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Season 3 fics

Ado Montres Ta Coeur by Ashley Amigoni (PG)
Giles has been somehow turned into a young man, with no memory, and falls for Buffy. Meanwhile, a new magical vampire is plotting to take over Sunnydale...with Buffy as his queen.

All the Jellies by Marta Jadczyk (NC-17)
Falling asleep in class can be very detrimental to your education... though, it can be very good for other things.

Always, Forever by Mydnyght (NC-17)
Buffy gets a cookie, Buffy gets some cocoa and Buffy gets a man. And a very sexy one, if I do say so myself.

And Buffy Makes Three by Holly (NC-17)
In this kick-ass variation on "Dopplegangland," alternate universe Buffy comes through the portal instead of Willow. If you can't stand Giles cuteness then... okay, what kind of weirdo are you?!

Another Birthday, Another Year by Susan (PG13)
Giles tends to Buffy after she’s passed the Council’s 18th birthday test

At Long Last by Renee (PG-13)
After much waiting the time has finally come for Buffy and Giles to share their feelings.

Attachments by Tevye (PG)
A conversation between Giles and Wesley with B/G connotations.

Autumnal Equinox by A. Manley Haight (NC-17)
Buffy has lived much longer than the average slayer and thus has reached a crossroads that not many have been forced to face. She must come of age and there is only one who can help her do this.

Bad Judgement by Lily2332 (NC-17)
A response to a challenge by Arkin at Teyve's site The BG Writer's Zone Buffy's conflicted. Fortunately her sense of whimsy overrules her conscience and gloriousness ensues.

Braces and Overalls, or Because Watchers and Slayers belong together by Antennapedia (PG)
Quentin Travers gets what he deserves. So do Giles and Buffy.

Because you loved me by Maura Kelly and Gina Martin (PG)
An addendum to Giles and Buffy’s last scene together in Helpless

Better Than Ice Cream by Amywyn (PG)
Buffy finds something more comforting than ice cream and even more comforting than Angel.

Blink by Dword (G)
Giles gets a chance to say his piece. Watch out Travers!

The Bond Series by JBG (PG-13)
In this epic, Buffy and Giles discover and explore a new bond that brings them to a new, infinitely electric, level of closeness.
WARNING/NOTE: Alternate Universe, starting with the beginning of Season 3

Bonded by Marti (NC-17)
Giles' POV when the Mayor comes into the library. A little bit of supernatural slayer/watcher stuff added. Oh, and don't forget the absolutely necessary B/G sex!

Call me Rupert by Gibberish (NC-17)
Buffy's efforts to deter a persistent admirer open her eyes to startling new possibilities.

Carpe Diem by Athenna (NC-17)
A story involving Buffy, Ripper and Giles. How can you go wrong? (unfinished)

Change of Pace by Wickedfox (NC-17)
Giles feels Joyce is being unreasonable in her demands on Buffy's time. But exactly what is he to do about it?

Confessions by Dria14 (PG)
Giles admits he doesn't merely "support and... respect" Buffy.

A Conversation of Consequence by Kylie U (PG)
Giles and Buffy discuss the events of "Helpless" with some very interesting results.

Cookie by Gibberish (NC-17)
Buffy finally gets that "cookie." ;-)

Crossroads by Karen Jephson (NC-17)
Giles' past catches up with him, and changes his future forever. Includes both Giles' and Watcher history.

The Daisy Chains Series by Tevye (PG)
Buffy decides that she and Giles need a place. (unfinished)

The Dance by Ripptyd (PG)
Giles got to dance with his slayer at the prom, but is that better or worse.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Dancing Lessons by Lacy (PG)
Just a lil rewrite of events leading up to and surrouding the prom.

Danger Man by Anathema (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles are fighting a particularly vile demon. The outcome is rather unexpected.

Ethan's Price by Gibberish (PG-13)
Giles has been taken and Buffy needs help to find him. Guess who steps in? More importantly, however. What will it cost her?

Faith's Consequences by Blair Provence (PG)
What really drove Faith to join forces with the Mayor at the end of Consequences? An episode gap-filler that is very B/G.

The Fate Series by Janine Ose (R)
A wonderful two part series set throughout Graduation Parts 1 and 2.

Fated by Kathlyn O’Brian (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles find each other post Helpless and post slayage. Yet another fic that expertly reinforces the statement: "Father's love my freakin' patooty."

The Fated Connection Series by Maura Kelly and Gina Martin (R)
There's much more to the connection between some watcher's and slayer's than we'd been assuming. In this marvelous story (which I'm told, {THANK GOD!}, will have a sequel... or two) Buffy discovers just that. (unfinished)

Feel what I feel by Alena (PG-13)
Giles finds Buffy bleeding and unconscious on his doorstep. Buffy had some revealing visions...

For Her by Arkin (PG-13)
Buffy's life is threatened and Giles doesn't find that easy to swallow.

Giles... The Last Boy Scout? by Lauren (NC-17)
Buffy takes Giles on a much needed vacation to ease his frazzled nerves.

Giving by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
When Buffy overhears a conversation between Giles and Cordelia she finally comes to her senses.

