Lightening Strikes
By Seeker182

Title: Lightening Strikes
Author: Seeker182
Disclaimer: I don't own them, they belong to Joss, Mutant Enemy, WB, FOX.
Rating: Probably NC-17, I'm not sure. B/G
Summary: Willow decides that a little magic won't hurt in trying to get Buffy and Giles together, but when things go wrong...
Distribution: Anyone who wants it, just let me know where it's going!
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Timeline/Spoilers: Set After Season 3, but before The Freshman.

Buffy groaned as she looked at the clock by the side of her bed. 4.36am. She'd only managed to get to sleep 2 hours ago.

Another distant rumble of thunder rolled across the sky, reminding her why she'd woken up. She rolled over and sighed into the pillow knowing that sleep would allude her until the storm died down.

Buffy pulled the covers off and emitted another soft sigh as she heard the soft patter of rain on the roof. She made her way over to the window and knelt down on the floor. She quietly slid it open. A flash of lightening sudden split through the sky, illuminating the road in front of her house for a split second.

Buffy started counting the seconds, 1...2...3... thunder rumbled, more loudly this time. The storm must be getting closer, thought Buffy, well it was three miles away to be exact she thought with a small smile. When she'd been little, she'd always been fascinated with thunderstorms. She breathed in deeply, closing her eyes. One thing she would never grow tired of was the smell of freshness in the air during a storm. Not even freshly cut grass could compare with that.

She watched mesmerised as the rain grew heavier and heavier until the drops were bouncing off the ground. She longed to be out there, revelling in the beauty, rain soaking her skin, lightening illuminating one moment of absolute happiness.

Unbidden the thoughts that had plagued her mind until she had finally surrendered to sleep earlier that morning forced their way back to the surface. Questions filled with uncertainty bombarded her consciousness. Would she ever know true happiness again? Would she ever find the one person she was meant to spend the rest of her life with? Would they want to spend it with her? Normal thoughts, perhaps for a normal teenage, however, Buffy was anything but normal. Things were just so much more complicated. Who would be willing to put up with her duty, her destiny?

An image of Giles flashed into her mind. Surely he would know what she was going through, after all that was the one thing they were supposed to have in common. She made a quick mental note to try and broach the subject with him, even though she guessed that he wouldn't be particularly forthcoming with details about his infamous Ripper days. Her thoughts turned to Giles on the Band Candy. It wasn't really something she liked to think about. As much as she'd seen to be okay about the whole Giles and her Mom thing, it grossed her out even more than she would like to admit to herself.

She wondered how he was doing after the Accession. She'd only seen him a few times over the summer, as things had been pretty quite on the demon front. Training sessions had been few and far between with Giles seeming more and more distant each time. Buffy knew instinctively that they were growing apart. He seemed so lonely lately and she seemed to be the last person he wanted to confide in. There were so many unresolved issues between them, so much hurt just brushed under the carpet.

She guessed that they probably had more in common than she would have previously imagined. There was the whole vampire thing for a start, and when it came down to it that was a pretty underlying thing in both their lives. And then there was the whole searching for love thing. Her and Giles were both more than unlucky when it came to love. Perhaps it was fate that they would be lonely together.

'Well, I guess it's better than being lonely on your own.' Thought Buffy with a small smile as she climbed back into bed and sleep overcame her in a matter of minutes


The next day Giles woke up just before lunchtime having tackled a pretty vicious bottle of whisky the night before. Ever since the Accession had passed, he'd started to have more and more trouble falling asleep, never mind the nightmares that would come and cause him to wake up in a cold sweat. The pervious night he had decided to take matters into his own hands and change tack in his war against the dreaded nightmares. So he had gotten drunk. A decision he was regretting this morning and now he was left with the worst hangover he'd had in years.

Giles wasn't sure whether or not he was happy about the fact that Buffy was coming over for training after lunch. Since graduation they'd pretty much stopped talking to each other, just in case it got to the point where they would have to talk about something important like her 18th birthday or the events during the time when Angel had been turned.

Giles decided to try and push the thoughts out of his already foggy brain and contemplate a hair of the dog.


Buffy had decided to pop round to Willow's before training. She was on a mission. Well, a particular mission of finding out her friend's opinion of Giles. Since last night it had suddenly become very important to her to define him in her own eyes. Before he had just been Giles the Watcher, her Watcher. Now he was no longer her watcher, so what exactly was he to her?

After a lot of probing and neutral answers from Willow she'd finally managed to get answer, probably partly out of frustration and partly because Oz would be there any minute.

