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Season 4 fics

10,000 Lifetimes Together by Dria14 (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles get a blast from the past. Or, at least, a blast from one of their pasts, come back to wreak some havoc... or perhaps they've something more in mind.

A Friend in Need by Ash (PG)
Giles contemplates his place in Buffy's life and comes up short. (unfinished)

Afterlife by Gabriele Schulz (G)
Buffy finds out something lifechanging, when she takes a glimpse into afterlife.

Against the Wall by Lily2332 (R)
What if (in WtWTA) Buffy hadn't been in that room with Riley? What would've happened then?

The All Day Series by Gibberish (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles giving the poor Scoobies a serious case of cardiac difficulty.

All Hallows Birthday by Cap (NC-17)
Buffy finally discovers when Giles' b-day is and she's determined to get him something extra special. (unfinished)

All I Need is You by Ailie McFarland (G)
Buffy and Giles share a moment after he's de-demonized.

The All I Want For Christmas Series by Janine Ose (NC-17)
Everyone is reveling in the happy holiday spirit. Each, covertly, sending their own private message to the Santa. (unfinished)

Another Fine Mess by Gibberish (NC-17)
Based on a Holly challenge, Giles is tied all nice and tight to his bed. Ethan's doing. How many times have we been thankful for Ethan at this site? You go boy!

Any-Were But Here by Holly (NC-17)
In response to a challenge a looooong time ago about Giles becoming a were-Tiger. I apologize that I can't remember where the challenge came from, although I think it was Trich.

Anywhere But Here by Miss Witch (PG)
Buffy misses Giles, so she goes to see him. Olivia doesn't like it.
WARNING/NOTE: Beware anyone who likes Olivia.

Appreciation by Gibberish (G)
Stemming from a 300 word fic-challenge, this little ditty gives us some freakin' justice.

Are you Lonesome Tonight? by Lily2332 (PG-13)
Giles is feeling useless and alone. Buffy hadn't realized this. Well... now that she has. Will the compassion drift to something else entirely?

Bachelor by Jess (PG-13)
Guess who's been volunteered into a faculty male auction?

The Bad, the Good and the Downright Fantastic by Jacqui (PG-13)
Ah, music! Food for the soul? Yes, I think that's what they say. In this situation it's that and a little coal for that burning fire, we like to call raging lust.

Balance of Power by Josiah Rose (PG-13)
There's some "big brewin' evil" on the horizon and it's unfortunately decided to leech off of Buffy.

Beauty by Lily2332 (PG-13)
What if something had happened to Buffy after Giles sent her away in The Freshman?

Before the Dawn by GylzGirl (PG-13)
A tragedy helps Buffy to realize her true feelings. But is it too late?

Before, So Long. And Yet... by Brier Allison (PG)
Giles reflects on his feelings for Buffy.

Behind Blue Eyes by Karen Jephson (G)
"Where the Wild Things Are." The aftermath

Being Bad by Holly (NC-17)
This takes place over the summer after Graduation. Giles teaches Buffy how to be good at being bad.

Between the lines by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
What happened after Buffy's first day of college?

Blue Eyes by Gail Christison (PG-13)
He may not have 'em, but the song speaks volumes nonetheless.

Bondage Fun by Gibberish (NC-17)
The tables have turned. This time it seems like Giles gained a little bit more from one of there "little talks." Let's see how he uses this knowledge.

The Bored Sorcerer by Heir to Shadow (PG-13)
Giles is bored, and boredom may lead to trouble.

Boy Smell Nice, Man Smell Nicer by Holly (NC-17)
Buffy, still in all her primitive glory, takes it upon herself to inadvertently embarass her ex-watcher to all hell.

Bronze God of Chaos and Harmony or Ethan Rayne, Matchmaker by Dezdemona (NC-17)
Ethan's causing trouble, disrupting the non-equilibrium of Sunnyhell yet again. Can poor Giles overcome, or will he fall victim to the deviant's cruel idea of a joke. Ah yes. So cruel. ;-)

Buffy Mate Man by Sha (R)
PWPish from the end of "Beer Bad." Ahhh! The B/G goodness.

Buffy Want Giles by GylzGirl (NC-17)
A little bit of inevitable PWP taking place directly after "Beer Bad."

