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Heavy subtext fics

A Friend in Need by Ash (PG)
Giles contemplates his place in Buffy's life and comes up short. (unfinished)

The Abyss Series by Blair Provence (NC-17)
Buffy, Giles, Willow and Xander cope with the events of the Spring Fling and a not-so-happy birthday. Solo84's comments: Even though it leaves you hangin' at the end, this is still my favorite B/G series. (unfinished)

All the Jellies by Marta Jadczyk (NC-17)
Falling asleep in class can be very detrimental to your education... though, it can be very good for other things.

Along the way by Gabriele Schulz (G)
Even though he's no longer Buffys watcher, Giles still performs all the duties that come with his former title... even that associated with the most literal of interpretations ;-)

The Bad, the Good and the Downright Fantastic by Jacqui (PG-13)
Ah, music! Food for the soul? Yes, I think that's what they say. In this situation it's that and a little coal for that burning fire, we like to call raging lust.

Before, So Long. And Yet... by Brier Allison (PG)
Giles reflects on his feelings for Buffy.

Black Dress by Darcy Galvan (PG-13)
Giles waits for Buffy while his conscience prays on him.

Blink by Dword (G)
Giles gets a chance to say his piece. Watch out Travers!

Blue Eyes by Gail Christison (PG-13)
He may not have 'em, but the song speaks volumes nonetheless.

The Blurry Vision Series by Arkin (R)
The Council has discovered a new way to "help" Buffy conform. Can she possibly survive the ordeal?

By Reason of Darkness by G-Woman (R)
The real reason dear sweet Parker just up and didn't call.
WARNING/NOTE: Anyone actually fond of the character of Parker turn back

Cluck Cluck by Selenay (PG-13)
There's a wedding in the making, but the bride and groom aren't quite the focus. The elusive scene stealers have finally admitted their feelings... to themselves. Now the problem is telling one another.

Come Rain Or Come Shine by Gileswench (G)
Rain, homesickness, and comfort all packed into an amazingly beautiful little fic

Coming out by Katyd (PG)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me. Buffy's father comes to visit and witnesses her and Giles caught up in a rather awkward situation.

Cookie Dough by Gileswench (G)
A B/G potential epilogue for the series

The Dance by Ripptyd (PG)
Giles got to dance with his slayer at the prom, but is that better or worse.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Discovered by Northlight (G)
Buffy discovers there can be benefits to doing your homework...

Divine Intervention by Princess Slayer (PG)
What if you had the chance to go back in time and change just one thing? Would you take it?

Don't Say a Word by salla (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles in a rickety, collapsed old barn house.

Don't tell me by Sara Jung (PG)
Buffy has a little heart to heart with herself... or so ;)

The Dream Book Series by Sha (PG)
Buffy finds Giles' "little black book." The secrets revealed therein could be damaging... or perhaps not.

The Edge Of The Earth Series by Adrianna (PG-13)
Buffy is in trouble and Giles comes valiantly to the rescue. Is he too late? (unfinished)

Empty by Angela (R)
Being ripped from Heaven is taking it's toll on Buffy. Everything reminds of her the nothingness inside. Can her newly returned Watcher fix it? (unfinished)

Everything You Want by Dien the Acolyte (PG)
Buffy does some reflecting. Giles does some reflecting. Conclusions seem to elude them, but can they live with that?

Faith's Consequences by Blair Provence (PG)
What really drove Faith to join forces with the Mayor at the end of Consequences? An episode gap-filler that is very B/G.

The Fate Series by Janine Ose (R)
A wonderful two part series set throughout Graduation Parts 1 and 2.

For Her by Arkin (PG-13)
Buffy's life is threatened and Giles doesn't find that easy to swallow.

Freshman Blues by Buffy_Giles (PG)
SPOILERISH SUMMARY AHEAD... What on earth happened in between to turn Giles from Hefish (Hef being a derivative of Hefner ;-) aloofness back to the entirely Gilsey bumbly cuteness?

Girl Inside My Head by SecondSlayer (PG)
A mysterious girl sings a song that oddly relates to Buffy and Giles...

Giving Thanks by Gileswench (PG)
What are the Scoobies thankful for this Turkey Day?