The Growing Up Series by Selenay (NC-17)
Now going off to college, the gang searchs for some more suitable living arrangements.

Guilt by Gibberish (PG)
Buffy is having a rough time reflecting upon the few short months of her life she spent with her late watcher Merrick. Giles lends his unyielding support.

Harvey Slumfenburger’s Christmas Present by Aerin (NC-17)
Buffy inadvertently discovers much more about Giles than she ever could have imagined. What comes of this could very well be marvelous

Healing by LeoClaire (PG)
Repressed emotions surface and the healing begins.

Helpful Guy by NautiBitz (NC-17)
A slew of displaced demons are desperate for potential mates-- Their pheromone heat wave gets Buffy hot and bothered, and there's only one way to get her back to fighting form...

Helpless by Kattie (PG-13)
A small spin on Helpless. Let's just say that Travers picked up on the fact that Giles doesn't love Buffy like a daughter.

Helpless Love by Arkin (PG-13)
There's been waaay too much pain and suffering this past little while. Let the healin' (and the lovin' ;-) begin!

Helpless Part II by Heir to Shadow (PG-13)
Giles returns to England after being fired in Helpless

Helpless? Not Quite... by Jacqui (NC-17)
Just what did happen after Travers snubbed Buffy and fired poor Giles? Emotions are running high. Very high... man... *ehem...* is it hot in here?

Helplessly Devoted by Psychic Raven (PG-13)
Another wonderful fic based on the wonder that is "Helpless". Sigh.

Homecoming Gift by Queena (G)
Buffy is upset that she didn’t get a dance at Homecoming and Giles tries to cheer her up.

Homeward by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
When Giles leaves for England, Buffy realizes something (Guess what ;-).

I Need You by Buffy_Giles (G)
What did Travers leave in his wake when he departed the library that day?

The Ice Cream Series by Holly (R)
What happened after the prom? I predict warm fuzziness. (unfinished)

Impulses by Kathy L (G)
Graduation part one and a gap that should've been filled.

The In the End Series by Cap (PG)
Somebody's been having some fun. Wonder who it is ;-)

Injuries by GylzGirl (PG-13)
Set shortly after Revelations Giles and Buffy lay it all out on the table and the result just may turn out to be quite delectable.

Inspiration by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me .A different take on "Dopplegangland." Buffy and Giles come back instead of Willow. Mucho property damage ensues ;-)

Interlude by Kathy L (G)
Let's just say that Buffy looked kind of freaked at the end of 'Enemies'. Hence, the inspiration for this story.

The Last Dance by Buffy_Giles (G)
What would've happened if Angel hadn't showed at the Prom? Ha! A whole lotta' goodness that's what.

Letting Go by Janine Ose (PG)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me What if Buffy had told Giles about Angel's return the day she found him in the woods in "Beauty and the Beasts"

Library of Mirrors by Kathy L (G)
Ever wonder why the gang never gets much help from the infamous council? Here's a theory for ya'. RATED G

Love to death by Anne (NC-17)
After a demon attack Buffy nurses Giles and Joyce nurses Ethan. Things heat up, but not enough for Ethan who casts a love spell on Buffy and Giles, who lose all control. The results are nearly fatal...
WARNING/NOTE: graphic violence; non-consensual sex; sexual torture

Massage Therapy by T.C. Healy (NC-17)
Giles throws his back out and Buffy demonstrates one of her many skills to alleviate the pain.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker by Adrian (PG-13)
Willow can see things about her friends that they can't quite see themselves. In this story she puts that knowledge to good use.

Milestones by Karen Jephson (G)
Graduation Day. The end of an era. And the beginning of a new one for Buffy and Giles.

Moving On by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy takes a little introspective moment to reflect upon the events in "Faith, Hope & Trick." She loses Hope and gains some faith in a new something... or someone (could I get cheesier? ;-).

Mrs. Rupert Giles by Holly (NC-17)
With Giles' green card in jeopardy a 'marriage of convenience' seems like the only reasonable option.

My Giles by Gibberish (PG)
A different take on Dopplegangland. Giles comes through instead of Willow and helps Buffy realize some things about her own Giles.

Never forget that by Gabriele Schulz (G)
In "Revelations" what if Buffy didn't just leave after the gang found out about her and Angel?

A Night on the Town by Surnia (PG-13)
Faith takes Buffy out for a night on the town.

Not Even The Rain by Denorios (NC-17)
What to say? An absolutely beautifully written tale of how Buffy and Giles got together told from their own point of view.

The "Nothing" Series by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles develope a physical relationship before realizing that their needs extend much further.

Oceans and Sunrises by Mydnyght (PG)
The way we all would've liked Prom to turn out.

Overheard Conversations by Kat_the_Vampyre (PG)
Snyder helps Buffy and Giles realize a few things... inadvertently of course.

Oz's Observations by Cap (R)
The gang sets out to collectively find Giles a woman. Oz's mind seems to be straying from the widely accepted criteria... or could he just be right on target?

Pleasant consequences by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
A little ditty set just after "Earshot."

Post Ascension Library Fic by Cap (PG)
The gang make some interesting observations about our favorite couple.

