The Killer in Me (Missing Camping Scene)
By Trixie John

TITLE: The Killer in Me (Missing Camping Scene)
AUTHOR: Trixie John,
SPOILERS: *BIG TIME*; Up till the end of "The Killer in Me" (Season 7, ep. 13) !! You have been warned !! **
PAIRING: Buffy / Giles
RATING: NC17 for graphic consensual M/F sex
SUMMARY: Buffy heads out to the desert to talk over the big events of the day.
DISTRIBUTION: Please contact me first (just so I know where it's going), but I shall not refuse you :)
DISCLAIMER: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own all the characters and big hunks of storyline. I humbly wrote this just for a little harmless fun.
NOTE: This is my first ever Buffy or Giles fic. So I hope it's not too shoddy ... please feel free to drop me a line about it.

"Thanks for driving me out here" Buffy closed the door on Xander's car and waved him off. She headed into the desert on foot carrying a small pack.

Buffy was so far from Sunnydale that there was no light from the town, but the cloudless night meant that she could easily make her way through the sand and the thorny, wind beaten shrubs.


As she walked her mind churned over, thinking about the major things that had happened that day; Willow mysteriously turning into Warren, Spike's malfunctioning chip, and then the whole debacle of the gang thinking that Giles was a manifestation of The First. It was now so late, and she felt so drained, but she knew that she had to come out here.

Suddenly Buffy heard the snap of a twig behind her and whirled around swiftly, a pointed stake brandished aggressively in her fist.

As she turned she found herself facing into the jacket-clad chest of her Watcher.

"Giles!" she yelled, "Why don't you try a little harder to freak me out even more next time".

Buffy gazed up and into his eyes and saw that Giles was not smiling.

"For Gods sake, Buffy" Giles said in a quiet but annoyed voice "I've only just managed to get the girls to sleep. Come with me, I've a separate camp over this way"


When they got to Giles' camp he motioned to Buffy to take a seat on his sleeping bag. Giles sat on the edge of a large flat rock that was nearby.

"I am glad that you came, Buffy" he said finally, after neither of them had broken the silence.

"Well, I'm sure I'd much rather be home snuggling down into my bed" she sighed, "but I knew I had to come"

"Thankyou" he said with a smile.

"I mean" Buffy continued on, "I thought the girls would be pretty freaked you know. I thought they might need some comfort"

"And what about me?" Giles asked slightly hurt.

"Well of course you could comfort them too .. it's just .. I thought with the whole Slayer/Slayerette bonding thing, you know ?"

"That's not what I meant, Buffy" Giles said quietly, looking down at his feet.

"Oh" was all Buffy could manage as the recognition hit her.

"I've been here for 4 weeks now and no one could even rule out that I wasn't The First!" Giles said in an exacerbated tone.

"Well, it wasn't everyone who thought that .. you know Xander, Anya, Dawn and Andrew aren't always the most observant people .. they get caught up in their own little worlds" Buffy said trying to smooth over the hurt that Giles felt.

"What if you'd been with them today when they got the call from Robson? What would you have thought?" Giles questioned.

Buffy shuffled forward half a meter until she was sitting on the ground just in front of Giles. Eye-level with his knees, and sitting in the dirt that he had been drawing frustrated circles in with his boots.

"Buffy" Giles said softly causing her to look upwards to meet his eyes, "You haven't even touched me since I got here. You would have come to exactly the same conclusion as the rest of them" he accused.

Buffy held his gaze as she spoke, "So be honest Giles, what are you really upset about here? The whole First Evil-mistaken-identity thingy or that fact that I haven't touched you ?"

Giles averted his eyes and looked down into his lap where he fidgeted with his neatly cut fingernails. "I .. well, I .." he stammered nervously

"Come on Giles" Buffy said "Why is it my bad ? You haven't exactly been wanting to be all touchy feely with me? .. and .. and you could have met someone while you were away in England!" she finished in her defence.

"Oh really, Buffy" Giles started, "Met someone ? .. What sort of excuse is that I don't want, I mean, I'm not asking for a passionate bloody make-out session ! I just thought a hug or an incidental touch might have been nice".

Buffy could see that Giles was getting flustered, but she was getting a little edgy too. Why was he making this such a big deal ? And why was he attacking her over it ?

"Fine" exclaimed Buffy and grabbed Giles' jeans at the knees and pulled him off his seat and onto the dirt in front of her, his legs splayed out on either side of her own crossed legs.

She proceeded to grab at and roughly touch his thighs "touching, touching, touching" she said.

Her hands climbed higher grabbing and kneading his chest ".. and some more touching". She finished with her hands on his shoulders with her face only a few centimetres away from his.

"Satisfied? .. with all that overdue touching?" she whispered teasingly. Giles stared at her.

