The Best Mistake Of My Life
By Janine Ose

TITLE:  The Best Mistake Of My Life
AUTHOR:  Janine Ose
RATING:  R to mild NC-17
DISTRIBUTION:  B/G Shippers and A Watcher's Love (everyone else please ask first)
DISCLAIMER:  All characters belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox, WB and Mutant Enemy. 
SUMMARY:  Buffy and Giles find out that some mistakes might not be so bad.
FEEDBACK:  Appreciated in a major way as long as it's not flames.  Maybe if people feed her my muse will get over her anger at her vacation being done.

As things slowly settled into a routine after graduation, Giles found himself becoming increasingly restless.  He had decided to take the summer off but for some reason the inactivity of the Hellmouth was making him oddly frustrated.  In an attempt to release some of that frustration he had taken up his old training habits.  He ran five miles every morning and then spent two hours working out in the room they had converted into a quasi-training area.  But while the activities had done wonders for his body they had done absolutely nothing to ease the restlessness that had built within him.That restlessness was the only thing he had to blame for what happened next.

  Willow had arranged for them to go to the beach for the weekend and he accepted the invitation gladly, happy for something, anything, to get him away from Sunnydale for a time.  He knew, of course, that the young people all had fake identification and that it would be used but instead of being angry he found himself amused.  In England the legal drinking age was 18 not 21 and he honestly didn't understand why Americans insisted that their way was better, especially since fake identification was quite readily available.   So instead of giving them the lecture they expected he just laughed and told them that as long as they were careful he wouldn't say a word. 

He had to admit that the house on the beach was quite nice.  The view was spectacular and he enjoyed the smell and the breeze that wafted into his open window.  In fact, they all were having such a good time that they decided to turn the weekend into a weakling stay.  In retrospect he knew he should have insisted they return home but hindsight was, as they said, twenty-twenty.  If he were forced to pinpoint the moment things started to get out of hand he would have to say, in all honesty, that it started the day Buffy had set foot in his library.  He had just never admitted it before that particular night. 

Giggling and laughing, Willow, Cordy, Anya and Buffy had locked themselves into a bedroom and spent the better part of three hours getting ready to go out.  The four men waited impatiently for them to emerge, Xander muttering about being hungry and eating a horse before pounding on the door.  The four women walked out of the room wearing outfits that were quite, interesting.  While he appreciated what the other three were wearing, it was Buffy that drew his attention.  Grinning mischievously, she twirled around in front of him and asked if he liked her outfit.  She was wearing a black leather miniskirt, a white halter-top and black sandals.  Her hair curled and tumbled wildly about her shoulders and her makeup was heavier than normal but expertly applied.  She looked magnificent.  But when didn't she?

Giles skipped a stone across the sand and sighed.  They had gone to dinner and the atmosphere had been fun and filled with laughter.  No trouble there.  The trouble had started when they reached the third club of the evening.  The other three couples were on the dance floor and he and Buffy were watching from a table off to one side.  Tossing back his drink, he asked her to dance again.  Grinning, she had let him lead her to the dance floor and the spent the better part of the next hour there.  When she said she was thirsty he had led her to their table and wandered over to the bar.  THAT was his first mistake.  Returning to their table, he spied a young man sitting extremely close to Buffy.  She was laughing at something he was saying and the sight made Giles extremely jealous.  Pushing his way through the crowd, he made it to the table and set her drink in front of her.  Startled, the young man asked if he was her father or uncle. 

