Love to death
By Anne

TITLE: Love to death
RATING: NC-17 (graphic violence; non-consensual sex; sexual torture).
PAIRING: Buffy/Giles; Joyce/Ethan
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SUMMARY: Buffy has Giles and Joyce has Ethan.
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SPOILERS: "Band Candy."
TIMELINE: season 3.
WARNING: graphic violence; non-consensual sex; sexual torture
NOTES: Joyce and Ethan have the right to have sex! Don't say "Eww!" before you read it.

The call girl pulled down the trousers of her client to his knees and began stroking his penis through the cloth of his boxers. He groaned and moved into her hand.

"You don't have a hard on." Noticed Alexandra, a little disappointed. "You don't find me attractive?"

Ethan Rayne sighed. "No… I'm just worried, pet." He said to her. < And I don't find you attractive. > He added in his mind.

No woman had managed to excite him for a very long time. He dreamed of meeting a sweet, beautiful, funny, and intelligent woman, with a strong will and who'd enjoy sex as much as he did. He could love her and live with her until his death.

<Yes, it would be great! >

Lily caressed Ethan's muscular shoulders, then slid her hands on his chest and pulled on his hairs a little. He grumbled with pain. She bent towards him and licked his nipples, making him growl with pleasure. She bent a little more and slid the tip of her tongue in Ethan's navel to explore it before licking his stomach. She noted her success, her client's penis was rising, and she continued to lick his stomach then moving her tongue across his hips. When she thought his erection was satisfactory, she pulled down Ethan's briefs, knelt down before him and teased the tip of his penis with her tongue. He moaned and looked at her sucking his member, slowly, delicately. Ethan closed his eyes and purred, savouring the warm and wet caress.
Suddenly the door of the room crashed open. Ethan jumped and Lily bit him by accident. He yelled and moved back, both hands closed around his burning sex. Ethan's eyes opened wide with surprise and horror seeing a horned demon with yellow skin hurtling towards him, tearing the air in front of it with his long sharp claws. He shivered recognizing Daluu and moved back quickly, desperately searching his mind for a spell to save his life. He cried out in absolute pain when the demon tore at his shoulders, arms, chest, then across his hips. The call girl screamed terrified, collected her clothes, bag, and locked herself in the bathroom. Ethan managed to immobilize Daluu with a restraining spell, then he dressed as fast as battered and bleeding body would allow and ran.

* * *

Buffy opened the door and discovered Ethan Rayne in front of her; His clothes were covered in blood. In fact he was covered with it, from head to foot.

"Buffy, help me." He gasped.

Buffy immediately shut the door in his face. The sorcerer knocked again. Buffy reopened the door and Ethan collapsed at her feet.

"Oh my God!" Joyce exclaimed, horrified, kneeling down beside the wounded man. "What happened to him?"

"Something he certainly looked for!" Buffy said turning him on his back using her foot.

"Buffy, call an ambulance!"

"No! No hospital. He'll find me." Ethan moaned. "Buffy you should help me. Ripper is… "

Buffy knelt down next to Ethan and grabbed him by the collar of his bloodied jacket.

"If you've hurt Giles…" She growled with a threatening glance.

"Ripper is…" Ethan drifted into unconsciousness.

"He's what? He's what? Ethan!"

Buffy slapped him hard trying to make him regain consciousness - and took some pleasure there - but he didn't open his eyes. She stopped slapping him reluctantly.

"I know him, …" Joyce said, suddenly remembering his face. She had seen him in the warehouse. The warehouse, which contained all those boxes of cursed chocolate bars.

"Yes, it's Ethan Rayne, the sorcerer. He's tried to kill me by delivering me to Eyghon, he didn't raise a finger to help Giles when Eyghon wanted to kill him, he cursed the chocolate bars and transformed you, Giles and all the adult population of Sunnydale into teenagers so that Mr. Trick could offer the babies to a demon!"

Buffy brusquely threw him over her shoulder and transported him to the bathroom. She dropped him on the floor. Joyce was shocked.

"I'm going to take care of him." She said. "You should phone Mr. Giles Buffy, see if everything's all right."

"Yeah! Good idea!"

Once Buffy left, Joyce realized that all Ethan's clothes were stuck to his skin by his blood. The salty, metal strong smell made her nauseas. She fought against the sickness and removed his shirt with her fingertips. She threw it in the bathtub.
His shoulders, chest, hips and stomach were covered by numerous cuts. Fortunately, the wounds were not very deep but they were all still bleeding. She removed him his trousers, discovering green boxers stained with blood too. His pubis and his sex had been cut. She pulled down his boxers and tried not to look at his penis. Buffy rushed into the bathroom and froze at the sight of her mother kneeling next to a very naked Ethan.

"Mom! Mom! … Ohmygod! Ohmygod! You-you've undressed him? Oh mom! He's naked!"

Joyce nodded. "Of course, he's naked, so that I can look after him. You can get me the first aid kit, Buffy, please?"

"Eh? … No, you'll have to look after him later. You must take me to Giles's place. He's not answering the phone."

"Perhaps he's not home."

"Giles never goes out on Sunday. He spends the whole day reading, and drinking gallons of tea. I'm sure there's something wrong. Please, come, we don't have any time to lose."

