Love in the Roses
By Sha

Title: Love in the Roses
Author: Sha
Rating: Hell if I know. Maybe NC17?
Disclaimer: I wish I did, but I don't own the characters here,
Joss Whedon does.
Summery: A little B/G fun.
Notes: OK, this is going to be a touch long, but please read. This is in part, the poll winning fic. Also, this idea was born from Dria14's challenge to use the line from Bif Naked's song "Lucky". The one about making love in the roses.The songs included here are important to the story, so please read the lyrics.

Notes 2: The songs included in the fic are as follows, in order:
1.) Bif Naked-Lucky from the Buffy soundtrack
2.) Meredith Brooks-What would happen from her CD, blurring the edges
3.) Alanis-Head over feet from her CD, Jagged little pill

Notes 3: [] indicates Buffy's words in the notes. {} indicates song lyrics. I hope that this is ok. I went a little farther than I'm used to going.

[Remember the time we made love in the roses and you took my pictures in all sorts of poses? Well, Giles, I do too. Inside this package you will find a CD. Play song 7. It has this passage and some others that make me think of you when I hear it. Also is some clothes. Put them on while listening to the music and then follow the directions on the note included.]

Smiling, Giles opened the package he found on his doorstep. What he found inside made him chuckle. It was indeed a CD and note, but the clothes was something else.

Inside was a pair of black leather pants,and a green silk shirt.When Giles opened the CD case, he found one of the pictures he had took of Buffy the day they had made love in the rose petals. She was naked but had piled some petals on her breasts and lower extreminties. Her hair was a wild tangle around her head and her lips were as red as the roses she lay in due to the kisses they had shared just beforehand.

Groaning, he adjusted his pants, shaking his head. "Oh Buffy, how do you expect me to fit into the pants when you show me pictures like this beforehand?"

Going to the CD player Buffy kept at his place, he put the Cd in and forwarded it to song 4 as directed.

{It was on Monday when my lover told me never
pay the reaper with love only. What could I say
to you except I love you? And I'd give my life
for yours. I know we are, we are the lucky ones.
I know we are, we are the lucky ones, I know we
are, we are the lucky ones, dear.}

Heart clutching at the words he heard, he told himself he would never tell Buffy that her music was just mindless noise again. Undressing, he continued to listen.

{Remember the time we made love in the roses
and you took my picture in all sorts of poses?
How could I ever get over you and I'd give my
life for yours. I know we are, we are the lucky ones.
I know we are, we are the lucky ones, I know we are,
we are the lucky ones. I know we are,we are the lucky
ones, dear. My dear.}

Fully dressed, Giles picked up the note and read it.

[OK Giles, you should now be dressed. If the song isn't done, wait until it is. Then, get in your car. Once inside you will find yet another package.Don't waste time wondering how it got there in the time it took you to get dressed, just drive your car to the park and then open it.]

Laughing at the way she could almost read his mind, Giles waited for the song to end, like he was told.

{It's time to say thank God for you.I Thank God for you.
And in each and every single way I know, I know, I know
I know it's time to let you know.Time to let you know,
time to let you know,time to let you know. (lead into chorus)}

After the song ended, Giles headed back out his door to the car. Sure enough, there on the seat sat another package. Driving to the park, he quickly shut the engine down and grabbed the package. Ripping it open, he saw yet another CD, some more clothes and a note. Settling back, he read the note first.

[ So there you sit in your car, wondering what the 'bloody hell' is going on right? Well, hang in there Rupert. Remember what you always tell me, good things come to those who wait. Now, there is another CD for you to put in and listen to. You'll find a CD player under our tree. Be careful with it, I borrowed it from Xander. Put the song to number 8 and get ready cause, mmmmm. Like that beat Giles? Can you imagine me there with you? I'm dancing for you Giles, I'm grinding and moving in time with the music. ]

{Electricity, eye to eye. Hey don't I know you? I can't
speak. Stripped my senses, on the spot. I've never been
defenseless, I can't even make any sense of this. You speak
and I don't hear a word. What would happen if we kissed?
Would your tongue slip past my lips. Would you run away?
Would you stay, or would I melt in to you. Mouth to mouth
lust to lust. Spontaneously combust.}

Gasping, Giles eyes bugged out listening to the suggestive words of Buffy's note and the song. He was hopelessly turned on, his pants so tight he thought they might split open right there. Trying to hold on to his sanity, he lightly brushed his hand over his straining cock. Forcing himself to stop, he continued listening to the song.

{Room is spinning, out of control. Act like you didn't
notice, brush my hand. Forbidden fruit, ring on my
finger. Your such a moral mortal man but you throw
it away, no question. Will I pretend I'm innocent?
What would happen if we kiss? Would your tongue
slip past my lips? Would you run away, or would
I melt into you. Mouth to mouth, lust to lust,
spontaneously combust. What would happen if we kissed?}

As the song wound down, and the chorus repeated itself. He picked the note back up and finished it.

[Your just about ready for me Giles. I hope you have a mental picture by now. I know I do. Giles, look in the pocket of the jacket I've included in this package. Now.]

Getting out the jacket, Giles seen that it was his tux jacket that he wore at prom. A note pinned to the lapel said put me on. So he slipped the jacket on over his silk shirt. Putting his hands into the front pockets, Giles drew a picture out of one. The stick-um note on the front read: This is what I'm picturing Giles. Hurry and put the tie and cummerbund on as well. I'm waiting for you.]

Looking at the picture, Giles saw that it was one of himself.Taken the same day as the other, Giles was naked, no roses covered him though. He lay back, hand cupping his erection, looking invitinly at the person taking the picture, Buffy.

