Boy Smell Nice, Man Smell Nicer
By Holly

Disclaimer: All of the characters of the Buffyverse belong to Joss Whedon (all Hail), wb and ME (Didn't fool ya' for a second did I?)
Rating: NC-17 Buffy/Giles
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Summary: What happened after
Spoilers: Through Bad Beer
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Author's note: I saw Tricia Stewart's excellent fic, and thought about not posting mine, but I had already written most of it. Any similarities are purely coincidental, and based on the premise that great minds think alike <VBG>

Xander pulled Buffy away from the van, and she said, "Boy smell nice."

Willow and Giles stopped and looked at Xander, who just stood there with a "who me?" look on his face. Without thinking about it, Willow and Giles both leaned towards Xander and smelled, and then they looked at each other and spoke in unison. "Beer?"

Xander discreetly smelled himself as they walked towards the dorm. "Do I really smell like beer?" He asked.

Giles answered. "Yes, Xander, I'm afraid you do rather."

"And Buffy likes it? How weird is that?"

"Extremely." Was Giles' reply. "Although, I suppose under the circumstances, it isn't really. She associates beer with feeling good. Something she's had far too little of, unfortunately."

"Speaking of smell," said Willow. "Has anyone noticed how, um, beerlike Buffy smells?"

"Actually, yes. Do you think you can manage to get her in a shower tonight, Willow? Or would it perhaps be better to wait until tomorrow, when she can do it herself." Xander opened his mouth. "Not on your life, Xander." Giles said without even looking at him.

"But she likes me."

"Yes, but will she like you tomorrow when she finds that you took advantage of her?"

"I'd never hurt Buffy." Xander said indignantly.

"No, I know that." Giles said. "But, we both know that you wouldn't miss an opportunity to, ah, how would the kids say it, um, cop a feel?"

"I wouldn't.." He trailed off and looked abashed as he realized that, yes he would. Giles gave him a knowing, yet oddly sympathetic smile.

"Which is quite natural, Xander."

"Does natural mean primitive?" Xander asked in horror.

"Not necessarily," Giles replied.

Seeing that they guys had stopped talking, Willow finally answered Giles' question. "I don't know if I can get her in a shower or not. Do you think it 's a big deal if I don't?"

"No, but you're the one who must share a room with her. If you can stand it, then.." Giles trailed off, seeing that Buffy had stopped and smelled Xander again.

"Boy smell nice."

"Like beer," Xander said ruefully.

"Beer good. Foamy" She said, still smelling. She took a deep smell at his neck.

"Eep," was all he managed to say.

Giles put his hands very carefully on Buffy's shoulders, remembering her earlier outburst, and turned her. "Buffy," he said, before she leaned toward him and smelled.

"Mmmm," she said. "Smell nicer." She nuzzled her nose in his shirtfront. "Man smell nicer." She burrowed her face in his chest and continued to make pleased sounds.

Giles held her shoulders and leaned his head back away from her. "She does fairly reek of beer, doesn't she?" He commented calmly, while his body screamed in agony at her nearness. He gently herded her on the path to the dorm. She continued to sniff at him.

Buffy spoke again. "Beer good. Buffy want beer."

"No, Buffy. Beer is not good. Buffy doesn't want beer."

Buffy looked perplexed. "Buffy doesn't want beer?" She asked uncertainly.

"No. Buffy doesn't want beer." Giles said sternly.

"Buffy doesn't want beer." Buffy said with more certainty.

"Right." Giles said relieved, as they neared the dorm.

"Buffy want man." They all stopped in their tracks. "Man smell nice. Buffy want man."

For thirty full seconds Giles' brain ceased to function, then he spoke. "Willow, I-I think you'd better take charge of her." And he stepped away from Buffy.

Buffy howled in outrage. "No. Buffy want man, Buffy want." She said firmly as she grabbed hold of Giles' jacket. He tried to disengage her hands, but Slayer strength made it difficult. They were now standing in front of the dorm, attracting no small amount of attention.

"Buffy doesn't want man." Willow said, with an apologetic look at Giles. "No, Buffy."

"Yes." Buffy said firmly. "Buffy want man, man smell nice." Now Willow and Xander smelled Giles, who looked at them in indignation.