Laughing, Buffy assured the young man that he was just a friend.  Angrily, Giles made sure that the young man understood that he was a very good friend.  THAT was his second mistake.  Buffy glared at him and grabbed the young man's hand.  With a few angry words she led him onto the dance floor.  His anger built as he watched her dance.  She danced extremely close to the young man, her hands touching him as his touched her.  She must have noticed him watching because she shot him a mutinous look, her anger clearly visible in her eyes.  Giles gripped the glass in his hand so hard that it broke.  After apologizing profusely to the waitress, he tried to figure out why he was so damned angry at Buffy.  She hadn't done anything wrong.   In fact she hadn't done anything but enjoy herself all evening.  The longer he watched her the more he understood.  He wasn't angry, he was jealous. Jealous of that young man whom was allowed to touch her the way he had wanted to for so long.  Jealous of the young people who were obviously so happy with one another when he could only dream about the one he wanted to make his.  His mind wandered and he turned his attention to the drink sitting before him.  As he thought about what he had admitted to himself, he heard an angry yell from the dance floor.  Looking up just in time, he saw Buffy forcibly remove the young man's hands from her breasts and slap him hard.  When he saw the young man grab her, Giles saw red and vaulted over the railing and onto the dance floor.  Within minutes the young man was out cold on the floor with the angry visage of Ripper staring down at him.  Buffy stared at him when he looked at her.  Grabbing her around the waist, he kissed her, hard.  THAT was his last mistake.

When his rage had diminished somewhat he realized what he was doing and released her, a look of utter shock on his face.  Buffy's own face mirrored his.  Turning, he practically ran from the club, horrified at what he had done.  It was one thing to admit to himself that he loved her and wanted her but to do what he had done was inexcusable.  Watching her all week as she played on the beach in her bikini had been difficult, sure.

  He had ignored the sensations that caused and had honestly believed he had been successful.  But when he saw her that evening, her clothes a perfect compliment to the Ripper-like outfit she had cajoled him into wearing he couldn't help his reaction to her.  Mentally berating himself for being such a fool, he stopped at the nearest liquor store and bought a bottle of scotch before heading towards the most isolated spot on the beach he could find.  And that was how he had come to be here.

  He sat among the rocks, hidden within the shadows, the surf pounding at his feet and spraying him lightly as it crashed over the rocks, a half-empty bottle in his hand and an ache inside him that only one thing could ever hope to soothe.  Pity that one thing was a girl more than twenty years his junior.  He chuckled humorlessly and took another drink from the bottle, staring out at the water, watching as the moon lit the waves.  Sighing, he capped the bottle and set it beside him before arranging himself more comfortably in the spot he had discovered.  The spray of the water felt cool against his flushed face and he closed his eyes hoping that the combination of alcohol, salty air, light breeze and cool water would somehow manage to erase this particular evening from his mind, temporarily at least.

Buffy watched as Giles ran from the club, her mind racing as she tried to figure out what had just happened.  Assuring her friends she was okay, she walked back to their table and took a seat.  Her thoughts tumbled wildly and unconsciously she raised a trembling hand to her lips.  Giles had kissed her, and she had enjoyed it.  A confused frown marred her face as she mulled that over.  Sipping the drink the waitress set before her, she thought back over the past three years.

If she were asked, she would honestly have to say that the situation had started the first time she set eyes on him.  She was only 15 at the time but something about him had called to her.  It had drawn her to him without her even understanding what it was.  Her youth and inexperience caused her to fear the sensation and she forced herself to ignore it, turning her attention towards Angel instead.  THAT had been her first mistake.

She considered Angel for a moment.  She had loved him, but it was only the love of a teenager not of a woman, she knew that now.  Part of her had known it all along, she admitted slowly.  Pushing thoughts of Angel aside, she concentrated instead on Giles.  He had worn the outfit she had chosen for him tonight.  When she had picked it out she had known it would show off the body that looked as if it were 15 years younger than it actually was.  Faded jeans that clung in the right places, black t-shirt, combat boots and his earring.  She knew he hated his Ripper side but it excited her and she had pleaded with him until he finally gave in.  Just as she knew he would.  He always did.

Buffy sighed and stared into her drink.  THAT had been her second, no, probably her hundredth mistake.  She had purposefully chosen an outfit for herself that she knew would compliment his own.  A smile flickered across her face as she thought about his reaction to that.  He had been speechless.  But at the same time she had seen something in his eyes that had thrilled her beyond belief.  For an instant they had darkened to a deep green and she knew he was struggling to control himself.  The power she had felt at that moment was incredible.

Power, the kind of power she knew only she had over her normally cool and collected Watcher.  She had first felt it when he saw her in her bikini.  And she had behaved like an utter ho, dancing around in front of him with no regard to how he must have felt.  The thought shamed her and she blushed.  Her blush only deepened when she thought of her next mistake.  The dance with that crude college kid.

