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Season 5 fics

Again by Morrwen (NC-17)
Buffy is dreaming of Giles. Unfortunately it takes a not so pretty incident for her to realize what exactly those dreams mean. But once she does, she sets out to make them come true.

All of Me by Jessalyn (NC-17)
Hard words lead to a night of music Buffy won't soon forget.

Baby Can I Hold You? by Puffy Xander (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles overcome their insecurities and discover that their greatest wish can come true.

The Back Room Series by JBG (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles grow closer from the beginning of Season Five. These parts loosely follow the Season Five Episodes.

Banana Love by Gileswench (NC-17)
Pure, unadulterated Scooby smut brought on by ice cream :)

Beach Party by Gileswench (NC-17)
A victory party at the beach leads to a long overdue talk and more... :)

Birthday Surprises by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
It's Giles' birthday and Anya's chainsaw isn't the biggest surprise he gets...

Black Dress by Darcy Galvan (PG-13)
Giles waits for Buffy while his conscience prays on him.

Blackout by A. Manley Haight and Prophecy Gurl (NC-17)
The Order of Taraka are in town, gunning for someone in the Scooby Gang. Left alone and in the dark, emotions bubble to the surface. What starts with a backrub soon develops into a sexual awakening.

The Blast From The Past Series by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Buffy helps Giles out in more way than one when he has to face unsettling visitors from his past... and Disneyland :)

Bright Side of the Road by Darcy Galvan (R)
Buffy and Giles work some things out.

Broken Arrow by Miss Witch (G)
Buffy has an epiphany resulting from a song

Carry me by Stephanie Biek (PG)
Giles remembers Buffy...
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Chocolate Center by Gileswench (NC-17)
Valentine's Day as it should be for our fave Watcher and Slayer (including neat secret messages and hot sex :)

Come Rain Or Come Shine by Gileswench (G)
Rain, homesickness, and comfort all packed into an amazingly beautiful little fic

Coming Home by Gail Christison (PG-13)
Buffy, Giles and Dawn return to the house after the events of The Body.

The Dance Series by Sita Masters (PG)
What do you do when the music isn't there, but the steps are?
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Dancing With Death by Viv (NC-17)
A nightmare shakes both Buffy and Giles to the core... but is it more than a simple dream?

A Decision - An Observation - A Realization by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Fic based on a hypothetical "Buffy vs. Dracula". Giles', Riley's and Buffy's feelings after another close call.

Dream by Gail Christison (R)
The Queen of Romance strikes again in this lovely Valentine's Day story.

Dressing Giles by Gileswench (NC-17)
Vamps are rough on clothing. Fortunately, our Slayer knows a thing or two about fashion...among other things.

Educating Buffy by Heir to Shadow (NC-17)
How does an angry former "bad boy" punish his slayer?
WARNING/NOTE: Non Consensual Bondage

EEEEEEW! by Maura Kelly (PG)
The gang has to look for a missing Buffy. Giles finally finds her - in Spike's crypt...
WARNING/NOTE: character death (but in a fun way ;)

Enjoy the Silence by Lacy (PG)
Buffy's a little lost after losing her mom, and who else but Giles would be there to comfort her?

Fear Of Falling by Boo (R)
Buffy and Giles find a bit of happiness, but their fragile new relationship is put to test... will it survive?
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Feelin' the Buffy-Love by Alias (PG-13)
A ceremony, a demon, a spell, a game, bedtime.

First Kiss by Moonstone1520 (PG)
A first kiss is a special occasion...

Foregone Conclusion by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Buffy finds Giles in an embarrassing situation...whackiness ensues (and did I mention sex? ;)

Ghost of a Chance by Selenay (PG-13)
Giles is dead. He's also a ghost. And he's coming back to Buffy. But whatever will become of their love?

Giving Thanks by Gileswench (PG)
What are the Scoobies thankful for this Turkey Day?

Gratitude by Luisa (PG-13)
After a close encounter, Buffy makes the mistake of showing Giles her gratitude - How will he react?

Hallelujah by Gail Christison (PG-13)
Giles loses a bet made in haste and consequences ensue, only not necessarily the ones he expected. :-)

Happy Birthday, Dear Slayer by Gileswench (NC-17)
Buffy finally has a REALLY happy birthday.

Happy Valentine's Day by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy coincidentally finds out that Giles loves her. How will she deal with that? (Yeah how? This being a B/G archive and all ;)

Heartfelt Love by Tori Deathangel (NC-17)
In his secret Valentine Card Giles writes "Buffy, I know you do not love me in the way I would like you to"... Newsflash, Watcherman! You are wrong ;)

Holding My Heart by WatcherWatcher (PG-13)
How did Giles' last scene in the Gift continue?
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Insane by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Just a sweet scene between two people who are insanely in love.

Intimate Intervention by Gileswench (NC-17)
Buffy fears that she's shutting down emotionally. Can the Scoobies help prove her wrong?

The Is It Just Me...? Series by Bethany A. Hall (PG-13)
A little favor leads to happiness and... lots of babies?!

Love in Motion by Jacinta and Tagmus (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles are on a trip to Europe. So many places to visit (and make love in/on ;) (unfinished)

Meant to Be by Viv (NC-17)
When Buffy finds out that Giles loves her, she decides to make them both happy in this Valentine story.