"You smell like you, nothing special." Seeing his expression, Willow continued in a rush. "Not that you don't smell nice, but, that it's not a new smell. You always smell like, well, like Giles. Which is nice. But not new."

Buffy picked up a little of what Willow was saying. "Smell nice. Buffy want. Buffy's." And she pushed Willow away from Giles. "Giles mine."

Giles ruefully acknowledged the truth of that, if only to himself. "Yes, well, you should go with Willow, and sleep it off. All right? You'll feel like yourself tomorrow." Giles said soothingly.

"Or the next day," Xander interjected.

"What?" Giles and Willow demanded in unison.

"Jack said it would wear off in a day or two."

"Bloody hell. We can't have her like this for a couple of days." They all turned to stare at Buffy, who was sniffing at Giles.

"One thing's for sure. We can't stay out here." Said Willow. "Come on, Buffy. Let's get you to bed. And maybe a shower." And Willow urged Buffy towards the doors to the dorm.

"No!" Buffy shrieked. "Buffy want man. Smell nice. Smell like Giles." Her grip on him tightened.

The coherent members of the group had a quick meeting, and finally agreed that it would be better all around, if Buffy went with Giles to his place.

As Giles led Buffy to his car, Xander watched them go, with his head cocked to one side. "Could the Hellmouth get any weirder?"

"Please don't say that." Willow begged. "It can always be worse. Giles will keep her under control. I just hope he doesn't have to tranc her."

"You mean to defend his virtue from 'Cave-Slayer'?"

"Something like that."

"Well, it's Giles. She couldn't be any safer."

And with that they said goodnight.

***Giles' place***

He carefully ushered her into his condo. In his car (Which had excited her no end), she had clung to him. He had almost veered into a parked car when she had sniffed his neck under his ear, and he could have sworn he felt her tongue.

Now she stood by his side as he locked the door. He took off his jacket, and he leaned tiredly against the door. She invaded his personal space, and once more nuzzled her face into his chest. He could feel her warm breath through his shirt, and couldn't help his body's instant reaction.

He tried to gently move her away from him, but she would have none of it. "Smell nice. Buffy want." And she rubbed her hands over his chest, lingering on his so-very-hard nipples. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, which was a bad idea as it pushed his chest out towards her.

She made more pleased noises, and ran her nails down his shirt. She did it again, then ripped his shirt open, sending buttons everywhere. Now she ran her fingers through his chest hair and making more of those pleased noises that were driving him crazy.

He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her away. "Buffy, you must stop this at once."

She pushed him back, playfully, then said "No Buffy want Giles. Giles smell nice. Buffy strong, Giles strong. " She leaned up as far as she could and licked his lips. He parted them without ever intending to do so. She delved inside, exploring with her tongue and nibbling on his bottom lip. Then she pulled him away from the door, and pushed him to the rug.

"Buffy, no, this must.." He stopped as she straddled him, and once again, attacked his mouth. He could feel her heat over his straining erection, and could help his instinctive trust towards her. She slid back and looked down at his penis. Her hand shot out and she grabbed it firmly. He whimpered in sweet agony, then clasped her wrists. "Buffy, no. Please don't, love. Please."

She looked at him, head cocked to one side. "Giles want," she said with conviction, pointing to his penis. "Buffy want. Now." She said with finality.

He looked up into her eyes, which held nothing but raw, primitive need, and began to pray for control over his raging libido. It was the thought of how much she would hate him when this was all over that allowed Giles some measure of control. He knew that reasoning with her was not an option, but perhaps a compromise would calm her down and keep her from being really angry with him after.

"Buffy," he said in his most soothing voice. "Why don't you move for a minute, and I'll show you something?" She looked at him suspiciously, but finally loosened her grip on him, and moved a little bit away. He carefully eased her away from his erection, closer to his chest, then slowly, making no sudden movements, brought his hands down the sides of her torso.

She shivered in delight. "Good. More." He brought his hands to rest on her thighs, and she obligingly moved her legs farther apart. Hands still on her thighs, he brought his thumbs together to gently touch her intimacy through her pants. She jerked at his caress, then moved into his touch. "More," she demanded, with a wiggle. He pushed more firmly against her. She frowned at him, then stood.