By Reason of Darkness by G-Woman (R)
The real reason dear sweet Parker just up and didn't call.
WARNING/NOTE: Anyone actually fond of the character of Parker turn back

Cave Angst by Cap (PG)
Cave Buffy is confused and can't quite comprehend her troubling past.

Cave-Giles by Anne (NC-17)
Ethan decides to help Giles to get his fantasy by turning him into Cave-Giles.
WARNING/NOTE: violent sex including minor blood play, Ethan watching them

Cherry Kiss by Karen Jephson (NC-17)
Olivia has made her decision and it's quite obviously for the greater good.

Cindy Lou Who by Gibberish (PG-13)
Giles has amnesia. Hmmm... perhaps the Buffster can snap him out of it.

Coming out by Katyd (PG)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me. Buffy's father comes to visit and witnesses her and Giles caught up in a rather awkward situation.

Complicated by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles have a little talk. During this bonding session feelings never before revealed bob tantilizingly above the surface.

The Consultant by Holly (G)
Buffy and Giles grow closer in the most unlikely of ways. I mean, whoever heard of talking anyway?

Costumed Counterparts by JBG (PG-13)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me Buffy convinces Giles... somehow, to where a costume that... well. Read on my friends.

Count on Me by Gibberish (PG)
A small epilogue to "The Yoko Factor."

Dare You by Katekat (NC-17)
Buffy needs a study partner who can actually help her pass tests. What happens when the finals are over, though? Written in response to PhenDog's Fabulous Finals Challenge

The Darkness Series by Gibberish (PG-13)
Giles is out galavanting with that hussy of his (Olivia) when tragedy strikes. What's happening and will he get to Buffy in time?

Dealing by Kelly B (G)
A continuation of the last scene in 'Wild at Heart'

Deliverance by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Giles discovers the secret behind Buffy's current behavior with regard to him.

The Depth of Night by Jacqui (G)
Buffy discovers the secret of Giles' heart.***WARNING, NOT THE HAPPIEST OF FICS***

Discoveries by Sara Jung (R)
Buffy is late for class doing... ehm... "stuff" with Giles and Oz has a suggestion why.

Divine Intervention by Princess Slayer (PG)
What if you had the chance to go back in time and change just one thing? Would you take it?

Don't Speak by Jess (NC-17)
Giles is leaving. Leaving Sunnydale. Leaving his family. Leaving his love. There are no more excuses he can make to justify his staying. Buffy no longer needs him... or does she?

Don't tell me by Sara Jung (PG)
Buffy has a little heart to heart with herself... or so ;)

The Dream Book Series by Sha (PG)
Buffy finds Giles' "little black book." The secrets revealed therein could be damaging... or perhaps not.

Dreams by Theef (PG-13)
Dreams are tormenting Buffy. There's only one person who can help.

Driving Him Crazy by Gibberish (PG-13)
And Buffy does just that.

Every Breath You Take by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Buffy discovers Giles after she witnesses his "special talent."

Faith Takes A Holiday by Belinda (PG-13)
Faith utilizes Buffy's body to do some veery naughty things. Nice job, I say! Whatever would we do without her?

The Fall by G-Woman (G)
Buffy and Giles finally address the loss of their connection, so to speak.

Feel the Magick by Gibberish (NC-17)
Willow with a... *sigh...* another spell gone wrong. Doesn't that girl ever learn???

A Few Too Many Revelations by Jadedragon (NC-17)
Buffy discovers her true feelings for Giles, tells him then everything goes to hell.

The Fix Up Series by Gibberish (PG)
Giles and Buffy are inadvertently fixed up on a blind date with each other.

Flashback by Linda B. (NC-17)
Buffy has dreams about Ripper. What she learns about his past has severe consequences in the present.
WARNING/NOTE: Includes Ripper/Ethan sex.

The Forever Series by Gail Christison (NC-17)
On Giles' almost forgotten birthday a lot of revelations are made. Good ones and painful ones, but all in all leading to bliss :) Of course this being the Hellmouth you can't expect things to stay rosy for long...

Freshman Blues by Buffy_Giles (PG)
SPOILERISH SUMMARY AHEAD... What on earth happened in between to turn Giles from Hefish (Hef being a derivative of Hefner ;-) aloofness back to the entirely Gilsey bumbly cuteness?