Goodnight, Buffy? by SecondSlayer (NC-17)
What happens when Giles and Buffy share a bed...

Heatwave by Sandy Hall (PG)
It's hot. Can someone get Giles out of that itchy tweed?!

Homecoming Gift by Queena (G)
Buffy is upset that she didnít get a dance at Homecoming and Giles tries to cheer her up.

Honorarium by Gail Christison (PG-13)
After the events of "The Gift" Giles finds himself unable to stay in Sunnydale. Only one person could keep him from leaving...

Inhibitions by Laura Smith (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles find themselves making the most of an awkward situation.

It Doesn't Matter by Denorios (PG-13)
Jenny reflects about Giles' relationship with Buffy and what it means for them and also herself...
WARNING/NOTE: Spoilers up to Innocence

The Last Dance by Buffy_Giles (G)
What would've happened if Angel hadn't showed at the Prom? Ha! A whole lotta' goodness that's what.

The Last Time by Jacqui (G)
Buffy needs Giles' help. He cannot refuse.

Letting Go by Janine Ose (PG)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me What if Buffy had told Giles about Angel's return the day she found him in the woods in "Beauty and the Beasts"

Letting it out by Gabriele Schulz (G)
Giles ponders his feelings for Buffy.

Life or Death By the Word by Arkin (PG)
Decisions are made and fate is sealed.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Living In The End by Scarywhit (PG)
Buffy has some "different" thoughts about Giles. Let's see if these thoughts lead to some "different" actions. (unfinished)

Love ya, Miss ya, Wish you were here by Duchess Stephanie (PG)
Buffy goes out of town and a series of letters, e-mails and phone calls collectively imply some exciting new possibilities.

Loving and Losing by Nightbird (PG)
One peril too many and Buffy is forced to deal with something no slayer should have to.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

May I Exchange This Gift? by Gileswench (PG-13)
The cost of Buffy's gift is too high for Giles.
WARNING/NOTE: Darkfic. Uglyness, Issues of Suicide, Other Not-Nice Things. Not the happiest of fics.

MMFLACCK by Cindy Bowers (R)
Didn't like the first scene of Season 5? Try this one!

Mrs. Rupert Giles by Holly (NC-17)
With Giles' green card in jeopardy a 'marriage of convenience' seems like the only reasonable option.

My Giles by Gibberish (PG)
A different take on Dopplegangland. Giles comes through instead of Willow and helps Buffy realize some things about her own Giles.

Need by Boo (R)
Buffy misses Giles and he comes back to her just when she needs him the most... Or does he?
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics

Never Let Go by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
They were going to talk, but Buffy stood him up. *Ding! Ding!* Sit back and watch the match begin.

Never Love You by Kat_the_Vampyre (R)
Giles confesses, but Buffy is gone.
WARNING/NOTE: Character death.

Never Say Die by Sha (R)
Giles is faced with the worst possible kind of adversity: the death of his life. The death of his slayer. He can't see straight. He can't think straight. He thinks he's lost hope, but it's just hiding.
WARNING/NOTE: In my little world, Oz never left. However, the rest has happened so spoilers for season 4 abound.

A Night on the Town by Surnia (PG-13)
Faith takes Buffy out for a night on the town.

Nightmares by Lasarhiona (PG-13)
Here's a look into the scary world that is Giles' head... at night... while he's asleep. You get the drift.
WARNING/NOTE: character death(s)

Non Omnis Moriar by Duchess Stephanie (PG-13)
The last visit he never knew occurred.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Not Again by Andrea (NC-17)
Buffy just can't help herself. She just keeps messing up.

Not Again by Morrwen (NC-17)
Buffy finally get what she always wanted...

Not Always by Giuliana (PG)
Giles wants.

Not Dad by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
An alternate version of Giles' return to rescue Dark Willow in season 6.

On Fire by Stephanie Biek (PG)
Angel's thoughts after "Pangs"...

One More Day by The Lil Minx (R)
Giles is leaving, but not before he does one last thing...
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

One Touch Unchangeable by Jacqui (G)
Buffy comes to her senses after Faith and a touch. The touch being the more significant of the two events. Riley? Since when was he an issue?

