By Surnia

Title: Masquerader
Author: Surnia
Rating: R (I think)
Content:  B/G. Several people have come up with various challenges about
something meant to happen in a couple of episodes and I had thought of it
myself as well. (Please Joss, do something about it!)
Disclaimer: All things Buffy belong to Joss Whedon, the WB, FOX and Mutant Enemy and  20th Century Fox Film Corporation and whoever else has a legal claim to them.
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Once Faith was well away from her pursuers, she checked herself out in the reflection of a store window. Well, just look at her. Miss Goody Two-Shoes. She tossed the blonde hair. At least B'd let her hair grow. That felt more natural. Odd being short though. Clothes were a real bummer, and hers - even if they were still in her apartment, wouldn't fit her. She felt in a pocket and came up with a key with a number on it. Not much good unless she knew where B was living. She grinned. She'd check out the details at the university - just making sure the details were correct. B *must* have some leather or something. Otherwise she'd just have to steal something. Or maybe that money the Mayor put aside for emergencies was still there. And then - fun and games. First on the list, one very hot Watcher.

She stayed out of sight until late that night and kept an eye out for the Scooby gang. Finally. One Watcher home alone. She rubbed her hands.

She knocked on the door and Giles opened it, "Buffy, are you all right? I heard that you had a fight with Faith."

"She ran. I lost her."

"How is she? She must be disoriented after all this time."

"Same old."

"Would you like some tea?" he asked, noticing the short leather skirt and skimpy top which showed all too clearly that she wasn't wearing a bra. Change of style. Hmm.


He went to the kitchenette and filled the kettle. Faith/Buffy followed him and brushed against him as he reached for the tea. He looked at her oddly, and then decided she must be unsettled by Faith's return. "You know, a drink would be better," she said.

"Juice?" he asked.

"A *drink*," she replied.

"Buffy, you remember what happened the last time you drank." She blinked - what had B been up to? "Bad beer? " he continued, "Reverting to a cave person?"

"Not beer then. Vodka?"

He frowned, "Perhaps a glass of wine. Really, the situation isn't so bad that you have to resort to alcohol."

She continued to shadow him as he got a bottle of wine and poured two glasses. "Isn't it? I tried to kill her, didn't I? Stuck her own knife in her gut so I could cure Angel."

He frowned and said, "I agree that was a little hasty, but at least you didn't kill her."

He handed her the glass of wine and sat down on the sofa. Buffy sat down beside him, right beside him. Again he was surprised at her desire for such close proximity. She drained the glass and bent over to put the glass on the table. He could see right down her top. He quickly drained his wine, mentally chiding himself for noticing.

Faith wondering what was the best approach to take. Cry Buffy who needed comfort? Slutty Buffy? She didn't think she could carry out the I've-been-in-love-with-you-forever. Let's go for Slutty then. More along her line.

She smiled seductively at Giles and his eyes widened in surprise. She rose and sat on his lap, straddling him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Giles, I'm really tried of vampires and losers," she said,

"Buffy ..." he protested as her lips closed on his. He resolutely refused to respond.

"Come on, Giles," she said, "you and me, we know where we stand. Watcher and Slayer. We're a pair." She tried to kiss him but again he pushed her away.

"Comrades in arms. Buffy. I don't think you're thinking clearly at the moment. This is a rather extreme reaction."

She started to nibble at his ear and lick inside of it. "Very clearly thinking. That I want you."

Hearing her say that, he involuntarily started to get an erection and Faith chuckled, "Look's like part of you feels the same way." She ran her hand over the bulge to illustrate the point and he groaned in spite of himself.

She grabbed hold of his head and kissed him, her tongue forcing open his mouth. His tongue automatically replied in kind. While the battle continued, she continued to grind herself against his rapidly increasing erection. He put his hands on her waist, intending to push her away, but failed.

Her hands slipped moved to her shirt and she unbuttoned it and ran her hands appreciately down her chest. "Hmm, chest hair," she muttered. "Not too much, just enough. Very masculine."


"Shush. Don't talk," she said as she rained down kisses on his face and

"B-but, Riley..."

"Is history. Come on, Giles, loosen up."


She looked at him and pouted, "Don't you love me?"

He swallowed. "Yes, but I didn't think that you thought of me ..."

"As a studmuffin?"


"Studmuffin." She grinned at him and suddenly crossing her arms, she grabbed the bottom of her top and yanked it off over her head, baring her chest.

Giles looked mesmerised at the sight in front of him. Almost without thinking his hands moved to cover them. He squeezed them and stroked the nipples to hardness with his thumbs. Faith threw her head back, pushing her breasts out. He pulled her forward and took one in his mouth and laved it with his tongue and then sucking on it.

"Christ, don't tease, Giles!" Faith gasped. Smiling he did the same to the other was continuing to knead the first.

Faith was panting now. She was not used to a slow build-up. Wham bam was her style. She reached back and unzipped the skirt. Pulling back, she stood in front of him and pulled her skirt off. He noticed that she wasn't wearing panties either. Then she clambered back on his lap.

Giles was beginning to wonder if this was a dream - a very vivid dream. She started to stroke his erection through his trousers and then coaxed him onto the floor, moving the table aside as they went down. Once she had him on the floor, she gleefully managed to remove his trousers and boxers. She stroked his erection approvingly and said, "Nice."

Giles gasped as she suddenly brought herself down so that he entered her. "Yes!" she hissed as she started to ride him. He obliged by banging her down by the hips. "Yes!" she yelled with her head tossed back. He pumped a couple of times, and gasped, "Buffy."

Faith collapsed on top of him and said, "I gotta say, G-man, that was great."

Something clicked in Giles' mind. Something wasn't right. She may be self-involved, but she didn't use people like that. Was she possessed? If she was possessed, he was in a very sticky situation. Caution was called for. He brushed back her hair with his hand and remarked, "This is a surprise."

"I'm just full of surprises, Giles," she said with a grin.

He smiled back and said, "Well, I'll endeavour not to be a Parker."

A look of confusion showed in her eyes, but she said, "Cool."

He smiled back and thought to himself that things were going to be very complicated. No way would Buffy forget that pillock Parker, spell or spell. Which left possession. And if Buffy was possessed, then this wasn't. Oh my God. Very, very complicated.