'Okay, okay.' Said Willow trying not to grin as a wicked idea formed in her head. 'Er...I feel kinda stupid saying this, but don't you think that Giles is like really sexy?' She said whispering the last bit in an embarrassed way

'Sexy!' Said Buffy startled by her friend's revelation. 'Will, I didn't know you thought of Giles that way.'

'How could you not think of Giles that way. I mean he's really sexy, y'know like in an older man, kind of way. He's just everything you could want in a guy, well, that is apart from Oz, who is everything I want in a guy, oh yes.' Rambled Willow enthusiastically.

'Mmm...' Said Buffy noncommittally, trying to think of any outward signs of sexiness displayed by Giles.

Willow watched as the cogs started to turn in Buffy's mind as she started to consider Giles as a real 'guy'. All she need now was to see the proverbial lightening strike and she could start part two of her plan.

Buffy didn't like the way her thoughts were going. Actually she did like the way her thoughts were going, however she didn't want to admit it to herself. Now that Willow had said it, she couldn't get Giles' total guyness out of her head. He was everything any girl could ever want. You got the dangerous Ripperishness rolled in with the mature experienced, totally sexy man who had, in essence, given his life to serve her. What more could a girl ask for?

Buffy's head snapped up to meet Willow's intent gaze, her expression not unlike that of a dear caught in the headlights.

'Uh...I gotta go Will, I' late for training. Thanks!' Said Buffy, leaving quickly to get away from Willow's knowing look.

Willow's face split into a huge grin as she watched Buffy almost sprint out of her room. Willow contemplated what she was about to do, it was wrong, that she knew. But surely if you had the recipients best interests at heart it wasn't wrong to use a little bit of magic to help them find happiness. Anyway she thought to her self if anyone need help making the first move in a relationship it was Buffy and Giles. She went over to her desk and pulled a dusty, old book out of her bottom draw and made her way to the phone to rally the troops.


When Giles heard the knock at his door he looked at his watch in surprise. Buffy was actually on time for once. Of course it had to be the day he wasn't. He quickly threw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and ran a hand through his still wet hair. He ran down the stairs feeling undeniably perkier. 'Perhaps it was a good idea I didn't have that drink this morning.' He thought idly.

He'd managed quite successfully to drink the house dry the previous night, well almost anyway. The only thing that remained in his cupboard was bottle of vile vomit coloured citrus rum punch. After a minute of serious temptation he'd decided to go with an extra greasy fry up.

Giles opened the door and took in the picture of his ever lovely Slayer.

'Hello there.' He said with a smile.

'Hey.' Replied Buffy, giving Giles a quick once over as she stepped into his apartment. Definite potential she thought as she took in his clothes and tousled hair.

Giles frowned as he noticed Buffy's frankly positive appraisal of his body. That was definitely new. Not that he minded of course. It was better than a slap round the face with a wet fish, or totally being ignored as a man of course, which was far more usual.

'So, Giles.' Buffy was feeling uneasy now that she was forming a new opinion of her Watcher. She was actually feeling faintly embarrassed at thinking of him as an extremely fine specimen of male hunkiness. She brushed a hand through her hair self-consciously.

'So...Buffy...' Giles arched an eyebrow as he wondered what on earth could be wrong with his Slayer to make her feel this awkward around him. Surely things weren't this bad quite yet.

'Er, training. Yes definitely. I think training is very important especially in the job I do. Y'know with all the vampires and stuff. And you're the best person to give it to me...' Buffy trailed off as she realised what she'd said. It was all she could do to stop herself slapping her hand over her mouth.

Giles was getting more and more confused by the minute and was starting to wonder whether he was in some kind of alcohol induced dream and that he was still passed out on the sofa.

'Staffs...?' Buffy managed to squeak, her face beet red.


'Uh...Willow?' Oz was flicking through the book Willow had used to cast the spell.

'Yeah?' Replied Willow as she opened the window to get rid of the burning herb smell.

'The spell you did supposedly loosens their inhibitions, right?' Asked Oz.

'Yeah, a bit like being drunk without the expense or the hangover...hey wait a minute can you do it on us?' Exclaimed Xander.

'And it wasn't supposed to heighten their senses and act as an aphrodisiac?' Said Oz slowly.

'No, that spell is completely different, if you flick through a few pages you'll find that one.' Said Willow, proud of her knowledge of witchcraft.

'Er, these pages?' Said Oz as he careful prised apart the pages which seemed to have been well and truly stuck together.

'Oh no.' Gasped Willow. 'What have I done?'

