The Long and Restless Night
By Shawna

Title: The Long and Restless Night
Author: Shawna
Couple: Buffy/Giles
Rating: PG 13
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Note: This is my second Buffy/Giles fanfic...This is to everyone who enjoyed the first...Thank you for your kind words..they mean alot to me.. I need to say thank you to everyone who wrote saying that they hoped I was going to finish this story, because it was good...(blush)..Thank you for taking the time to write..I told ya that I write faster with feedback...I hope you enjoy the last part...Thank you again! Enjoy!

Was it really, just a couple of hours ago? A couple of hours ago, Giles was fighting beside his slayer. Now, he was in a hospital.

Buffy never had liked hospitals. They were too white. This cold looking building held a lot of death. Yet, it also held life. New and old. Lives were changed behind these walls. Some were good changes. Some were bad. In some rooms people were rejoicing. In others, people were filled with sorrow.

Buffy was filled with worry.

"Please, God, let Giles be alright."

Buffy prayed that later she would be rejoicing. She wanted Giles to live. She needed him to live.

Buffy paced in the halls. Looking at every doctor or nurse, hoping against hope, that they knew something...Anything.

All she knew was that Giles was in surgery. His life was in the hands of the Powers That Be.

To think a couple of hours ago they were laughing. Or was she laughing?...If only she could hear Giles' sweet laugh. If only she could see his smile...See him glare at something she said.

If only he was alright.

Suddenly, Xander and Willow ran into the waiting room.


"Oh, God, what happened? How is Giles? He is going to be okay, right?" Willow said all this without taking a breath.

"I-I don't know. He is in surgery...All they will tell me is that he is in 'serious condition'."

Buffy said going over to a chair and sitting down. She lowered her head.

"I just want the doctors to tell me that he is okay. To tell me something...I..Giles has to live...He has to! Oh, Giles.."

The last part of Buffy's sentence was drowned out as she placed her hands over her face.

"What happened, Buff?" Xander asked gently.

His eyes were filled with worry and fear. Fear that they were about to lose someone close to them.

Buffy slowly looked up. Her two wonderful friends were sitting next to her. One on her right. One to her left. Her hands reached out and grabbed Willow's and Xander's hand.

Buffy could remember what happened so clearly. The image was imprinted in her mind.

Buffy slowly and softly told them the events that lead up to Giles being in the hospital....


"I am so excited..And a little scared. I've never met parents before."

"Buffy, I'm sure you have met parents before. Just never your boyfriend's parents." Giles said with a smile.

"Okay, Giles...I've never been to Iowa, before either. Is it really different from California? Do you think Riley's parents like or dislike the idea their son is dating a Californian girl?"

"Buffy, it's alright to be nervous. Riley's parents will love you. I hear Iowa is different from California, but I'm sure you will find it a learning experience."

"A learning experience?...Why, can't you just say 'I'm sure you will have fun.' That's what normal people say."

"Oh, I forgot, you don't believe learning experiences can be fun."

Buffy started to laugh. Slowly, her laughter died. A serious look came upon her face.

"I've missed this Giles..."

"Missed, what?"

"This, us talking. Us going after a demon. Just the two of us."

"Yes, it has been along time...I've missed it, too...Missed you."

The last part of Giles' sentence was spoken in a whisper.

A whisper that Buffy still heard. Sadness, filled her heart. She longed to reach over and take his hand..But she didn't.

"I'm so sorry, Giles..I've missed Willow, Xander and you..I wish I could make up for it.."

"Buffy, you are growing up. I'm proud of you, I-I, um, I care about you. Nothing will ever change that...So, tell me again, when are Riley and you going to go to Iowa."

"Giles, is this your way of changing the subject?..Because if it is..It works! We are going early tomorrow morning and will be there for a week. A week...A whole week!..What if they don't like me? This could be a week of hell. What if they don't think I'm good enough for their son?"

"Buffy everything will be fine. They will love you."