He sighed, thinking that perhaps she was regaining some of her control. But, she stripped off her pants and panties in one quick movement. "Now, more." She said as she sat back on him. He closed his eyes, trying desperately not to look at her. But he could feel her damp heat against his bare stomach. She shoved his shoulder, and grabbed his hands, and brought them to her; one to the juncture of her thighs, the other to her breast. "More."

He squeezed her breast reflexively, then froze as he realized what he had done. With a look at her, he trailed that hand down to join the other, and once again began working her clitoris with his thumbs. She writhed in pleasure on top of him, then stilled and gave an incoherent shout.

She collapsed on his chest, her breath ruffling his chest hair. She was aware that something was lacking, but she did feel better. "Nice." She murmured against his chest. She squirmed against him, rubbing her chest against his, then she sat up and pulled her shirt and bra off. She lay back against him. "Nicer."

He hesitated, then carefully wrapped his arms around her. It was only a few minutes later when she sat back up, and said "More." He didn't want to look at her, but his eyes kept straying to her bare torso. He swallowed, then closed his eyes as if in pain.

"No more," Giles said firmly.

Her eyes narrowed, and she shoved his shoulder. "More." Her tone was definite.

"No more, Buffy." Now she was frowning. "Perhaps you'd like some music, hmmm?"

"Music? Singing? Buffy like singing."

"Excellent. If you'll move, I can put on some music."

She looked at him for a minute, then eased away from his overly excited body. He went to his record collection and selected something soothing, with a nice steady beat. He went to the sofa and grabbed the quilt that was draped over the back, and handed it to her without looking.

"Put this over you, Buffy." She just looked at him, until he turned to look at her face. "Please, Buffy. For me?" He practically begged. Finally she took it and wrapped it around herself.

He sighed in relief. Then she reached out a hand and lightly touched his chest. Her apparent delight in his chest hair continued to disconcert him. He grabbed at her hand, then at her hurt look kissed her palm. She smiled at him, which actually caused his heart to beat faster. He guided her to the sofa and sat her down; she perched next to him, with her feet on the sofa. Unfortunately this caused the quilt to gape open.

"Lord, Buffy, please don't." And he pulled the sides together. She sat staring at him, periodically patting him, or caressing his chest. She began to sway to the music, and he without realizing, began to sing along with the album.

She stared at his mouth, her face alight. She lightly touched the side of his mouth, still smiling. "Nice. Buffy like."

"Lovely, my singing appeals to a primitive." But he smiled as he said it. When the album ended, she leaned up, and kissed him.

He grabbed her shoulders, and pulled away. "No, Buffy."

She shook her head sadly. "No?"

"No." He responded firmly.

"Buffy smell bad?"

He blinked at her. "Actually, you smell rather like a distillery, love."

She frowned in confusion. "Buffy smell bad?" She asked again.

"Yes. Buffy smell bad."

She looked at him seriously. "Giles fix. Buffy smell nice, Giles fix."

He looked at her, uncertain what she wanted him to do. "I don't understand. Fix what?"

"Giles fix. Buffy smell bad." He frowned at her. She patted his face. "Giles fix. Buffy smell nice." She punctuated it with a nod. "Giles fix."

"Do you want a bath? I can run you a bath." Glad of understanding (he hoped), he rose from the sofa. "Come on then, let's run you a bath."

She stared at his hand then took it, and he led her upstairs to the bathroom. He sat her on the edge of the tub, and started the water. She gave a squeal as it started to run. As it ran, he grabbed a comb and turned her away. He gently ran the comb through her tangled hair, smoothing it with his hand after. When the water was full enough, he turned it off and motioned her into the water.

"There you go, there's shampoo if you want, and soap, please do use it. Well, what are you waiting for? Get in." And he made a shooing gesture at her. She just stared at him. "Buffy?" Still stared. "Oh, bloody hell. Can't make this easy on me can you? Heaven forbid." And he turned her away from him, again, and took off the quilt. He resolutely stared at the back of her head. Then he urged her into the water.

She shrieked, and began to struggle. "No, bad."

"Buffy, this is what you wanted." He said sternly. "Buffy smell bad. Giles fix. Water smell nice." And he pushed her towards the tub. She grabbed at him, but missed and landed with a splash in his tub. Pulling his now drenched trousers away from his skin, he frowned at her. But she was happily slapping at the water and gave him a sunny smile. He couldn't help but smile back. "Oh well, plenty more trousers." He said philosophically.