'Well it would seem that we have half a loosening of inhibitions spell, coupled with half an aphrodisiac spell.' Said Xander peering at the book.

'Well that can't be too bad then, right?' Said Willow nervously looking at her friends.

'Yeah right. You've couldn't have done a better spell to get them into bed with each other.' Said Cordelia, oblivious to Willow's pained expression.


Giles knew there was something wrong the second the spell had been cast. He'd actually been managing to hold his own against Buffy with the quarterstaff when an overwhelming wave of dizziness had hit. During his loss of concentration Buffy managed to get the staff behind his legs and sweep them from under him. He collapsed with a groan.

The spell had hit Buffy only moments latter. She'd had been congratulating herself on a great move and admiring Giles' prone form when she found she couldn't stand up and collapsed ungracefully on top of her Watcher.

Through his foggy brain Giles knew full well that they were both targets of a spell, but for the life of him he couldn't work out which one. He'd done plenty of spells like this in his rebellious youth in London, but this one seemed somewhat different.

He groaned again, this time with pleasure as his head started to clear and his senses felt unbelievably sharp. The scent of Buffy's hair filled his nostrils and he could clearly feel her breasts pressed against his body as she lay on top of him.

Buffy was startled. Everything suddenly seemed so clear, how had she not seen him before? They were soul mates, thrown unceremoniously into a world where they were the first line of defence against evil. Their destinies intermingled so each supported the other like a lifeline. Not only that but he was damn gorgeous... Sexy didn't even begin to describe him.

Buffy felt as though her skin was on fire and she was having trouble breathing. Her skimpy work out clothes and Giles' T-shirt abraded her skin slightly, causing her to emit a small moan. Even the air currents seemed to caress her skin and every sensation felt almost unbearably erotic.She ran her hand along his arm, marvelling at his toned physique, it seemed like there was definitely another good reason for training. She wriggled around on top of him enjoying the sensations. Giles let out a small growl as Buffy started moving on top of him, he wanted her so much he didn't think he'd be able to control himself under the influence of the spell.

Giles tried to concentrate on anything except the sensations pulsing under his skin, he needed to tell Buffy about the spell. He couldn't take advantage of her like this no matter how tempting it was.

'Buffy...' Giles gasped. 'This isn't real, it''s a spell.'

Giles' words filtered slowly through her lust filled brain. As she stared at his luscious red lips hungrily.

'It might be a spell, but trust me Giles, this couldn't be more real.' She said staring into his eyes, which were almost black, his pupils dilated with desire. She lowered her lips slowly to meet his in a searing kiss. Her tongue flicked out licking his bottom lip demanding entry into his mouth.

When her tongue met his all-rational thoughts fled from his mind. Her hands had made there way underneath the fabric of his T-shirt, her fingers making small tortuous circles on his hypersensitive skin. They wallowed in the fiery emotions of their first kiss neither wanting to be the first to break away.

Finally Giles tore his mouth away from Buffy's lips causing her to moan in disappointment. He started to place kisses along her neck tasting her skin, his hands running down the length of back. As much as she was enjoying Giles' ministrations a primal need had taken over her senses, one that she guessed Giles could satisfy. She pulled away from his hungry mouth and started tearing breathlessly at her clothes. Giles lent back admiring her body as she stripped off her top, closely followed by her bra. As soon as her breasts tumbled free Giles lent upwards and captured her left nipple in his mouth, his expert tongue teasing it until it stood erect. He pulled away slightly to blow on the wet nipple causing Buffy to throw her head back with a moan.

As he started work on the right nipple Buffy quickly divested herself of her remaining clothes until she was nakedly straddling her fully clothed Watcher. Giles grinned at the sight of his very beautiful, very naked Slayer. Her pleading look coupled with the feel of her hot, moist centre pressed against the top of his leg spurred him into action.

He flipped her onto her back, reversing their positions. He slipped his thigh in between her legs and brought his mouth to her lips, their tongues duelling hotly for a few seconds until he broke away and started to lick and kiss a trail down her body. He felt her tense in anticipation when he reached her belly button he parted her lips and ran his tongue slowly across her clitoris before inserting two fingers. Giles grinned as he was rewarded with sharp intake of breath from Buffy as she clamped her teeth over her bottom lip to stop herself from crying out.

Buffy couldn't believe the sensations he was producing from her. She could feel her blood pounding through her veins as the pressure grew, until he sent her over the edge. She cried out in pleasure as every nerve in her body felt as though it was on fire. Giles watched in awe as she came, a part of him intensely proud about the fact that he was the one able to reduce the Slayer to this withering form.

