Just When You Thought It Was Safe...
By RenZach

TITLE- Just When You Thought It Was Safe...
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SPOILER WARNING- Up to the Bargaining
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SUMMARY- When Giles and Buffy start to get cosy, Angelus decides to screw things up.
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You'd think that I would know by now that when things seem to be going well, it's time for an apocolypse. Things would still have been doing well actually if I hadn't have answered the stupid phone. Well they would still be sucky but I would carry on blissfully unaware, and that's not sounding like such a terrible idea right now. Buffy flashed back in her memory to earlier that evening when she and Giles had been sitting on the sofa watching a movie on tv. It had been so peaceful and relaxing sitting by his side, not needing to say anything just to take comfort in knowing he was there. It was getting late and the more tired she felt, the yummier Giles' shoulder was looking, although she thought, that wasn't the only reason Giles' shoulder was looking yummy.

Their entire relationship had changed since she got back, she remembered when the only time he would touch her was during training and even then it was only the briefest of contact. But since she had returned from death, hmmm that makes it sound like more of a holiday than the deeply scarring horrific experience it had been, oh well she thought, back to my musing on yummy Giles goodness. He had truely become her friend, an equal, she had wanted more but sensed he wasn't ready for that just yet. So they had sat on the couch, so close that their legs had been touching, at one point Giles had placed his arm casually on the back of the sofa behind her. She'd been ready to make her move towards his shoulder when the phone rang. "Let the answering machine get it, I'm too comfy to move" "Although I'm loath to say this Buffy, it could be important, one of us should get it." "Oh alright Mr Sense and Logic, I'll get it but I think that should warrant a foot massage for trekking all the way across the living room." "By all means my dear, I think that deserves nothing short of foot attention." She loved the way he smiled cheekily when he said that.

It was Cordy on the phone which set off alarm bells in her head, she'd had as little contact with Cordelia as possible since she made the move to LA. "Look Buffy I don't want to be making this call anymore than you want to be answering it but you have to hear it so shutup and listen. Angel has been acting really strange lately, I mean like all Grrr. When you died he just went mental, I think Angelus has taken over the lease if you know what I'm saying." "What? Are you 100% sure I mean we both know he can be moody sometimes." "Put it this way, I had to burn a cross into his chest so he wouldn't kill me, that's as sure as I need to be. Anyway when I mentioned you were alive again he got this really nasty glint in his eye and rushed out the door. I would pack some of those hideous fashin faux pa's you call your clothes and get out of town, like now."

She dropped the reciever and backed away from the phone shaking her head. When Giles saw this he rushed over to her. "What is it luv? who was on the phone?" She could tell he was worried about her but needed a moment to let it all sink in. "Angel, he's...he's....Angelus again." Giles gasped at that and she could see he was remembering the last time Angelus was in town. "Oh Buffy I'm so sorry." He had bundled her up in his arms then and she tried to pretend for just a moment that it was for no other reason than he loved her. No she couldn't stay here in the comfort of his arms but she knew she couldn't run either, too many lives were at stake, no pun intended. "You get an orb of Thessulah and call Will, her, Tara and Dawn are at Xander's tonight, get her to meet you at the magic shop and you can do the spell to return his soul." "What will you do?"

And thats the reason I'm wandering the cemetaries of Sunnydale tonight, rather than being in the arms of the man I love. You know this is just like Angel, everytime things start to go well in my life he has to barge into it and make me miserable again. Well not this time, I'm going to trap him, let them do the spell and then when he's Angel again we are having a nice long talk about what broken up really means. A sound from the bushes to her left snapped her out of her inner monologue. A newborn vamp rushed at her and managed to tackle her to the ground. "Stupid, stupid Buffy consentrate, Giles is always telling me that, I really should listen to him more." She flipped him off of her and drove Mr Pointy home. "There now that's much better." She turned to the sound of applauding expecting to see Giles, she knew he wouldn't follow her instructions leaving her to take care of this on her own.

