By Sha

Title: Knowing
Author: Sha, proud ICTC! BeeGee #4
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just hold grand delusions that I can tinker in their lives and then return them.
Ratings: NC17 this could very well be PWP. Not sure(?)
Summery: Had to be done guys. MY take on the body switch/he slept with HER thing.
Distribution: My site, Solo's and Andra. Others ask fist please :-)
Notes: I've been deprived for WAYYYYYY too long. It shows.
Oh, hey, listen to the song "Crash and Burn" by Savage Garden and then tell me it doesn't make YOU scream aloud -Break my fall Giles, Damnit! Break my fall. Or ahh, hehe, at least make you *think* it. ;-) Thanks to Eliz for beta reading this!

"You slept with her."

"Buffy. No- I slept with you."

Shaking her head no, Buffy let the sick feeling slide into her heart.

"No, you slept with her. You should have known. If it had been-" Stopping abruptly, Buffy turned to walk out the door.

"Who Buffy? Your Mr. Giles?"

Again, Buffy jerked to a stop. Without turning, she replied, "Yeah Riley, Giles. Especially Giles. Maybe not at first, but when it came down to the wire... *especially* Giles."

She didn't realize that she was going anywhere in particular until she stopped in front of Giles door.

Knocking, she wiped her tear streaked cheeks, wanting-needing to see Giles face and his warm green eyes.


Giles opened the door and was shocked to have Buffy throw herself into his arms.

Gathering his petite slayer in his arms, he shut the door and led her to the couch.

Sitting down, he held her as she cried, his heart clutching at her obvious pain. When her sobs began to slow, he smoothed the hair back from her face and gently wiped her nose with his shirt.

"Do you want to talk about it dear?"

"You would have figured it out, wouldn't you? If Tara hadn't come along, you would have figured it out before it was too late. Wouldn't you!"

Hearing the desperation in her voice, Giles inwardly cursed his hesitation earlier that day.

"Buffy, if I had *truly* thought that you were Faith, you wouldn't have made it through the door."

Hearing-seeing the truth in his whole being, Buffy felt the familiar inner peace that came from being near Giles overcome her soul.

With her heart smiling, she snuggled deeper into Giles arms.

"Thank you,Giles."

"Thank YOU, Buffy."

Lifting her head in confusion, she asked," Why? What do I do for you?"

"You're just you dear. Do you feel like talking about what brought this on. Other then the obvious of course."

Sighing, Buffy sat back, and scooted farther down the couch.

"He slept with her."

Fighting the urge to help squash Riley's character like a bug, Giles swallowed hard and settled for saying, "Umm, yes b-but he hasn't known you v-very long and therefore you really must try to understand his position."

Snorting indignantly, Buffy scooted even farther back.

"I *know* what his position was with Faith. I'm sure it was anything goes. If it had been you, you would have known and stopped. Uhh- you would have stopped, right?"

"Of course! I wouldn't want anyone but you."

"Why Giles! I didn't know you cared like that!"

Grinning impishly, she watched as his ears turn red as what he said and how he said it, sunk in.

"You know wh-what I meant. Would you like some ice-cream?"

"Ahhh, you're copping out Giles. How *do* you feel about me? Really."

Trying to ignore the trickle of unease that settled in his stomach like a lump of steel, he played dumb.

"I think you're a very intelligent young woman, who has every chance of being the oldest slayer in the history of slayers."

"No. What do you think of me as a woman, when the lights go out?"

"I-I don't. You-you're my slayer and uh well the lights are on and they uh- I like them that way."

Grabbing the lamp's cord, Buffy pulled it from the wall, grinning as the room was plunged into darkness.

"Oooopps. Sorry. OK, now it's dark, the lights are out. Think. Of me. I'm a woman and you Giles, aren't my watcher. Or my father figure."

"Buffy really. This is ridiculous. You have experienced a trauma and are feeling betrayed. You're not thinking clearly and I must insist you remove your hand at once!"

Laughing, Buffy continued to play with the hair on his chest.

"No, Giles, I AM thinking clearly for the first time in my life. When my world crashed around me, and the ones who supposedly loved me, betrayed me, you were always there. Always picking up the pieces. Loving me silently. I've always known, it's just taken me until now to admit it. Well, guess what watcher mine? I love you too."

"B-Buffy -"

"Ssssssh. Just shut up. I love you. I love your eyes, your smile, your patience.I love your trust and I love your soul Giles. But I really love how you don't feel the need to compete with me."

Slowly, Buffy scooted closer to Giles. Reaching out her hand, she gently touched his face, whispering, "You know me. You know my voice, my eyes, my fight style, and my music choice. Now know my touch, my love."

Swinging her leg over his lap, she straddled him. With both hands, she removed his glasses,placing them in the general direction of the coffee table.

The feel of Buffy's hands in his face and neck jolted him out of his stupor and had him running his own hands down her back, and back up again to tangle in her long hair.

Murmuring her name, he brushed his mouth over hers, jerking his hips violently when the electricity of their lips meeting for the first time-ever- jolted him in a painful, lust felt awareness.

Fusing his mouth to hers, he delighted in more of the mind jolting punishment.

Using his tongue to explore her mouth, he put his hands up her shirt, caressing her breasts through her bra. Groaning aloud against Buffy's mouth as her nipples pebbled beneath his touch, Giles went mindless with need.

Her own need so great, Buffy cried out as blinding pleasure/pain lanced across her lower belly and traveled to the core of her sex.

Grinding her mound against Giles erection, she began tearing the clothes from his body, desperate to be filled, to have Giles fix the painful ache that had taken over her body.

On his own quest to make Buffy naked, Giles stood, pulling Buffy's shirt with him.

Grinning ferally as the rip of fabric rent the air, he pulled Buffy to her feet and into his arms. Going up the stairs, he carried her to his bedroom, placing her on the bed. By the light of his adjoining bathroom, he stripped for his slayer.

Buffy watched in great delight as Giles stripped his clothes without his usual reserve. When he stood in all his naked glory, she put her hand between her legs to help her sexual frustration.

When she moaned his name for the third time, Giles grabbed her hand. Bringing it to his mouth, he slowly and methodically licked the musk from her fingers. Releasing her hand, he looked deep into her eyes, and finding the invitation, he lowered his face to her tight belly.

Nuzzling it, he dipped his tongue into her naval, then trailed it down to the top of her hair line. Pulling her panties down and off her legs, he used both hands to spread her nether lips wide.

Unable to move slow as she screamed his name, he buried his face in her wetness. Lapping at her every fold and crease, he savored her scent, her taste.

Mindless, Buffy could only thrash about and whimper as Giles plunged his tongue inside her, sending her spiraling over the abyss. Unable to form a single coherent thought or word, Buffy stroked his hair as his mouth drank every drop her body provided.

Sensing another, and bigger explosion, Giles tore his mouth away from her sex.

Rising above the small blonde, he balanced himself on his arms, looking down at her flushed face. Starring deep into he eyes, Giles plunged his shaft into her waiting heat.

Pumping three times, he came with a shout, rubbing Buffy's clit with his thumb so she too came again.

Still joined, Giles rolled them to the side, tucking her body in close with his own. Kissing her tenderly, he softly admitted, "I love Buffy, I would have known."

Snuggling in closer still, Buffy murmured back, "Duh!"