"You know it's funny, I can slay vampires and fight all kinds of demons but the one thing that feels me with fear is meeting my boyfriend's parents."

"Fear is natural. For it is the first time for you...You are meeting total strangers. Strangers that might or might not accept you."

"You know how to make a girl feel good, Giles."


"See, what I mean?"

They were now in front of a cave. A small blue light was shining in the darkness. Was this the demon, they were looking for? A fearur demon was in Sunnydale. A fearur demon enjoyed terrorizing people. Sometimes, stalking their victims for months before killing them. This evil demon must be stopped. Giles had told Buffy that the only thing that killed a fearur demon was a copper sword. Like, those were real easy to find.

Buffy knew she shouldn't have been surprised that Giles would have the swords they would need. But, she had never seen them before. The swords were beautifully crafted and unique. She wondered why he never kept them in the weapon cabinet or trunk....But, she didn't think that right now would be a good time to ask that question.

They entered the cave slowly. It was dark. The only light they had was the light emanating from Giles' small flashlight. And of course, that strange blue light. The light was so bright that she had trouble finding it's source.

Suddenly, Buffy felt a demon's arm hit her across her face. Even with the demon surprising her, she was already hitting back. Buffy realized that the blue light was the demon's one huge eye. It was very distracting. But she knew she could take the demon down.

Buffy was amazed with how big and strong the demon was. She was glad Giles was fighting beside her.

Giles got a good hit on the demon's arm and side.

The fearur demon roared with pain and Buffy knew the demon was not happy.

Surprisingly, she felt the demon grab her sword from her hand.

Maybe, taking the demon down was going to be harder then she thought.

She watched Giles and the demon fight. The clash of metal was ringing loudly in her ears.

Buffy saw the opportunity that she was waiting for. She kicked the sword out of the fearur demon's hand. As the sword was flying in the air, she twisted to catch it..Buffy didn't take into account the demon grabbing her foot that she had lifted to kick the sword from his hand.

Buffy landed on her backside..Hard...Man, she knew she was going to have bruises.


Giles was cutting the demon in as many places he could reach without getting hurt.

Buffy got up quickly. Her lips tighten in determination. She was going to kill this thing...

Buffy went to hit him...The demon was quick and grabbed her...The first thought that came to her mind was 'I'm going to die, again...I'm not sure I'll be able to come back...'

Even in the half darken cave Buffy could see Giles. He looked magnificent...And fearsome...His brilliant green eyes were filled with rage at the thought that this demon was going to kill his slayer.

Giles knew right then, that it was time to end this fight...Giles raised his sword and plunged it into the demon's chest..

The demon roared in surprise and pain. The demon staggered and let Buffy go as he fell to the ground...Before the demon took his last breath he grabbed the sword on the ground beside him and threw it at Giles...

"No!!!" Buffy yelled.

Buffy tried to move as fast as she could...But she was too late...

Giles also fell to the ground...Buffy was in shock...There the sword was...sticking out from Giles' stomach....

"Oh, God, Giles!!!...Giles....Giles..."

She fell to her knees...beside her watcher...her friend...Her..Her love?


Giles opened his eyes. Green eye meet blue...

"B-Buffy...a-are you okay?"

His eyes closed as he slipped into unconsciousness...

"Giles! Don't leave me...Giles...Stay with me, please..."

She knew she had to get him to the hospital and fast...

Buffy couldn't let him die..She didn't care if the hospital was going to ask her weird questions..As long as they made Giles well.

With slayer strength Buffy slowly and carefully lifted Giles in her arms. Hard work for a slayer, but, she was determined.

It was unusual for her to be frightened, but now the thought that Giles might die she was more frightened then the first time she ever saw a vampire....

A hour later.

Xander and Willow were real quiet. Willow looked like she wanted to cry. For the first time, that Buffy knew Xander, he looked as if he was made of stone...

Buffy was crying...Tears ran down her cheeks.

