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Romance fics

10,000 Lifetimes Together by Dria14 (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles get a blast from the past. Or, at least, a blast from one of their pasts, come back to wreak some havoc... or perhaps they've something more in mind.

100 Words or Less by Queen Boadicea (PG)
Dawn is in a funk over R.J., when a contest for a perfect romance cover model gives her some ideas...

24 by Jacqui (G)
A day at the beach. 24 photos. And a more than wonderful realization.

Abject Adoration by Bad Girl of Buffonia (NC-17)
Remember "Between Watcher and Slayer..."? Well, here's our much anticipated continuation and so if you're wondering where that particular story went, well, just click on the above link and ye shall recieve. (unfinished)

About last year... by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
It's the night before Buffy's birthday. Only a year before tragedy struck, but when doesn't tragedy strike on her b-day? She's cursed that way. Perhaps this is the year to break it.

Absence by Alias (NC-17)
Buffy learns to deal without Giles, and they both realise important things about themselves, each other, and their relationship. (unfinished)

The Absence of Fear by Cheyanne (R)
Adam is defeated, the gang survived the First Slayer, all is well in the Buffyverse... or is it? (unfinished)

The Abyss Series by Blair Provence (NC-17)
Buffy, Giles, Willow and Xander cope with the events of the Spring Fling and a not-so-happy birthday. Solo84's comments: Even though it leaves you hangin' at the end, this is still my favorite B/G series. (unfinished)

Accidental Miracle by Moonstone1520 (PG-13)
Buffy receives some news and has Giles make a choice.

Ado Montres Ta Coeur by Ashley Amigoni (PG)
Giles has been somehow turned into a young man, with no memory, and falls for Buffy. Meanwhile, a new magical vampire is plotting to take over Sunnydale...with Buffy as his queen.

Afterlife by Gabriele Schulz (G)
Buffy finds out something lifechanging, when she takes a glimpse into afterlife.

Aftermath by Buffy_Giles (R)
A different version to the Ascension with a decidedly bitter-sweet end. Can Giles help Buffy get over the tragedy?

Again by Morrwen (NC-17)
Buffy is dreaming of Giles. Unfortunately it takes a not so pretty incident for her to realize what exactly those dreams mean. But once she does, she sets out to make them come true.

Alive by Lacy (PG-13)
Bargaining, with a twist.
WARNING/NOTE: Character Death

The All Day Series by Gibberish (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles giving the poor Scoobies a serious case of cardiac difficulty.

All Hallows Birthday by Cap (NC-17)
Buffy finally discovers when Giles' b-day is and she's determined to get him something extra special. (unfinished)

The All I Want For Christmas Series by Janine Ose (NC-17)
Everyone is reveling in the happy holiday spirit. Each, covertly, sending their own private message to the Santa. (unfinished)

All Of Her by nightowlie (PG)
In the midst of Xander and Anya's Wedding, Giles returns, and tells Buffy why he really left her.

All of Me by Jessalyn (NC-17)
Hard words lead to a night of music Buffy won't soon forget.

All's Fair in Love and Rugby by Selenay (R)
Giles joins a rugby team. This all seems very spur-of-the-moment to the Scooby Gang. Especially Buffy. However, the sight of Giles in something less tweedy spurs her into some blissful revelations.

The Alternity Series by Blair Provence (NC-17)
The Ascension has passed, but greater threats are left behind. Buffy and Giles are left to make decisions that no one in their life should have to... (unfinished)

Always by Marta Jadczyk (R)
Giles looses Buffy and seeks redemption.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Always, Forever by Mydnyght (NC-17)
Buffy gets a cookie, Buffy gets some cocoa and Buffy gets a man. And a very sexy one, if I do say so myself.

Am I Dreaming? by Renee (PG)
Buffy is dreaming about Giles. She likes what she sees and decides to do something about it.

And Buffy Makes Three by Holly (NC-17)
In this kick-ass variation on "Dopplegangland," alternate universe Buffy comes through the portal instead of Willow. If you can't stand Giles cuteness then... okay, what kind of weirdo are you?!

And to All, a Good Night by Rianne (G)
It's Christmas Eve and everyone's brimming with yueltide cheer. Just where will this good natured, holiday fun lead?

And we love it by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Ohhh, inanimate objects. How we love them so ;-) *Sigh* The 'death' of Giles' car *sniff* *sniff* prompts some very interesting revelations.

The Anniversary Gift by Gileswench (PG-13)
Giles has forgotten an anniversary. Or has he?

Another Birthday, Another Year by Susan (PG13)
Giles tends to Buffy after she’s passed the Council’s 18th birthday test

Any-Were But Here by Holly (NC-17)
In response to a challenge a looooong time ago about Giles becoming a were-Tiger. I apologize that I can't remember where the challenge came from, although I think it was Trich.

Anywhere But Here by Miss Witch (PG)
Buffy misses Giles, so she goes to see him. Olivia doesn't like it.
WARNING/NOTE: Beware anyone who likes Olivia.

The Are You an Angel Series by Sha (PG-13)
Something horrible's happened. I can't tell you much else without ruining it.
WARNING/NOTE: Ahhh,this story MAY bother you,especially if you've ever had someone in the hospital on life support and had to make a tough decision about taking them off of it.Has a good ending though.

Are you Lonesome Tonight? by Lily2332 (PG-13)
Giles is feeling useless and alone. Buffy hadn't realized this. Well... now that she has. Will the compassion drift to something else entirely?

As In Life by Janine Ose (G)
Buffy and Giles meet again many years in the future. The circumstances are a little grim.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Aspect of the Slayer by Gibberish (NC-17)
Giles is injured and Buffy donates some blood to help save him. The after effects could be quite shocking. (unfinished)

At Long Last by Renee (PG-13)
After much waiting the time has finally come for Buffy and Giles to share their feelings.

Autumnal Equinox by A. Manley Haight (NC-17)
Buffy has lived much longer than the average slayer and thus has reached a crossroads that not many have been forced to face. She must come of age and there is only one who can help her do this.

Aware by Gabriele Schulz (G)
Buffy confesses her love to Giles with a song.

Awfully Fond Of You by Gileswench (R)
Cuteness in a bathtub. It's sweet. Really sweet.

B/G Angel by Cap (PG)
Set shortly after "Helpless" this little vignette helps us all breath a sigh of relief...

Baby Can I Hold You? by Puffy Xander (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles overcome their insecurities and discover that their greatest wish can come true.

Bachelor by Jess (PG-13)
Guess who's been volunteered into a faculty male auction?

The Back Room Series by JBG (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles grow closer from the beginning of Season Five. These parts loosely follow the Season Five Episodes.

Bad Judgement by Lily2332 (NC-17)
A response to a challenge by Arkin at Teyve's site The BG Writer's Zone Buffy's conflicted. Fortunately her sense of whimsy overrules her conscience and gloriousness ensues.

The Bad Mother by Sweetdoggie (PG)
What might have happened if Joyce hadn't taken her daughter back after she ran away.

Balance of Power by Josiah Rose (PG-13)
There's some "big brewin' evil" on the horizon and it's unfortunately decided to leech off of Buffy.

Banana Love by Gileswench (NC-17)
Pure, unadulterated Scooby smut brought on by ice cream :)

Be careful with what you eat by Tagmus (PG)
Weird things happen. And I mean *weird*!

Be Good To Her by Omega h (PG)
Ahhh, Willow. Whatever will we do with you? So perceptive in life and so proficient in witchcraft. We love it!

Beach Party by Gileswench (NC-17)
A victory party at the beach leads to a long overdue talk and more... :)

Beauty by Lily2332 (PG-13)
What if something had happened to Buffy after Giles sent her away in The Freshman?

Before the Dawn by GylzGirl (PG-13)
A tragedy helps Buffy to realize her true feelings. But is it too late?

The Beginnings Series by Mac (NC-17)
Buffy/Giles bonding over the summer, a new danger, new feelings... it's all just the beginning! (unfinished)

Behind Blue Eyes by Karen Jephson (G)
"Where the Wild Things Are." The aftermath

Being Bad by Holly (NC-17)
This takes place over the summer after Graduation. Giles teaches Buffy how to be good at being bad.

The Benefits of Alcohol by Gibberish (NC-17)
Buffy is drowning. Yep, drowning her troubles in the trusty old bottle, in the trusty old house, with the trusty old man. Hmm... I don't suppose he's *that* old... and as far as trusty...

The Best Mistake Of My Life by Janine Ose (NC-17)
Mistakes made turn out to have some very pleasant consequences.

Better Than Ice Cream by Amywyn (PG)
Buffy finds something more comforting than ice cream and even more comforting than Angel.

Between the lines by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
What happened after Buffy's first day of college?

Birthday Surprises by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
It's Giles' birthday and Anya's chainsaw isn't the biggest surprise he gets...

Black Magic Woman by Renee (PG-13)
Willow's magic is getting out of control she turns to Ethan, he'll understand.
WARNING/NOTE: Includes Willow/Ethan

Blackout by A. Manley Haight and Prophecy Gurl (NC-17)
The Order of Taraka are in town, gunning for someone in the Scooby Gang. Left alone and in the dark, emotions bubble to the surface. What starts with a backrub soon develops into a sexual awakening.

The Blast From The Past Series by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Buffy helps Giles out in more way than one when he has to face unsettling visitors from his past... and Disneyland :)

The Blonde Leading the Blind by GylzGirl (NC-17)
So much can change in a year: self-perception, world view, relationships. Buffy is no different.

Blue Eyes by Gail Christison (PG-13)
He may not have 'em, but the song speaks volumes nonetheless.

The Bond Series by JBG (PG-13)
In this epic, Buffy and Giles discover and explore a new bond that brings them to a new, infinitely electric, level of closeness.
WARNING/NOTE: Alternate Universe, starting with the beginning of Season 3

Bonded by Marti (NC-17)
Giles' POV when the Mayor comes into the library. A little bit of supernatural slayer/watcher stuff added. Oh, and don't forget the absolutely necessary B/G sex!

The Bored Sorcerer by Heir to Shadow (PG-13)
Giles is bored, and boredom may lead to trouble.

The Boxes of Tykros by Princess Slayer (PG)
After four years apart, Buffy and Giles meet up again in the midst of an apocalyptic threat brought on by a conspiratorial league of vampires.

Bravest Heart by Sara Jung (PG)
Giles comes home to find a pleasant surprise... :)

Break and Enter by Jae Kayelle (NC-17)
Buffy and Willow are worried about Giles. Hey why not barge into his humble abode? Uninvited guests are always welcome... or not, but that's how it would seem in Sunnydale now wouldn't it?

Bright Side of the Road by Darcy Galvan (R)
Buffy and Giles work some things out.

Broken Arrow by Miss Witch (G)
Buffy has an epiphany resulting from a song

Bronze God of Chaos and Harmony or Ethan Rayne, Matchmaker by Dezdemona (NC-17)
Ethan's causing trouble, disrupting the non-equilibrium of Sunnyhell yet again. Can poor Giles overcome, or will he fall victim to the deviant's cruel idea of a joke. Ah yes. So cruel. ;-)

Brought to Heaven by Queen Boadicea (NC-17)
Buffy reveals to Giles why she's been so out of sorts since she came back from the dead.

Bruise by Carla_S (G)
Buffy Ponders bruises

Buffy and Giles' Thing by Gibberish (PG-13)
Buffy's in college. Giles is working at a musuem. Times change... and so do feelings.

Buffy, Giles and the Manchild Boys by Sweetdoggie (NC17)
Buffy and Giles fake a romance to fool his cousin and friends.