Giles Loves Buffy by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
Damn it! Someone found out! Whatever shall we do???

Giles Taught Me by Gibberish (PG-13)
A little strip poker anyone?

Giles' Love Life by Jae Kayelle (PG)
Giles has been going on a ton of dates lately. Will Buffy finally come to her senses?

The Gotta Have Faith Series by Darcy Galvan (R)
Faith's returned and is ready to wreak all the havoc that she can. To drench herself in the sweetness of revenge. Will the damage she causes leave permanent scars?

Gratitude by JBG (PG-13)
Challenge fic: From Dria14's site "The Good Couple". Giles saves Buffy's life, Buffy shows her gratitude. Short, mushy, and PG-13 or under. As requested!

A Guy by Holly (NC-17)
Buffy and Willow sit and ponder the idiosyncrasies of men. They're all crappy poopheads, damn it! Oh wait! There is that one...

Happiness by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
Angel is human and Buffy is sooo happy... or is she? I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Happy 1st anniversary, Solo84! by Gabriele Schulz (G)
Okay, so I'm narcissistic. I just had to post this! It was so fun! (Note: That was Solo's comment ;)

Heartbeat by Gail Christison (PG-13)
A response to Karen's challenge, though not as angsty as she would have liked :-) Maybe the black satin boxers will help

Heat of the Moment by GylzGirl (PG-13)
Thank you Karen. Basically a sort of denial fic. My B/G way of trying to excuse Buffy's behavior to Giles this year in a non-hateful way. Also tries to tidy some of the Olivia and Riley issues. Here's hoping :)

Heavens Kiss Series by Dusty (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles have quite the row. However, the results are quite delicious. (unfinished)

A Helping Hand by Selenay (R)
Giles has broken his wrist. Guess heíll be needing a little help then . . .

Higher Education by Holly (NC-17)
Riley is having some difficulty understanding his girlfriend and goes to the one person he assumes knows her better than anyone. Does this "person" perhaps know a little too well?

His Eyes Don't Deceive by Susan (PG13)
Buffy puts some thought into just why she recognized Giles as the Fyarl demon

Honestly by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
A truth spell renders Buffy and Giles (what else?) incapable of telling a lie. Interesting new tid-bits come to light.

Hush-a-Bye by Gibberish (G)
Buffy and Giles have a little chat about the desolation and loneliness that is both of their lives. Will they come to any enlightened conclusions?

I Can't by Marta Jadczyk (PG)
Buffy finds Giles' journal and, suprisingly, doesn't go wiggy.

I Turn To You by Sara Jung (PG)
Buffy invites Giles for some Bronzin'. Ripper outfit and a song lead to revelations :)

I Was Born to Be Yours by Andrea (NC-17)
Buffy is upset. Then badness = goodness.

If I Should Die Tonight by Dusty (PG-13)
A brush with the Reaper helps Buffy realize just how much Giles actually means to her.

If this isn't love by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy explores the world of emotional upheaval as her worst (only recently realised) fear manifests itself in reality.
WARNING/NOTE: Tears, desperation, suicide. If any of these are disturbing to you (and you don't like to be disturbed ;-) don't read this one. (There's B/R sex! Though the B/R shippers won't like it.)

Imitation by Lily2332 (NC-17)
Wesley is determined to do a better job, now that he's been assigned again to Post: Buffy Summers. It proves to be a little harder and more costly than initially assesed.

Inspiration by Criss Moody (NC-17)
Buffy sees something that brings she and Giles some spontaneous wonderfulness.
WARNING/NOTE: Vague spoilers for the movie "Best Actress"

International Nursery Slayer by Arkin (PG)
To stop the INS from deporting Giles, Buffy moves in with Giles to convince them that he really is her legal guardian. The real trouble though starts when due to a spell Buffy turns 4 years old...

Issues by Gibberish (NC-17)
Giles sets out to defend Buffy's honor. On top of scaring the S*** out of that bastard who shall remain nameless there comes a little extra bonus.

It's Always You by Gibberish (PG)
Riley is confused. Giles fix!

It's the way you make me feel by Seeker182 (NC-17)
A drunken Giles, a not so drunk Buffy - sparks fly.