Only A Song by Ophelia (PG)
Giles has one a' them divine revelations. Now he must find a way to repress. Damn that Springsteen, sucking him out of a perfectly good wallow.

The Permission Series by Jacqui (PG)
Passion ends in much the same tragic way, but there are a few changes to be made and words to be spoken, which just might alter certain lives irrevocably. (sufficiently cryptic, yes?)

Phone Call by Kattie (PG-13)
The phone call between Giles and Willow mentioned in Afterlife.

Realization by Giuliana (R)
Buffy realizes something too late.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Rupert's Other Women by Prophecy (PG)
Jenny Calendar can see the obvious between Slayer and Watcher... Why can't they?

Silence is Golden by Cap (G)
A different take on what happened after the Buffy/Angel dance at "Prom."

The Skating Lessons by Sha (PG-13)
Giles has no idea how to skate and Buffy decides it's her turn to give him some learnin'.

So Much, So Many, So Few by Denorios (PG-13)
Amongst the ruins of Sunnydale High School, Buffy and Giles share a wonderful moment of peace, love, and promise for the future.

The Soft Glow of Night by GylzGirl (NC-17)
Buffy's POV, some reflections on the aftermath of Harsh Light of Day. *

Somebody's Fool by Gail Christison (PG)
An epilogue to Fool For Love. Buffy needs someone.

The Stolen Series by GylzGirl (PG-13)
Travers is back with the ultimate ultimatum. The question is, can Giles bring himself to refuse? (unfinished)

Think of Something Cool by G-Woman (G)
A missing scene from "Prophecy Girl." Buffy's off to fight the master, fathomably to her untimely demise and Giles is left behind... unconcious, with Jenny. What happened when he came to?

Thirty-Two Flavours by LeoClaire (PG)
Summer is fast approaching and the Ascension is a thing of the past. The very recent past. Buffy can't deal with all her new found fame. She needs some support.

Times Two by Gail Christison (PG-13)
Anya is taking another go at it. That precious amulet is just too valuable to her. Poor, disoriented "The Wish" universe Giles comes through the portal.

Too Little, Too Late by Tevye (PG-13)
Buffy comes to, too late
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics

Tradition by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Xander creates a fail-safe plan to get a kiss out of Buffy. It doesn't completely fail, but it doesn't quite work out the way he'd planned.

The True Feelings series by Gibberish (NC-17)
Set shortly after Beerbad. Giles is furious, Buffy is clueless, lessons are learned and Parker gets a run for his money.

The Unicorn by A. Manley Haight (NC-17)
Virgin sacrifice? Again? Jeez. What is it with these demons and their ritualistic deflowerings? You got me. There aren't that many people stepping in for this marvelous task and the winning cadidate just may shock you into a coma.

Variations On a Theme by Arkin (PG)
As Arkin put it: "A little painÖ for both."
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

The Vengeance Series by DemonGuy (PG-13)
An old friend comes to town with a plan for the Initiative and an offer for Giles. (unfinished)

Waiting by lost (G)
Giles has finally accepted (as much as is possible) his current position in Buffy's life.

Watching... Waiting... Yearning by Adelaide Elizabeth Morgan (PG)
Giles has something he needs to get off his chest.

Wedding Belles by Katyd (NC-17)
Giles is soon to be deported and Buffy just won't have that. She, and the Scoobies, devise a truly devious plan. (unfinished)

Wicked Accurate by Tevye (R)
And Faith is just that, when she draws excruciating attention to Buffy's current interest in Giles
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics

The World Falls Apart Series by Darcy Galvan (NC-17)
Buffy's worst nightmare becomes a reality and all must learn to deal with it.
WARNING/NOTE: Character death

Wounds by Gail Christison (R)
Buffy finds Giles cuffed to his bed and makes a discovery that opens her eyes to a great many things.

Wrong Way On a One Way Track by Arkin (PG-13)
Giles is gone and Buffy can't cope. The gang fights to stay together in the wake of tragedy. (unfinished)

Year's End by Shelley (PG-13)
Giles spends a quiet night at home on New Year's Eve.