Buffy Mate Man by Sha (R)
PWPish from the end of "Beer Bad." Ahhh! The B/G goodness.

Buffy’s Christmas Carol by Carmilla (PG)
Giles meets some apparitions of past, present and future. They have a message to deliver.

Butterflies and Stars: Save My Soul by Megan (PG-13)
Buffy is involved in some pretty freaky weirdness before it comes to her.

Butterscotch Kisses by Megan (PG-13)
Have a thing against W/X? Flee now! Willow's POV, B/G goodness and a little bit a' this, and a little bit a' that on the Willow and Xander front.

Call me Rupert by Gibberish (NC-17)
Buffy's efforts to deter a persistent admirer open her eyes to startling new possibilities.

The Calling Marco Trilogy by Jacqui (G)
Buffy has sent Angel to hell, wounded her friends deeply and deserted her misguided mother. However, above and beyond all that, she's hurt the one thing that has sustained her all these years. The one person on whom the future of all her relief and happiness lies. Giles.

The Calling Series by A. Manley Haight (NC-17)
It is the summer of Buffy's disappearance and Giles is driven by an internal Call to travel to Pheonix. (unfinished)

Carpe Diem by Athenna (NC-17)
A story involving Buffy, Ripper and Giles. How can you go wrong? (unfinished)

Cave Angst by Cap (PG)
Cave Buffy is confused and can't quite comprehend her troubling past.

Cave-Giles by Anne (NC-17)
Ethan decides to help Giles to get his fantasy by turning him into Cave-Giles.
WARNING/NOTE: violent sex including minor blood play, Ethan watching them

Change of Pace by Wickedfox (NC-17)
Giles feels Joyce is being unreasonable in her demands on Buffy's time. But exactly what is he to do about it?

Changes, Past and Present by Gibberish (NC-17)
Ethan shoves Buffy through a vortex sending her back in time. 1977... hmmm... Ripper was just -a- rip for the pickin' then.

Changing Relationships by Josiah Rose (R)
Buffy and Giles discover one another, but secrets revealed after the fact may cause a permanent rift. (unfinished)

Cherry Kiss by Karen Jephson (NC-17)
Olivia has made her decision and it's quite obviously for the greater good.

Chocolate Center by Gileswench (NC-17)
Valentine's Day as it should be for our fave Watcher and Slayer (including neat secret messages and hot sex :)

Chocolate Fun by Lisa Stone (NC-17)
Buffy takes on a dare... with yummy consequences :)

Christmas Ball by Selenay (G)
The Christmas Ball is coming up and Buffy, in a swell of self-pity, decides against attending. Willow can't convince her. Neither can Cordy or Anya, but the promise that a certain someone might go just could snap her out of it.

A Christmas Gift by Gail Christison (PG-13)
Willow realises there's only one way Buffy can be happy again

Christmas In the Buffyverse by MidnightGirl (R)
It's the holiday season and guess where everyone plans on spreading their yuletide cheer?

Christmas Resolutions by Gileswench (PG-13)
Resolved: a Slayer needs her Watcher... if she can just figure out exactly how...

Cindy Lou Who by Gibberish (PG-13)
Giles has amnesia. Hmmm... perhaps the Buffster can snap him out of it.

Cleansing by Renee (PG-13)
A phone call to Giles causes Buffy to confess more than she had planned.

Close Call by Megan (PG)
Giles has come to a decision about his future in Sunnydale... and it doesn't include Sunnydale.

Cluck Cluck by Selenay (PG-13)
There's a wedding in the making, but the bride and groom aren't quite the focus. The elusive scene stealers have finally admitted their feelings... to themselves. Now the problem is telling one another.

Coming Home by Morgan Peer (G)
A story set in the not too distant future.

Coming out by Katyd (PG)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me. Buffy's father comes to visit and witnesses her and Giles caught up in a rather awkward situation.

Complicated by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles have a little talk. During this bonding session feelings never before revealed bob tantilizingly above the surface.

Confessions by Dria14 (PG)
Giles admits he doesn't merely "support and... respect" Buffy.

Confessions of the Heart by Renee (PG)
Buffy returns from her meeting with Angel after Flooded...

Conjuring by Rari Coss (NC-17)
Now that Ethan has Giles back in England he gets him back into magic but with unexpected consequences.

Consumed by the Inferno by Dien the Acolyte (R)
An assassin from the council has been sent after Giles. His best chance of circumventing this fate is to flee. Can Giles bear to leave his life for the very ironic purpose of saving it? (unfinished)

A Conversation of Consequence by Kylie U (PG)
Giles and Buffy discuss the events of "Helpless" with some very interesting results.

Conversations and Crafted Situations by Lorre (PG)
Buffy and Giles collectively become the center of a very powerful spell. (unfinished)

Costumed Counterparts by JBG (PG-13)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me Buffy convinces Giles... somehow, to where a costume that... well. Read on my friends.

Cranky by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Giles is mad, Buffy's on a mission. I bet you'd like to see them prove themselves.

Crawling by Renee (R)
Buffy's had enough of life.
WARNING/NOTE: Suicidal themes

The Creed Series by Koala (NC-17)
It's 10 years in the future. Buffy and Giles are married with child, but it's not as ideal as we all imagine. The child is indeed a special child and they've given up everything to protect her from those who wish to do her harm. Now in Philadelphia things get a little... shall we say... more difficult. (unfinished)
WARNING/NOTE: Adult content, violence, and language.

Crossroads by Karen Jephson (NC-17)
Giles' past catches up with him, and changes his future forever. Includes both Giles' and Watcher history.

Cruel by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
Buffy is having some rather disconcerting dreams. What could they mean? On the hellmouth one never knows.

Cuffed by Elissa (PG-13)
Holly's Challenge handcuffs, naked Giles.

Cumspiritik by Carmilla (PG)
Buffy takes a moment to muse on her love.

Curiosity by Tyger Cub (NC-17)
Buffy decides Giles needs to loosen up a bit. Does her idea lack integrity? Who cares! Just appreciate the goodness and don't question it. (unfinished)

Daddy by Luisa (G)
Buffy is nervous about telling Giles some news.

The Daisy Chains Series by Tevye (PG)
Buffy decides that she and Giles need a place. (unfinished)

The Dance Series by Sita Masters (PG)
What do you do when the music isn't there, but the steps are?
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

A Dance with the Devil by Jullez (R)
In this version of the Ascension Giles is sent to hell. Will they find a way to get him back... and more importantly how will things have changed? (unfinished)

Dancing Lessons by Lacy (PG)
Just a lil rewrite of events leading up to and surrouding the prom.

Dancing With Death by Viv (NC-17)
A nightmare shakes both Buffy and Giles to the core... but is it more than a simple dream?

The Dare by Kat_the_Vampyre (PG)
Buffy, Willow and Cordy are having a girls night in, but the giddiness gets a little out of hand and all are forced into one of the most nerve racking (and potentially beneficial) of dares.

The Darkness Series by Gibberish (PG-13)
Giles is out galavanting with that hussy of his (Olivia) when tragedy strikes. What's happening and will he get to Buffy in time?

De veritatibus by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Drunkeness, in this case, equals clarity.

Dear Diary by Renee (PG)
Buffy gets her hands on Giles' journal and she's not happy.

The Death Brings Clarity Series by JK Philips (NC-17)
After her death both Buffy and Giles have realized they love the other. Her resurrection finally brings them together, but life on the Hellmouth always has its surprises...

Death or Glory by Ananda (PG)
When some people look back at their past they can do so literally. Let the credits begin to roll...

The Debriefing Series by Ruth (NC-17)
Post-events in the Gift, Giles is debriefed by the Council's psychiatrist. Revelations are made...

Deliverance by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Giles discovers the secret behind Buffy's current behavior with regard to him.

The Depth of Night by Jacqui (G)
Buffy discovers the secret of Giles' heart.***WARNING, NOT THE HAPPIEST OF FICS***

Descent Into the Shadows by Crystal Paulk (NC-17)
Is gaining your fantasy worth losing the one you love? Giles discovers Buffy's secret. Can he ever forgive her? Is it his fault?
WARNING/NOTE: Violent sexual content. Not the happiest of fics.

Destiny's Bitca by Renee (PG-13)
Buffy must submit yet another part of her life to destiny if she wishes to be all that she can be.

Destiny’s Doorstep by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Buffy and Co. devise a plan to help relax the poor stressed watcher. He needs a vacation by golly! Well, they're going to give it to him. As you can imagine it turns out to be way more than was bargained for.

A Different Life by Rari Coss (PG-13)
Buffy is given the opportunity to make a wish. Then she is told she must undo it. Will she?

Disconnected by JBG (PG-13)
Buffy tries to cope with life without her Watcher. On the other side of the ocean, her Watcher is doing the same thing. Little do they know there’s a very good reason for their anguish.

Discoveries by Sara Jung (R)
Buffy is late for class doing... ehm... "stuff" with Giles and Oz has a suggestion why.

Divine Manifestation by solo84 (NC-17)
Hey! What could be better than a night on the town to ease the residual stress of a battle to the death? Can’t think of much. Well… I suppose there is that one other thing.

Do You Believe in Magic? by Gibberish (NC-17)
There's a new prophecy involving, of course, the slayer. Giles, ever the martyr, wants to go in her place.

Do You Love Me? by Renee (PG-13)
Giles has been out every night this week and a jealous Buffy demands to know what he did.

Doctor Doctor by Fysh (PG)
What if Buffy wasn't called at age 15, but instead lived a normal life, becoming a doctor, having a daughter... and *then* being called? Read on... (unfinished)

Doctor's orders by Gabriele Schulz (R)
Giles is ill and Buffy (oh, selfless one) volunteers to take care of him.

Don't Ask Me! by Mac (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles are finally together, but not everything is rosy... Bring in Valentine and the power of a song (or two)!

Don't Cry by Beth C. (PG-13)
The Scoobies take quite the emotional beating.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Don't Give Your Heart by Gail Christison (R)
Giles is depressed, Ethan complicates things and his actions result in catastrophic psychological damage to Giles. Willow and Tara have to anchor Buffy while she 'goes in' to Giles' mind to bring him out. Some action adventure with Ethan and a helpful new character but mostly a story designed to deal with a lot of unresolved issues Joss will never give us any closure on.

Don't Speak by Jess (NC-17)
Giles is leaving. Leaving Sunnydale. Leaving his family. Leaving his love. There are no more excuses he can make to justify his staying. Buffy no longer needs him... or does she?

Double Vision by Kat_the_Vampyre (PG-13)
Giles is acting really REALLY strangely.

Dream by Gail Christison (R)
The Queen of Romance strikes again in this lovely Valentine's Day story.

The Dream Book Series by Sha (PG)
Buffy finds Giles' "little black book." The secrets revealed therein could be damaging... or perhaps not.

Dreams by Theef (PG-13)
Dreams are tormenting Buffy. There's only one person who can help.

Dreams by Chrissi (R)
Giles dreams, Buffy dreams these dreams too. Much fun can be had in the dream world. Especially with a little help from an all too familiar character. (unfinished)

Dreams can come true by Renee (PG)
When Buffy is facing death once again, she doesn't want to fight any longer. But Giles won't let her give up.

Dreams come true by Anne (NC-17)
Buffy has enlightening dreams about Giles and decides to fly to him...
WARNING/NOTE: Violence; issues of drug use; non consensual sex (well, at first) a bit of voyerism from Dawn

Dressing Giles by Gileswench (NC-17)
Vamps are rough on clothing. Fortunately, our Slayer knows a thing or two about fashion...among other things.