"And Mr. Rayne?"

"Let him bleed."

She took her mother by the hand.

* * *

Buffy opened the door of Giles's apartment and found herself face to face with a big, yellow, horned devil. It had wings and impressive claws coming out of its knuckles.
It was holding Giles by his hair, lifting him in the air, a few inches above the floor. Buffy froze with horror. Giles's face was colourless and his eyes were closed with pain. He was panting. His tweed suit was torn and covered in blood.
Buffy screamed with rage and rushed the demon. She made a flying tackle then began beating its face with her fists. Her Slayer strength was multiplied tenfold by her fury. Nobody hurts Giles!
The demon preferred to run rather than fight with someone stronger. It would track its prey later. Buffy knelt by Giles who was trying to get up.

"No, no, please, don't move, Giles, you're seriously injured. I'll call an ambulance."

"No, it'll find me there."

She frowned. Ethan had said the same thing earlier. "All right, Giles, I'll take you at my house. You'll be safe there. I'll take care of you."

"Thank you…"

Giles moaned and drifted into unconsciousness.

* * *

Buffy lay Giles on her bed, after her mother had protected the quilt with a blanket intended to absorb the blood. Joyce passed her daughter a bottle of disinfectant, a cotton package, one of gauze, one box with bandages and one filled with Band-Aids.

Buffy grinned. "Fortunately, you're well stocked, mom." She said.

"My daughter is the Slayer, it's prudent to plan ahead. "You're absolutely right."

"Are you sure to want to treat Mr. Giles, honey?"

"Yes, mom, I'm used to it."

Buffy sat down at the edge of the bed and with big scissors began to cut Giles's bloody clothes off. She'd seen the doctors on ER do it. It was a quick and effective way to undress a wounded person without making them suffer.
She cut what remained of his tie, waistcoat, shirt, jacket, and trousers off and put the scissors on the bed when she reached his boxers. She stepped back a little and held her breath. She always knew that he had to be athletic to train her, but she'd no idea! He definitely wore too many layers. His shoulders were broad, his arms were firmly muscled, and his long legs too. His torso and his stomach were muscular and his chest was lightly hairy. He was sexy as hell!


His milky skin was streaked by long cuts, which were still bleeding sluggishly. She saw some blood on his navy blue boxers and hesitated for a long time before pulling them down to his knees. She gulped.
It wasn't the first time she'd seen a penis. She'd already seen Angel's penis, but this, it was different. Yes, Giles's sex was longer and larger than Angel's, but what was different; it was her Watcher's, the man who was her mentor, her Protector. It was as if she'd looked at her father, because he was a father figure. Wasn't he? She finally noticed that the penis was covered by tracks of claws.

"Ouch! Poor Giles!"

* * *

Ethan yelled with pain as Joyce dabbed the cuts on his sex with disinfectant. He growled, shoved her away from him and went to roll on his right side, his hands encircling his painful penis, his face streaming with tears.

"I'm sorry." Joyce said.

She took advantage while he was on his right side to clean the wounds he had on his back and buttocks. He moaned and began to pant. When it was done, Joyce made Ethan turn over on to his back, she then disinfected the cuts on his legs.
He was thin, muscular and she found him handsome. His dark glance was hypnotic. He looked dangerous and certainly was. She blushed lightly feeling herself attracted to him. She stopped bit-by-bit tending his wounds with the cotton pad and began to stroke them gently with her fingers. She finally dropped the pad on the floor and slid her hands along his right arm. Ethan noticed it and caught Joyce's eyes with a burning glance. He read desire in her eyes. He suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him. Joyce was beautiful, full of life, exciting as his straining member proved to him. He brought Joyce's hand to his fully erect penis. She resisted for a moment then touched it. Ethan hissed and closed his eyes.

* * *

Giles regained consciousness and recognized Buffy's room, and then he became aware that he was lying on her bed, completely naked. Panicked he wanted to stand up to find something to wrap himself in but Buffy put her hands on his shoulders and pined him to the bed. He turned scarlet and put his both hands on his penis to hide it, but not totally.

"Don't move!" Buffy ordered.

"Buffy! I'm naked!"

"Thank you, Giles, I had noticed." She said, trying not to laugh at his near-apoplexy. "I was obliged to undress you, to treat all your wounds. I didn't know you were such an athlete. Hmm… I like that."

Giles took the end of the blanket on which he was lying and franticly tried to pull it over his groin, which hurt him, but it didn't reach. He suppressed an oath.

"Relax, Giles, I'm not going to rape you." Buffy said before giggling. "Unless you want me to."

He paled. "Buffy!" He squeaked.

He gave a violent start and let out a strangled cry when he felt Buffy taking his penis in her hand.

"Aaahaha! Oh dear Lord! What-what-what are you doing?" He breathed. "No, Buffy, no, don't touch my… Oh God!"

"Calm down, Giles. I'm trying to make you comfortable."

Buffy kept the penis in her hand, stroking the sensitive skin lightly with her thumb where it was intact, near the tip. Giles closed his eyes and calmed down little by little and in spite of himself, he moaned with pleasure.
Buffy enclosed the injured penis, in a layer of cotton dressing, that she then covered with gauze and fixed the whole with several band-aids. She moved back to admire her work as a nurse: Giles looked like a mummy. She helped him to get up then in spite of his strong protests, put him in her bed.