"I tried to save him...I tried, but failed...I-I wasn't fast enough...I'm a slayer..I'm supposed to be fast...Why, wasn't I fast enough?...Giles can't die..H-He can't...He can't..."

Buffy didn't care that she was weeping...Her true friends didn't seem to mind.

"Can you image, he was worried about how I was...When I wasn't the one with the sword sticking out of my stomach..."

"Buffy...Buffy, Giles is strong...He will make it...He will..He has to..." Xander said still holding her hand tightly.

"Yes, Yes, this is Giles...He has been through so much and each time he's made it...He'll make it through this too.." Willow said.

The look on Willow's face said that she believed every word she said...But her eyes still spoke of worry for Giles....

"Ms. Summers?"

Buffy turned her head to look at the doctor. She jumped up and grabbed the doctor.

"How is he? Giles is going to be fine, right? Why don't you tell me!" Buffy said, shaking the poor man.

"He could..If you let him get a word in, Buff." Xander told her gently.

The doctor gave Xander a thankful look..He also seemed surprised by the strong grip Buffy had on his shoulders.

"Oh, sorry.."

Buffy let go of the doctor but still kept her eyes on him.

"Mr. Giles is still in critical condition...We are keeping a close eye on him...Are any of you his family?"

"Mm, Yeah."


"Yes, we are family."

"We really need for you to fill out some forms...Mr. Giles is in room 214. One of you may go and see him...Only one at a time, please."

Buffy looked at her friends with a hopeful look upon her face...

"You go, Buff." Xander said softly.

"Yeah...Just remember we are here too. We'd like to see him...Not right this minute, of course, but...I'm going to be quiet now. Go, Buffy."

Buffy smiled and thanked them...Then, she turned and ran to room 214...

Buffy walked slowly and silently into the room.

Giles looked so pale..He laid upon the bed so still...So very still...There was many various tubes and wires...

"Giles..." Buffy whispered.

She reached over and pulled up a chair very close to the bed. Buffy grabbed his hand. She was shocked at how cold his hand felt. Fear entered her heart.

"Giles, don't leave me, please...Willow and Xander need you...I...I need you...I may not say it or even show it at times, but I think it...Maybe, I should be like Cordelia and just say what I'm thinking...Can you imagine?"

Buffy smiled at the thought.

Her beautiful face lost her smile as she continued to stare at him. If he died a part of her would die too. She would be incomplete. Buffy needed Giles. As her friend...As her friend...As her watcher...As..As a man?

Buffy leaned towards Giles' ear and whispered..."I've never told you this before, but I lov..."

A knock sounded on the door before it was opened to reveal Xander.

"Buffy,..Riley is here. He wants to talk to you..Now..I'm sorry to bother you."

"That's okay. I'll go talk to Riley. You stay with Giles, Okay?"


Xander held the door opened for her. He walked into the room. His eyes stayed on Giles and he sat in the chair that Buffy just left.

Xander felt tears well up in his eyes. He tried his best not to cry. He was determined not too. His father had told him in no certain terms that crying was unmanly. No son of his was allowed to cry...It wasn't right.

He was not use to seeing Giles like this..He didn't like thinking that the G-man was so close to death...Death..Giles couldn't die..Death seem so final.

" needs you..Willow does too...You have to be alright G-man...I-um, we need you..Not because you know everything...or-or because you are Mr. Research Guy but because you are Giles...Our friend...You...You are like a father to me..You taught me so much. You taught me the power of research and knowledge...You taught me all kinds of things. You taught me. I-I remember that time in the library...When there was a library. The girls showed you their report cards...Willow was doing great as always...Buffy, surprisingly had a good one."

Xander got very quiet then in a hoarse, soft voice he continued...

"You looked at me and held out your hand. Expecting to see my report card...Mine! My parents never cared to see it..Never showed a interest...Not even in me. But you did..You...You cared..You were the first adult that acted like..well, you he really, truly cared..And you did, not just about my grades, but about me..Please, Giles, please get better..Please.."