The Dying Game by Tevye (NC-17)
A dangerous stranger fom Giles' past comes to visit. Putting Buffy and Giles in a very compromising position. (unfinished)
WARNING/NOTE: Major G/other content!!

Electra by Nicollette Marquis McFadgen (NC-17)
An unforgetable night at the library.

The Emperor's New Clothes by Renee (R)
Buffy buys Giles some trousers that aren't all that they seem.

Empty Prayers by Tevye (PG-13)
What if Giles found Buffy before she came home?
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics

Enjoy the Silence by Lacy (PG)
Buffy's a little lost after losing her mom, and who else but Giles would be there to comfort her?

Enough by Denorios (PG-13)
A glimpse into a life that is if not perfect then enough...

The Enough Series by Darcy Galvan (PG-13)
When Buffy's life takes a turn for the worst, the way she decides to cope may prove painful for all.

Epiphany by Jullez (PG)
Jullez' version of the summer after S5.

Epiphany in Shades of Summer by Gail Christison (NC-17)
summer. woods. romance :-)

Epitaph by Carmilla (PG)
Exactly what the title says. Buffy and Giles have had a full life together. They've payed their dues, lived hard and fast and are now at peace.

Eternity by Eaglewolf (PG)
Buffy and Giles have had a happy life... Now it's time to say goodbye.

The Eternity Series by Calliope (PG-13)
In this gripping saga the gang gets embroiled in the research and distruction of many a Hellmouthy horror. However, the biggest and most rewarding challenge two of those in their ranks have yet to conquer. (unfinished)

Ethan's Price by Gibberish (PG-13)
Giles has been taken and Buffy needs help to find him. Guess who steps in? More importantly, however. What will it cost her?

Every Breath You Take by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Buffy discovers Giles after she witnesses his "special talent."

Ewww! by Sherry King (PG-13)
Giles is reflecting on Buffy's rejection of him as a man, when his Slayer interrupts him...

Faith Takes A Holiday by Belinda (PG-13)
Faith utilizes Buffy's body to do some veery naughty things. Nice job, I say! Whatever would we do without her?

Faithful at Last by Heir to Shadow (NC-17)
Buffy's behavior is breaking Giles heart so he decides to end their love affair.

Familiar by Gibberish (PG-13)
Buffy gets amnesia and the gang all pitch in to help her regain her life and her memories.

The Fate of Sunlight by Bree (R)
Buffy and Giles arrive in England five years in the future.

The Fate Series by Janine Ose (R)
A wonderful two part series set throughout Graduation Parts 1 and 2.

Fated by Kathlyn O’Brian (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles find each other post Helpless and post slayage. Yet another fic that expertly reinforces the statement: "Father's love my freakin' patooty."

The Fated Connection Series by Maura Kelly and Gina Martin (R)
There's much more to the connection between some watcher's and slayer's than we'd been assuming. In this marvelous story (which I'm told, {THANK GOD!}, will have a sequel... or two) Buffy discovers just that. (unfinished)

The Favor by Gibberish (PG)
Buffy needs a favor, maybe Giles could help.

Fear Of Falling by Boo (R)
Buffy and Giles find a bit of happiness, but their fragile new relationship is put to test... will it survive?
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Feel the Magick by Gibberish (NC-17)
Willow with a... *sigh...* another spell gone wrong. Doesn't that girl ever learn???

Feel what I feel by Alena (PG-13)
Giles finds Buffy bleeding and unconscious on his doorstep. Buffy had some revealing visions...

A Few Too Many Revelations by Jadedragon (NC-17)
Buffy discovers her true feelings for Giles, tells him then everything goes to hell.

Fighting It by Cecily (PG-13)
Giles is back and explains to Buffy his real reason for leaving.

Finally by Rebecca (R)
Buffy loves Giles. Giles loves Buffy. So far so good. Unfortunately there seems to be a communication problem, since both of them are hung up in wishes and fears. But not for long...

Fireworks by JBG (PG-13)
Celebrating the 4th of July the Scooby way. Riley’s gone, the Scooby Gang is back on track, and Buffy has come to her senses. Finally.

First Kiss by Moonstone1520 (PG)
A first kiss is a special occasion...

The First Taste by Jacqui (NC-17)
This fic goes by the theory that there are three versions to every argument: his, hers and the truth. It also goes by the theory that the only version to an argument that anybody really cares about is the hot, horizontal, makeup monkey mambo at the end. Please enjoy.

First Times by Rainne (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles make love

Five Years by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Buffy and Giles make the first step on her five-year-anniversary in Sunnydale.

The Fix Up Series by Gibberish (PG)
Giles and Buffy are inadvertently fixed up on a blind date with each other.

Flaming Valentine's Day by Nikki Dutton (PG-13)
It's valentines day and Giles is doing a bit if the necessary fuss.

Flashback by Linda B. (NC-17)
Buffy has dreams about Ripper. What she learns about his past has severe consequences in the present.
WARNING/NOTE: Includes Ripper/Ethan sex.

Flinch by Jacqui (NC-17)
Think, different take on Grad. You know that Angel guy? Well, Buffy makes her "offering" of life, but it doesn't turn out quite as planned.

Flooded by Kattie (PG-13)
How Giles' return should have gone in the world according to Kat.

For Now, We're Strangers by Lily2332 (NC-17)
A response to a challenge at Tevye’s site The BG Writer's Zone Buffy and Giles get Amnesia. No restraints. No duty. No bounderies. What WILL happen?

Foregone Conclusion by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Buffy finds Giles in an embarrassing situation...whackiness ensues (and did I mention sex? ;)

Foreigner by Darcy Galvan (PG-13)
Giles returns for Xander and Anya's wedding. His reunion with Buffy is far from easy...

Forever by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Buffy's been having nightmares. They say much more than your average slayer vision. Hmm... what's up with the nudity?

The Forever Series by Gail Christison (NC-17)
On Giles' almost forgotten birthday a lot of revelations are made. Good ones and painful ones, but all in all leading to bliss :) Of course this being the Hellmouth you can't expect things to stay rosy for long...

Freaky Friday by Karen Jephson (NC-17)
Willow casts a spell and gets it rght, though one might begin to wonder if that is a good thing or not.

Full Of Love by Gileswench (NC-17)
A change in attitude results in better choices and a more effective plan of action against The First...not to mention romance.

Futures I by Blair Provence (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles have a very different relationship the year after graduation. Read on to see just what I mean...

Ghost of a Chance by Selenay (PG-13)
Giles is dead. He's also a ghost. And he's coming back to Buffy. But whatever will become of their love?

Giles Loves Buffy by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
Damn it! Someone found out! Whatever shall we do???

Giles Taught Me by Gibberish (PG-13)
A little strip poker anyone?

Giles' Isle by Lauren (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles are stranded on a desert island. What ever will they do?! ;-) Read on if you'd really like to know...

Giles... The Last Boy Scout? by Lauren (NC-17)
Buffy takes Giles on a much needed vacation to ease his frazzled nerves.

Giving by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
When Buffy overhears a conversation between Giles and Cordelia she finally comes to her senses.

The Goddesses Wept by Heir to Shadow (NC-17)
Giles plots but the universe has other plans in mind for our favorite couple.

Going Home by Renee (PG)
Giles is getting ready to leave for England, can Buffy convince him to stay?

Goodbye to You by Renee (PG-13)
Buffy gathers the courage to tell Giles how she feels in a letter.

Goodbye to You by Miss Witch (PG-13)
Alternate ending to Tabula Rasa, B/G style.

Gratitude by JBG (PG-13)
Challenge fic: From Dria14's site "The Good Couple". Giles saves Buffy's life, Buffy shows her gratitude. Short, mushy, and PG-13 or under. As requested!

Gratitude by Luisa (PG-13)
After a close encounter, Buffy makes the mistake of showing Giles her gratitude - How will he react?

Green Card by Gibberish (R)
Here's another response to the green card challenge on the "WatcherGirls" mailing-list. Giles loses his Green Card and Buffy volunteers to become his blushin' bride...

The Growing Up Series by Selenay (NC-17)
Now going off to college, the gang searchs for some more suitable living arrangements.

Guardian by JBG (PG-13)
Another spiritual quest sets Buffy on a journey to England, Giles and ghosts...

A Guy by Holly (NC-17)
Buffy and Willow sit and ponder the idiosyncrasies of men. They're all crappy poopheads, damn it! Oh wait! There is that one...

Had Jenny spoken... by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
What if Jenny had informed the scooby-gang of Angel's happiness-clause?

Hallelujah by Gail Christison (PG-13)
Giles loses a bet made in haste and consequences ensue, only not necessarily the ones he expected. :-)

Hands by Darcy Galvan (PG-13)
A young man's miraculous power gives our dynamic duo's relationship a little jump start.

Hang Donald by Darcy Galvan (PG)
The duck of love dooms the Buffster.

Happily Ever After by Miss Witch (PG)
Buffy dies and goes to Heaven.

Happiness by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
Angel is human and Buffy is sooo happy... or is she? I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Happy 1st anniversary, Solo84! by Gabriele Schulz (G)
Okay, so I'm narcissistic. I just had to post this! It was so fun! (Note: That was Solo's comment ;)

Happy Birthday by Janine Ose (NC-17)
Ahhhh, birthdays can be so much fun can't they? Especially when you celebrate them with the one you love.

Happy Birthday, Dear Slayer by Gileswench (NC-17)
Buffy finally has a REALLY happy birthday.

Happy Valentine's Day by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy coincidentally finds out that Giles loves her. How will she deal with that? (Yeah how? This being a B/G archive and all ;)

Harry Potter and The Vampire Slayer by Miss Witch (NC-17)
Dark forces are afoot. Giles receives an unusual request and has to leave Sunnydale. This request has to do with the protection of a certain young boy with a lightning scar on his forehead. A BtVS/Harry Potter crossover story. (unfinished)

Harvey Slumfenburger’s Christmas Present by Aerin (NC-17)
Buffy inadvertently discovers much more about Giles than she ever could have imagined. What comes of this could very well be marvelous

Haunted by Renee (PG-13)
An alternative version of 'When She Was Bad'

The Have I Told You This Before Series by Princess Slayer (PG)
Giles reflects upon his life with the slayer.

Have Pain, Will Travel by Arkin (PG)
The vampires have organized and are no longer out to feed, but to kill. Buffy seems to be numero ono on their list and so, incapacitated, she is forced to hit the road to protect herself and those she loves.

Head Over Feet by Renee (PG)
Buffy decides to sing for Giles this time.

Heart to Heart Conversation. by Cap (PG-13)
Giles is fed-up and makes a confession that shocks Buffy to a very pleasant end.

Heartbeat by Gail Christison (PG-13)
A response to Karen's challenge, though not as angsty as she would have liked :-) Maybe the black satin boxers will help

Heartfelt Love by Tori Deathangel (NC-17)
In his secret Valentine Card Giles writes "Buffy, I know you do not love me in the way I would like you to"... Newsflash, Watcherman! You are wrong ;)

Heat of the Moment by GylzGirl (PG-13)
Thank you Karen. Basically a sort of denial fic. My B/G way of trying to excuse Buffy's behavior to Giles this year in a non-hateful way. Also tries to tidy some of the Olivia and Riley issues. Here's hoping :)

Heaven, Here I Come. by Renee (PG-13)
Giles is shattered after Buffy's death, there's only one thing that will bring him back from the brink.