"Hardly" he whispered back, then reached for the back of her head and pulled her face towards his, capturing her soft mouth in a deep kiss.

Buffy tightened her grip on his shoulders and kissed Giles back urgently, crushing his mouth with hers. And then just as quickly she released her grip and sat back on her heels, hands over her mouth in shock.

"Buffy?" Giles called her in a frightened voice. Concerned, realising that he may have just destroyed the relationship that they had built over so many hard years.

"Giles, you've got to be honest with me now" Buffy started, but Giles didn't want to hear any more

"I'm sorry Buffy, I just .. I just don't know ..."

"Giles!" she said interrupting his babbling. She came in close and took his large fingers in her small hands and said slowly "If this is just some spur-of-the-moment, end-of-a-whacky-Hellmouthy-day thing just tell me and we'll just forget about it" she squeezed his fingers "But if this is something more .. if this means that you want me, you've got to tell me"

The moment Buffy said that, Giles panicked. He could imagine her disgust, her disappointment in him.

Buffy stared him straight in the eyes "You can't just toy with my feelings like that"

Giles was sure that his heart had skipped a beat, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. It sounded like .. no she couldn't .. but it sounded like she wanted him, wanted him in a way that they had never shared before. The thoughts in Giles' head spun and he simply started at Buffy for moments, which seemed to her like painful hours.

"O.K" she said softly and left her hands released Giles' fingers and started to back away, "O.K, I'll take your silence for 'how am I going to tell her I'm not interested in her crazy fantasies' thinking time" she said with a genuine, sad tone in her voice.

Giles snapped out of his stupor and grabbed her hands, like he was grabbing onto life itself

"Buffy, please" he pulled her across his lap and into his arms "I love you. I love you so much and it's been driving me crazy "

"Shh" whispered Buffy and rubbed her index finger over his lips. Those warm tender lips. She felt his breath on her finger tips and felt his breath quicken under her touch.

Buffy linked her hands behind his head and pulled her mouth up to his. She brushed her lips so gently across his

"I love you Giles. You know that" she breathed into his mouth, "But now I want you"

"Oh Buffy" Giles groaned and kissed her passionately, laying her down on the ground and climbing over her.

He kept kissing her deeper and deeper, holding her face between his face and licking her teeth, nibbling on her lips, sucking on her tongue, devouring her mouth.

Giles sat up and urgently peeled off his jacket, bundled it up and placed it under Buffy's head as a pillow.

"Ooh Giles, less clothes is definitely a good thing" she drawled and lunged to grab the top of his jeans, wrestling with his belt, "but let me, please"

"No Buffy ,we can't. Not here. I want this to be special" he said as the voice of reason, although his lust-filled body wanted otherwise.

"Well you're here" Buffy said seductively and pushed him down flat on his back rubbing her hands up his body "And that's about all I need"

Giles closed his eyes, feeling her touch. Buffy took this as permission to continue and slid her hands into his shirt and down, deftly undoing his buttons as she went and then pulling Giles' shirt out of his trousers to reveal his large chest; firm, smooth and lightly covered with tufts of sexy brown hair. She bent and started kissing it, warm wet kisses and licks that made Giles sigh and groan in pleasure. He realised that it had just been so long since he'd been touched like this. Sure there's been Olivia and a couple of other woman in England, but they'd always been pretty tipsy and there'd never been very much desire there.

Buffy latched on to one of his hardening nipples and suckled on it, lapped it with her tongue and gently grazed her teeth over it. Giles was panting now, wanting to arch off the ground, but Buffy held him down with her unusual strength.

Then Buffy jumped up and pulled her top over her head and pulled her trousers off and stood above Giles. He gazed up appreciatively at her, drinking in the sight of her towering above him in her small white pants and bra. Buffy saw the lust in his dark, awe struck eyes. She loved the sense of power she had; Giles wanted her so desperately, like he had never wanted anything else before.

She sank back down onto him, straddling his hips. She leant forward and kissed him leisurely, Giles reached forward and took handfuls of her arse, squeezing and massaging it and then pulling her forward to lie on top of him so that her breasts pressed against his bare chest. Buffy wriggled on him, rubbing her soft thighs over the bulge in his jeans. Giles released a groan from the stimulation.

Buffy reached down removed his belt and then undid the fly of his jeans. She peeled the thick material back to reveal the thin cotton of Giles' trunks. She covered his warm, hard erection with her hand and felt him twitch underneath her touch. Buffy massaged his length through his undies and reached down to cup his tight balls in her hand earning her more gasps and moans of delight from Giles.

Next she pushed Giles' undies over his cock and down his thighs, but he grabbed her hand

"Buffy" he said huskily, "Think of what you're doing. Are you sure you really want this ? Have you really thought this through? It's just ..aghh." he was temporarily distracted as she took hold of his massive cock in her hands and started to move her hands up and down it's length.

