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49 fics found!

Daddy by Luisa (G)
Buffy is nervous about telling Giles some news.

The Daisy Chains Series by Tevye (PG)
Buffy decides that she and Giles need a place. (unfinished)

The Dance by Ripptyd (PG)
Giles got to dance with his slayer at the prom, but is that better or worse.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

The Dance Series by Sita Masters (PG)
What do you do when the music isn't there, but the steps are?
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

A Dance with the Devil by Jullez (R)
In this version of the Ascension Giles is sent to hell. Will they find a way to get him back... and more importantly how will things have changed? (unfinished)

Dancing Lessons by Lacy (PG)
Just a lil rewrite of events leading up to and surrouding the prom.

Dancing With Death by Viv (NC-17)
A nightmare shakes both Buffy and Giles to the core... but is it more than a simple dream?

Danger Man by Anathema (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles are fighting a particularly vile demon. The outcome is rather unexpected.

The Dare by Kat_the_Vampyre (PG)
Buffy, Willow and Cordy are having a girls night in, but the giddiness gets a little out of hand and all are forced into one of the most nerve racking (and potentially beneficial) of dares.

Dare You by Katekat (NC-17)
Buffy needs a study partner who can actually help her pass tests. What happens when the finals are over, though? Written in response to PhenDog's Fabulous Finals Challenge

The Darkness Series by Gibberish (PG-13)
Giles is out galavanting with that hussy of his (Olivia) when tragedy strikes. What's happening and will he get to Buffy in time?

De veritatibus by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Drunkeness, in this case, equals clarity.

Dealing by Kelly B (G)
A continuation of the last scene in 'Wild at Heart'

Dear Diary by Renee (PG)
Buffy gets her hands on Giles' journal and she's not happy.

The Death Brings Clarity Series by JK Philips (NC-17)
After her death both Buffy and Giles have realized they love the other. Her resurrection finally brings them together, but life on the Hellmouth always has its surprises...

Death or Glory by Ananda (PG)
When some people look back at their past they can do so literally. Let the credits begin to roll...

The Debriefing Series by Ruth (NC-17)
Post-events in the Gift, Giles is debriefed by the Council's psychiatrist. Revelations are made...

A Decision - An Observation - A Realization by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Fic based on a hypothetical "Buffy vs. Dracula". Giles', Riley's and Buffy's feelings after another close call.

Deliverance by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Giles discovers the secret behind Buffy's current behavior with regard to him.

The Depth of Night by Jacqui (G)
Buffy discovers the secret of Giles' heart.***WARNING, NOT THE HAPPIEST OF FICS***

Descent Into the Shadows by Crystal Paulk (NC-17)
Is gaining your fantasy worth losing the one you love? Giles discovers Buffy's secret. Can he ever forgive her? Is it his fault?
WARNING/NOTE: Violent sexual content. Not the happiest of fics.

Destiny's Bitca by Renee (PG-13)
Buffy must submit yet another part of her life to destiny if she wishes to be all that she can be.

Destiny’s Doorstep by Gail Christison (NC-17)
Buffy and Co. devise a plan to help relax the poor stressed watcher. He needs a vacation by golly! Well, they're going to give it to him. As you can imagine it turns out to be way more than was bargained for.

A Different Life by Rari Coss (PG-13)
Buffy is given the opportunity to make a wish. Then she is told she must undo it. Will she?

Disconnected by JBG (PG-13)
Buffy tries to cope with life without her Watcher. On the other side of the ocean, her Watcher is doing the same thing. Little do they know there’s a very good reason for their anguish.

Discovered by Northlight (G)
Buffy discovers there can be benefits to doing your homework...

Discoveries by Sara Jung (R)
Buffy is late for class doing... ehm... "stuff" with Giles and Oz has a suggestion why.

Divine Intervention by Princess Slayer (PG)
What if you had the chance to go back in time and change just one thing? Would you take it?

Divine Manifestation by solo84 (NC-17)
Hey! What could be better than a night on the town to ease the residual stress of a battle to the death? Can’t think of much. Well… I suppose there is that one other thing.

Do You Believe in Magic? by Gibberish (NC-17)
There's a new prophecy involving, of course, the slayer. Giles, ever the martyr, wants to go in her place.

Do You Love Me? by Renee (PG-13)
Giles has been out every night this week and a jealous Buffy demands to know what he did.

Doctor Doctor by Fysh (PG)
What if Buffy wasn't called at age 15, but instead lived a normal life, becoming a doctor, having a daughter... and *then* being called? Read on... (unfinished)

Doctor's orders by Gabriele Schulz (R)
Giles is ill and Buffy (oh, selfless one) volunteers to take care of him.

Don't Ask Me! by Mac (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles are finally together, but not everything is rosy... Bring in Valentine and the power of a song (or two)!

Don't Cry by Beth C. (PG-13)
The Scoobies take quite the emotional beating.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Don't Give Your Heart by Gail Christison (R)
Giles is depressed, Ethan complicates things and his actions result in catastrophic psychological damage to Giles. Willow and Tara have to anchor Buffy while she 'goes in' to Giles' mind to bring him out. Some action adventure with Ethan and a helpful new character but mostly a story designed to deal with a lot of unresolved issues Joss will never give us any closure on.

Don't Say a Word by salla (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles in a rickety, collapsed old barn house.

Don't Speak by Jess (NC-17)
Giles is leaving. Leaving Sunnydale. Leaving his family. Leaving his love. There are no more excuses he can make to justify his staying. Buffy no longer needs him... or does she?

Don't tell me by Sara Jung (PG)
Buffy has a little heart to heart with herself... or so ;)

Double Vision by Kat_the_Vampyre (PG-13)
Giles is acting really REALLY strangely.

Dream by Gail Christison (R)
The Queen of Romance strikes again in this lovely Valentine's Day story.

The Dream Book Series by Sha (PG)
Buffy finds Giles' "little black book." The secrets revealed therein could be damaging... or perhaps not.

Dreams by Theef (PG-13)
Dreams are tormenting Buffy. There's only one person who can help.

Dreams by Chrissi (R)
Giles dreams, Buffy dreams these dreams too. Much fun can be had in the dream world. Especially with a little help from an all too familiar character. (unfinished)

Dreams can come true by Renee (PG)
When Buffy is facing death once again, she doesn't want to fight any longer. But Giles won't let her give up.

Dreams come true by Anne (NC-17)
Buffy has enlightening dreams about Giles and decides to fly to him...
WARNING/NOTE: Violence; issues of drug use; non consensual sex (well, at first) a bit of voyerism from Dawn

Dressing Giles by Gileswench (NC-17)
Vamps are rough on clothing. Fortunately, our Slayer knows a thing or two about fashion...among other things.

Driving Him Crazy by Gibberish (PG-13)
And Buffy does just that.

The Dying Game by Tevye (NC-17)
A dangerous stranger fom Giles' past comes to visit. Putting Buffy and Giles in a very compromising position. (unfinished)
WARNING/NOTE: Major G/other content!!