Are you Lonesome Tonight?
By Lily2332

TITLE: Are you Lonesome Tonight?
AUTHOR: Lily2332
DISCLAIMER: not mine, don’t sue
SPOILERS: Wild at Heart
SUMMARY: Giles has been feeling left out lately, Buffy finally notices. It's about time!!
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DISTRIBUTION: Solo, Cap, anybody else just ask.

Giles sat at his desk, staring at the television, not really watching. The house was quiet. That hadn’t changed, but in the past he hadn’t been home enough to notice. It had been a peaceful refuge, not a silent prison. Now he knew these walls intimately. More than he cared to.

What to do? <Go to bed.> he though, somewhat sadly. <Nothing else to do.> So he stood, stretched and checked his watch. Eight O’clock. Xander’s voice echoed in his head.

<"Isn’t home that empty place you’re trying to escape?">

Now that had hurt. If they were aware of how alone he was, why didn’t they do anything about it? Besides make fun, that is. Buffy had been by twice today, but always had to rush off somewhere.

He wouldn’t beg her to stay. Pride wouldn’t allow it. Suddenly, he felt very, very old. Why was he even here? If he were to pack his bags and leave at this moment, how long would it take them to notice?

His shoulders slumped in uncharacteristic resignation, and he started slowly to his bedroom, shedding his clothes the whole way, letting them lie where they fell. <It’ll give me something to do tomorrow.> He thought bitterly. Although he wasn’t tired, he climbed into bed, the thought of sitting alone any longer almost unbearable, and sleep would be a welcome escape.

As he pulled the covers over his body, there was a sound. Giles shook his head, putting his glasses on the night table. How many times in the past week had he run to the door, just knowing that he’d heard something, only to be disappointed?

Again he heard the sound, accompanied by the definite sound of a door closing. "Giles....Giles?" Buffy poked her head into the bedroom, smirking. "What are you doing in bed already? Aww, did 60 Minutes get preempted tonight?" She came towards the bed, her expression turning contrite. "Oh, you’re not sick are you? That’s it, isn’t it. You’re sick."

Giles stared at her, deciding that he’d never felt like such a wretch in his life. So he did the only thing any self-respecting watcher would do. Lie. He lay back onto the pillows, cringing, holding his hands to his temples. "Actually, yes, Buffy, I’m not feeling very well....My head...." He couldn’t finish the untruth, but let her draw her own conclusions.

Buffy felt weirdness. Something was off. Maybe it was just being in Giles bedroom. She’d never seen him in bed before. That was probably it. She disappeared into the bathroom, finding a washcloth, holding it under a stream of cold water. She wrung out the rag, and dug around for some aspirin. <If I leave now, I can still go to the Bronze. Maybe Parker will be there. I’ll ignore that loser and dance with somebody else....he’ll be so jealous.>

After he’d taken the pills from her and washed them down with water, she smoothed the cold cloth over his forehead and sat down on the bed.

"There." She smiled, caressing his cheek. "Now get some sleep and you’ll be good as new tomorrow." She was about to leave, he could sense it. Rushing off somewhere, as usual after the obligatory check in with her ex-watcher. She rose from the bed.

"Wait!" He said, a little desperately. She was confused.

"What is it?"

He fought with himself over the words, but pride fell away to loneliness. "Stay with me." He quietly asked.

Thoughts swirled through her head more quickly than she could catch them, but a few things did occur to the blonde. First of all, she never, ever wanted to see that look on Giles’ face again. He didn’t want to be alone. Shame crept in as she remembered all the times he’d used this same hopeful tone with her in the past weeks, but she was always rushing off somewhere. She sat back down, understanding dawning.

"You’re not sick, are you?" She asked, removing the cloth from his forehead.

He took a long pause. "No."

"You still want me to stay with you?" She asked tentatively, twisting the cloth in her hands.

"Yes, Buffy." His voice sounded funny as he tried to cover the emotions that threatened to break through. "I want you to stay." Giles was as surprised as Buffy by the next words that left his mouth, his only explanation being weeks of isolation, and knowing that at this point he had nothing left to lose. As it was he sat on the verge of leaving Sunnydale, going back to England. "I want you to stay the night." He finished.

Buffy’s shocked eyes met his, but he didn’t look away. "You mean, you want me to stay and talk to you for a while....." She said, her panicked expression saying that she knew very well that wasn’t his intent.

"No, Buffy." He shook his head. "I want more that.....I miss you." He leaned toward her, and she flinched, squeezing her eyes shut.

"But- but we’ve never...." This was not right. Giles was not supposed to have those feelings. An image of Olivia in his shirt popped into her head. <oh.> Well she’d been treating him so shabbily, the least she could do is to let him kiss her. Suddenly she wished that she were wearing more than this tiny excuse for a tank top. It was supposed to make Parker crazy with jealousy, not make Giles......whatever he was.

He closed the space between them, reminded of every fantasy he’d ever had about this moment as he ran his eyes over her bare skin. He imagined tearing with his teeth at those tiny spaghetti straps, but settled instead for rubbing his thumb gently over her shoulder.

Without thinking, Buffy responded to the touch by tilting her head to the side, exposing her neck. He faltered for a moment, then took advantage of the invitation, trailing his fingers down her neck, all the way down to her arm, in the process pushing one of the delicate straps off of her shoulder.

Buffy froze. What was happening? Surely Giles wasn't trying to undress her. Was he? She looked up at him questioningly, but he wasn't watching her. His eyes were fixed on what he had uncovered.

His hand hesitated, then moved up to her bare skin, over her collarbone, wanting just a hint of what it would be like to have her naked beneath him, knowing that he was now treading on dangerous ground. But once his fingers met with velvety soft skin, a hint wasn't enough. He leaned down, his mouth drawing near, then stopped. She could feel his breath, and tried to keep from trembling with anticipation. <I'll stop him in a minute>

After what seemed like an eternity, Giles broke free of his conscience, bringing his lips to her neck, kissing softly, then licking and nipping gently. He was shocked at the small moan that escaped her, and the sound sent him plunging into the waters that he'd so far just been testing.

He brought his hand around to her back, pulling her nearer. When she still didn't protest, his mouth moved on, lower, and it was his own soft moan that filled the room when he reached her breast, tugging at the top for access to what he desired. He felt her take a ragged breath when his tongue brushed her nipple, and boldly closed his mouth around it, causing bolts of pleasure to race through her body. After a few minutes she was moving restlessly beneath him, the only thing registering was his hot, wet mouth on her skin. She gasped when he bit gently, and she tugged at his hair, ready for more. He lifted his head, his eyes widening at the steamy gaze she greeted him with.

"You’ll stay with me tonight?" He asked. She answered by the way of a passionate kiss, lying back onto the bed, pulling him with her.