"You need to rest, Giles. And you'll sleep better in a bed than on the sofa. As you are Restless Guy, I'm going to give you a sleeping pill." He tried to get up. "Don't move out of this bed or I swear I'll knock you out. And you know that I would!"

"Yes, I do."

She left her room and discovered the bathroom empty. Her mother and Ethan were not there any more.

"Mom? Where are you?"

"In my room, honey." Joyce answered.

Buffy entered her mother's room and was shocked to see Ethan lying in the bed.

She frowned. "What are you doing here, Ethan?" She growled. "Move your Brit arse out of this bed and out of this room at once!"

"I told him to lay on my bed, Buffy." Joyce said. "He needs to rest."

"There's a sofa, in the living room for him."

"The sofa is for Mr. Giles."

Ethan jumped, his glance suddenly frightened. "Rupert's here?"

Buffy nodded. "Yeah, he's here. And when he's better he's going to smash your face and break all your bones. I'll look forward to seeing that."

Ethan frowned. "The demon hurt him?"


She moved next to Ethan and closed her hand around his neck. "Don't you dare touch my mother, otherwise, I'll make you into the first human puzzle in history, clear?"

Ethan nodded. "Very clear, yes."

She glanced at her mother, who looked a little frightened.

"Good night, mom."

"Good night Buffy. Sleep well."

Once Buffy left, Ethan pulled Joyce to him and kissed her. She returned the kiss.

* * *

Giles put the sleeping pill in his mouth and swallowed a mouthful of water. He put his head on the pillow and stretched. He groaned with pain. His whole body made him suffer.

Buffy sat on the edge of the bed and asked curiously: "Giles, why is this demon attacking both Ethan and you?"

Giles raised his eyebrows, surprised. "He attacked Ethan too? How do you know?"

"Ethan's here. He collapsed at my feet, badly injured by the demon about two hours ago. He wanted me to help him. Mom's taking care of him."

Giles tried to get up. "I'm going to kill him!" He grumbled.

He did not have the strength and fell back against the mattress, cursing his weakness.

"Then, what is this demon?"

"It's name is Daluu. It feeds on the brains of Watchers and magicians to appropriate their knowledge and experience."


"It's a pity he didn't manage to eat Ethan's brain."

"Nobody's loss." Buffy said to comfort him. "How did it know where to find you?"

"It sensed our aura. It's very simple."

Giles yawned and closed his eyes. The sleeping pill was beginning to take effect. He felt his body becoming increasingly heavy.

"You could smash Ethan's face tomorrow morning, Giles. In the meantime, sleep."


Giles fell asleep. Buffy switched off the light and went down to the living room. The sofa was going to be her's tonight.

* * *

Ethan moved on top of Joyce's naked body and licked her neck, growling. He then moved down and began sucking one nipple while kneading her other breast with his hand. Joyce moaned with pleasure and began purring.
Ethan covered her stomach with small wet kisses and small licks, explored her navel with the tip of his tongue then he gently parted her thighs with his knee. He slid his penis, covered with a condom into her sex, slowly so that both could savour the delicious sensation. They both sighed with pleasure together.
When Ethan was buried as far as he could in Joyce, he began to slide his hand under his lower back and thrust into her, alternating short and long penetrations. Beneath him, Joyce moaned at each thrust, bit her lip and scratched at the sheet. Ethan increased his pace and Joyce was shaken by violent spasms. She began panting and closed her eyes. She was very close to her first orgasm.
Ethan pulled out of her, making her whimper with reproach, he turned her on her stomach. Leaning on her shoulders, he dove again into her sex and Joyce yelled. He slid a hand under her pubis to raise her buttocks a little, took his weight on his arms this time, he began to move his penis with a circular movement that made Joyce cry out at the same time with both pain and with pleasure. Ethan hurried to put his hand over her mouth to make her keep silent. If Buffy entered the room, he was dead! He glanced at the door, he should have locked it and pricked up his ears. He heard nothing other than Joyce and his panting. He was saved!
He raised Joyce's buttocks a little higher, and penetrated her more deeply. It also allowed him to massage her clitoris. Joyce had a violent orgasm and she clawed his buttocks. Excited Ethan began a powerful driving, each deep, full thrust followed by a low groan. Joyce was moaning and gasping beneath him, his eyes full of tears.
He got free, let her take a breath, then he put her on the side and returned to her, slowly, feeling her sucking him up. He penetrated her deeply then withdrew. He began again several times, rubbing the tip of his penis on her clitoris. Joyce made small jerky shouts, chaining orgasms, her legs tightening and relaxing spasmodically.
Ethan stopped brutally and turned her on her back. Joyce docilely parted her thighs and he sank again into her with all his length. Joyce wrapped her arms around Ethan's muscular back and asked him to go slowly. He complied. Joyce lifted up her stomach and began shifting arching to touch Ethan's pelvis. Ethan gradually increased his rhythm, brushing her hard nipples at each movement.
His movements became more urgent as he felt her tightening around his aching penis. He thrust one last time and bit his bottom lip to not cry out when he exploded. Joyce released at the same time in jerky undulations, tightening Ethan against her with all her strength. She then let him go, closed her eyes and let her arms fall to her sides, like a dead woman. Ethan exhausted fell on Joyce's breasts. They held still for a minute then turned on their backs, trying to steady their breathing.