Xander knew if he ever became a father, he would want to treat his children the way Giles treated him...Even when Giles was mad at him or impatient with him...Xander knew Giles would accept him and love him. Xander wanted Giles to still be around if he ever did father those children...Sometime, way in the future!

For the first time since the age of six, the tears started to flow. Xander lowered his head and started to sob...He no longer cared weather or not crying was unmanly...He no longer cared that his real father would look down on him and berate him.

Xander had a feeling that the G-man wouldn't mind...He wouldn't judge..He would always care...Always love...Always accept...Because that was something Giles would always do...Something Xander was still learning...

Buffy saw Riley and Willow talking. Willow saw Buffy first and tried to give her a smile but failed. Riley turned his head and looked at her. He quickly got up and walked towards her.

Riley reached out and gave her a hug. Buffy knew she should feel guilty. Here she was fixing to tell Giles she loved him. While Riley was still her boyfriend.

Buffy was also wishing she was in Giles' arms instead of Riley's. Was something wrong with her? Or was she coming to her senses?

"How are you?" Riley asked as he let go of Buffy.

"Okay, I guess."

"Yeah, uh, Buffy how long do you think you will be here?"


"Here at the hospital...Willow told me that Giles was out of surgery and in a room..We really need to get ready and catch our plane."

"What!? We were leaving tomorrow."

"It is tomorrow...You've been here all night."

"Wow, time sure does fly." Buffy said sarcastically.

She took a deep breath and continued...

"I'm staying here. I-I can't go to Iowa with you, Riley. I just can't, not with Giles in the hospital...And when he is out of the hospital, he'll need to have help. He'll need people who love him around..I can't believe that you seriously think that I would just leave Giles here and go to Iowa with you!"

"Buffy, he'll have Xander and Willow....He'll be fine."


"Buffy." Riley sighed and continued...

"Buffy, this is important. Going to Iowa and meeting my parents is the next big thing in our relationship."

"Thing? Thing..." Buffy shakes her head.

"Riley, I hate to tell you this but Giles is more important than meeting your parents."

"More important than us?"

Buffy did not hesitate. She knew what her answer was going to be.


Riley looked shocked.

"You really mean that don't you?" He asked.

"Yes, Giles is the most important person in my life. He always will be. I-I love him."

Riley gave Buffy a long look. Then, he turned around and left.

"Goodbye, Riley." Buffy whispered.

Her heart was sad that she couldn't be the woman Riley wanted her to be...But at the same time she felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders.

Buffy looked over to Willow. She knew Willow had heard every word that had been spoken. Buffy gave Willow a smile. She knew her friend hadn't meant to listen in on the conversation.

Buffy reached over and grabbed her best friend's hand.

"Come on, Will. We are going to Giles' room."

"Buffy, I can't...Remember, the one person at a time rule."

"Since when have I ever followed the rules."

"You have a point." Willow said smiling as she allowed Buffy to take her to Giles.

Xander's tears had long since dried. His eyes were red, but the girls couldn't tell that he had been crying.

Xander nodded at Buffy and Willow.

"Hey, Will, you owe me a dollar...I told you that Buffy would break the one person rule."

Willow smiled, then, the smile died a quick death as she got a good look at Giles.

"Oh, God, Giles..." Willow whispered...

Everyone became quiet. They looked towards the person that held their concern and focus.

Buffy and Willow stepped closer to the bed. Everyone in the room knew they would never forget how unnaturally pale Giles was...or how still.

For a long time Buffy, Willow and Xander stared quietly at Giles. But Giles never stirred. Oh, how they wanted him to move...Show some sign of life...Any sign of life.

A pen drop could be heard in the room as the gang saw Giles twitch his fingers...They watched with hope and joy as Giles moved his lips and slowly opened his eyes....

It was a few of days later...

Buffy was only half listening to the doctor that was talking to Giles. She couldn't help but stare at Giles...Joy filled her heart.

Giles was getting ready to be checked out of the hospital..Xander and Willow were supposed to show up and help.