The Promise by Janine Ose (PG)
In the aftermath of the Ascension Buffy and Giles are left to pick up the pieces and start a new.

Push and Pulling and Tasting by Kessica (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles relationship changed after the events on her 18th birthday...

Rapture by solo84 (NC-17)
Buffy is lost and turns to the one person, she knows, will understand.

The Real Reason by Gibberish (PG-13)
Giles does a little venting, which is, to some extent on Buffy's behalf.

The Requiem Series by Princess Slayer and Calliope (PG-13)
After Giles' death Buffy realizes just how much he meant to her. Then things get worse...

Rifts by Belinda (NC-17)
Giles was more upset than he thought, & Joyce takes matters into her own hands. Oh, if only she knew.

Ripper’s Christmas Carol by Karen Sanderson (PG-13)
Ripper get's a wake-up call. Three unwelcome guests and a choice. To have her or to have nothing. Hmmm...

Seven Days of Mercy by Arkin (PG)
Joyce leaves town and Buffy is left in Giles' care. And boy does he care.

The Sew the Chicken Series by Kim Wylie (NC-17)
Ahhh, jealousy. In some cases (especially this one) it can be a good thing.

Shattered by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
A devastating event leaves Buffy's emotions raw and exposed.
WARNING/NOTE: violence, angst

Silence is Golden by Cap (G)
A different take on what happened after the Buffy/Angel dance at "Prom."

Slayer, Not Candy by ASHRipperGirl (PG-13)
What if Buffy confronted Giles about what happened with he and Joyce when they were under the influence of that cursed candy? Could it lead to something much more interesting?

Sleeping Beauty by Ivana_fox (PG)
Buffy is in a coma and only one thing can save her...

Slight Variations by Dria14 (PG)
Earshot re-writen by a B/G 'Shipper imbued with all the subtle (and not so subtle) nuances we'd all love to see when it finally airs. Danger Will Robinson!

So Much, So Many, So Few by Denorios (PG-13)
Amongst the ruins of Sunnydale High School, Buffy and Giles share a wonderful moment of peace, love, and promise for the future.

Supreme Visions of Lonely Tunes by Arkin (PG)
Sometimes the pain just runs too deep.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Sweet Surrender by Beth C. (PG-13)
Graduation is fast approaching when Buffy and Giles are called, by the Watcher's Council, to Nepal. (unfinished)

Times Two by Gail Christison (PG-13)
Anya is taking another go at it. That precious amulet is just too valuable to her. Poor, disoriented "The Wish" universe Giles comes through the portal.

Trapped by Kat_the_Vampyre (PG-13)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me. Trapped in a rather stuffy crypt emotions, feelings and secretly harbored desires become very difficult to hide.

The Truth Doesn't Always Hurt by Lily2332 (PG-13)
Bound by a truth spell Buffy just may let some crucial info slip.

Truth or Consequences Series by Saber ShadowKitten (R)
Giles and Buffy grow closer together.

Uninvited by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy plans a Scooby Gang kayak retreat for Giles' benefit. There's a slight change of plans.

Violence by The Coot (R)
Buffy, Giles and the gang are horribly injured in battle. Oddly enough, this may turn out to be the istigator into the initiation of something all together new and exciting. (unfinished)

Wanna’ Bet? by Holly (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles are training in the unbarable heat. You know what that means ;-) Well, maybe not... hmmm... those of you who do, don't spoil it for the others!

The Watcher/Slayer Series by Gibberish (NC-17)
Giles is to recieve an award in New York, but he can't possibly go alone. *Gasp* Whatever shall he do?!! Oh look! Here comes the slayer to the rescue! (unfinished)

Watching Her by Kathryn Collier (PG-13)
This epic is set just after "Helpless" and Buffy's 18th B-day. Giles invites Buffy on a trip to England, which turns into something more of a soulful journey.

The We Belong Series by GylzGirl (NC-17)
The prom ends, people disperse and Buffy and Giles are left to discover. (unfinished)

What Buffy Told Giles by Sha (PG)
Buffy tells Giles something that's quite a bit more than merely displeasing.

What If I said by Kristen (G)
Misery loves company!

Willow by Jacqui (PG-13)
What’s a girl to do when she’s feeling awfully angsty? Why, kill off one her favorite characters, of course.
WARNING/NOTE: Character death

Willow's Birthday Wish by Gibberish (NC-17)
Willow, the selfless humanitarian that she is, sacrifices her one birthday wish for the sake of her dear friend who needs it far more than she.

Words Heard Not Spoken by ASHRipperGirl (PG-13)
When Buffy acquires the ability to read people’s minds, she hears a few things that she never expected to and never even realised she wanted to.

Wrong Way On a One Way Track by Arkin (PG-13)
Giles is gone and Buffy can't cope. The gang fights to stay together in the wake of tragedy. (unfinished)

The Your Underwear Series by Dword (NC-17)
Music, a library, a librarian and aerobicising. I can't imagine the mood getting any better

The Zenith Chronicles by Ananda (PG-13)
An ancient crystal, entrusted to the care of the Giles family is in danger of being theived. Buffy and Giles must now travel to England to ensure this doesn't happen. (unfinished)