"You are an extraordinary lover, Ethan." Joyce whispered still savouring her last orgasm.

He smiled, flattered. "Better than Ripper, luv?"

She glanced at him surprised. "How do you know that I made love with Rupert?"

Ethan giggled. "I saw you with him, in the warehouse remember. At the age of 16, Rupert was an over testosteroned young man and made love to all the girls he met, but is he good?"

"He makes love in a different way. He's rough, brutal, savage, almost feral."

"The definition of Ripper, exactly. You liked it?"


"All right, luv, I can make love like that. Does that tempt you?"

"Yes a lot. Later you can begin again in your way."

Ethan grinned.

"But for now we need to rest a little, Ethan. So, tell me everything about you, and then it will be my turn."

"I'm not sure if I should. I'm not an especially good man and I've done many scary things. I don't want to loose you, Joyce."

"You won't loose me. I love bad guys. I was attracted and made love to Ripper, you remember?"

He grinned again. "Does Buffy know that?"

She shook her head.

* * *

Buffy couldn't fall asleep. She couldn't sleep anywhere else but in her bed. So she decided to sleep in her bed. Giles had to be sleeping soundly; he'd never notice her presence.
She lay down next to him and watched him sleeping, an amused smile on her lips. Hair tousled, glasses off, his face relaxed in sleep he seemed younger and awfully cute and sexy! And very attractive. She blinked. It was the first time she attributed the "cute and sexy" qualifiers to Giles and the first time she realized that he was very attractive. Of course, she had always seen the Watcher, not the man.
She was cold and moved closer against Giles warmth. She snuggled up to his side, nestling her head into his shoulder. It was the first time she'd slept next to a man who was warm, alive, and human.
It was different, very pleasant. She wanted to absorb more of Giles's warmth and wrapped her arm around his waist.

* * *

When she woke the following morning, she realized that Giles was half lying over her. His hard penis was very close to her sex and she felt herself suddenly become strongly aroused. She gently stroked his brow, then his temple, his jaw, his neck, his arm, his hip, and his firmly muscular buttocks. She rested her hand there and trailed the other over his erection, feeling her whole body trembling with pleasure.
She kept the penis in her hand wanting to have it inside her. She wanted Giles. Oh yes! Badly.
She suddenly shivered overwhelmed by what she felt for Giles, affection, love, and desire. She realized that she'd always loved him, from the start. It was astonishing but she realised that she hadn't loved Angel, but had made love to him thinking of Giles. She cupped his face and kissed him, tears of joy rolling down her cheeks, so happy to have finally discovered her love for him.

"Giles, I love you." She said.

She slowly got free of him not to willing to wake him and went to the bathroom thinking of making love with Giles.

When she entered the bathroom, she was surprised to discover Ethan, naked next to the bathtub. The sorcerer had removed his bandages, his layers of gauze, the cotton pads and his band-aids. They were scattered around his feet. She noticed that he was thin, muscular and hairy. He was more slender, wirier than Giles.

"Ethan, you should have locked the door!" Buffy said, angrily.

Ethan turned around. "Oh hello Buffy! You slept well?" Ethan smiled roguishly. "Is Ripper comfortable?"

She jumped and blushed. "You were in my room?"

"Yes, accidentally, I got up last night for a glass of milk and when I came back up, I made a mistake about which door, I saw you both, snuggled up one against the other. How lovely!"

She gave him a black look. "And you think I'm going to believe you?"

Ethan giggled. "I suppose that you were only caressing him, because he was sleeping soundly?"

Buffy paled. "Get out of here!" She yelled.

Ethan went into Buffy's room and sat on the bed, next to Giles who was still asleep.

"Wake up Ripper, its time."

He opened his eyes and saw Ethan.

"Joyce's prepared a wonderful breakfast. Come on me old mate? I'm starving. Come on! Get up!"
Giles sat up in bed. "I can't go down to the kitchen for breakfast naked, Ethan. And you neither!"

"It's true, you're right, it's ill-mannered. < But Joyce would adore that! > I'm going to find a sheet to drape over me " He left.

* * *

Buffy threw a big grey linen bag into Giles's arms and another one to Ethan.

"Clothes for you guys!" She said. "There're your clothes, Giles. I took two sets."

"I hope you didn't bring me tweed!" Ethan grumbled. "I'm allergic to tweed."

Both men took out of their bag boxers, socks, and a white T-shirt, a pair of jeans and a black pullover.

"I can't believe it! Ripper, you do have jeans?" Ethan said, amazed. "And a leather jacket too?"

Buffy nodded. "Yes, it was hung behind his tweed jackets." She confirmed. "Did you plan to wear it when you have your midlife crisis, Giles?"

Giles frowned. Ethan giggled then lifted his boxers.

"Hmm… black silk. Good point for you, Ripper. I was afraid you wore tweed boxer shorts."

"Get dressed and leave, Ethan." Growled Giles.