A shudder ran through her and she gulped down the rest of her drink.  She hadn't liked him, she had only done it to get a reaction out of Giles.  A short bark of laughter escaped her.  Well, she got a reaction all right, he had broken the guy's nose.  Right before he kissed her.  And what a kiss it was.  She had felt it all the way down to her toes.  But instead of doing what she wanted to and responding to the kiss she had stood there like a fool.  Then she had compounded the situation by allowing him to run away.  THAT had been her last, and biggest, mistake.

Her anger at herself slowly gave way to a sense of resolve and she got to her feet.  Pushing her way through the crowd, she made her way to their friends and let them know she was leaving.  Turning towards the door, she completely missed the knowing grins that split their faces.  Stepping outside, she took a deep breath and forced herself to relax.  Giles may not realize it but his words and training sessions had an effect and she knew she had to concentrate completely on him if she was to find him.

Allowing herself to be led by the tingle she could feel in her body, she hunted him as she, herself, was usually hunted.  She stopped at the liquor store and went inside, returning with another two bottles tucked safely into a bag.  Following the tingle, she wound her way down to the beach.  Staring intently at the sand she tried to figure out where he would have gone.  Spying the rocks jutting out into the water she grinned.  Kicking off her shoes, she stealthily made her way over to them and stopped.  Closing her eyes, she let her senses guide her out onto the rocks.  Unerringly she made her way towards the spot Giles had found.  Standing above him, she looked down and smiled. 

His shoulders were tense and his breathing was shallow, sure signs that he knew she was there.  Taking a minute, she looked around.  The spot was a small but cozy area dug into the outer edge of the rocks.  Room enough to sleep two people comfortably, even if one of them was well over six feet tall.  Taking a deep breath, she stepped down into the enclosure, praying that this wouldn't turn out to be her biggest mistake of all.

Settling herself beside him, she picked up the now empty bottle and tossed it aside.  "Why did you run away?" she asked curiously as she opened the next one and took a drink.  Giles didn't reply, he just took the other bottle and opened it.  Buffy chewed her lip in frustration as she watched him take a long swallow.  Then, suddenly, it hit her.  He was afraid.  Of her.  Or, more precisely, afraid of what he had done and her reaction to it. The realization troubled her.  If he was afraid that probably meant he regretted it and she really didn't want that.  Taking another drink, she considered her somewhat limited options.  "Okay, since you won't answer my question, I'll answer it for you.  You ran away because you're afraid.  You're afraid of what I'm gonna do or say.  Am I right?"  Giles growled softly and took another drink before looking at her.  "No.  I am not afraid of you.  I'm afraid of me."

Buffy eyed him thoughtfully.  "Why?"  A string of curses erupted from him and he glared at her.  Setting the bottle carefully on a rock next to him, he shifted until his face was mere inches from hers.  "Because I'm a 45 year old man who wants nothing more than to throw you to the ground and make you mine," he said in a low voice.  Buffy shivered as he trailed a finger down her cheek, then down her neck and down her arm.  Noting her reaction, Giles grinned wickedly and moved even closer.  He didn't understand why he was doing this, he only knew that somehow he had to make her understand just how dangerous it was to push him too far.  "Does that thought excite you?  Do you want me to teach you what it's like to shag someone who lives, breathes and feels just like you do?"  His finger moved up to trace the edge of her top between her breasts.  "Do you have any idea at all what you do to me?  How the smell of your skin and your hair make me crazy?  How watching you all week has made me ache to be inside you?" he whispered seductively. Buffy glanced down at where his finger rested between her breasts his skin so dark in contrast to the golden color of her own.  Looking back up at him she licked her lips and swallowed convulsively.  "I do that to you?" she asked curiously.  Giles cocked his head slightly to the side and eyed her speculatively.  Something in her manner told him that she already knew the answer but asked the question just to see what he'd say.  He decided to play along with her for the moment.  Slowly he slipped his finger under the edge of her top and ran it along her silky skin.  "Baby, you make my blood boil.  In all my years I have never wanted a woman as badly as I want you.  Just thinking about what it would feel like inside you makes me so damn hard it hurts," he replied in a dangerously low voice. 