He poured some shampoo in her hair, and worked it into a lather. Then he had her lay back in the water to rinse it. He very carefully kept his gaze on her face, and tried not to notice the way her hair swirled around in the water, making her seem like a water nymph.

He took a deep breath, then another. Then he took a wash cloth and poured some liquid soap on it, and ran it over her arm, top and bottom, then each finger. When he was finished with that arm, she studied his handiwork, then held out her other arm, then each of her legs in turn. Then he washed her back, with slow strokes that sent shivers up her spine. He did her shoulders, but knew that he was not going to be able to wash her chest.

He handed her the washcloth. "Buffy wash." He gestured vaguely at her chest, not looking at it. "Go on." She ran the washcloth over her bosom, then squealed, and did it again.

"Nice. Giles do now." She demanded.


She frowned, then threw the washcloth at him. It hit his neck with a soapy thwap and a series of tiny soap bubbles ran down his chest. Buffy followed their progress with her eyes. She reached for him, but he moved out of range. She howled in rage, then stood up in the water. He quickly pushed her back into the water, getting himself even more splashed.

"No, Buffy stay." She looked mutinous. "Please, Buffy, stay there until I get you a towel. Please."  She crossed her arms across her chest, but stayed put. Giles quickly reached for a towel, and held in between her and him. "All right."  She stood and he dried her off, not giving himself time to think about what he was doing. He wrapped the towel around her slight frame then he grabbed another towel and dried her hair. When he was finished he combed her hair again.

Then he quickly dried himself off and led her to the bedroom. He refused to think about that. He grabbed an oxford shirt, and handed it to her. She looked at it blankly, then put her arms in it. She brought the sleeve up to her nose, and smiled. "Smells nice. Smell." He obligingly sniffed the shirt and smiled politely. She wasn't satisfied. "Smell," she said again, more firmly. And then she grabbed his head and brought it to her chest. "Smell."

He gave a small whimper; the shirt remained unbuttoned and so his face was between her breasts. Then he smelled deeply. "Buffy smell nice," he said finally, when he could breathe again. She released his head, only to grab his shoulders.

"Buffy smell nice. Giles smell nice. Buffy want. Now."

"No, Buffy," he said.

"Buffy smell nice. Giles want. Now." She reached out her hand, and ran it over his growing erection. "Now, Giles." She fumbled with his zipper, when was in itself very erotic. He tried to still her small hands, but she firmly shoved his hands away with a menacing grunt. She pushed his trousers down and his erection snuck out the front of his damp boxer shorts.

Her hand, when she touched him, was oddly gentle. He was at a complete loss as to what to do. It was obvious that whether it was instinctive or memory, that she knew what his hard on meant, and she wasn't going to accept that he didn't want her. But he knew that as much as he might want to sink himself into her, that his Buffy didn't want him. This primitive who was searching for a mate based on prehistoric criteria wanted him.

He thought for a few seconds, trying to concentrate with her hands exploring him. Finally he came to a decision. "Buffy, lay down." He said firmly.

She stared at him, head cocked to one side, then she lay down on the floor. He looked longingly at his bed, then, with a resigned sigh, joined her on the floor. She grabbed at him, and brought him to her for a kiss. He couldn' t help but respond. Then he let his hands explore her body, searching for all the places that caused her to make pleased sounds. He kissed a trail down her body, finally reaching the juncture of her thighs. He allowed his tongue to tease her clitoris, as one of his fingers entered her warmth. She arched up towards him with a cry of, "Yes, good! More!" A second finger joined the first. She beat her hands on the floor forcefully. When he sucked on her clitoris, she grabbed his head and held it to her as she came hard. Even as she tried to come down, he continued his ministration, stoking her fire. She came again, even harder. He repeated it one more time, then crawled up to lay next to her. She nuzzled against him. She made little humming sounds, then finally dozed off.

As soon as he was certain that she slept, he picked her up, and placed her gently on the bed. He buttoned the oxford shirt she wore, and covered her with a blanket. She opened her eyes sleepily, and smiled at him. "Giles good. Buffy like. More soon." She closed her eyes, then they popped open again. "Giles good. Parker bad?"

"Yes, Buffy, Parker bad. Actually Parker is a bloody pillock who should have been shot for sniffing around you, love."

"Buffy hit bad Parker."