Just Giles by Holly (NC-17)
Buffy's been doing a little "taking for granted" and Giles is gonna' show her what for.

Just the Person On My Own by Arkin (NC-17)
Strange, alternate universe Giles comes to our world, but things aren't all about happy, fluffy reunions.... in fact that's not what it is at all. Read on'.
WARNING/NOTE: Character death, AU Giles/Willow sex!!!

The Kiss by Lily2332 (PG-13)
Truth or dare. It serves Giles right, playing with teenagers and one irritated vamp.

A Kiss Becomes The Kiss by Gibberish (PG)
Buffy does it. C'mon now. What happens???

Knowing by Sha (NC-17)
Would Giles have known it was her on that fateful eve?

The Laundry Series by Gibberish (PG)
Buffy and Giles playfully torment/reveal their new relationship to their friends in very innovative ways. (unfinished)

Leave Your Hat On by MidnightGirl (PG-13)
Giles is the instigator of some creatively erotic nekkid nookie. RATED PG-13

Life or Death By the Word by Arkin (PG)
Decisions are made and fate is sealed.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Listening by Kim Wylie (PG)
Buffy and Giles share some quality time after Olivia goes "Hasta la vista..." baby.

Listing by Holly (NC-17)
Willow's been meddling with the magic again. What has she gotten herself into this time?

A Little Pre-Joss Merriment by Arkin (PG)
Buffy and Giles share one of those rare moments of happiness.

The Longest Night by Amy (PG)
They had their dance at the Prom. The proverbial fork in that road and the path taken leads them down the road to divinity.

Lucky by Beth C. (PG-13)
Tragedy brings our fave two to the culmination of perfection... kinda'... aside from the tragedy.

Magi Bad, Giles Pretty by Arkin (PG)
Buffy's having some issues with the "Evil Bitch Monster of Death." Giles steps in.

The Maneuvers series by Arkin (PG)
Buffy is living with Giles, fighting the ultimate fight against the worst enemy of all - his new honey. TAKE COVER!!!

Masquerader by Surnia (R)
Faith is having a little too much fun in the new digs. Too bad Buffy's not there to enjoy.

Mistaken Roommate by Sea Nymph Kali (R)
Buffy and Giles are getting closer until he catches her with another man. That's at least what he thinks.

A Moment in Time by WinterViolet24 (PG)
Buffy has Giles. Giles has Buffy. There's a beach, it's beautiful, but is it real or illusion?
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

More Spells by Kat_the_Vampyre (NC-17)
Willow dabbles with a spell again and the outcome isn't quite what she and Buffy expected. But this time, Ethan has a hand in it.

Mute by Selenay (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles are rendered incapable of speach. They're stuck together and neither can make a peep. Jeez! What else can they possibly share?

My Boyfriend Rupert by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy tells her father a little lie and has to ask Giles to pose as her boyfriend...a role he fulfills to perfection. B/G

My Watcher - MY Giles by Prophecy (PG)
Buffy meets the new woman in Giles' life (Olivia) and finds herself totally jealous.

Necessities by Darcy Galvan (G)
What if Buffy had walked in on Giles singing (in the Yoko Factor) instead of Spike? Ah, imagine the possibilities... oh wait! You don't have to! Read on my friend. Read on.

Never Is a Promise by Cap (G)
Buffy and Giles have a bad night. Buffy decides to face the music.

Never Let Go by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
They were going to talk, but Buffy stood him up. *Ding! Ding!* Sit back and watch the match begin.

Never Say Die by Sha (R)
Giles is faced with the worst possible kind of adversity: the death of his life. The death of his slayer. He can't see straight. He can't think straight. He thinks he's lost hope, but it's just hiding.
WARNING/NOTE: In my little world, Oz never left. However, the rest has happened so spoilers for season 4 abound.

Never You by Anathema (PG-13)
There's a Halloween party and the gang goes out to a shindig at the Bronze. The only problem is, Buffy and Giles are wearing the exact same costume. Oh! The horror!

The New Watcher Series by MidnightGirl (R)
Buffy's 1st day of college turns out to be a little more complicated than Joss planned. Watch out for a new watcher! And she's a... she?