Buffy grinned as her breathing started to return to somewhere near normal. She'd definitely been right about the experience part, no one had ever made her feel like that before and she was determined to return the favour. She reached up and captured his lips tasting herself in his mouth.

As her hands traced their way across his chest she realised that he was still fully clothed. Time to do something about that she thought with a grin as she made short work of removing the offending T-shirt. She lowered her head to his chest and placed her ear over his heart listening to the strong, steady beat. When she raised her head and caught his eyes she was startled to see all the feelings and emotions usually so well hidden blazing from the green depths.

An overwhelming wave of emotion hit Buffy, causing a shiver to run down her spine and tears to well up in her eyes. She closed them quickly not wanting to Giles to see.

Giles gazed at his Slayer, god she was beautiful. He raised his hand and lightly stroked her cheek before curling it around the side of her neck and slowly lowering her lips to meet his. The kiss was slow and sensuous as they explored each other's mouths. Buffy pulled away opening her eyes and allowing a stray tear to run down her cheek not once loosing eye contact with Giles.

'I love you Giles.' She whispered as he slowly wiped away the tear with his thumb.

Giles paused when he heard the words searching her eyes for conformation. He closed his eyes for a few seconds trying to collect his emotions before looking deeply into Buffy's eyes. What he saw there made his breath catch in his throat and was sure the desire was reflected in his own face.

They kissed hungrily, Giles' hands caressing her naked body as she made short work of removing his remaining clothes. When he was finally undressed, Buffy pinned his arms by his sides as she licked and kissed her way down his body.

Giles moaned, low in the throat, his eyes closed in unutterable ecstasy as she engulfed him with her mouth. Her tongue and mouth teased him until she could tell that he wouldn't be able to stand much more and then she pulled away. Giles opened his eyes to find his Slayer poised over him.

Buffy paused for a second as she stared deeply into Giles' eyes hoping he could read the extent of her love. Then with one quick stoke she impaled herself on him.

Giles gasped at the sudden sensation of being inside her. It was more exquisite than he'd ever imagined. He pulled her down for a savage kiss and in one fluid motion flipped her over onto her back. Buffy gasped in delight as Giles started thrusting into her with powerful stokes. She wrapped her legs round his back sending him deeper inside her.

Giles was so close, especially after Buffy's earlier ministrations. He brought his hand in between them, caressing her clitoris, determined that they would both come together.

With the added sensory awareness, Buffy was lost on a wave of ecstasy. She screamed his name as he touched her sensitised clit, her walls convulsing around him as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life. At the same time Giles came hard, burying himself deep inside her as he heard her scream his name.

Giles flopped down on top of Buffy's sweaty body as a wave of intense tiredness washed over him. An after effect of the spell he assumed as he struggled to pick up an already sleepy Buffy off the floor. He just managed to carry her up the stairs to his bed before he passed out, his body spooned against hers.


It was later that night when Buffy woke up to find herself lying in her sleeping Watcher's arms. Her smile turned to a frown as she remembered what had happened earlier that evening. While she happy about finally getting her man, it wasn't exactly the way she envisioned it would happen.

A clap of thunder reverberated around the night sky, reminding Buffy why she had woken up. She reached out her hand and caressed Giles' face, running her hand over his five o'clock stubble. As she reflected on the night's events she knew she could never regret what had happened, no matter what would change. They were meant to be, their lives incomplete until this moment.

Buffy entangled herself from Giles' arms, tied his robe around her body and made her way quietly down the stairs. She opened his front door carefully and marvelled at the fact that there could be thunderstorms on two consecutive nights in California.

Buffy stepped out into the rain her arms extended, welcoming the falling water against her skin. She tilted her head towards the sky and closed her eyes. For the first time she felt like a sense of calm pervaded in her life, as though she'd found what she'd subconsciously known had been there from the first time she had walked into the library.

Buffy was silently thanking whoever had cast the spell when she felt a strong pair of arms envelop her from behind. She spun round, a smile plastered across her face as she took in the picture of a slightly wet Giles, wearing nothing but a pair of black boxers. He lowered his head, capturing her lips in a searing kiss. He pulled back, his breathing unsteady as he gazed into her eyes.

'I love you so much Buffy.' He said, his voice wavering slightly with the intensity of the emotions he was feeling.

Buffy reached up and cupped his face with her hand.

'I love you too.'

A bolt of lightening seared through the sky illuminating the courtyard as Giles picked Buffy up and carried her back into the house and up to his bed.

The End.