Giles grinned at her. "Yes you did, love."

Her eyes were wide. "Parker bad. Buffy bad?"

He sucked in his breath with a hiss. "No. Buffy good. Buffy, love, you're the most wonderful.." He trailed off knowing that she couldn't understand him. "Buffy very good." He gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. Then another on her lips. "Buffy good."

"Buffy love?"


"Giles say Buffy love."

"Oh, that's an endearment." She frowned, not understanding. "Yes, Giles say Buffy love."

"Giles love Buffy?"

He paused before answering. "Yes."

"Buffy love Giles?"

Longer pause. "I think, yes. Some kind of love, at any rate."

She snuggled under the blanket. "Buffy's Giles."


"Giles' Buffy."

"Ah, Buffy.." He looked at her. "Go to sleep, love."

Her eyes drifted closed. He waited for a few minutes, then headed back to the bathroom. On his way he snagged a fresh pair of shorts. Inside the bathroom, he turned the water on full blast-mostly cold. He hopped under the shower and looked ruefully down at his erection. He turned more of the warm water off.


***The next morning***

The first thing Buffy noticed as she woke up was the smell. <Nice> then she realized that she wasn't in her bed, or her dorm room. Her eyes flew open and she sat straight up in the bed.

She looked next to her and saw her Watcher asleep in his pajamas, lying on top of the blanket she had been snuggled under.

As she stared at him, memories from the previous night came flooding back to her. She blushed. Had she really molested Giles? She groaned as she remembered quite clearly doing just that. Practically forcing her poor Giles to.. <Wow. He was really good at. No bad Slayer, don't think about that. Think about how embarrassed he's going to be> that did it. Mr. Repressed was going to freak. Then she frowned. <Why is he in the bed with.? > Her shoulders slumped as she realized why he had slept in the bed with her.

"So I wouldn't wake up alone. Again. Oh, Giles. After what I put you through." She whispered. She gently touched his cheek as he slept. His stubble tickled her fingertips, and she rasped her fingers over it again and again, liking the way it felt. She didn't notice that he was awake until he spoke.

"Ah, Buffy, are you hungry?" She looked at him wide eyed. "Buffy hungry?" He asked again, his tone even, although he was disappointed. He had hoped that she would be back to normal this morning.

She couldn't explain what wicked demon prompted her to pretend to still be affected by the bad beer, but she did. "Buffy hungry. Giles fix?" She hoped the tone was right. She'd pretended to be a ditz before, but never a cave-person.

Giles seemed convinced and rose from the bed. He held out his hand to her. "All right then, let's get you fed." She took his hand and followed him downstairs.

He fixed them breakfast and settled her on the sofa with the TV. Then he went to call Xander and Willow and let them know that it hadn't worn off. They both expressed disappointment, and asked if Giles needed help. He told them that he could handle things and told them he'd keep them posted.

Buffy spent the day pushing Giles' buttons. She touched him with bold familiarity. He continued to fend her off, although looking more and more frustrated as the day wore on. When he disappeared into the bathroom in the early evening, Buffy was worried until she realized just what he was doing.

She bowed her head in embarrassment. She had done that to him, and all he'd done was take care of her. Not just for the last 24 hours, but since the first day he'd met her. <Why do you have to test him? Can't you just trust.? > She froze, stunned by the realization.

She knew that she could trust him, this was not necessary. She knew that he wanted her, that he loved her. Just as she knew that he'd never take advantage of her. And she knew that this was terribly unfair to him. Time to end this cruel game.

She watched him come out of the bathroom. "Buffy? Did you need something, love?" Did she need something? Yes. To end this charade. But how?

"Buffy tired."

"I see." He led her to his bed and tucked her under the blanket. When he moved away, she grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bed.

"Giles tired." Before he could say anything. "Giles tired, Buffy want  Giles." And she looked at him with her eyes wide, knowing how that would affect him.

With a resigned headshake, he lay down next to her.


Giles woke up to see Buffy sitting cross-leg next to him on the bed. He blinked at her. She seemed more herself.

"Hey, Giles. Did you have a nice nap? I did."

<A complete sentence. Progress. Now what? > "How do you feel, lov. um, Buffy?"

"Like me. Not cave-Slayer. Sorry I was so.." She shrugged, unable to articulate exactly what she was sorry for.