Not Again by Andrea (NC-17)
Buffy just can't help herself. She just keeps messing up.

Not Always In The Eyes by GylzGirl (NC-17)
A depressed Buffy comes to Giles after the events of "Who Are You?"

The Not Just a Watcher Anymore Series by Andrea (G)
Could it be? *Gasp* Buffy is seeing Giles in a whole new light. Thank God for Ethan. (unfinished)

Not Yet by Katyd (NC-17)
Based on a challenge by the lovely Holly, Giles is chained to his bed... naked. Oh please! Oh please, let her find him!

On Fire by Stephanie Biek (PG)
Angel's thoughts after "Pangs"...

One Long Summer by Tevye (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles find themselves in LA... at the same time. How on earth did this happen? Could it perhaps be because they're fated? You know, kismet and all that? (unfinished)

One Touch Unchangeable by Jacqui (G)
Buffy comes to her senses after Faith and a touch. The touch being the more significant of the two events. Riley? Since when was he an issue?

Only A Song by Ophelia (PG)
Giles has one a' them divine revelations. Now he must find a way to repress. Damn that Springsteen, sucking him out of a perfectly good wallow.

Overheard by Gibberish (PG-13)
Giles overhears something (duh), but it's a good something. Oh yes. It's a *very* good something. Okay, I'll stop now.

Picture Imperfect by T.C. Healy (NC-17)
Buffy and Riley are off to the photo booth, but someone's mind is elsewhere. (Stemming from a challenge on the Gilesnaughty list, by listmom Gylzgirl).

Poof by manic (NC-17)
Yet again the Hellmouth messes with Buffy and Giles and the only way out is to... have sex. Gotta love the Hellmouth. (unfinished)

Pot Luck Kareoke by Jacqui (NC-17)
After a summer of bliss Giles breaks up with Buffy. Will they get back together? And what role does kareoke play in it?

Primal Need by Sha (PG-13)
Going mad. Want mate now.

Problem Solved by Holly (NC-17)
Buffy discovers Giles in the most unusual (yet yummy) type of compromise.

The Promises Series by The Coot (R)
Buffy and Giles are together, but the coucil... damn them! Damn them all to heeeeell!!! Well, you get the picture. They are the harbingers of much badness (unfinished)

The Purgative by JBG (PG-13)
After the argument in Gilesí apartment, the gang drifts back together, seeking justification for their rantings. They find something unexpected in the process.

Quality Time by Ananda (PG)
Buffy is having some serious issues with Olivia, but is it truly Olivia that's the problem?

Real Life, the Toughest Demon Yet by Sha (PG-13)
The gang has to fight that nasty demon that we all know far too well. Go gang!

Reunion by Kathy L (PG)
A fic coping with the happenings of "This Years Girl." How does Buffy get her body back? -With a B/G twist-

Ripper's Girl by Holly (NC-17)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me On Halloween, it's Ripper's turn to be flustered. Of course, you know that doesn't last for long. I wonder who this elusive girl is... hmmm...

Safe by Josiah Rose (NC-17)
Distracted with life issues Giles neglects Buffy *gasp!* for a moment and all hell breaks loose.
WARNING/NOTE: Violence, bad language

Saying Goodbye by Ricca (PG)
Jesus! What is that!? Kill it! Kill it! Oh wait... that's just Buffy taking Giles' feelings into consideration. I'm frightened of new things. (summary by solo84)

Season of Giving by GylzGirl (PG-13)
Someone's decided to play Santa and Sunnydale becomes a warm, happy, fuzzy place. Well, kinda'.

Secrets Told, Promises Made by Karen Jephson (G)
Giles is forced to confess something that he'd hoped never to reveal.

Seductive Serenade by solo84 (NC-17)
Riley is being crappy. Buffy is awakened to the void. Giles is a sweetheart and Scoobies forever!

Seeing Isnít Always Believing by Selenay (PG-13)
A demon kill gone wrong forces all to deal with some very tough consequences, but watch out for that enlightenment!

Send in the Clowns by Dusty (PG)
Buffy has a rather disturbing dream and Giles is the only one in town to whom she can logically vent. *Sigh* He'll have to do, I suppose.

Shadowfall by Surnia (NC-17)
Ethan's back in town with a present for good old Rupert. Might it do more good than harm?