After Giles regained his voice again, he continued " all I mean, is that this is all h-happening so fast" he finally managed to finish.

"oh no" said Buffy sweetly, "I'm going to do this real slowwww" and sunk her warm, wet mouth excruciatingly slowly over the head of his cock and sunk deep down his shaft until her lips met the curly mass of brown hair at it's base.

"Oh god" Giles gulped, wondering how much of this he was going to be able to take before he filled her mouth. He had been ready for her the moment she first laid a hand on him.

Buffy was drunk with lust, savouring the feel and the taste of him in her mouth. She just couldn't get enough of his meat, he was so hard and hot, and she could feel him throbbing in her mouth. Her tongue danced around his head and delved into his opening tasting his salty juice.

As Buffy released Giles from her mouth and hands momentarily, he took advantage of the break and hauled her up on top of him to kiss her dirty, heavenly mouth. He assaulted her lips and tongue, spurred on by the taste of himself. Then he knew that he wanted release and he wanted it properly.

Giles grabbed her by the shoulders and rolled her onto the ground next to him, surprising her by his roughness.

"Do you still want me, Buffy?" he breathed seriously.

"God yes" she replied gazing up at him expectantly.

"Good, because I need to have you now" he whispered and grabbed her little undies and reefed them down her legs, spreading her legs wide as soon as they were removed. His hand darted lightly into the pink folds of her pussy to confirm that she was ready for him. Buffy gasped at his touch, and Giles groaned as he found that her pussy dripped wetly for him.

In another moment Giles was above her, holding himself up on his arms, the tip of his cock probing roughly at her opening. He pushed the straps of her bra down her arms and peeled the material away from her breasts. He massaged her breasts roughly with his big hands and pinched her nipples between the coarse skin of his fingers causing Buffy to scream out in delightful pain.

Buffy melted under his touch, and loved this side of him; demanding, strong and passionate. Giles' dark smouldering eyes met her half-shut glazed eyes as he gripped her hips and steadily forced himself into her tight, warm pussy. He saw Buffy gasp and her eyes roll back at the sheer size of him. He felt completely encased in her body and started to slide out so that he could enjoy the pleasure of thrusting in again.

Giles pumped into Buffy rhythmically and Buffy tilted her pelvis to maximise the enjoyment of each thrust. Craving even more of him, she wound her legs up and around his back to accept him even deeper into her body.

Giles shifted his body so that he now knelt on his knees and lifted Buffy's ankles to his shoulders so that she was suspended from him. With his arms now completely free, he rubbed her clitoris causing more delighted squeals and gasps from Buffy.

He could feel that he would soon need his release. He used his free index finger to lightly probe Buffy's anus. The encouraging grunts he received from her urged him to ease his finger gently further into her taut passage.

The pleasure that Buffy now felt was indescribable.

"oh God .. Giles ,Giles" she gasped, babbling incoherently.

The feelings were so new and so overwhelming. She was being stimulated in three glorious ways, which culminated in the most mind-blowing orgasm that she had experienced.

Buffy's body jerked erratically and Giles no longer wanted to hold back. He rammed her with all he had left in him until he spurted his warm seed deep inside of her. Buffy's spasming muscles milked every last drop from his spent cock.

Giles eased Buffy's legs down from his shoulders and onto the ground, and then lay down on the ground, rolling her onto him so that they could stay connected. She planted tiny little kisses on his damp chest, and Giles leisurely caressed her back.

"God Giles, you were amazing ! No one has ever made me feel like that .. ever !" she giggled with complete contentment.

"Oh come on Buffy, you've got to leave me *some* room for improvement !" he teased

"That's if there *is* a next time" she said sadly

Giles felt the stab of panic again. He held her chin, tilting her head up so he could read her eyes.

"Buffy, what ? .. do you .." he could hardly get the words out through the hurt, and the lump in his throat, "Do you already regret making love to me?"

"Oh God, no Giles ! That's not what I meant !" she exclaimed and took his face in her hands and kissed him lovingly, "I just meant that I don't know how much time we have left. The Evil we're facing now is unlike anything we've ever faced before. I just don't how we can possibly defeat something this powerful!"

Giles wrapped the frightened girl in his strong arms and kissed the top of her head "We will find a way my love. We always have before, and we shall certainly succeed this time as well."

He hugged her ever tighter "I love you so much, and I finally have you. Nothing in this world is going to take this away from us. We will fight this thing together, and we will win"

Giles carefully gathered Buffy up and set her down on his sleeping bag. He lay beside her and cradled her precious head in his arms. In only moments they drifted off into a peaceful sleep.


The End.