He gave him a Ripper glare.

Joyce shook her head. "Ethan will stay here until you've killed this demon who wants to kill you both."


"There is no "mom", Buffy. Mr. Giles and you should leave and try to find him."

"Demons do not go out in the daytime, mom."

"Then, you and Mr. Giles should go and train. And this evening you can kill this demon."

"Your mother's right." Giles said. "We're need to train and this evening, we'll find Daluu and kill him."

The Watcher went to the stairs, followed by Buffy. Ethan and Joyce watched them go, then hugged and exchanged a long kiss.

"When they've left, luv, I'll make love to you, there, on the carpet." Ethan proposed.

Joyce's body began trembling with impatience.

"And where else?" She asked. "What about in the kitchen? On the table?"

"Anywhere you want, luv."

* * *

Giles sat down on a gravestone and rested his sword against it. Buffy brandished her axe.

"I like, axes!" She said, making reels with it. "They change the stakes."

Buffy and Giles heard a twig to break suddenly and turned around. A vampire was looking at them, starved.

"Oh, it's only a vampire! " The Slayer said, disappointed. "Don't move, Giles, I take care of this bad guy, it won't take long."

She took the stake, which was in the pocket of her jacket and charged at the vampire.
Giles watched her fighting with great pride. He'd taught her everything. And Buffy was a remarkable pupil. In a short time, the vampire would not exist.
The Watcher suddenly felt the hairs on the nape of his neck rising and turned around slowly. Daluu looked at him. He had no time to pick-up his sword. The demon's claws plunged into his ribs.

"Buffy!" He cried, before falling on the grass.

Buffy plunged the stake into the heart of the vampire, which exploded in a cloud of ashes then collected the axe and hurled herself on the demon, who was bent over Giles on the ground, writhing in agony. Buffy struck the demon's neck and beheaded it. She knelt down next to Giles, raised his torn and blood stained pullover and T-shirt. The demon had again gashed his chest, a little more deeply this time. Giles gasped.

"I'll get you to hospital Giles."

He shook his head. "No, I hate going to hospital … you treat my wounds again, Buffy?"

She frowned. "You certainly need stitches, Giles."


Buffy nodded. "O.K."

* * *

Buffy poured some disinfectant directly on the wounds and cleaned the wounds with a large cotton pad. Giles, who had swallowed a sleeping pill an hour earlier had fallen asleep and was feeling absolutely nothing. Buffy glanced at Ethan who raised the needle and the thread.

He grinned. "We've got everything that's necessary in this first aid kit of yours Slayer."

Buffy grabbed his arm. "You're sure you've stitched wounds before?" She asked Ethan. "Because if you just want to have fun sewing Giles's skin…"

He sighed. "I've stitched quite a lot of wounds, Buffy. All on Ripper. Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

* * *

Ethan discreetly entered Buffy's room. He noticed that as on the previous night, she was snuggled up against Ripper, but this time, she was using his back as a pillow. However, tonight, something was going to happen between Buffy and Ripper thanks to a little of magic.
He cast another spell to isolate the room, so that no noise would be heard, he'd done the same to Joyce's room. Joyce wouldn't interrupt them during the action. Ethan saw Buffy moving to lie across Giles, who moaned and began to wake up. Ethan put some condoms, which he held in his hand on the bedside table.
Ethan giggled and left them alone. Joyce looking forward to him making love to her again. She was insatiable.

* * *

Buffy rubbed her cheeks against Giles's chest purring. She then embraced him, absorbing his warmth. When she heard him moaning she woke up with a start. She wanted to move back from him, but Giles caught her arm and held her next to him. He moved his lips towards hers and kissed her, his tongue plunged into her mouth. Buffy was stunned for a moment then wondered: what happened to Giles? Had the fever made him lose his mind? Then she returned his kiss, and put all her ardour in to it. She closed her hands behind the nape of his neck so that they could kiss each other even more deeply. They nibbled at each other's lips, licked at their cheeks and throats, then they kissed each other again frantically, their hands investigating their bodies frenetically, shivering with wild desire. Buffy suddenly closed her hand on Giles's sex and he gave a violent start.

"I want you! " She said.

Giles saw the condoms on the bedside table and took one. He grinned. Buffy must have put them there. She'd always known this time would come.
He tore the packaging with his teeth and quickly shoved his hardened penis into it. Buffy moved over him, took his penis and guided it to her sex. She made it penetrate slowly, enjoying every inch. Halfway she lay still to give herself time to adjust to his size. Giles was gasping, his head in fire. It was torture.
When his penis had entered her completely, Buffy closed her eyes and smiled, contented. She exhaled a long sigh and began to stroke regularly on his stomach, then pushing her fingers up onto the wounded shoulders, making him cry out with pain.
Giles quickly forgot the pain and made her turn on her back. He started thrusting slowly in and out of her with all his length. Buffy met him thrust for thrust as he plunged into her. Their two pubes seemed magnetized. Progressively Buffy's breath came in short pants and she was shaken by short and rapid contractions. She was going to have an orgasm. Giles increased his speed and drove even deeper.
Buffy was shaken by a violent spasm, crying out on reaching her climax, let out a hoarse sigh, and then fell forward onto Giles.

