Lick You To Death, With A Twist
By Janine Ose

Title:  Lick You To Death, With A Twist
Author:  Janine Ose
Rating:  NC-17 B/G
Spoilers:  Something Blue
Distribution:  B/G Shippers and Watching You, Watching Me (everyone else please ask first)
Disclaimer:  All characters belong to Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox, WB and Mutant Enemy. 
Summary:  Buffy takes Spike's advice.  (And yes, I know she wasn't there when Giles uttered that soon to be infamous line but I used poetic license to make it work.)
Dedication:  To Gibberish on her birthday
Feedback:  Please, just no flames.  My muse is deathly afraid of fire.

    After making sure that everyone got home safely, Buffy decided to go on a quick patrol to clear her head.  "Spike, I was gonna marry Spike," she muttered in disgust.  "Could there be anything more ewww worthy?"  Her meandering took her past the majick shop and hence, the bridal-shop.  She stopped in front of the window, a wistful look on her face as she gazed at the dress displayed there.  It wasn't so much the dress that drew her attention because the dress was so not her, no, it was more just the implications of the dress.  Shaking her head ruefully, she turned and headed down the street.

    As she walked past the park, the night's events ran through her mind.  Once she got past the marrying Spike deal she had to admit that some of it was rather funny.  Xander was definitely demon bait, and Giles could be blind sometimes.  She frowned suddenly.  That wasn't really fair.  They could all be blind sometimes.  Kicking at a can, she thought about the situation with Riley.  "How the hell am I gonna fix that?" she wondered aloud.  "Do I even want to fix it?"  She liked him, sure, but there just wasn't any sparkage, no zing. 

    Pushing that aside for later she thought about Spike taking up Giles' bathroom and giggled.  He really did look quite funny, chained inside the bathtub, yelling about his soaps.  And that comment from Giles, about licking him to death, that was priceless.  She stopped short, a wicked grin crossing her face.  "I wonder," she mused as she took off in the opposite direction at a dead run. 

    As quietly as possible she let herself into Giles' apartment and shut the door behind her.  Giving her eyes a minute to adjust to the lack of light, she kicked off her shoes and shrugged out of her jacket.  Once she was sure she could see well enough to make it to her destination without mishap she tiptoed to the stairs, shedding her shirt and bra on the way.  Her jeans and panties came off halfway up the steps and her hair was tugged out of its ponytail when she reached the landing. 

    Taking a deep breath she crept into his bedroom, grinning when she saw him asleep in bed.  Carefully she pulled the covers up and stuck her head beneath them.  He shifted slightly, mumbling in his sleep then lay still.  Biting back her laugh, she teasingly swiped his ankle with her tongue.  Inch by inch she licked and nibbled her way up his bare legs.  She was poised over his navel, just getting ready to dip her tongue inside when he grabbed her under the arms and hauled her upwards.

    "What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?" he rasped, his breath coming in short pants.  Buffy stared down at him, fascinated by the way his green eyes gleamed in the dark.  Her eyes settled on his mouth and she licked her lips.  "Licking you to death," she purred when she felt his erection brush her stomach.  His brow quirked and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.  "Well then, by all means, have at it," he told her, crossing his arms behind his head and settling back against the pillows.

    Grinning down at him, Buffy sat back on her heels, straddling his thighs.  "Hmmm, where to go from here?" she mused, her eyes twinkling mischievously.  "I think I was right about, here," she whispered, leaning down to swirl her tongue around his navel.  "And then from here I was going to here," she nipped his hipbone lightly.  "And then here," she placed soft kisses across his quivering stomach.  "And here," she teased each of his nipples in turn, smiling when she heard him moan.  "Then I was going here," she ran her tongue along his collarbone, gently sucking at the hollow in his throat.  "Then I thought maybe here," she breathed as she snaked her tongue out to flick across his neck. 

    Reaching up, Buffy brought his arms down to his sides.  "Can't forget here," she sucked lightly on each of his fingers then placed soft kisses on his palms.  "And I definitely can't forget here," she murmured as she traced his tattoo with her tongue.  By this time he was shaking beneath her, barely able to hold himself in check.  "Finally, I thought maybe, here," she whispered as she flicked his lips.  Growling low in his throat he tangled his fingers in her hair, holding her to him as he ravished her mouth with his tongue. 

    In a lightning quick move he rolled them so she was pinned beneath him.  "So, you thought you'd have some fun tonight, hmmm?" he asked in a low voice.  She grinned unrepentantly up at him, shifting so that he was cradled between her thighs.  "Are you having fun Giles?" she asked innocently.  A dangerous grin curved his lips and he lowered his head to her neck.  "Oh yes luv, I most certainly am.  But I think," he nibbled lightly on her neck, working his way down to the sensitive skin where her neck met her shoulder, "I think I haven't had quite enough fun yet." 

    Buffy moaned, arching into his touch as his lips made their way across her chest.  "No, not yet," he whispered as he worked his way down her stomach.  He paused at her navel, sucking the gold ring there into his mouth and tugging on it with his teeth.  "Very nice luv," he murmured appreciatively as he moved even lower.  When his tongue lightly danced over her center she bucked against him, whimpering his name.  "Please," she begged.  With one last flick of his tongue, Giles moved back up over her, teasingly running the tip of his erection through her folds.  "Having fun luv?" he breathed into her ear. 

    She opened her eyes and tried to glare at him, not quite able to pull it off because he chose that moment to push inside her.  She gasped raising her hips in silent invitation.  Giles bent his head, devouring her mouth with his as he thrust into her, filling her completely.  "Oh God," she whimpered, her hands running up and down his bare back.  Locking his eyes with hers, Giles began to move, slowly at first but then with more force.  Buffy met each thrust with one of her own, repeating his name over and over as they approached the edge.  Just as she felt her body start to explode she looked at him.  "I love you!" she screamed as she came.  "I love you Giles, I love you!" 

    Her words sent him crashing over after her.  "Buffy," he groaned as he thrust into her one last time.  "Oh God, I love you!" he cried hoarsely as he emptied himself inside her.  He collapsed on top of her, gasping for breath.  When his breathing finally returned to a somewhat normal pace he raised himself up on his elbows and looked into her eyes.  "I love you so much," he said in a shaky whisper.  Buffy smiled up at him, reaching up to stroke his damp hair from his forehead.  "I love you Rupert Giles, I love you," she whispered softly.  And as he looked into her eyes he knew it was true.  The woman who had held his heart from the moment they met did, indeed, love him.  Blinking back his tears he rolled onto his back and Buffy snuggled up against him. 

    As they drifted off to sleep they heard a loud thump from the bathroom.  "Bloody hell, keep it down in there.  I can't hear the telly with you two causing all that ruckus.  And that was my idea Slayer, you owe me for that!" Spike yelled as he kicked the wall.