havenít had the feeling that I should share it with you until now... My mistake earlier was a horrific incident, although it had a quite pleasurable ending." She flushed and he continued. "Perhaps it would be easier for all concerned, and would ensure no further confusion if you were to... ehem... move into my flat... with me..."

Buffyís eyes widened as she looked up to is face. She noted that she had never seen him so nervous. Once again, she flipped them so she was on top, and she sat up. "Why, Mister Giles, are you suggesting that you and I live together?" she teased.

"Um, yes," he gulped, not quite sure what to make of her playful response.

"I thought youíd never ask!" she beamed.

The End