The sound of his voice and the feel of his finger stroking her chest sent a shot of heat through her that pooled between her thighs.  Vaguely she wondered if maybe she had known all along where this dance they danced would lead and that was why she hadn't worn anything underneath her clothes that evening.  The ache that had been inside her these past three years intensified to the point that her entire being screamed out for him to touch her, to make her his but she forced herself to continue on the path she had chosen.  When he took her she wanted it to be with love not anger.  Giles watched her and wondered what was running through her mind at that point.  She wasn't afraid of him, of that he was certain.  In fact she seemed to be enjoying herself.  He continued to run his finger along her chest, mentally taking note of the fact that her eyes were changing in the same way that his own did when he was aroused.  That surprised him.  The breeze shifted suddenly and he caught the scent of her arousal as it wound around him.  His eyes narrowed slightly and his nostrils flared.  For him, the rules of this little game had just changed.  From this point on there would be no rules.  He swore that before the night was over he would hear her scream his name as he made her his.

Buffy sensed the change in him and knew immediately that she was no longer in control of the situation.  From that point on he had control and he knew that she knew it.  She gulped but steadfastly kept her eyes locked with his as she waited to see what he would do next.  A wicked gleam entered Giles' eyes as he watched her.  Keeping his finger where it was, he ran his other hand lightly up one of her legs enjoying the way her eyes darkened and her chest rose and fell as she struggled to control her breathing.  Buffy took another drink, mentally cursing her trembling hand.  One of his eyebrows arched when he saw it and he grinned.  "I do believe that my Slayer isn't as unaffected as she wishes me to believe she is," he taunted.

Buffy had no clue what to do.  Giles she could have handled but this was definitely not Giles, not the Giles she was used to anyway.  So she did the first thing that came to mind, absolutely nothing.  A low and very sexy chuckle rumbled through Giles' chest as he assessed her demeanor.  She no longer tried to hide the fact that his touch was having an effect on her.  Her lips were parted and her heart pounded beneath his fingers.  As his hand had reached the edge of her skirt she had shifted slightly, unconsciously, allowing him more access if he chose to take it.  His fingers itched to delve beneath the leather she wore but he forced himself to stop once he reached the hem.  He was enjoying himself far too much to start rushing things now.

Giles' fingers traced lazy patterns on her thigh as he contemplated his next move.  Abruptly removing both his hands, he shrugged out of his jacket and tossed it aside.  Buffy licked her lips as she took in the way his t-shirt, now damp from the spray of the water, hugged his chest and shoulders, outlining the muscles beneath it.  A dangerous grin played about his lips as Giles leaned forward and braced his hands against the rock on either side of her shoulders.  Buffy couldn't have moved if someone had paid her too.  Her breath caught slightly in anticipation as he lowered his head and his breath tickled her neck.  Giles ran his lips over her skin, his touch so light it barely brushed against her as he moved down her neck and across her chest.  Buffy gasped and her eyelids fluttered closed as goose bumps rose on her skin.  A mewl of disappointment escaped her, only to be followed a second later by a soft moan.

Once he got to the vee of her shirt, Giles snaked out his tongue and licked her skin lightly, the need to taste her overwhelming him completely.  The slight saltiness of the water masked the taste he knew to be hers alone and he went back for a second time, determined to figure out what exactly it was that intoxicated him so.  As he ran his tongue up her neck it finally hit him.  Cinnamon, she tasted and smelled like cinnamon.  He reached her ear and sucked the lobe into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it before nipping it and letting go. 