Heavens Kiss Series by Dusty (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles have quite the row. However, the results are quite delicious. (unfinished)

The Hellmouth Chronicles by Gileswench (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles go on a romantic weekend and have to face past, present and future problems amidst steamy sex... Then they have to face the INS, 'normal' life and... a baby? (unfinished)

A Helping Hand by Selenay (R)
Giles has broken his wrist. Guess he’ll be needing a little help then . . .

Helping Hand by Karen Jephson (NC-17)
Buffy needs help. Who else should she turn to but her watcher?

Helpless by Kattie (PG-13)
A small spin on Helpless. Let's just say that Travers picked up on the fact that Giles doesn't love Buffy like a daughter.

Helpless Love by Arkin (PG-13)
There's been waaay too much pain and suffering this past little while. Let the healin' (and the lovin' ;-) begin!

Helpless Part II by Heir to Shadow (PG-13)
Giles returns to England after being fired in Helpless

Helpless? Not Quite... by Jacqui (NC-17)
Just what did happen after Travers snubbed Buffy and fired poor Giles? Emotions are running high. Very high... man... *ehem...* is it hot in here?

Helplessly Devoted by Psychic Raven (PG-13)
Another wonderful fic based on the wonder that is "Helpless". Sigh.

Her Giles by Shawna (PG-13)
After another fight with Riley, Buffy realizes she loves Giles! What will she do and how will Giles react?

Here today... by Renee (PG-13)
Buffy gets an unexpected visitor on the job.

The Hero by Gail Christison (PG-13)
Buffy is in trouble, but look... it's a black knight to the rescue. Whoever could it be?

The High Cost of Living by Northlight (PG-13)
Buffy learns, all to late, of the horrible price for her long life. ***WARNING, NOT THE HAPPIEST OF FICS***
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Higher Education by Holly (NC-17)
Riley is having some difficulty understanding his girlfriend and goes to the one person he assumes knows her better than anyone. Does this "person" perhaps know a little too well?

His Eyes Don't Deceive by Susan (PG13)
Buffy puts some thought into just why she recognized Giles as the Fyarl demon

Hold Me by Dword (G)
It's Buffy's twentieth birthday, and unlike Joss I know the meaning of HAPPY Birthday.

Home Sweet Home by Mac (NC-17)
A glimpse into the beautiful future of Buffy and Giles. Short, sweet and sexy :)

Homeward by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
When Giles leaves for England, Buffy realizes something (Guess what ;-).

Honestly by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
A truth spell renders Buffy and Giles (what else?) incapable of telling a lie. Interesting new tid-bits come to light.

Honesty is the Best Policy by Renee (PG-13)
Willow is up to her old magic tricks this time it's a truth spell.

How'd It Happen? by Gibberish (PG-13)
Giles is injured... it's embarrassing.

The Hurt Series by Tic (PG-13)
Buffy has finally admitted to herself what she's been hiding for so long. Could the emotional upheaval prove too much when the center of her world comes desparately close to being taken?

I asked first by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
Buffy finds Giles with another woman. Let jealousy ring!

I Can't by Marta Jadczyk (PG)
Buffy finds Giles' journal and, suprisingly, doesn't go wiggy.

I Knew I Loved You by Renee (PG)
Buffy catches Giles' performance in a club.

I know by Princess Slayer (PG)
Buffy and Giles end up, inadvertently, wearing complementing Halloween attire. Where will this lead, I wonder?

I Need You by Buffy_Giles (G)
What did Travers leave in his wake when he departed the library that day?

I Turn To You by Sara Jung (PG)
Buffy invites Giles for some Bronzin'. Ripper outfit and a song lead to revelations :)

I Was Born to Be Yours by Andrea (NC-17)
Buffy is upset. Then badness = goodness.

I'm impressed. by Gabriele Schulz (R)
Xander and Giles must stay at the Summers' residence. A great little fic with some Xander/Joyce, but a lot of B/G. And if you really think about it a Xander/Joyce pairing kills two of the most often referred to Buffy and Giles pairings with one massive stone ;-)

The Ice Cream Series by Holly (R)
What happened after the prom? I predict warm fuzziness. (unfinished)

If Ever by JBG (PG-13)
Buffy makes some decisions regarding her life with Giles. This fic is just too sweet :)

If I Should Die This Very Moment by Lacy (PG)
My short, slight alteration of the ending of "The Gift."
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

If I Should Die Tonight by Dusty (PG-13)
A brush with the Reaper helps Buffy realize just how much Giles actually means to her.

If this isn't love by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy explores the world of emotional upheaval as her worst (only recently realised) fear manifests itself in reality.
WARNING/NOTE: Tears, desperation, suicide. If any of these are disturbing to you (and you don't like to be disturbed ;-) don't read this one. (There's B/R sex! Though the B/R shippers won't like it.)

If Wishes Were Horses by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Dawn wants to learn to ride and for Buffy to go with her. Buffy and horses are unmixy things. Giles helps out. Bonding ensues.

If You Want To You Can by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
A response to a challenge at Dria14's site Buffy and Giles: The Good Couple Buffy's just about ready to go into the light. However, there's this one person who ain't lettin' her go.

The Illusions Series by Megan (PG)
Buffy is faced with a choice. Either way a sacrifice will have to be made. What will she decide and will her choice be the right one? (unfinished)

Imitation by Lily2332 (NC-17)
Wesley is determined to do a better job, now that he's been assigned again to Post: Buffy Summers. It proves to be a little harder and more costly than initially assesed.

In Dreams I Walk With You by Queen Boadicea (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles are sharing dreams across the ocean.
WARNING/NOTE: Contains character death (not B or G), hints of non-consensual sex, anal sex and bondage

The In the End Series by Cap (PG)
Somebody's been having some fun. Wonder who it is ;-)

Infidelity by Moonstone1520 (PG)
Giles comes home to a heartbreaking surprise.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Injuries by GylzGirl (PG-13)
Set shortly after Revelations Giles and Buffy lay it all out on the table and the result just may turn out to be quite delectable.

Insane by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Just a sweet scene between two people who are insanely in love.

Inspiration by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me .A different take on "Dopplegangland." Buffy and Giles come back instead of Willow. Mucho property damage ensues ;-)

Intimate Intervention by Gileswench (NC-17)
Buffy fears that she's shutting down emotionally. Can the Scoobies help prove her wrong?

Invaded by Evil by Gibberish (NC-17)
Buffy is stalked by an incubus, which inevitably shifts it's plot to encompass Giles. Ha! Like she'll let that happen.
WARNING/NOTE: Violence, issues of rape.

The Is It Just Me...? Series by Bethany A. Hall (PG-13)
A little favor leads to happiness and... lots of babies?!

Issues by Gibberish (NC-17)
Giles sets out to defend Buffy's honor. On top of scaring the S*** out of that bastard who shall remain nameless there comes a little extra bonus.

It Happened Slowly by Bernadette Bradley (G)
Buffy muses about how and why she and Giles got together.

It was a dark and stormy night... by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
...and Buffy and Giles need somewhere to hold up for the night. Hmmm... that abandoned warehouse over there looks fitting.

It's About Time by bma (R)
Giles needs *the* talk with Buffy to talk about the past year and his feelings. When Buffy stands him up to be with Riley, he cannot keep the anger to himself any longer...

It's All Your Fault by Dien the Acolyte (PG-13)
Alanis helps Buffy and Giles deal with their new feelings.

It's the way you make me feel by Seeker182 (NC-17)
A drunken Giles, a not so drunk Buffy - sparks fly.

It's Weird by Tevye (NC-17)
In this doozey of a fan-fic a painful jealousy overtakes Buffy when a girl of her own age asks her watcher out.

I’m Going Home by Carmilla (PG)
Set shortly after Becoming, Buffy comes back home to the person she's missed most. I wonder who that could be...

Joan by Queen Boadicea (NC-17)
What if Buffy had woken up next to Giles in "Tabula Rasa"?
WARNING/NOTE: Character death (not B or G); W/X subtext

Just Giles by Holly (NC-17)
Buffy's been doing a little "taking for granted" and Giles is gonna' show her what for.

Just the Person On My Own by Arkin (NC-17)
Strange, alternate universe Giles comes to our world, but things aren't all about happy, fluffy reunions.... in fact that's not what it is at all. Read on'.
WARNING/NOTE: Character death, AU Giles/Willow sex!!!

Just When You Thought It Was Safe... by Renee (PG-13)
When Giles and Buffy start to get cosy, Angelus decides to screw things up.

The Killer in Me (Missing Camping Scene) by Trixie John (NC-17)
Buffy heads out to the desert to talk over the big events of the day.

The Kiss by Lily2332 (PG-13)
Truth or dare. It serves Giles right, playing with teenagers and one irritated vamp.

Kiss and Tell by Iocaste (NC-17)
Buffy tells Giles of an experience she's had. Quite vividly.

A Kiss Becomes The Kiss by Gibberish (PG)
Buffy does it. C'mon now. What happens???

A Kiss is Just a Kiss by Andrea (PG)
Buffy and Giles. Patrolling together after more than a year of lack in that department. What happens there is some serious bonding [I was going to say bondage, but that's entirely different]. (unfinished)

Knock by Gileswench (NC-17)
When Buffy's frustrations reach their peak a little "talk" with Giles could prove very beneficial.

Knowing by Sha (NC-17)
Would Giles have known it was her on that fateful eve?

Knowledge is Power by Lily2332 (R)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me Willow casts a spell to help Buffy see what life would've been like without Angel.

Laid to Rest by Sandra Pascoe (PG)
Buffy and Giles try to lay a ghost to rest... both literally and metaphorically.

The Last Dance by Gail Christison (NC-17)
An alternate reality epilogue to Pangs. Buffy is having some issues and Giles helps her resolve.

The Last Love Song Trilogy by Princess Slayer (PG)
It's the year 2018 and young Grace Whittaker has come to Sunnydale, CA in search of a few pieces to the puzzle that is her past. What she finds could bring more to light than she could've ever imagined possible.

Leave Your Hat On by MidnightGirl (PG-13)
Giles is the instigator of some creatively erotic nekkid nookie. RATED PG-13

Lessons Learned at Last by Miss Witch and GilesFan (PG-13)
A much needed epilogue to Dirty Girls, setting right what Marti and the others have made oh so wrong.

Let It Snow by Renee (PG-13)
Buffy and Dawn visit Giles in England...

Let's Change Everything by Dria14 (G)
It's the Sunnydale High class of '99's 10th reunion. Feel the love people!

The Letter by Marta Jadczyk (PG)
A new slayer inadvertantly helps Buffy come to her senses.

A Letter Read Under an LA Streetlamp and Carried for a Hundred Years by Dezdemona (G)
Doesn't the title summarize thing one? ;-) Yes, I suppose it does. What else is there to say? Just read on, my friend.

Letting Go by Morrwen (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles have grown apart, but when someone wants to kill Giles, nothing can keep them from reuniting... (unfinished)

Letting go by Watchers Slayer (NC-17)
Giles returns from England intending just to be near Buffy but she finds out about his true feelings and gets scared.

The Liberation of Wesley by Gibberish (NC-17)
Wesley has been kidnapped by the council and some unlikely folks hope on the bandwagon to help get him back.

Lightening Strikes by Seeker182 (NC-17)
Willow dabbles in magic again. The spell goes a little wrong, the result though couldn't be better.

The Link by Selenay (PG-13)
Willow attempts to cast a spell but it goes quite wonderfully wrong. Choas (of the good) ensues.

Listening by Kim Wylie (PG)
Buffy and Giles share some quality time after Olivia goes "Hasta la vista..." baby.