Giles looked over to Buffy. She looked into Giles' eyes. Those sexy green eyes of his seemed restless and the smile on his handsome face betrayed impatience.

Buffy smiled.

Giles didn't like hospitals either. He was ready to go home.

Giles was arguing with the doctor. Saying he should be able to walk out of the hospital. Not pushed in a wheelchair...The doctor repeating over and over again that it was hospital policy.

Buffy had a feeling that Giles would have told the doctor were to stick the wheelchair if she hadn't been in the room.

Finally, Buffy decided to take action...

"Giles, stop it...The only way you can leave this hospital is in a wheelchair...So, a wheelchair it will be even if I have to tie you down in it!...If it had been me that had been hurt...You would have told me to shut up and accept it!"

"Well, maybe not in those exact words." Giles told Buffy.

The doctor turned and left the room.

"Admit it, you're afraid that Xander will push your wheelchair..." Buffy said.

"No...Well, maybe. Or I'm afraid you will push it." Giles said with a smile.

"Giles, I've never read the Slayer handbook but I do believe that rule number one is never make a Slayer mad!"

"I'll do my best to remember that."

"Giles, why do you not want to use the wheelchair?"

Buffy studied the emotions flooding her beloved's face. After a moment of silence Giles spoke...

"I don't like feeling...weak."

"Weak? Giles, you are not weak. You are the strongest man I know."

"I'm not sure I believe you, Buffy."

"Hey, If I can't be honest, I don't speak at all...Okay, that's not true...But if I lie, there is always a good reason."

Giles laughed.

Buffy realized that she needed to tell him that she loved him. For life was to short. What if he didn't love her back? She couldn't believe how blind she had been. That she never really looked at the man standing in front of her. But she was looking now! To think she nearly lost him forever.


Buffy couldn't finish the sentence...She was so nervous. She turned away from Giles..She was so scared that Giles wouldn't or couldn't love her back. Did he really have a Father's love for her? Giles never did reply to that idiot who told Giles he was fired for loving his slayer with a 'Father's love'. Buffy already has a father...

Buffy turned suddenly and threw herself into Giles' arms. Buffy knew she shocked him, but hugged him with desperate strength anyway. She came so close to losing him...Oh, how she loved him!

"Giles, I love you.."

"Y-you love me? W-what kind of love are you talking about?"

Buffy reached up and put her fingers along the back of Giles' neck and head. She lowered his lips upon hers.

Buffy found herself lost in the kiss. Caught in the primitive passion that overtook her.

Giles tightened his arms around Buffy. He took the kiss even deeper.

They kissed for a long time. Neither one was sure who ended the kiss.

"What about Riley?"

"You mean my ex?"


Buffy looked deeply into Giles' eyes and said...

"I love you, Rupert Giles. Madly and deeply. I love you..Do you love me?"

"With the kiss we just shared..Do you really need to ask?"

"I want to hear the words, Rupert...I can call you Rupert, right?"

"I love you. So I believe it is alright to call me Rupert, my love."

"Kiss me, Rupert."

Giles lowered his head and did just that.

Outside the door, two people stared in shock. Willow and Xander were amazed at what they were witnessing.

Willow found it to be beautiful. What they witnessed was so full of love. Willow being the romantic one of the group smiled.

Then, she realized that this was something private and special...And she didn't want Xander to ruin it....

She grabbed Xander and walked him away from the door.

Willow stared at Xander. She was waiting for him to say some really stupid thing.

"What!" Xander said impatiently, tired of Willow's stare.

"I'm waiting for you to say 'Ewww' or 'that is so gross!'.

"Will, to be totally honest with you...What I saw...I found it to be beautiful...Full of love..Listen, I love Giles and Buffy. They are my friends. I think that they can find happiness together...And they need that...Happiness...I support them."

"Oh...Oh, Xander. I believe you are growing up!"

Xander gave Willow a horrified look.

"Oh, God...Now that is a scary thought!"