"Again!" She said.

Giles covered her body with his and entered her with a powerful thrust that made them both moan. Buffy was shaken as if by an electric shock. She contracted her muscular thighs and closed her legs around his back. Giles pushed deeper into her then started long and slow thrusts. Buffy began to move restlessly beneath him and Giles's excitation grew.
He stopped thrusting when he felt ready to explode. He wanted to make love to Buffy for as long as possible. Buffy underneath him moaned, sighed, and scratched his back, reopening a few of his wounds. He didn't feel the pain, so focused on their pleasure was he?
He suddenly pulled out from Buffy who muttered with anger, he pressed the base of his penis to avoid ejaculating. He turned Buffy on her stomach and dived back into her sex. Buffy raised her buttocks to facilitate his penetration. He thrust into her a little, withdrew a little, thrust a little farther, and withdrew almost entirely. Buffy under him bit the pillow, was shaken by spasms, and her legs shook frenziedly. Giles was torturing her!
Giles suddenly held still, keeping the tip of his penis just inside Buffy's sex, feeling it pounding. Buffy groaned. He was going to make her crazy! She grumbled with frustration and ordered:
"Again Giles!"

He put Buffy's legs on top of his shoulders and re-sheathed himself in one thrust making her tremble.
He made love to her again, licking her inner thighs. Feeling desire rising in his loins Giles increased the speed of his thrusts. When he felt Buffy tightening around him he roared and continued to move in and out of her, grimacing with pain, pressing with all his weight on her, pushing her into the mattress. His movements became more urgent. He moaned and gasped for air. In Giles's frenzied movements, Buffy understood that he was going to explode. She moved her pelvis to meet his, slid her hands his buttocks and cupped them. A rough spasm threw him against her and she felt his sex stretching out even more inside her while he released his seed with a throaty cry. He collapsed on her, exhausted. Buffy who had climaxed with him, heaved a sigh and fell tears of pure pleasure rolling down her cheeks. She lowered her legs, her breath coming in tiny pants. She was suffocated by the ecstasy.
Giles still within her encircled her waist with his arms and nestled his head into her shoulder. He closed his eyes and tried to calm down his heart hammering in his chest.
She granted him a break of 30 seconds.


He shook his head. "Grant me a little more time to recover, luv, don't forget that I'm not 20 any more."


She pushed him, so strongly that he fell of the bed with a cry of surprise.
She jumped on him and prevented him from moving, sitting on his legs, a leg on each side of him. She pulled a sheet off the bed, tore two big strips from it and with one tied up his wrists behind his back and with the other one tied up his ankles.

"My turn to torture you!" She said, grinning.

She let her hands investigate his body, searching for all the places that caused him to make happy sounds.
She bent towards him then and tore the dressings, which encircled his chest, hiding skin and especially his nipples. She licked them, sucked them and nibbled them, making Giles groan with pleasure. She then removed the used condom, made a knot and threw it in the dustbin with the finesse of a basketball player.
She took another one, rolled it on to him, taking care to masturbate his penis. Then she lay down on the floor not far from him, looking at him amused, crawling he came towards her. When he succeeded, she got free of him and returned on the bed. He swore and crawled to meet her there. When he was on the bed, Buffy went to sit down at his her desk and made a sign for him to join her with her finger.

"I'm here, Giles, if you want me, come to me."

Giles dropped on the floor and crawled to her. Buffy turned him on his back then sat down in the centre of his body. She drove onto his erect penis then pulled herself off, staying just above him, nearly in reach. Giles had to raise his pelvis to be able to penetrate her. He sometimes missed his target. At the end of 20 minutes, he fell on his back exhausted all his muscles hurt. He'd lost his breath.
Buffy bent over him, her breasts at few inches from his face and put her hands on his shoulders preventing him licking her breasts, even less to suck them. He made several attempts but reached nothing. Buffy heard him grumbling with frustration. She again made Giles roll over on her and this time allowed him to enter her. He let out a cry of satisfaction and entered her with a powerful thrust. His hands tied at his back, he leant all his weight on her, and he made love to Buffy to the end of his strength and then continued beyond. He couldn't stop. It was so pleasant and so exciting. Buffy under him chain orgasmed, one after the other, shouting his name, tearing his shoulders with her nails, grasping and grazing his buttocks.
Giles continued to make love to her recklessly, not realizing that his heartbeat was too rapid and was beating wildly against his ribs, he could barely breathe, and he was dangerously close to a heart attack.
Giles stopped when he had a violent orgasm and had a dizzy turn. He slid on his side, passed out for a minute.
Buffy removed his condom and sent it to join its predecessor. Giles regained consciousness feeling Buffy teasing the tip of the penis with small licks. He had a violent start and was shaken by a series of muscular contractions. Buffy continued the torture him until she saw tears pouring down his cheeks. Then, with one hand she moved the sensitive skin up and down and with the other one stroked the inside of his thighs. Giles began trembling and felt his heart beating at top speed in his chest. He had more and more difficulty in breathing.
Buffy opened her mouth, sucked his penis, nibbled it then gave him big licks, giggling.

"Buffy, please, stop!"