Listing by Holly (NC-17)
Willow's been meddling with the magic again. What has she gotten herself into this time?

A Little Bit More by Tagmus (NC-17)
Giles has temporary amnesia when a song reminds him of the days events.

A Little Favor by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
Giles is dying and Buffy asks for a little favor.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Little Girl Lost by Josiah Rose (PG-13)
Joyce reflects upon life, love and her daughter.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

A Little While Longer by Darcy Galvan (PG-13)
Dealing with tragedy is, of course, very difficult. Especially when you can't find anyone or anything to blame but yourself; no matter how wrongly. The most important thing in times like these is having support from those you love. In this tale Buffy gets a little added bonus.

Lolita by Rainne (NC-17)
Smut. And more smut. In the library. After hours. Season one, even. Oh, and a teensy bit of s&m but nothing heavy. Oh, and... uh... probably a little something statutory. If it squicks you out... deal.

The Long and Restless Night by Shawna (PG-13)
When Giles is nearly killed in a fight, Buffy finally sees just how much he means to her

The Longest Night by Amy (PG)
They had their dance at the Prom. The proverbial fork in that road and the path taken leads them down the road to divinity.

Love in Motion by Jacinta and Tagmus (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles are on a trip to Europe. So many places to visit (and make love in/on ;) (unfinished)

Love in the Roses by Sha (NC-17)
Yippie! It's a scavenger hunt made 'specially for Giles. Hmm... wonder what he'll find?

Love to death by Anne (NC-17)
After a demon attack Buffy nurses Giles and Joyce nurses Ethan. Things heat up, but not enough for Ethan who casts a love spell on Buffy and Giles, who lose all control. The results are nearly fatal...
WARNING/NOTE: graphic violence; non-consensual sex; sexual torture

Lucky by Beth C. (PG-13)
Tragedy brings our fave two to the culmination of perfection... kinda'... aside from the tragedy.

Lucky Charm by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Giles and Buffy head to Atlantic City for Watcher/Slayer training and when they hit the casino Giles wins more than just money.

Magi Bad, Giles Pretty by Arkin (PG)
Buffy's having some issues with the "Evil Bitch Monster of Death." Giles steps in.

Majick by Janine Ose (PG)
Buffy gets herself into a bit of trouble and Giles has to get her out. A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me.

The Maneuvers series by Arkin (PG)
Buffy is living with Giles, fighting the ultimate fight against the worst enemy of all - his new honey. TAKE COVER!!!

Masquerader by Surnia (R)
Faith is having a little too much fun in the new digs. Too bad Buffy's not there to enjoy.

The Master's Legacy by Gibberish (NC-17)
That wacky evil thing has gone and left something behind. It ain't pretty... actually, I guess some might say it is. It'd depend on what specifically you happen to be referring. (unfinished)
WARNING/NOTE: Sort of Dark Characters' deaths (sort of)

The Matchmaker by Karen Jephson and GylzGirl (NC-17)
Giles is leaving. Buffy is sad. What is a lovestruck vampire to do?

Matchmaker, Matchmaker by Adrian (PG-13)
Willow can see things about her friends that they can't quite see themselves. In this story she puts that knowledge to good use.

May I Have This Dance? by Renee (PG-13)
Buffy plucks up the courage to ask Giles to escort her to a dance, someone lurking nearby has other plans however.

Meant to Be by Viv (NC-17)
When Buffy finds out that Giles loves her, she decides to make them both happy in this Valentine story.

Memories by Selenay (G)
Times change and so do relationships. Many years in the future, Buffy has a little surprise for her honey.

Midnight by Duchess Stephanie (PG-13)
Buffy's POV explores the fantastical

A Mile In His Moccasins by Gileswench (NC-17)
When Buffy and Giles switch bodies, they both learn to see things from a different perspective.

Milestones by Karen Jephson (G)
Graduation Day. The end of an era. And the beginning of a new one for Buffy and Giles.

Mind Games by Cassandra (NC-17)
Giles doesn't know what to do. He can't find Buffy and he feels like a failure. Oh, hey now! This is the perfect time to mess with him just a liiittle bit more.

Mistaken Roommate by Sea Nymph Kali (R)
Buffy and Giles are getting closer until he catches her with another man. That's at least what he thinks.

Mistaken Vows by Lily2332 (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles are falling in love. Love is a long, slow road. (unfinished)

Mistletoe and Wine by Kerry Blackwell (G)
Way in the future the Scooby gang and their children and grand-children celebrate christmas.

A Misunderstanding by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy's new beau catches her and Giles in a rather bizarre and compromising situation. However, this misunderstanding could prove very beneficial.

Moment by Moment by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
A moment between friends turns into so much more. (unfinished)

A Moment in Time by WinterViolet24 (PG)
Buffy has Giles. Giles has Buffy. There's a beach, it's beautiful, but is it real or illusion?
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Moments Like These by Mac (R)
Buffy and Giles have created for themselves a wonderous future, very unlike the way in which they live now. (unfinished)

More by Jae Kayelle (PG-13)
Giles makes absolutely sure that Joyce gets on her flight okay so that... well, you know.

More Spells by Kat_the_Vampyre (NC-17)
Willow dabbles with a spell again and the outcome isn't quite what she and Buffy expected. But this time, Ethan has a hand in it.

Morning Love by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles, the morning after their first night...

Mother's Day by Jullez (R)
Giles and Buffy celebrate a significant day. And nothing bad happens.

Moving On by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy takes a little introspective moment to reflect upon the events in "Faith, Hope & Trick." She loses Hope and gains some faith in a new something... or someone (could I get cheesier? ;-).

Mrs. Rupert Giles by Holly (NC-17)
With Giles' green card in jeopardy a 'marriage of convenience' seems like the only reasonable option.

Mute by Selenay (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles are rendered incapable of speach. They're stuck together and neither can make a peep. Jeez! What else can they possibly share?

My Boyfriend Rupert by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy tells her father a little lie and has to ask Giles to pose as her boyfriend...a role he fulfills to perfection. B/G

My Deal by Holly (NC-17)
There's some strip poker -a- happenin' and Giles wants to play. Let's see how far the game goes.

My Hero by Pamela Thompson (NC-17)
A happy, smutty, plotless encounter...

My Secret Valentine by Psychic Raven (PG-13)
It's that one day of the year when the heart rules the head. And Buffy just got a mysterious letter in the mail. I wonder who it could be from...

My Watcher, My Slayer by Savage (NC-17)
A wonderful day at the beach and a little push from her best friend prompts Buffy to make the move...

Nature Lovers by Ruth (PG-13)
Where is Giles going on a sunny Sunday morning? The gang are surprised: so is Buffy....

Necessities by Darcy Galvan (G)
What if Buffy had walked in on Giles singing (in the Yoko Factor) instead of Spike? Ah, imagine the possibilities... oh wait! You don't have to! Read on my friend. Read on.

The Need Series by Gibberish and Holly (PG-13)
Part 1: There is something amiss at Sunnydale High (but when isn't there?) and seemingly only the men are being effected by whatever it is that's causing this disturbance. Tempers and libidos are running high and of course you know our favorite librarian is all man ;-) RATED PG Part 2 (a stand-alone sequel): A time portal is opened connecting the scooby gang's future to it's present. Part 1 is "Science Can Be Fun," so if you're wondering where that went just click on the above link and it'll take you right where you want to be. RATED TV-14 (unfinished)

Never Let Go by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
They were going to talk, but Buffy stood him up. *Ding! Ding!* Sit back and watch the match begin.

Never Say Die by Sha (R)
Giles is faced with the worst possible kind of adversity: the death of his life. The death of his slayer. He can't see straight. He can't think straight. He thinks he's lost hope, but it's just hiding.
WARNING/NOTE: In my little world, Oz never left. However, the rest has happened so spoilers for season 4 abound.

Never You by Anathema (PG-13)
There's a Halloween party and the gang goes out to a shindig at the Bronze. The only problem is, Buffy and Giles are wearing the exact same costume. Oh! The horror!

The New Watcher Series by MidnightGirl (R)
Buffy's 1st day of college turns out to be a little more complicated than Joss planned. Watch out for a new watcher! And she's a... she?

Nine Hours In Sunnydale by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Cordy's in town from LA, Xander and Joyce are gettin' freaky, Willow gets thrown in the slammer, there's a new baddie on the lose and Buffy and Giles can't concentrate worth beans. Well, except on each other, that is. That's the hellmouth for ya!

Nobody Else by Denorios (PG-13)
A small episode addition to What’s My Line. Is it just me or did Buffy seem kind of jealous of Giles and Kendra? Hmmm, the possibilities....

Not Always In The Eyes by GylzGirl (NC-17)
A depressed Buffy comes to Giles after the events of "Who Are You?"

Not even close by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy tries, yes, she tries very, very hard to seduce her watcher. Clueless much? Get it together G'man!

Not Even The Rain by Denorios (NC-17)
What to say? An absolutely beautifully written tale of how Buffy and Giles got together told from their own point of view.

The Not Just a Watcher Anymore Series by Andrea (G)
Could it be? *Gasp* Buffy is seeing Giles in a whole new light. Thank God for Ethan. (unfinished)

Not On My Watch by Cap (NC-17)
Quentin Travers is back in town carrying some not so happy news for Giles and the gang. (unfinished)

Not While I'm Around by GylzGirl (PG-13)
Time stands still. There are no words to describe the pure anguish that is felt when seeing something as horrible as this happen to a loved one. Will they be saved? Will confessions be made? Will it all end in pain or warm fuzzies?

Not Yet by Katyd (NC-17)
Based on a challenge by the lovely Holly, Giles is chained to his bed... naked. Oh please! Oh please, let her find him!

The "Nothing" Series by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles develope a physical relationship before realizing that their needs extend much further.

Oceans and Sunrises by Mydnyght (PG)
The way we all would've liked Prom to turn out.

Oddly Colored Life by Gibberish (PG)
A Buffy/VR.5 crossover story. Sydney is trapped and Oliver needs the slayerette's help.

Of Scars and Nightmares by Arkin (PG-13)
A night of strange influencial dreams pushes the ex-wather and his slayer in the right direction.

On Lonely Nights, You Can See Forever by Arkin (PG)
All I can tell you (without giving it away) is that there is a loss. DEFINITE tissue warning. Yes, this one turned solo84 (being me) into a heaving basketcase.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Once, Twice, Three times a Daddy! by Nikki Dutton (NC-17)
Giles would make a perfect father. For Willow and Tara it's obvious, Buffy on the other hand...

One Good Vamp Deserves Another by Renee (PG-13)
Giles comes back from England with a suprise, but not a pleasant one.
WARNING/NOTE: includes character turned into vampire

One Long Summer by Tevye (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles find themselves in LA... at the same time. How on earth did this happen? Could it perhaps be because they're fated? You know, kismet and all that? (unfinished)

One Month And One Day by Morrwen (PG-13)
Buffy asks the impossible of Giles to repair their broken relationship. Can she see what she is really doing not only to him but both of them?

One More Time by Gileswench (R)
It's hard to take a chance when you've been hurt. Sometimes love takes a little courage.

One Night by Lily2332 (PG-13)
There are big changes on the horizon, and Giles has one night to make Buffy his before he loses her.

One Second Sooner by Jenn (PG-13)
Alternative ending to "Tabula Rasa".
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

One Sweet Day by Veronique (PG)
Buffy is thinking about her time with Giles while standing at his grave sometime in the future.
WARNING/NOTE: Character Death Not the happiest of fics.

One Sweet Day by Renee (PG-13)
Buffy asks Giles to a picnic.