Quickly putting the rest of the clothes on, Giles looked for the next note to tell him what to do. He found it at the bottom of the last package.

[Your learning Giles. Now, your almost done. You have been such a good boy Giles, you'll be getting your reward soon. Now, go to the CD player. Take it with you. First, look at the bottom. That is where the next note is.]

Practically running, he went to the tree where he and Buffy had first said I love you to each other and pick up the CD player. There on the bottom was the note.

[OK Giles, go back to your car and look in the glove box, inside you will find one more CD. Put it in Xander's player and turn it to song 8. Drive to your new book store and listen to the words. They come from my heart Giles. Once you get to the store, come on in, I'll be there waiting.]

Starting the car, he once again drove off in search of Buffy. At the stop sign, he pushed play and listened to the song next on his list.

{I had no choice but to hear you.
You stated your case, time and again
I thought about it. You treat me
like I'm a princess. I'm not used
to liking that. You ask how my day
was. You've already won me over in
spite of me.Don't be alarmed if I fall
head over feet.Don't be surprised if I
love you for all that you are. I couldn't
help it, it's all your fault.}

If he lived to be 100, he would never tire of hearing those words in reference to Buffy. It was so hard for him to believe that she could love him. Yet, time and again, she showed him and told him that she did. The day she died, he knew that his heart would quit, and he too would join Buffy in death as he had in life. However, he would make sure that was many, many years off. He had some more things for them to have together first.

{Your love is thick and it swallowed me
whole. Your so much braver than I gave
you credit for.That's not lip service.
You are the bearer of unconditional
things.You held your breath and the door
for me. Thanks for your patience.}

Pulling up in front of the shop, he thanked God that it was Sunday and the closed sign would keep others away. Unable to wait a second longer, Giles hoped Buffy would forgive him for not listening to the whole song. He would make it up to her.

Opening the door, the silence had him puzzled."Buffy? Are you here dear?" The lights switched on as if by themselves. Looking around, Giles saw yet another note taped to another player.

[Push play, it's a tape of all three songs. Come into the back office Giles. You're almost home.]

As the music filled the air, Giles made his way into the back office. The lights switched back off.Walking through the door, Giles took in the sight before him, candles covered the entire surface of his desk. Rose petals littered every thing else. The floor, the couch, the file cabinets, every thing. Walking into the room, he turned as the door shut behind him.

Finally, there stood his Buffy, standing naked in all her glory."Good lord Buffy, I'm just a mortal man. You, you are so beautiful dear."

Smiling, Buffy slowly advanced towards Giles. "I knew you could handle it Rupert. You sell yourself too short. Model that outfit for me. Move to the music Giles."

Face red, Giles did as Buffy asked, slowly he moved, swaying. Seeing her face flush, he took it a step further and took off his jacket. The tie soon followed. "I suppose I have the others to thank for helping out here too."

Swallowing hard, Buffy could only nod. "What's wrong Buffy, can't take what you dished out?" Giles took both his shoes off, then the silk shirt. Standing there in nothing but the leather pants, he stopped. Looking at Buffy, he held his arms out to her in silent invintation.

Going into his arms, Buffy leaned back slightly to look him in the eyes."You have been working too hard Giles. Spending all that time researching, I was feeling abandoned. Even if the research was for me."

Burying his face in her hair, he murmured softly,"never again Buffy. I will never again make you feel abandoned. I swear it."

Kissing his neck, she ran her hand down his chest."Shh, just hold me Giles."

Cupping her bare bottom in his hands, Giles could no longer hold back. Scooping her up in his arms, he gently laid her on the petals that covered the couch. The faint scents of Buffy's arousal and the perfume from the petal's filled Giles' nose and blocked his thoughts.

Swiftly removing his leather pants, he joined Buffy on the couch. Running his hands over her shoulders, down her arms and back up, he whispered soft words of love. He cupped her breast with his hands and leaned down to suckle a nipple. Buffy arched her back off the couch, needing more. She took her hands on a slow journey of his body. His chest and nipples got her attention first. Down his stomach her fingers danced. Skimming across his thighs, she then took one hand and cupped his balls, while the other cupped his erection.

Groaning, Giles began thrusting into her soft, small hand. Reaching his breaking point, he grabbed her wrist and pinned them to her sides. Leaning over her, he flashed her his Ripper grin. "You can see that you have me ready, but are you ready for me? " Ignoring her nodding, Giles continued. "Hmmm, how can I be sure? I think I know of a way my dear."

Giles placed a few kisses along her body until he reached his goal. At the apex of her thighs, he stopped, looking up at her one last time. "Lets see if you can handle the pressure."

Spreading her vaginal lips apart, Giles sniffed the smell of his Slayers arousal. Seeing how aroused she was, he knew he wouldn't have long before she orgasmed. He dipped his tongue into her heat, tasting her juices. Licking along her seam a couple more times, he drove his tongue into her core, delighting in the noises he was driving from her. Sucking her clit into his mouth, he felt her tremble and rose above her to enter her in one quick thrust.

Both of them gasped, stopping all movement for a moment. Looking deep into each others eyes, they began to move in unison. As they both reached all lovers goal, Buffy tenderly said, "I have never loved any one as I do you , Rupert." Shouting out her name, Giles came, causing Buffy too as well.

"That was well worth the wait Buffy. Now I'm quite sure that you're trying to kill me off."

Laughing, Buffy kissed him soundly on the mouth. "Nope, but I do plan on seeing how far I can take you before you cry uncle. You feel like saying uncle yet?"

Hardening once again, he growled, "not in the bloody least."