Buffy didn't stop, on the contrary, believing he was at the edge of an orgasm. She swallowed him and began sucking deeply, then she withdrew slowly, letting her teeth drag along his penis, nibbling him here and there. She again small licked the tip of his penis then rolled it between her hands, sometimes squeezing it.


Buffy took his testicles and began massaging them, while rubbing her cheeks against his penis.
Giles was suddenly submerged by a stifling wave of dizziness. A violent pain exploded in his chest. The pain quickly radiated across his body, paralysed his jaw and his left hand. An ice-cold sweat flooded his brow and everything began spinning. The pain, ceaseless, cutting. He had the impression his chest was being crushed in a huge vice. He couldn't breathe any more. His vision blurred and Buffy seemed distant to him, while she was close, bent over him.
"Heart attack…" He breathed. "I can't… brea… the."

Buffy finally realising it.

"Oh my God!"

She untied him, jumped up on her feet and rushed to her mother's room. She froze at the sight of Ethan asleep in Joyce's arms. They were both naked. She starred at them for a few seconds, then she shook Ethan's arm whom woke up with a start and recoiled, frightened.

"Buffy, I…"

"Later! Giles is having a heart attack! You have to come help him. Move your butt! Hurry!"


Buffy pumped away at Giles chest and every few compressions, Ethan pinched his nose and breathed into his mouth. Giles suddenly moved his fingers and began coughing. He gasped for air and panted. He opened his eyes and perceived Buffy's remorseful face bent over him.

"I'm sorry, Giles, I almost killed you…"

Ethan giggled. "To die from sexual pleasure, that's a death!"

"My God, Buffy, what did you do to him?"

"Well… I sexually tortured him."

She blinked remembering the naked sorcerer in her mother's arms. She yelled and punched his nose. Ethan cried out in pain and fell to the floor, blood pouring from his lips to his chin.

"You bastard! You had sex with my mother!"

Giles jumped. "What?"

"Oh Giles!"

Buffy bent over Giles and kissed him fiercely, slide her hands round his shoulders. She moved over him and began rubbing herself against him. Giles felt his heart hurting him again. Buffy under the influence of the spell could not control herself. She wanted Giles, wanted him, wanted him, wanted him. Giles naturally wanted Buffy also, like mad. He began licking her breasts, sucking the nipples to erect them one at a time. Buffy sat down on his chest, turning her back and began again to give small licks to the tip of his penis. Giles stroked her buttocks then kissed them, before sliding two fingers in her sex. Buffy was shaken by a spasm and began masturbating him gently at first then faster, stronger. Giles began choking again. He scratched the floor with his nails, tried to push Buffy off of him.

Ethan did, yelling. "Buffy, stop! You're going to kill him!"

Buffy sent Ethan rolling against the wall and started to masturbate Giles again with her Slayer strength. Giles fainted. The sorcerer broke the spell. Buffy blinked, disoriented and moved back, bewildered. She held Giles's penis and had a rubber taste in her mouth.

"Oh my god!"

Ethan rushed to Giles and took his pulse. The heartbeat was rapid and beat in an irregular way. He lifted him in his arms and carried him to the bed, where he laid him down. Buffy looked up at Ethan, her glance questioning.

"I cast a love spell on you both." He explained.


"You're in love with him and he loves you too. I wanted to please you both. The spell would have ceased to act when you fell asleep. But things went wrong. Rupert had a heart attack while you made love. You called me and I gave him CPR. I saved his life."

Buffy was astonished. "I almost made Giles die of a heart attack by making love to him? But… what did I do to him?"

"You told me you sexually tortured him."

She sat down on the edge of the bed and took Giles's hand in hers. She stroked it with her thumb.

"I'm sorry." Ethan said, truthful. "I didn't want to make him suffer, just please you both."

"And… Giles loved?"

"Oh, no doubt on it!"

"How do you know that I love him?"

"I saw you cuddled against him in this bed, you remember? You could have slept on the sofa, but you wanted to sleep with him, feel his body against yours."

She nodded. "And how do you know he loves me?"

"Look at him."

He indicated Giles who was kissing and sucking the pillow murmuring Buffy's name between pants. He was rubbing his penis against the mattress, moaning.

"He loves you and he wants you, Buffy. Now, you have just to tell to each other your feelings."

Ethan took Buffy's hand and carried her fingers to Giles mouth. When Giles felt them on his lips he began to lick them with the tip of his tongue and then he opened his mouth and began sucking them, moaning with pleasure in his sleep. Buffy felt a small shiver of pleasure travel down her spine and was strongly aroused. It was very erotic.

"Talking about love, I would like to tell you that I love your mother, dearly, and she also loves me."

Buffy blinked. "If it's just a joke…?"

Ethan shook his head. "I'm serious. I love her, Buffy. Your mother is a beautiful and a wonderful woman. I promise you to be gentle with her, to love her, dearly and to protect her."

Buffy grumbled. "So, love has changed the bad Ethan into a good Ethan? I'm not sure I believe that."

"It's the truth, Buffy."

"Hmm… I'm not convinced. So… that means that you're going to settle down at home?"

"If you want, yes."

"I have to speak about all this with my mother."



"Yes, Buffy?"

"If you lived here, you will wear pyjamas!"

