Let It Snow
By RenZach

TITLE - Let it Snow
AUTHOR - Renzach
RATING - Sorry I know you were hopeing for NC17 but this is just a PG13 at most.
DISCLAIMER - I own none of the characters nor I suppose the idea for it since this was a challenge fic.
SPOILERS - Tabula Rasa
SUMMARY - Buffy and Dawn visit Giles in England
FEEDBACK - Feedback is like scooby snacks for me.

Buffy had been moping around the house for days now and no one had a doubt as to why. It's true to say she had been improving since Giles had left, at least when it came to stepping up to the plate responsibility wise. Her mood however had been on a steady decline since Giles had returned to his homeland. The gang decided since christmas was just around the corner some major Buffy cheerupage was a must and there was only one thing would would put a smile back on her face.

"Buff we know things haven't been the same since Giles left, we all miss him too. I guess the whole you don't know what you've got till you know who your true friends are. No wait that's not it umm... Fear leads to hate, hate leads to...."
"Ummmm I believe what Xand is trying and failing to say," Willow glared in his direction. "Is that we know you love Giles and you miss him so what better christmas gift could we give you but this?" Her eyes danced with mischief as she handed Buffy an envelope. No one mentioned the fact that Buffy was yet to dispute the whole you love Giles thing. Buffy's eyes became misty as she saw the plane tickets drop from inside the envelope and she smiled for the first time since his plane had departed. "There's one for you and one for Dawnie, we thought you could both use a vacation and we couldn't think of anywhere better. Oh and Giles doesn't know you're comming so don't call him ok."
"Well what if he's not there? What if he has other plans?" Other dates she thought to herself.
"Don't worry Buff I took the liberty of calling the G-man myself and sneakily making sure he would be home this christmas."
"Should I be worried how that turned out? I mean I love you Xand but subtle guy you're not."
"Hey I can be extremly subtle when I want to be thank you very much and no he doesn't suspect a thing, I think" Everyone else groaned and made a mental note not to let Xander handle that end of things next time.

I'm going to see Giles! I'm really really going to see Giles! Oh my God what will I wear? What if I stick out like a sore thumb amongst the Brits? Will he finally see me as an equal rather than his daughter if we're in a different setting? Ok that's it a shopping spree is needed. She gathered up Dawn, Willow and Anya and they rushed to the mall for some serious shoppage. They had to get home in time to pack and be in bed early as their flight was due to leave at 6 am the following morning. I should be mad that they just sprung this on me with so little time to prepare but if I had to wait any longer I'd probably explode so maybe it's for the best.

They arrived home 5 hours later weary and sore but happy that Buffy was finally becoming herself again. Everyone was getting a little tired of the sudden shouts of 'I'm going to see Giles' that had been emminating from Buffy all day, but it did the heart good to see her happy again. Dawn had been a little more subdued but only slightly, she had been bouncy girl, a little like Willow after a double chocolate mochachino. Buffy had let the other girls help her chose her outfits and even allowed Anya to help her pick out some lingerie, well c'mon you never know, she had however limited the selection to items without the word peek anywhere in them. I need to look appetising not slutty. Buffy and Dawn thanked everyone with kisses and hugs and not a few tears then rushed upstairs to begin packing. It was almost midnight by the time Buffy hopped into bed , she was thankful for all the running around because exhaustion was the only way she was going to get any sleep tonight.

Buffy was worried they would make Dawn take a drug test as she couldn't get her to stop bouncing off the walls. They finally made it onto the plane without incident and settled into their seats. Buffy pulled one of the stewardesses aside as the plane took off to ask how long the flight would take. She almost choked on her peanuts at the response. She made some grumbly noises then went to work on being comfortable, this was gonna be a long flight. It didn't help that Dawn had been asking 'are we there yet' every 5 minutes, she was sure this was just an attempt to make her go insane but the thought of being with Giles again made her too happy to let anything ruin it. Dawn was so thrilled to see Buffy smile again, maybe things would be ok afterall, now if dumb and dumber here could just figure out they love each other maybe things will work out happily ever after.

It took some getting used to, being on the other side of the road and not cringing that this taxi was the only one who thought the left side was the correct side. Thankfully everyone seemed to understand the left side of the road was a far better choice so Buffy and Dawn were eventually able to uncoil themseleves from each other and look like they weren't total losers. When they pulled up to the address they had given the driver they had to manually close their mouths. When Giles had mentioned a flat in bath, she had imagined one very much like his apartment in Sunnydale but this was extraordinary. It looked like the building had been around for centuries but not in a dilapidated way, more in a beautiful quaint travel back in time way. They bundled up as they got out of the taxi, it was freezing and they were anxious to get inside, though not completely for the weather.