A Much Needed Release by Eos (NC-17)
Riley is gone. So is sex with him. Buffy is in need of release. And Giles could do with some orgasms too...

My Destiny by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Buffy and Giles talk about their destinies following the events of "Fool for Love".

My Only Hate, My Only Love by Darcy Galvan (R)
What if "The Gift" had gone the way Buffy feared? Read this depressing version of a decision and its consequences.
WARNING/NOTE: Very dark. Character death. Not the happiest of fics.

My Secret Valentine by Psychic Raven (PG-13)
It's that one day of the year when the heart rules the head. And Buffy just got a mysterious letter in the mail. I wonder who it could be from...

Not Your Sorrows by Darcy Galvan (G)
The Bluebird of unhappiness is upon Buffy.

Once, Twice, Three times a Daddy! by Nikki Dutton (NC-17)
Giles would make a perfect father. For Willow and Tara it's obvious, Buffy on the other hand...

One Month And One Day by Morrwen (PG-13)
Buffy asks the impossible of Giles to repair their broken relationship. Can she see what she is really doing not only to him but both of them?

One More Time by Gileswench (R)
It's hard to take a chance when you've been hurt. Sometimes love takes a little courage.

One Word by Darcy Galvan (PG-13)
What if Giles not only left his Ripper days behind when he became a Watcher. What if he left a son?

The Payback Series by Elle (NC-17)
Buffy discovers Riley has been cheating on her back in Iowa with an old girlfriend. She turns to Giles for comfort. But Riley wants revenge...
WARNING/NOTE: Beware if you like Riley!

The Penny Series by Psychic Raven (PG-13)
After another jealous outburst from Riley, Buffy seeks comfort with coffee, only to have Willow open her eyes to her true feelings for Giles. Yay! (unfinished)

Picnic at Breaker's Woods by Christine Parfitt (PG-13)
The extended Scooby gang have a picnic at Breaker's woods to celebrate Buffy's 20th birthday. Wackiness ensues.

The PS Series by Jullez (PG-13)
Wackiness ensues in the training room... :) (unfinished)

Rain by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Rain. Woods. Cabin. Sprained ankle. (Gail's too polite to put hot sex in that list ;)

Researching Frustration by Sha (NC-17)
Buffy. Giles. Sexual tension. A LOT of sexual tension...

Rose Tint My World by Gileswench (NC-17)
A midnight screening of Rocky Horror leads to absolute pleasure.

Running Away by Shawna (PG-13)
Faced with tragedy Buffy once again decides to run away, but this time she leaves Giles a letter - and a confession...

Show Me by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy confronts Giles about his plans to leave her.

Simplicity by Saint Buffy (NC-17)
Buffy's fed up with the pain and confusion which has been her love life. Giles steps in to make things simple...

Sing to Me? by Lis (PG-13)
After her mother's funeral Buffy can't stay at home and goes to Giles...

Single White Slayer by Gileswench (PG-13)
Watcher, Single. Slayer, Single. What to do? Maybe personal ads will lead both to the perfect partner.

Snow and Fire by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Buffy finds out about an amulet hidden in the High Sierras which could protect Dawn. Buffy and Giles take a road trip on Christmas eve :-) Snow, Christmas and other adventure abounds :-) And of course, romance.

Somebody's Fool by Gail Christison (PG)
An epilogue to Fool For Love. Buffy needs someone.

Sticky Situation by Gileswench (NC-17)
Sure food in bed is fun, but what of the consequences?

Stormy Revelations by Renee (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles discover they have more in common than they thought.

The Surprise Series by Gail Christison (NC-17)
On a trip to San Francisco Buffy learns a few things about Giles - and her own feelings. Things will never be the same...

The Three Faces of Buffy by Lacy (PG)
After Riley's departure, Buffy feels like she may never find "the one". Enter some magic books, a spell, and some answers.

Timing is Everything by Wickedfox (NC-17)
When you live on a Hellmouth, timing can be everything...
WARNING/NOTE: character death, Not the happiest of fics.

Tinsel by JBG (PG-13)
An annoying Christmas Formal becomes something more. (Mistletoe, mistletoe... I just had to throw that in here :)

To Keep You Company by Savage (R)
Buffy has a little cuddly gift for Giles

Truth or Dare by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles tangle with Dracula and Ethan...much loss of clothing, heat, hot sex, assorted whackiness and of course revelations...

Under The Mistletoe by Gileswench (NC-17)
Don't we just love that particular Christmas tradition?! And we're not exactly adverse to some hot Christmas sex either...

Waiting by Morrwen (PG-13)
After seeing Buffy and Angel together at Joyce' grave Giles thinks that waiting for her is hopeless. He runs into a couple of vammpires not knowing that Buffy just realized that she had always been waiting for him, not Angel. Will Giles live so that she can finally tell him?

The Watcher Files by Savage (NC-17)
The Council is back with nothing less in mind than Giles' death. Can Buffy save him? (unfinished)

What Did You Say Your Name Was? by Heir to Shadow (NC-17)
Giles is not quite himself, which has dire consequences. Can Buffy and his relationship with her and the other Scoobies survive?

What There Is... by Darcy Galvan (G)
Buffy drinks a bottle of water, Giles performs, Riley witnesses training, sparkage.