Ethan grinned and left. Giles moaned and woke up. Buffy cupped his face and kissed him, slowly, deeply, then she said:

"Giles, I have to talk to you. I love you. I love you more than anything, more than my life." She sighed, ill at ease. "I loved Angel, because I needed somebody to love, somebody with whom to make love, but in my heart, there was only you, there has never been anyone but you. But I couldn't have you, and then I replaced you with Angel. I made love to him thinking about you. I imagined you in his place. " She tenderly stroked his unshaven cheek. Giles did not move back, too bewildered to make the slightest gesture. "I know you love me as much as I love you. You have always hidden your feelings for me, Giles. Why? Because you were my Watcher? Because you were in charge of educating me, of protecting me? Because you were too old for me? Because you thought it was gross to have such feelings for me? For a girl? Because you were ashamed to love me?" She paused for breath. "As for me, I couldn't say to you that I loved you because I was to afraid of losing you if I told you my feelings for you. Watchers are not allowed to love their Slayers, are they? That's why the Council chooses old men to train and to protect them. But-but you're not old, Giles, I mean, you're older than me, but you're not old. No, you're gracious, handsome, attractive, and sexy as hell! Giles, I love you, you love me, please kiss me."

She slid her arms around his waist and burrowed her head in his chest hair, purring.

"Kiss me Giles, please." She begged looking up at him again.

He kissed her, lovingly. "Yes, you're right, I love you so much and… you exposed very well why I'd hidden my feelings for you." He gently stroked her smooth cheek. "I want you, Buffy…"

She shook her head. He blushed.

"I'm sorry, it's a little hasty… "

"No, Giles, I can't make love to you because you're not in any shape to do it. You had a heart attack."

He jumped. "What?"

"This time, you will go to the hospital, Giles. You need exams. When the doctors say you're okay, we'll make love, not before."

* * *

When Ethan woke up he quickly realized that he had remained erect in Joyce's sex, she was still sleeping, her arms akimbo, her face relaxed, a smile spread on her lips. He closed his hands on her breasts and stroked them, moving his penis slightly inside her. Joyce moaned. He sucked her right nipple then nibbled it while increasing the speed of his thrusts, long and deep. Joyce began shifting beneath him, digging her nails in his back.
Ethan licked her neck then he felt Joyce closing her thighs, on the verge of coming. She opened her eyes wide and gasped when a tremendous orgasm shook her whole body. Ethan who had not come yet, turned her on her stomach and sank again into her sex, without any trouble so Joyce was excited. She pressed her face in the pillow and let out choked sigh when she felt Ethan filling her completely.
Ethan took the other pillow, slid it under Joyce's stomach, raising her buttocks to penetrate her more easily. He thrust in her with all his length, breathing heavily. Beneath him, Joyce moaned non-stop, shaken by spasms. Ethan felt the sap rising in his loins and he increased his speed. His hands grasped Joyce's hips; he pulled her to him, violently. He emitted a hoarse cry, when he exploded and fell on Joyce's back, she came again.
When he was calmed, Ethan withdrew from Joyce's sex, cuddled against her and kissed her.

"Hello, luv." He said to Joyce.

She grinned. "Hello Ethan, luv. I hope that you'll wake me like this every morning from now on."

"With great pleasure."

* * *

Buffy kissed Giles, lightly. He giggled.

"I'm fine, luv." He said. "Doctors told me I was in good shape again, so don't be afraid…"

She put her hand on his trousers at the level of his sex and kissed him again using her tongue this time, and then she licked and nibbled his bottom lip.

"Better?" She asked.


She moved back from him, approached the fireplace and took her clothes off slowly, sensually. Giles watched her doing it, his look burning with wild desire. His heartbeat accelerated and he began panting. He wanted her, so much that his body ached.
She was so beautiful!
She undid the buttons of his shirt and started to let her hands roam over his chest hair. He groaned when he felt her suckling his nipples to erect them, one at a time.
Buffy ran a hand over his bulge and he moved into it. She then opened his pants and pushed them down rapidly followed by his boxers. When she saw his prominent erection, her throat dried and tightened. She felt her stomach muscles clench.
She looked hungrily at him for a second, put her head onto his shoulder and closed her arms around his back. He hugged her tightly feeling with pleasure her breast against his chest. They kept still, one against the other for a long time, mixing their heat, their smell, then Giles moved back from Buffy and slid his burning hands along the curve of her hips, raised them along her sides, brushed her nipples, caressed her breasts, licked her cheeks, her throat, then covered her stomach with wet kisses. Buffy took him by his hand and sat down on the carpet. Giles sat down next to her, in front of her. Buffy closed her fingers abruptly around his sex and he gave a violent start.

"Easy luv, don't forget your Slayer strength." He warned her.

She explored his body with her mouth licking him, sucking him and with her hands, stroking him, rubbing him, scratching him, making him whisper, moan and groan. She stopped abruptly when she felt him gently run the tip of his penis along her sex.

"Come!" She said.

"Not yet."

Buffy groaned when Giles cupped her breast in his large hands and nipped at her neck, sucking hard enough to bruise.

"Come, now!"

"You're too impatient, luv."

"I know. COME NOW Giles!"

"Yes luv."