When Giles heard a knock at his door he placed his book on the coffee table and made his way to it. It was wonderful to be back home but there was something missing. 'Who are you trying to fool? Without Buffy by your side you're lost and you know it, maybe one day I will be able to see that radiant face shining up at me again, maybe I will be able to take her in my arms and finally confess the love I have held for her always. I'll kiss her senseless and this time I'll never let her go.' He was shaken from his fantasy by more frantic knocks at his door. He grumbled at being taken away from images of his Buffy and yelled at the door "I'm coming, hold your bloody horses." 'Honestly some people have no manners' he thought.

When the door opened and he saw who his guests were his heart leapt into his throat and he found himself unable to speak. His eyes began to tear up and his chest hurt from the joy it felt. Before he could attempt to gather his composure the girls lunged at him until they were all a teary jumbled mess on the floor. He hugged them mercilessly and placed a chaste kiss on each of their foreheads before making a move to get up. He could stay there all day and be blissfully happy but the door was still open and tha flat was becoming increasingly chilly. Buffy revelled in the feel of him, the smell of him and when he placed a kiss on her head she thought she would die of happiness, she hoped however that later that kiss would be a few inches lower. She moaned when he moved to get up but let him as her feet were starting to go numb from the cold.

"Where are my manners? Come in and sit down, let me get your things for you. It's wonderful to see you both, but how ever did you get here."
"Oh Giles it's cool they have these things now that are huge and have wings and you can actually sit in them."
"Ha bloody ha Dawn, don't think your too old for me to take across my knee young lady."
Hmmm he could take me across his knee anytime Buffy thought. She let herself get wrapped up in that image so much so that she failed to notice when Giles spoke to her. Dawn giggled and excused herself from the room pretending to look for a bathroom. Giles was mesmerised when he caught Buffy staring at him with what seemed like lust in her eyes. "Buffy is everything ok?" He smirked when all he received in return was a hmmm? She snapped out of it and a blush spread across her features. Now he was truly lost in wonder, he had made her blush? He couldn't recall that one happening too often.

Buffy turned away to try and hide her embarrasment at being caught when she noticed movement outside the window. She moved towards it and was pleasantly suprised when she saw a snowflake fall followed by another and another until it began to fall at a steady rate. "Oh Giles" she squealed in delight. "It's snowing out there, let's go outside."
"Well a...umm...Buffy...I'm not so sure about that I mean it's cold and wet and now don't you start that pout on me, it wont work... it wont I tell you... no I'm not falling for it this time....oh not the quivering lip...you'll be the end of me my dear girl I swear it." She yelped in satisfaction, grabbed his coat and threw it at him.
"Dawnie we're going outside to play in the snow, wanna come with?"
"Sure I'll be with you guys in a minute, go on ahead without me," she yelled from another room.
Buffy didn't need to be told twice, she grabbed his hand and drug him outside.

Giles' heart did a flip flop when she held his hand, it felt so wonderful to share something so personal with her. They had rarely touched and then it was mostly in the line of work, but this was different, this felt so right. She smiled back at him and was struck by the look of happiness on his face. She couldn't recall ever seeing him this happy. Well that wasn't the way it was meant to be, he should be happy like this everyday and she would do her best to make sure he always would be. She wiped a small amount of snow from the doorframe and used it to make a snowball which she then threw at Giles' head. He managed to duck in time and made his move for retaliation. She squealed and tried to get away but he knew her every move, he was the one that had taught them to her afterall. She got no more than 3 feet when she was tackled from behind. An oof escaped from them both as his weight landed on top of her. She started giggling and he was forced to join in until he moved to roll off of her. She held him still and looked into his face noticing that his worry lines had seemed to dissapear.

He looked down at her, a question on his face, looking into her eyes for an answer. She could tell he wanted to ask her what was up so she decided to tell him once and for all how she felt. "I love you Giles."
He tried to breathe but found he couldn't, he wanted to ask how she meant that but he could see on her face that she truly was in love with him. A tear tracked down his cheek and his heart swelled so large he thought it would rip a hole in his chest to make room. "Oh my dearest Buffy you don't know how many times I've dreamt of hearing those words from you. I love you too, I always have." He lowered his face as she lifted hers until they met in the middle. His hand moved to caress her cheek while hers moved to the back of his head, gently stroking his hair. When their lips touched it was like an explosion of pleasure burst through their bodies, nothing had ever felt like this before, nothing had ever felt this right. She moaned in satisfaction and he took the opportunity to gently move his tongue into her mouth. They lay there exploring each other's lips, occassionally he would break away to trail kisses on her face and down her neck. She knew you musn't be able to die from happiness otherwise she was long gone. She repeated his name over and over again until he stopped what he was doing and looked into her eyes. "You are my everything Buffy and if it's too soon I apologise, it's just that I have loved you for the longest time and I don't plan on ever giving you up. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"
"Oh my God Giles! Yes, yes I thought you'd never ask, there is nothing I want more than to be with you always. You're my Giles, my Rupert," they shared a smile at the use of his first name, "and I will be yours forever."

Dawn opened the door ready for some snow action but halted her movements when she saw the couple kissing passionatly in the yard. 'About time', she thought. Everything would be ok now because they had finally found each other and she knew they would never again let go.