Shower by Christine Parfitt (NC-17)
Buffy walks in on a wet and naked Giles in the shower and is pleased to say the least... ;)

Simple Truth by Gibberish (PG-13)
Ethan casts a spell. The truth for 24 hours. Can the Scoobies manage without tearing apart the binds of the gang?

The Skating Lessons by Sha (PG-13)
Giles has no idea how to skate and Buffy decides it's her turn to give him some learnin'.

The Slips Series by Arkin (PG)
Both Buffy and Giles reveal secrets long and carefully hidden.

Slow Burn by Lily2332 (NC-17)
Buffy is feeling frustrated with her less than satisfying relationships. Oh dear, it seems as though Giles may have to teach her something more.
WARNING/NOTE: Buffy/Riley, and Giles/Olivia, but only briefly.

The Soft Glow of Night by GylzGirl (NC-17)
Buffy's POV, some reflections on the aftermath of Harsh Light of Day. *

Someone by Tevye (PG-13)
Riley's death hits Buffy hard. Harder still because she's never experienced a trauma quite like it before. The only thing that keeps her there, alive and together are the arms and memory of that of her ever powerful rock. Her ever standing wondrous support system. The only man she's loved utterly.

Someone To Watch Over Me by Sara Jung (PG)
Giles might not be Buffy's official Watcher, but she still needs someone to watch over her.

Something Has To Be Done About Parker Abrams by GylzGirl (R)
Giles is fed up. He can't take it anymore! Buffy is unhappy and there is a damn thing he can do about it.

Special Friend by Cindy Bowers (PG-13)
Giles has a wee little accident and Buffy is forced to face the horrible... no wait... glorious, truth.

The Stolen Series by GylzGirl (PG-13)
Travers is back with the ultimate ultimatum. The question is, can Giles bring himself to refuse? (unfinished)

Storm by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
It's raining, it's stormy, Giles is worried and Buffy is trapped. In situations when one is trapped a good healthy imagination can work wonders when it comes to calming frayed nerves or perhaps inducing a little sparkage in the deep-seated desires department.

Stranger Than Fiction by katekat (PG-13)
Finals week. Buffy. Dragons. Youíll see.

Summer Games by Kat_the_Vampyre (PG-13)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me Buffy decides to play with 'Liv's mind just a bit. Doncha' love it?

Talking Things Through by JBG (PG-13)
Buffy comes to... does she even know what? And she comes away with something quite similar... but at least it's yummy.

Tea Break by Carmilla (PG)
Have you ever wondered how Buffy and Giles behave before the episode begins? Okay, perhaps the idea was just too strange to contemplate, but observe the perfect answer.

Tenderly Ripped Apart by Cap (NC-17)
Glistening bodies and swealtering heat. Buffy and Giles are trapped in a very confined space... together. The heat's getting to them and the maintainance of any kind of resolve becomes extremely difficult.

To Hell with Them by Gibberish (PG)
Walsh is becoming increasingly unpleasant and when Buffy overhears her at her scathing worst, things go the way of the wacky.

To read... by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Buffy gets her hands, not on Giles' journals, but on his stories. This could do (accomplish... whatever) far, far more than the former.

Tomorrow by Gail Christison (PG-13)
Buffy and Giles have it out in a big way, post "Yoko Factor."

Tonight We Dance by solo84 (R)
Repressed passion and desire surfaces in one big explosion of... well, you get the idea.

Too Little, Too Late by Tevye (PG-13)
Buffy comes to, too late
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics

Tradition and Protocol by Antennapedia (NC-17)
When a Council representative makes assumptions about his relationship with his Slayer, Giles must come clean to Buffy about the true natures of Watchers and of Slayers.

Tripartite by Anathema (R)
Psychology class is having a rather "different" effect on Buffy than intended. (unfinished)

The True Feelings series by Gibberish (NC-17)
Set shortly after Beerbad. Giles is furious, Buffy is clueless, lessons are learned and Parker gets a run for his money.

Truth Boy by Darcy Galvan (PG)
Truthy Giles? Funness abounds.

The Twelfth Gift by Darcy Galvan (G)
Someone is building reams of anticipation for our jolly watcher on that merry eve.