One Word by Darcy Galvan (PG-13)
What if Giles not only left his Ripper days behind when he became a Watcher. What if he left a son?

Only A Song by Ophelia (PG)
Giles has one a' them divine revelations. Now he must find a way to repress. Damn that Springsteen, sucking him out of a perfectly good wallow.

The Only by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Giles goes missing. Buffy has to find him.

Overheard Conversations by Kat_the_Vampyre (PG)
Snyder helps Buffy and Giles realize a few things... inadvertently of course.

Oz's Observations by Cap (R)
The gang sets out to collectively find Giles a woman. Oz's mind seems to be straying from the widely accepted criteria... or could he just be right on target?

The Parallels Series by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Giles' true feelings are forced to the surface in a parallel universe, where his relationship with Buffy is considerably different.

Parting Gifts by Luisa (R)
Giles leaves gifts for all the Scoobies when he leaves. Unfortunately the gift he intended to leave his Slayer travels to England with him, and the present she opens turns out to be some rather private letters revealing well-hidden feelings. We all know Buffy loves Giles, but what will she do with her newfound knowledge that he loves her back?

Partners In All Things by Gibberish (NC-17)
Buffy is impregnated by... something. She doesn't know what or who and she hasn't done anything that would warrant it since Angel. And he can't even have childred. Perplexed and distraught she turns to Giles. Is he the cause or the solution?

Paths by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
A mysterious book, of the non-compensatory variety, sheds light on possibilities that were, never before, seriously considered.

Patrol by Janine Ose (NC-17)
Care for a little late-nigth rendez vous?

The Paul and Roger Universe by Rari Coss (R)

The Payback Series by Elle (NC-17)
Buffy discovers Riley has been cheating on her back in Iowa with an old girlfriend. She turns to Giles for comfort. But Riley wants revenge...
WARNING/NOTE: Beware if you like Riley!

Paycheck by Rari Coss (NC-17)
Buffy goes to England for Giles' birthday and more in this funny, romantic and sexy tale.

Peace by Gabriele Schulz (G)
Buffy searchs for answers to questions long considered.

The Penny Series by Psychic Raven (PG-13)
After another jealous outburst from Riley, Buffy seeks comfort with coffee, only to have Willow open her eyes to her true feelings for Giles. Yay! (unfinished)

Picnic by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy, Giles, Xander and Joyce go out on a little picnic. A trifle bit of mayhem insues and burried feelings surface. Note: A bit of a departure for me in the posting department, I just had to do it because the B/G element was so strong, long -n- good, but if a Xander/Joyce pairing offends you at all (though, I can't imagine why) then I'd advise you to look the other way.

Picnic at Breaker's Woods by Christine Parfitt (PG-13)
The extended Scooby gang have a picnic at Breaker's woods to celebrate Buffy's 20th birthday. Wackiness ensues.

Picture Imperfect by T.C. Healy (NC-17)
Buffy and Riley are off to the photo booth, but someone's mind is elsewhere. (Stemming from a challenge on the Gilesnaughty list, by listmom Gylzgirl).

A Plague on Both Your Houses by Renee (PG-13)
During the events of Bargaining Buffy and Giles do the end of Romeo and Juliet.
WARNING/NOTE: Suicide a major theme (You know how Romeo & Juliet ended, right kids?)

Pleasant consequences by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
A little ditty set just after "Earshot."

Pleasant Realisations by Mick (NC-17)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me There's some hussy in Giles' apartment and said hussy doesn't seem all that pleased at Buffy's sudden presence.

Please Come Home by Miss Witch (NC-17)
Buffy's having nightmares. Dawn decides to call the one person who can help.

Poof by manic (NC-17)
Yet again the Hellmouth messes with Buffy and Giles and the only way out is to... have sex. Gotta love the Hellmouth. (unfinished)

Possession by Jacqui (PG-13)
Buffy makes a wee little wrong move with the slayage and gets herself into quite the predicament. She can always trust Giles, though. With nothing less than her life.

Post Ascension Library Fic by Cap (PG)
The gang make some interesting observations about our favorite couple.

Post-Slay Report by Rainne (NC-17)
Slaying makes you hungry and horny...

Pot Luck Kareoke by Jacqui (NC-17)
After a summer of bliss Giles breaks up with Buffy. Will they get back together? And what role does kareoke play in it?

The Power of Realization by bma (PG)
Buffy remembers how she finally realized that Giles is her true love.

Powerful by Laura Smith (NC-17)
Set shortly after Becoming II, Giles is dispairing. He cannot find Buffy and the city he's in at the moment doesn't seem any more promising.

Primal Need by Sha (PG-13)
Going mad. Want mate now.

Private Lives by Ananda (PG)
Buffy and Giles, now divorced, meet each other on the honeymoon with their new partners. Are they still in love?

Problem Solved by Holly (NC-17)
Buffy discovers Giles in the most unusual (yet yummy) type of compromise.

The Promise by Janine Ose (PG)
In the aftermath of the Ascension Buffy and Giles are left to pick up the pieces and start a new.

The Promises Series by The Coot (R)
Buffy and Giles are together, but the coucil... damn them! Damn them all to heeeeell!!! Well, you get the picture. They are the harbingers of much badness (unfinished)

The PS Series by Jullez (PG-13)
Wackiness ensues in the training room... :) (unfinished)

Pure Fantasy by JBG (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles in the sweetest of scenarios. Float off to dreamland everyone! And be darn happy about it.

Push and Pulling and Tasting by Kessica (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles relationship changed after the events on her 18th birthday...

Quality Time by Ananda (PG)
Buffy is having some serious issues with Olivia, but is it truly Olivia that's the problem?

Rain by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Rain. Woods. Cabin. Sprained ankle. (Gail's too polite to put hot sex in that list ;)

Rapture by solo84 (NC-17)
Buffy is lost and turns to the one person, she knows, will understand.

Rayning Ethan by Heir to Shadow (NC-17)
Ethan sets out to break up the scoobies, Giles and Buffy

Real Life, the Toughest Demon Yet by Sha (PG-13)
The gang has to fight that nasty demon that we all know far too well. Go gang!

The Real Story by Janine Ose (G)
The Buffy/Giles relationship reflected over the years from an outside perspective. Makes ya think.

The Recognition Series by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Post-Grave epilogue of the B/G kind :-)

The Release Series by The Coot (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles confront and confort when faced with their own personal issues. (unfinished)

Remember Buffy and Giles' Jelly's by Cap (R)
There's only one jelly left and all hell brakes loose. The fire gets a little too hot.

The Rememberance of Things to Come Series by Arkin (PG-13)
Buffy is having nightmares about a certain someone and seeks comfort from that certain someone.
WARNING/NOTE: chapter 14 of "Rememberance of Things to Come" guest written

The Requiem Series by Princess Slayer and Calliope (PG-13)
After Giles' death Buffy realizes just how much he meant to her. Then things get worse...

Researching Frustration by Sha (NC-17)
Buffy. Giles. Sexual tension. A LOT of sexual tension...

Reunion by Kathy L (PG)
A fic coping with the happenings of "This Years Girl." How does Buffy get her body back? -With a B/G twist-

Rifts by Belinda (NC-17)
Giles was more upset than he thought, & Joyce takes matters into her own hands. Oh, if only she knew.

The Right Place at the Right Time by Lily2332 (NC-17)
Giles has sacrificed so much for Buffy, as we all know. Now it's Buffy's turn. He wants something and gosh darn it! She's gonna' give it to him (get your minds out of the gutter... but only for a little while ;-)

Tenderly Ripped Apart by Cap (NC-17)
Glistening bodies and swealtering heat. Buffy and Giles are trapped in a very confined space... together. The heat's getting to them and the maintainance of any kind of resolve becomes extremely difficult.

Ripper au Natural by Holly (NC-17)
Another stunning answer to that brilliant heatwave question. Let's get 'im outta' that tweed!

Ripper's Girl by Holly (NC-17)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me On Halloween, it's Ripper's turn to be flustered. Of course, you know that doesn't last for long. I wonder who this elusive girl is... hmmm...

Ripper's Redemption by Gibberish (NC-17)
Ripper's back and Buffy doesn't seem to mind ;-)

Ripper’s Christmas Carol by Karen Sanderson (PG-13)
Ripper get's a wake-up call. Three unwelcome guests and a choice. To have her or to have nothing. Hmmm...

Rocky Horror by Renee (PG-13)
Another demon has come to town and the gang is forced to sing again, this time however it's not their innermost thoughts they're forced to perform.

Rose Tint My World by Gileswench (NC-17)
A midnight screening of Rocky Horror leads to absolute pleasure.

Running Away by Shawna (PG-13)
Faced with tragedy Buffy once again decides to run away, but this time she leaves Giles a letter - and a confession...

Sacrifice by Anne (NC-17)
Giles cannot live without Buffy and sacrifices himself to bring her back. But who's to say that she can live with that?

Safe by Josiah Rose (NC-17)
Distracted with life issues Giles neglects Buffy *gasp!* for a moment and all hell breaks loose.
WARNING/NOTE: Violence, bad language

Saving Grace by Lacy (NC-17)
What happens after "Grave". Everything changes.

Saying Goodbye by Ricca (PG)
Jesus! What is that!? Kill it! Kill it! Oh wait... that's just Buffy taking Giles' feelings into consideration. I'm frightened of new things. (summary by solo84)

Scary Movie by Gileswench (NC-17)
It's dangerous to take Buffy to a horror film. Giles does anyway ;)

Season of Giving by GylzGirl (PG-13)
Someone's decided to play Santa and Sunnydale becomes a warm, happy, fuzzy place. Well, kinda'.

Second Chances by Rari Coss (R)
Giles dies. Ethan brings him back, but he’s not the Giles Buffy knew.

Secrets Told, Promises Made by Karen Jephson (G)
Giles is forced to confess something that he'd hoped never to reveal.

Seeing Isn’t Always Believing by Selenay (PG-13)
A demon kill gone wrong forces all to deal with some very tough consequences, but watch out for that enlightenment!

Self Control by Ananda (PG)
There's a school play and Giles is directing. Buffy wants a part. Casting couch anyone? I could go for that.

Selfish by Moonstone1520 (PG)
The Scoobs are sick of Buffy and Giles being blind so they take matters into their own hands.

Semper Ubi Sub Ubi by Ashley (PG-13)
Buffy comes to her senses during lessons with Giles

Send in the Clowns by Dusty (PG)
Buffy has a rather disturbing dream and Giles is the only one in town to whom she can logically vent. *Sigh* He'll have to do, I suppose.

Serendipity by Elle (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles are stranded in a haunted house.

Seven Days of Mercy by Arkin (PG)
Joyce leaves town and Buffy is left in Giles' care. And boy does he care.

The Sew the Chicken Series by Kim Wylie (NC-17)
Ahhh, jealousy. In some cases (especially this one) it can be a good thing.

Shadowfall by Surnia (NC-17)
Ethan's back in town with a present for good old Rupert. Might it do more good than harm?

Shall We Dance by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Buffy. Giles. Dancing. Together. Close. Closer...

Shattered by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
A devastating event leaves Buffy's emotions raw and exposed.
WARNING/NOTE: violence, angst

Shock by Gibberish (PG-13)
Giles has a one night stand, and Buffy has quite the conniption.

Show Me by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy confronts Giles about his plans to leave her.