"It's quite all right. I'm just glad you're you again. I actually missed talking with you," he teased.

She gave a half-hearted smile. "Giles, I'm not sure how we handle this."

"The same way we handle the incident with the cursed chocolate. We pretend it never happened. And nothing did. You do remember, don't you?"

"Vividly." She said dryly. "I was so, I don't have a word for what I was, but I sure was it."

"You were acting on racial instinct, Buffy. You were not yourself. No damage done, and you even saved Willow and that Parker chap."

She frowned at the mention of Parker. "I can't believe that I was so hung up on him. He was stinky." Her eyes widened. "I mean he was not a good person."

"Nom he was not. He is a foolish boy, who realized too late what a treasure he threw away."

"He's a pillock." Buffy said solemnly, though her eyes laughed.

"Yes, rather."


"Yes, Buffy?"

"What exactly is a pillock?"

"Um, well, you see it's, um, basicallyit'sapenis." He said it very fast.

She looked at him blankly for a second, then sorted through what he said, and her eyes lit. "You called him a dick?" She giggled. "Only you could call someone a dick and make it sound classy." She hugged him. "Do you really think I'm a treasure?"

"Without a doubt." He said with absolute conviction, holding her awkwardly.

She snuggled against his chest. Then sniffed him. "You know, you really do smell awfully nice." He froze.


"You smell nice. You feel nice, too," she said, running her hands over his chest. "I never realized how strong you are. Although, I suppose I should have. You train with me, and that's not for wimps." She moved very close to him. He was still frozen in shock. "Giles?"


"I'm completely myself now. And I still think you smell nice. What do you suppose that means?" She asked as her hand stroked down his chest to his stomach, then lower still.

"T-that you like my soap?" He replied cautiously.

She shook her head. "No." Her hand reached his growing erection. "I think it means the same thing as this does." She said, squeezing his penis. "Do you want me?"

"Buffy, it's all so very complicated."

"Then lets keep it simple. Buffy want Giles. Giles want Buffy?"

"I-I, Buffy, you know that.." She leaned her face to his throat.

"Giles want Buffy?" She asked again, as she licked up his throat, over his chin, and to the corner of his mouth.

With a groan he capitulated. He captured her lips in a carnal kiss, his tongue taking possession of her mouth. "Giles wants Buffy, very, very much. I love you so much I ache"

"I know. I think I've known for a while. I didn't really know that I loved you, not until this afternoon, but I do Giles. I love you." She started to unbutton her shirt, but his hands pre-empted hers. He slowly unbuttoned the buttons, trailing kisses down her chest as it was exposed. When he was done, he stared at her bared body.

"You're so beautiful, Buffy."

She blushed. He kissed her again, his hands caressing her breasts, gently pinched the nipples until they were hard little buds. Then he kissed his way to first one, then the other, licking and nibbling as she writhed in his arms.

This time when she reached for his zipper, he stopped her only to ask, "Are you quite certain, love?"

"Quite." She replied, as she lowered his zipper. With his help, she pushed his trousers and boxers down and off of him. She threw them onto the floor next to the bed.

He moved his hand to her intimacy, finding her quite ready for him. She lay back against the pillows as he moved over her, holding her lips with his, as he carefully positioned himself between her parted thighs.

Her small hand guided him to her core. He held her eyes as he allowed just t he tip to slide into her. Her serene gaze held his as he slid the rest of the way in. She gasped as he filled her. "God, Giles." She moaned.

"Are you all right, love?" He asked, not moving.

"Oh, yes," she moaned.

He slowly pulled most of the way out, then thrust back into her tight warmth, embedding himself even deeper. She could only manage a moan this time. He began a slow steady rhythm, but knew that as excited as he was that he wouldn't last long.

He slid his right hand under her butt, angling her so that he was even deeper, and her clitoris slid against him every time he thrust. He continued to build up the tempo, as they both grew closer and closer to their climax. Knowing that he was very close he moved his left hand between their bodies, and firmly pinched her clitoris. She arched off of the bed, and her walls pulsed around his penis. He finally let go and came with her.

Later, as they lay nestled together, Buffy couldn't help but smile, realizing that as good as Giles smelled normally, he smelled even better after loving her. She drifted off to sleep. Deep in her subconscious, the cave-Slayer gave a primal yell of victory. She had claimed her mate.