Leaning back to look at her, he watched as her chest heaved with each ragged gasp of air.  Drawing his eyes upward, he was riveted on the pulse that he spied throbbing wildly at the base of her throat.  Lowering his head once again, he sucked on it.  "Did he do this to you?" he asked against her skin.  "N-no," she replied shakily.  Giles grinned and sucked again, a bit harder this time.  When Buffy arched her head back to allow him more access he shocked her by biting down on the tender flesh, hard.  His teeth gripped her skin hard and long enough to leave a mark but not enough to break the skin.  Buffy gasped and her hands flew up to grip his arms tightly.  Letting her go, he gently licked the mark and leaned back to look at her face."Did you let him do that?" he asked, his voice a dangerously low whisper.  A tiny shiver of fear ran through Buffy at his words.  "Never," she vowed.  The look in his eyes faded and he nodded.  "Very good."  Buffy stared at him, wondering what he hoped to accomplish with this game he was playing.  Giles could see the questions in her eyes and wondered if maybe he had taken this far enough.  If he should stop before he made what could very well be the biggest and most dangerous mistake of his entire life.  A small voice in his head told him that he still had to accomplish what he set out to do, that she wasn't his yet so he pushed his thoughts aside and continued on with what he was doing. 

Sitting back on his heels, he grabbed a bottle and took a healthy swig.  "Tell me luv, do you still dream of him?  Of his arms around you and his lips on your skin?" he asked in a far calmer tone of voice than he thought he would ever be able to manage.  Buffy gulped and took a drink from the bottle she held.  He was staring at her intently, waiting for her answer and she knew that it had better be the right one or else.  "Not for a long time," she replied in a strong voice.

Giles felt a sense of relief wash over him and he took another drink to mask it.  Doggedly he pressed on.  "How long?" he demanded.  "Not since I ran away," Buffy replied honestly.  As she said it something clicked in her mind and she saw her chance to seize control of the situation once more.  Grinning at him, she raised up on her knees and leaned forward.  "Every night I was gone I dreamed of you, only you."  She ran her hand down one of his arms.  "Of your arms around me."  Her fingers brushed against his lips and he bit back a groan.  "I dreamed of your lips on my skin, of your tongue dancing with mine and your teeth as you marked me as yours," she purred. 

Giles' eyes flashed in the moonlight and in a lightning quick move he reached out and grabbed her.  He hauled her forward, ignoring her squeal as he forced her to straddle his thighs.  Raising the bottle to his lips, he took a drink and claimed her lips in a bruising kiss.  Buffy's lips parted beneath his own and his tongue followed the warm rush of scotch as it entered her mouth.  As she swallowed he teased her tongue with his own before scraping it across the roof of her mouth and letting her go.  Tilting his head back he drained the bottle and tossed it aside, watching her as she did the same with hers.  With both hands he cupped her backside and pulled her roughly against him, pressing her tightly against his erection. 

Buffy gripped his shoulders and ground against him, whimpering his name as her actions sent a jolt of pleasure through her body.  Giles gripped her hips tightly and held her steady as he stared into her eyes.  "Say it, I want to hear you say it," he demanded in a husky whisper.  "I want you," she gasped.  He bent his head and bit her shoulder lightly.  "Try again," he ordered.  "I love you," she groaned as his hands untied her shirt and yanked it over her head.  "Close," he murmured against her breasts.  "But you aren't quite there," he added as one of his hands snuck beneath her skirt.  Buffy struggled to find the words he wanted and needed to hear.  Trouble was, her brain refused to function as soon as his fingers danced over her aching center.  Her nails dug into his shoulders as he slowly inserted one finger inside her, stroking her lightly before withdrawing to tease her some more.  Giles locked his eyes on hers and added a second finger, stretching her slightly before curling them upwards to touch that one spot he knew would bring her the most pleasure.  "Say it," he demanded again.  Buffy's mouth opened and her eyes closed but somehow she found the words.  "I belong to you," she gasped, her gasp quickly turning into a groan as she felt him add a third finger.  At her groan he gentled his actions and a soft smile quirked his lips.  "Look at me luv," he instructed quietly.  She forced her eyes open and looked at him.  His eyes reflected nothing but his absolute love and desire for her.  "I love you baby.  I belong to you.  And Lord do I want you," he vowed in a shaky whisper.  Any reply she might have formulated flew from her mind as his lips once again claimed hers and his hand began to move.

Later, as their cries died away and they wrapped themselves around one another, the same thought flitted through their minds.  Maybe some mistakes weren't so bad after all.  If you learned from them they had the ability to lead you right to the things your heart and soul had desired in the first place.