Shower by Christine Parfitt (NC-17)
Buffy walks in on a wet and naked Giles in the shower and is pleased to say the least... ;)

Sick ‘Em, Ripper! by Jacqui (G)
The Council introduces the threat, but then again, don't they always? The bastards! (unfinished)

Sight Unseen by Crystal Paulk (NC-17)
Worried about how he left things, Giles searches for Buffy. He finds her, but is it too late? (Alternate ending to Tabula Rasa)

Silence is Golden by Cap (G)
A different take on what happened after the Buffy/Angel dance at "Prom."

Simple Truth by Gibberish (PG-13)
Ethan casts a spell. The truth for 24 hours. Can the Scoobies manage without tearing apart the binds of the gang?

Simplicity by Saint Buffy (NC-17)
Buffy's fed up with the pain and confusion which has been her love life. Giles steps in to make things simple...

Sing to Me? by Lis (PG-13)
After her mother's funeral Buffy can't stay at home and goes to Giles...

Single White Slayer by Gileswench (PG-13)
Watcher, Single. Slayer, Single. What to do? Maybe personal ads will lead both to the perfect partner.

The Skating Lessons by Sha (PG-13)
Giles has no idea how to skate and Buffy decides it's her turn to give him some learnin'.

Sketches by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me. If you'd like to see the image that inspired it please go there. Cordelia needs some help with a project of hers and Buffy decides to pitch in... Giles' reaction is more than apparent from the start.

Skin Deep by MidnightGirl (R)
The feisty slayer and her deceptively stuffy watcher are off to get themselves twin tattoos. It's for the cause... really.

Slayer in Need by Jack Caynon and Nikki Dutton (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles go on their first romantic trip together and things get very steamy.

Slayer, Not Candy by ASHRipperGirl (PG-13)
What if Buffy confronted Giles about what happened with he and Joyce when they were under the influence of that cursed candy? Could it lead to something much more interesting?

Sleep Over by Omega h (NC-17)
Buffy needs a place to lay her pretty little head and Giles doesn't seem all that averse to the idea of her crashing at his humble abode. You can bet he won't regret it...

Sleeping Beauty by Ivana_fox (PG)
Buffy is in a coma and only one thing can save her...

Slight Variations by Dria14 (PG)
Earshot re-writen by a B/G 'Shipper imbued with all the subtle (and not so subtle) nuances we'd all love to see when it finally airs. Danger Will Robinson!

Slip of the Tongue by Saint Buffy (NC-17)
Buffy accidentally says, well, what she means. And it just happens to translate into B/G goodness :)

The Slips Series by Arkin (PG)
Both Buffy and Giles reveal secrets long and carefully hidden.

Slow Burn by Lily2332 (NC-17)
Buffy is feeling frustrated with her less than satisfying relationships. Oh dear, it seems as though Giles may have to teach her something more.
WARNING/NOTE: Buffy/Riley, and Giles/Olivia, but only briefly.

Slutty Much? by Lily2332 (PG)
Giles has taken issue to Buffy's behavior of late. Oh dear. I can sense the tension building. He's about ready to blow!

Smooth by Jae Kayelle (G)
Giles is having a little fun, so Buffy starts havin' a little fun. Why not have fun together??

Snow and Fire by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Buffy finds out about an amulet hidden in the High Sierras which could protect Dawn. Buffy and Giles take a road trip on Christmas eve :-) Snow, Christmas and other adventure abounds :-) And of course, romance.

The Soft Glow of Night by GylzGirl (NC-17)
Buffy's POV, some reflections on the aftermath of Harsh Light of Day. *

The Soliloquies for Those I have Lost Series by Duchess Stephanie (PG-13)
The Ascension has past with a considerably less triumphant end.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Someone by Tevye (PG-13)
Riley's death hits Buffy hard. Harder still because she's never experienced a trauma quite like it before. The only thing that keeps her there, alive and together are the arms and memory of that of her ever powerful rock. Her ever standing wondrous support system. The only man she's loved utterly.

Someone To Watch Over Me by Sara Jung (PG)
Giles might not be Buffy's official Watcher, but she still needs someone to watch over her.

Something Has To Be Done About Parker Abrams by GylzGirl (R)
Giles is fed up. He can't take it anymore! Buffy is unhappy and there is a damn thing he can do about it.

Somewhere Beyond (Where We Are) by Kelly B (PG)
Giles is ready to head back to Bath after helping Willow. Buffy gets emotional.

Soon by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
Set in the future, Buffy is dead, Giles has remarried, but is soon to follow.
WARNING/NOTE: Buffy is dead!

Soul Mates by Rari Coss (PG-13)
Giles and the gang find a way to bring Buffy back. But should they?

Sound the Deep Waters by Crystal Paulk (NC-17)
Frustrated, angry and confused Buffy goes to London to find her Watcher. She finds someone else. (Manchild Crossover)
WARNING/NOTE: Character death Not the happiest of fics.

Special Friend by Cindy Bowers (PG-13)
Giles has a wee little accident and Buffy is forced to face the horrible... no wait... glorious, truth.

Stay by Kelly B (PG)
After spending several weeks in Sunnydale to help with the recovering Willow, Giles heads back home before truly making peace with Buffy. An unfortunate incident provides them another chance…will they take or leave it?

Sticky Situation by Gileswench (NC-17)
Sure food in bed is fun, but what of the consequences?

The Sting of Love by Sha (PG)
It's a very different and, in some cases, tragic future for the Scooby Gang. When Giles finally becomes fed-up with Buffy's incessant neglect, an ultimatum is set.

Storm by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
It's raining, it's stormy, Giles is worried and Buffy is trapped. In situations when one is trapped a good healthy imagination can work wonders when it comes to calming frayed nerves or perhaps inducing a little sparkage in the deep-seated desires department.

Stormy Revelations by Renee (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles discover they have more in common than they thought.

Straight On Till Morning or Ultramundane by Ananda (PG)
It's the future. Way, way in the future and Buffy and Giles are still saving the lives of many. What is it with those two??? They just *never* stop.

Strange Again by Miss Witch (PG)
Buffy questions which reality was real and wonders if she made the right decision.

Sublime Semblance (My Other Half) by Megan (G)
Giles says goodbye to his love.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the Happiest of fics

Summer Games by Kat_the_Vampyre (PG-13)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me Buffy decides to play with 'Liv's mind just a bit. Doncha' love it?

A Sunnydale Christmas Tale by RebeccaM (NC-17)
This is a wonderful response to Gileswench Christmas Challenge. Read and feel the love :)

Sunrise by Eaglewolf (G)
Sunrise, wind, a peaceful ocean... what could be more perfect for a first kiss?

Sunset by Chrissi (G)
A very short fic about our favourite couple at the end of the day.

Suppose We Die by Arkin (PG)
There's been a fire. God! There's been a fire and Buffy can't find Giles. Where could he be? Is this it?

The Surprise Series by Gail Christison (NC-17)
On a trip to San Francisco Buffy learns a few things about Giles - and her own feelings. Things will never be the same...

Surrender by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
The Council has kidnapped Buffy and Giles. Any reasonably plausible escape is attached to a horrible ultimatum. The choices made could change their lives forever.

Surrender by Kathy L (PG)
Buffy finally deals with her feelings, but is it too late?
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

The Surrogate by Jacqui (PG-13)
When a portal is opened, destinies collide, fates evolve and the Buffy/Giles relationship gets a little shaking up.

Sweet Surrender by Beth C. (PG-13)
Graduation is fast approaching when Buffy and Giles are called, by the Watcher's Council, to Nepal. (unfinished)

A Tale of Two People by Bethany A. Hall (PG)
Buffy and Giles reflect about their past that finally led them to each other

Talking Things Through by JBG (PG-13)
Buffy comes to... does she even know what? And she comes away with something quite similar... but at least it's yummy.

Tea Break by Carmilla (PG)
Have you ever wondered how Buffy and Giles behave before the episode begins? Okay, perhaps the idea was just too strange to contemplate, but observe the perfect answer.

Tea Solves Everything by Queen Tweed (PG-13)
Giles has a hangover, and his Slayer arrives with the perfect cure.

Tell Me A Story by Denorios (PG)
Tell me a story, she had said. He could deny her nothing. He only knew one story he could tell. His own... (It's a sweet B/G fairy tale :)

The Visitor by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Giles has a visitor at his Bath flat. Angst, revelation, transition...

They Can’t Take That Away From Me by Ananda (PG-13)
Giles comes home, only to discover he's lost more than he'd had a chance to acceed.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

A Thing of Evil by Arkin (NC-17)
Simple summary: mindless, happy, giddiness.

Things That Make You Go Hmm... by Elyse C. Perry (PG)
An oldie, but a goodie ;-) Willow helps Giles discover his true feelings for Buffy. ...A sequel to WorstWitch’s "Mesmer"...

Think of Something Cool by G-Woman (G)
A missing scene from "Prophecy Girl." Buffy's off to fight the master, fathomably to her untimely demise and Giles is left behind... unconcious, with Jenny. What happened when he came to?

This I Know by Megan (G)
What if Giles were never Buffy's watcher? What if they'd in fact never met? Can a connection still be said to exist?

This Is Crazy... by Bad Girl of Buffonia (NC-17)
The pleasurable aftermath of a surprising revelation.

The This Man of Honor Series by Duchess Stephanie (R)
Buffy, against everyone's advice, takes on a demon that even she can't control. Giles is the only one who can save her... but at what price?

The This Time Series by GylzGirl (PG-13)
Sometimes life gives you a second chance. But sometimes that's just not enough.... (unfinished)
WARNING/NOTE: Character death

A Thousand Miles by Bek Allen (NC-17)
Four months after Tabula Rasa, Buffy loves Giles. Giles loves Buffy. Giles is still living in England. Can Buffy's "meaningless noise" show Giles just how much she cares?

The Three Days Series by Selenay (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles rise... together... to find themselves in a rather compromising situation. The problem is that neither can remember how they got there...
In "One Year" the story continues as their newfound happiness is threatened once again...

The Three Faces of Buffy by Lacy (PG)
After Riley's departure, Buffy feels like she may never find "the one". Enter some magic books, a spell, and some answers.

Time of My Life by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
A response to a challenge at Dria14's site Buffy and Giles: The Good Couple They depart from boredom (of the Halloweeny variety) and discover bliss.

Timing is Everything by Wickedfox (NC-17)
When you live on a Hellmouth, timing can be everything...
WARNING/NOTE: character death, Not the happiest of fics.

Tinsel by JBG (PG-13)
An annoying Christmas Formal becomes something more. (Mistletoe, mistletoe... I just had to throw that in here :)

To Be Called by Gibberish (R)
Buffy and Giles must fight to keep the path of a little girl's fate out of the hands of the Council.

To Hell with Them by Gibberish (PG)
Walsh is becoming increasingly unpleasant and when Buffy overhears her at her scathing worst, things go the way of the wacky.

To Keep You Company by Savage (R)
Buffy has a little cuddly gift for Giles

To read... by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy gets her hands, not on Giles' journals, but on his stories. This could do (accomplish... whatever) far, far more than the former.

The Together Series by Gibberish (NC-17)
The Ascension is over and Buffy seeks comfort. A definite tissue warning for part 2..

Tomorrow by Gail Christison (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles have it out in a big way, post "Yoko Factor."

Tonight We Dance by solo84 (R)
Repressed passion and desire surfaces in one big explosion of... well, you get the idea.

Too shy by Sara Jung (NC-17)
Look, who's once again come to mess with Giles' life. Ethan gets back Ripper and only Buffy can break the spell...