Angelus was there in his place though. Duh thats who I came out here for, man I am off my game tonight. "So what's it gonna be Angelus? A little taunting, some punching?" "Oh at the very least, my dear Buff and then I was thinking for afterwards, drinks." She had a really devestating response on the tip of her tongue but didn't get it out before she felt the hand reach around her and slide a cloth under her nose. As she drifted into unconsciousness she heard Angelus say "You never were very bright now where you Buff? That's ok I'm not interested in your brain"

She should have been back by now, I knew I should never have let her go out without me, of course with Buffy there is no letting. When he told Willow what was going on she had promised to meet him there in an hour, so he had been nervously pacing and letting his mind run rampant with horrific scenarios. I have to stop this, Buffy is very capable of taking care of herself, but this is Angelus we're talking about and I know first hand how viscious he can be. Oh my dearest Buffy why did I let you talk me into staying behind? He slid to his knees and prayed to God that His Buffy would come back to him safe, he knew that if she were to perish again he would not survive.

When she awoke she found herself chained to a wall and knew immediatly where she was, this was the same wall she had chained Angel to so many years ago. "Oh good you're awake, you have no idea how long I have been waiting to do this to you. I tried the whole torture your friends and family routine last time and yet you still killed me, so this time no muss no fuss I'll just take what I want and move on, much less messy. Well I may get a little messy first, old habbits die hard you know." She felt the first blow hit her right cheek and was forced to spit out a small amount of blood it had caused. I just have to hold on a little longer, then the spell will take affect and this will all be over.

When Willow and Tara came rushing into the store Giles decided that was it, they could handle this alone he would go out and find her. He knew instantly where Angel would take her if he had gotton the upper hand. That was Angelus' downfalling he relied more on torture than originality. He drove to the mansion as fast as he could hoping things would be well there. If I lose Buffy again, no I cannot think that way I mustn't let my fears overrun me.

Her face was swollen and bleeding in places and she was sure he had a cracked rib. "Well I think that's enough entertainment, now we'll move onto dinner." His face morphed into it's vampire visage as he moved towards Buffy. "Oh don't worry I'm not going to let you die, that would be far too big a waste. No it will be much more interesting to turn you." At this his teeth sunk into her neck and she cried out. Giles burst into the mansion, his knees nearly gave out at what he was witnessing. He lifted the crossbow he'd bought with him and aimed it at Angelus' heart. The arrow hit its mark and Angelus turned around in suprise. "Well I'll be damned" was all he got out before bursting into a cloud of ash. "Yes you will" Giles retorted. He took out the two fledgling vampires that were moving towards Buffy then rushed to her side.

When he saw her state tears blinded him. He gently undid the chains and scooped her into his arms. She sobbed into his shoulder until she felt she had no tears left. His hand stroked her hair and he whispered soothing words into her ear. "Oh my poor darling Buffy, shhh, he can never hurt you again now." "Us" she manged to croak out, "He'll never hurt us again." He smiled tenderly and placed a chaste kiss on her lips. He carried her to the car and drove her home. Once there he dressed her wounds then carried her to her bed. The pills he had given her for the pain knocked her out within minutes. He made his way downstairs, when his foot touched the bottom step the emotions overwhelmed him, he slid to the floor and buried his face in his hands. He'd come so close to losing her tonight and had never once told her of his true feelings. No more he decided, when she wakes I will tell her everything and then ask her to be my wife. If she refuses then I will still stay by her side in whatever capacity she needs me.

The sun made its way through the window and roused her from sleep. She was still sore but that slayer healing sure did help. When she rolled over she was touched by what she saw. Her watcher was asleep on a chair by the bed, man did he look sexy when he was asleep. She allowed herself to daydream of waking up every morning to his sleeping form. When she moved to get out of bed her rib caused a gasp in pain. Giles snapped open his eyes at the sound of Buffy in pain and was immediatly by her side checking what was wrong. "Giles, it's ok, just a little sore this morning." "Buffy is there anything I can do for you, get you?" "You could come here and snuggle with me, that would sure cheer me up." "Uh, um, Luv, a..a...a..are you sure thats what you want?" "I've never been more sure of anything Giles, I love you" "That's what I had come to tell you this morning when you woke, I love you Buffy and I want you to be my bride, I never want to spend another moment away from you." "Oh Giles, nothing would make me happier, I love you so much, I would be honoured to be Mrs Giles."

He slid into the bed beside her and wrapped her carefully in his embrace, placing small kisses on her lips, cheeks and forehead. Buffy sighed in contentment, Giles was the man of her dreams, that he felt the same way was more than she had ever hoped for. They decided to go out tomorrow to pick a ring but for now neither of them had any intention of leaving the comfort of each others arms.