Underlying Truths by Karen Jephson (PG-13)
Buffy comes to grips with a whole new slew of feelings, she never knew she had.

The unfair life of Riley Finn aka 'This Years Man' by Linda B. (R)
Uh oh. Giles and Riley switched bodies. Will Buffy find out? And if so, what will she do?

Unsaid Things by Beth C. (PG-13)
Buffy pulls a Carpe Diem. Go Buffy! Finally she gets it.

The Vengeance Series by DemonGuy (PG-13)
An old friend comes to town with a plan for the Initiative and an offer for Giles. (unfinished)

Very Sexy by Gibberish (PG)
Buffy requests an audience with his royal sexiness.

Virtual Encounters by Viv (NC-17)
HotLisa and DarkReaper meet in a chat channel called #hornybrits...

The Voices Carry Series by GylzGirl (R)
Based on a b-day challenge posted by Gabi. Buffy and Giles get a change to quite literally explore each other's mind. What they hear is a little beyond shocking.

Walking In by Saint Buffy (NC-17)
Buffy has an eye-opening experience when she walks in on Giles and a woman. Doing Things.

Want Ads by Holly (PG)
Giles is still feeling unwanted and Buffy fixes up the perfect scheme to make him feel otherwise.

The Watching of the Blind by Kathy L (PG)
What if things continued on the same path they're headed now? What do you think would happen?

The Way to Go by Gabriele Schulz (PG)
Post Primeval, Buffy deals with some issues. You know those issues about her being a total bitca? Yeah, those. Her friends convince her to patch some of the wounds.

What Shall We Do With A Drunken Slayer? by Jacqui (G)
Buffy gets drunk and has a sudden realization. Now she just has to tell Giles...

What's a Stevedore? by Karen Jephson (NC-17)
Sounds interesting. How can Buffy extract the answer?

What's Beer Got to do With It by Jack Warren (PG-13)
Giles takes a regressed Buffy back to her room. He feels uncomfortable and wants to leave, but Cave Buffy has other ideas. Meanwhile Xander and Willow are at Xander's place and rediscover feelings they thought no longer existed between them.

What's Past is Prologue by Surnia (NC-17)
Giles is feeling neglected (duh). Ethan's escaped the Initiative (uh oh). They meet up and... get along? Good Lord! And swimmingly at that.

The Wheel of Time by Arkin (PG)
Olivia's got something to hide. Who knew? Of course, so too, it seems, does Giles. (unfinished)

When You're Gone by Selenay (PG)
Giles gets a surprise package. Cryptic enough?

Where Apple Go? by Lily2332 (PG)
Buffy is dealing with the effects of the bad beer and goes in to quite a tissy when she can't find her apple. Can Giles help?

Wicked Accurate by Tevye (R)
And Faith is just that, when she draws excruciating attention to Buffy's current interest in Giles
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics

Willow's fire by Gabriele Schulz (NC-17)
Willow's spell freaks out on her, but it just might backfire in a delectably delicious way.

Wishbone by GylzGirl (NC-17)
Set immediatly after "Pangs," Buffy was seemingly guilt-tripped into helping with the clean-up.

The Wishes by Gail Christison (G)
Buffy is brought a rather sharp reminder of her perisistent Gilsean neglect. Could this help her redeem herself?

The Wishes Series by JBG (PG-13)
After the events of "Hush", Buffy decides to grant Giles 3 wishes, and he reciprocates happily. Told first from Buffy's POV, then from Giles'.

With This Ring... by Dezdemona (R)
Buffy receives a package that changes her life.
WARNING/NOTE: This story starts out rough. Please try to stick with it; I promise to try to make it worth your while.

XL by Lily2332 (NC-17)
Buffy and Giles are forced to expose themselves to embarrassment and a rather frigid night. How ever will they manage?

The You Never Know Series by Cap (PG-13)
Buffy's new beau inadvertently assists in the revelation.

Yours by Gabriele Schulz (PG-13)
Buffy goes and speaks to Giles at Willow's unintentional egging. Observe the good.

Yourself or Someone Like You by Gabriele Schulz (G)
Of course they love each other! How could you question it? And finally [we've been waiting] *exhale.* Words are said and they're of the good.