The Transformations Trilogy by Kris Walberg (NC-17)
In this beautifully written, post-Ascension fic, Buffy, Giles and the gang go through quite a bit. There's a new badass vamp in town and Giles' past is revealed to be rather darker than initially assesed. Hold on to your hats and buckle yourself in. This is gonna' be one heck of a ride! (unfinished)

Trapped by Kat_the_Vampyre (PG-13)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me. Trapped in a rather stuffy crypt emotions, feelings and secretly harbored desires become very difficult to hide.

The Tropical Giles Series by Jacinta (NC-17)
After the defeat of Glory, the Scooby Gang heads off to a tropical paradise where Buffy gets a real "eye-opener" in more ways than one.

Troubles and Bubbles by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles, stranded on a road, bright light to the front! Full speed ahead!

The True Feelings series by Gibberish (NC-17)
Set shortly after Beerbad. Giles is furious, Buffy is clueless, lessons are learned and Parker gets a run for his money.

Truth Boy by Darcy Galvan (PG)
Truthy Giles? Funness abounds.

The Truth Doesn't Always Hurt by Lily2332 (PG-13)
Bound by a truth spell Buffy just may let some crucial info slip.

Truth or Consequences Series by Saber ShadowKitten (R)
Giles and Buffy grow closer together.

Truth or Dare by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles tangle with Dracula and Ethan...much loss of clothing, heat, hot sex, assorted whackiness and of course revelations...

Turning the Pages by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Cordelia, the artist, strikes again. Her series of sketches titled 'Buffy and Rupert' surprises not only Wesley and Angel, but has an immediate and very pleasant effect on Buffy and Giles.

The Twelfth Gift by Darcy Galvan (G)
Someone is building reams of anticipation for our jolly watcher on that merry eve.

Twenty Years Ago by Arkin (R)
Angelus has some plans for Buffy, Giles and the Scooby Gang. You can bet they aren't so good.

Uncontrollable by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Giles shares some friendly banter with Buffy's new beau Michael when she overhears something that... well, that he certainly didn't intend for her to ever discover.

Under The Mistletoe by Gileswench (NC-17)
Don't we just love that particular Christmas tradition?! And we're not exactly adverse to some hot Christmas sex either...

Underlying Truths by Karen Jephson (PG-13)
Buffy comes to grips with a whole new slew of feelings, she never knew she had.

The unfair life of Riley Finn aka 'This Years Man' by Linda B. (R)
Uh oh. Giles and Riley switched bodies. Will Buffy find out? And if so, what will she do?

Uninvited by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy plans a Scooby Gang kayak retreat for Giles' benefit. There's a slight change of plans.

Unmasked by Gibberish (PG-13)

Unsaid Things by Beth C. (PG-13)
Buffy pulls a Carpe Diem. Go Buffy! Finally she gets it.

Vampire by Sharon Jacobs (NC-17)
Poor Giles is *gasp* vamped. Whatever shall we do??? ("I say we party" ~ Buffy in Prophecy Girl) This is definitely one of the classics.

Variation On A Theme by Renee (PG-13)
Buffy's in danger it's SuperGiles to the rescue.

Very Sexy by Gibberish (PG)
Buffy requests an audience with his royal sexiness.

Victoria by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Giles is gonna' go on a date. How could he?! Buffy's just going to have to do something about that.

Victoria's Real Secret by Karen Jephson (NC-17)
Joyce gets some "samples" from a friend of hers. Their inherent value becomes quite apparent, very quickly.

Virtual Encounters by Viv (NC-17)
HotLisa and DarkReaper meet in a chat channel called #hornybrits...

The Voices Carry Series by GylzGirl (R)
Based on a b-day challenge posted by Gabi. Buffy and Giles get a change to quite literally explore each other's mind. What they hear is a little beyond shocking.

The Wacky by Holly (NC-17)
Buffy has a series of disturbing (in a different way) dreams that give her that extra little push
WARNING/NOTE: Joyce/Ethan - Don't say Euww until you read it.

Waiting by Morrwen (PG-13)
After seeing Buffy and Angel together at Joyce' grave Giles thinks that waiting for her is hopeless. He runs into a couple of vammpires not knowing that Buffy just realized that she had always been waiting for him, not Angel. Will Giles live so that she can finally tell him?

Waiting For Eternity by Beth C. (PG)
There's loss, there's pain and there's acceptance.
WARNING/NOTE: Death of a Main Character

Waiting to feel... by Hayley (PG-13)
Post 'Once more with feeling'. For all the BG shippers who hate it that Giles left leaving Buffy to the likes of Spike.
WARNING/NOTE: Suicide attempt

Wake-up Call by Janine Ose (NC-17)
After the evens of G2, Buffy and Giles receive a wake-up call, a nasty but effective one.

Walking In by Saint Buffy (NC-17)
Buffy has an eye-opening experience when she walks in on Giles and a woman. Doing Things.

Wanna’ Bet? by Holly (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles are training in the unbarable heat. You know what that means ;-) Well, maybe not... hmmm... those of you who do, don't spoil it for the others!

Want Ads by Holly (PG)
Giles is still feeling unwanted and Buffy fixes up the perfect scheme to make him feel otherwise.

Wash away by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Icky demon goo leads to naked Giles... how could Buffy resist?

The Watcher Files by Savage (NC-17)
The Council is back with nothing less in mind than Giles' death. Can Buffy save him? (unfinished)

The Watcher/Slayer Series by Gibberish (NC-17)
Giles is to recieve an award in New York, but he can't possibly go alone. *Gasp* Whatever shall he do?!! Oh look! Here comes the slayer to the rescue! (unfinished)

Watching Her by Kathryn Collier (PG-13)
This epic is set just after "Helpless" and Buffy's 18th B-day. Giles invites Buffy on a trip to England, which turns into something more of a soulful journey.

The Watching of the Blind by Kathy L (PG)
What if things continued on the same path they're headed now? What do you think would happen?

The Way It Was Meant To Be by Renee (PG)
An alternative version of Tabula Rasa...

The Way to Go by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Post Primeval, Buffy deals with some issues. You know those issues about her being a total bitca? Yeah, those. Her friends convince her to patch some of the wounds.

The We Belong Series by GylzGirl (NC-17)
The prom ends, people disperse and Buffy and Giles are left to discover. (unfinished)

Wedding Belles by Katyd (NC-17)
Giles is soon to be deported and Buffy just won't have that. She, and the Scoobies, devise a truly devious plan. (unfinished)

What Buffy Told Giles by Sha (PG)
Buffy tells Giles something that's quite a bit more than merely displeasing.

What Did You Say Your Name Was? by Heir to Shadow (NC-17)
Giles is not quite himself, which has dire consequences. Can Buffy and his relationship with her and the other Scoobies survive?

What If I said by Kristen (G)
Misery loves company!

What Shall We Do With A Drunken Slayer? by Jacqui (G)
Buffy gets drunk and has a sudden realization. Now she just has to tell Giles...

What There Is... by Darcy Galvan (G)
Buffy drinks a bottle of water, Giles performs, Riley witnesses training, sparkage.

What Would Happen If We Kiss? by Renee (PG-13)
Buffy attends a fancy dress dance, Giles decides to drop by.

What's a Stevedore? by Karen Jephson (NC-17)
Sounds interesting. How can Buffy extract the answer?

What's Beer Got to do With It by Jack Warren (PG-13)
Giles takes a regressed Buffy back to her room. He feels uncomfortable and wants to leave, but Cave Buffy has other ideas. Meanwhile Xander and Willow are at Xander's place and rediscover feelings they thought no longer existed between them.

What's Past is Prologue by Surnia (NC-17)
Giles is feeling neglected (duh). Ethan's escaped the Initiative (uh oh). They meet up and... get along? Good Lord! And swimmingly at that.

When You Wish Upon An Anya by Karen Jephson (NC-17)
Anya gets her powers back, but everything ain't grand. Let's see how Buffy and Giles fare in an alternate reality, hmmm?

When You're Gone by Selenay (PG)
Giles gets a surprise package. Cryptic enough?

White Knight by Renee (R)
Alternative version of the events between Buffy and Spike in her bathroom.
WARNING/NOTE: Disturbing almost rape scene

Will You Remember Me? by Renee (PG-13)
Buffy has very little time to confess her feelings for Giles before he leaves for England.

Willow's Birthday Wish by Gibberish (NC-17)
Willow, the selfless humanitarian that she is, sacrifices her one birthday wish for the sake of her dear friend who needs it far more than she.

Willow's fire by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Willow's spell freaks out on her, but it just might backfire in a delectably delicious way.

A Winter's Night by Ness (PG)
"The snow is softly fallin'" and Buffy can hear Giles' "voice softly callin'..." sort of ;-)

The Wishes by Gail Christison (G)
Buffy is brought a rather sharp reminder of her perisistent Gilsean neglect. Could this help her redeem herself?

The Wishes Series by JBG (PG-13)
After the events of "Hush", Buffy decides to grant Giles 3 wishes, and he reciprocates happily. Told first from Buffy's POV, then from Giles'.

With Arms Wide Open by Jullez (PG-13)
What do Buffy/Giles, a guitar, Teletubbies, and Alley MacBeal all have in common? Read it and find out!

With This Ring... by Dezdemona (R)
Buffy receives a package that changes her life.
WARNING/NOTE: This story starts out rough. Please try to stick with it; I promise to try to make it worth your while.

Words Heard Not Spoken by ASHRipperGirl (PG-13)
When Buffy acquires the ability to read people’s minds, she hears a few things that she never expected to and never even realised she wanted to.

Words Unspoken by Crystal Paulk (NC-17)
Giles is self-destructing and tells Buffy he is going back to England. Buffy wigs and harshness ensues.

The World Crashing Down by Laura Smith (NC-17)
After Graduation Day, the Scooby gang reevaluate their lives and relationships

The Worn and Faded Series by Venus Blue (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles' talk before he leaves takes an unexpected turn. When he returns Buffy has a lot of questions.

The Wrath of the Council by Arkin (PG-13)
Giles' strange behavior has a very real and very ominous cause.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

The Written Word by Janine Ose (PG)
Giles finds something he's not meant to see and it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Wrong by nightshift (NC-17)
Buffy's confused about Riley, upset about Spike, and worried about Dawn. Not to mention the whole "came back wrong" thing. Tara can't possibly be right, it's time for someone better versed in magic to take a look. Sounds like your cue, Giles. (unfinished)

XL by Lily2332 (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles are forced to expose themselves to embarrassment and a rather frigid night. How ever will they manage?

Yes by Gabriele Schulz (G)
Giles is about to marry and Buffy can't quite seem to accept that.

Yes, Dear by Gileswench (PG)
A domestic tiff leads to some odd behavior on Buffy's part.

The You Never Know Series by Cap (PG-13)
Buffy's new beau inadvertently assists in the revelation.

You'll Be In My Heart by Jess (G)
Tragedy strikes of the non-demonic variety. Buffy and Giles must both find a way to cope.

You'll Be In My Heart by Renee (PG)
Buffy walks in on Giles in an impromptu performance.

The Your Underwear Series by Dword (NC-17)
Music, a library, a librarian and aerobicising. I can't imagine the mood getting any better

Yours by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
Buffy goes and speaks to Giles at Willow's unintentional egging. Observe the good.

Yourself or Someone Like You by Gabriele Schulz (G)
Of course they love each other! How could you question it? And finally [we've been waiting] *exhale.* Words are said and they're of the good.

The Zenith Chronicles by Ananda (PG-13)
An ancient crystal, entrusted to the care of the Giles family is in danger of being theived. Buffy and Giles must now travel to England to ensure this doesn't happen. (unfinished)