Just Giles
By Holly

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Rating: NC-17 Buffy/Giles (Are you shocked?) Also language.

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Summary: Giles thinks Buffy is taking him for granted. Buffy is dealing with her Olivia issues. This started out as a PWP, but, Plot Happened. Not a lot, I'll grant you, but more than I planned on. I hope you like it.

Dedication: To one of my favorite authors-the lovely and talented Gibberish

Spoilers: Up to "The Freshman".

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Note: At this time, Buffy is in college, Giles now works at the Sunnydale Museum as Curator. < these are thoughts>

Buffy and Willow were sitting in Giles' living room, doing their homework and chatting. Giles was in the kitchen getting the tea tray together, and the boys were due any time.

"So your roommate's real uncooperative about that, huh?" Buffy was asking Willow when Giles returned.

"Yes, very uncooperative. She doesn't have a boyfriend, so.." Willow's voice trailed off as she caught sight of Giles.

"What?" Buffy asked as she turned around to see what Willow was blushing about. "What? It's just Giles. Go on." Buffy urged. <Geez, it's not like he' s Xander. I'm sure Giles knows all about this kind of stuff. > Buffy thought bitterly as Willow shot Giles an uncomfortable look. Giles' jaw had tightened at Buffy's words.

"Uh.," but before Willow could get any farther, Oz and Xander came in.

"Man, I'm tired," said Xander as he sat near Buffy. Oz sat next to Willow, who gave him a sweet smile. The subject changed to more general topics.

They were enjoying a rare opportunity to just be together without the fate of the world depending on it. They had a pleasant afternoon, with everyone relaxed. Buffy was doing her history homework, and every time she got stuck she'd ask Giles.

Then Xander spilled his tea on his pants. "Shit!" He exclaimed, standing and pulling the wet material away from his skin. Then, wide-eyed, he looked at Giles. None of then had used that kind of language in front of Giles before. But before Xander could apologize, Buffy spoke.

"Don't freak, Xand. It's just Giles. " <And I don't think he shocks easily. > Buffy thought. Xander looked at Giles, whose lips were now a thin line. But when Giles caught Xander's concerned look, he smiled in reassurance. Xander's smile was relieved.

"Xander," Giles said. "Would you like something to change into?" He gestured at Xander's wet slacks.


"Not tweed, I assure you," Giles continued with a smile. Xander grinned and nodded. Giles headed for the stairs with Xander at his heals.

Several minutes later, Giles returned and took his seat. He picked up his book and resumed reading.

Buffy, Willow and Oz all looked up in curiosity at the sound of feet on the stairs five minutes later. Buffy plainly gawked as Xander appeared in a pair of well-worn faded blue jeans. Giles' eyes narrowed as he watched Buffy stare at Xander.

Buffy couldn't believe that her Watcher owned those jeans and had never worn them around the Scooby-Gang. They were too big on Xander, but she'd bet they fit Giles just right. She unconsciously licked her lips at the thought.

The room was uncomfortably quiet for several minutes, then things returned to what passed for normal.

Over the next several days, Giles got very frustrated every time he heard the phrase "just Giles." Which was often.

One night, about a week after the tea spilling, a pounding on his door startled Giles. He dropped the book he was searching through. Before he reached the door, it flew open and Buffy, Willow and Xander stood there. Buffy's T-shirt was torn; shredded across her right shoulder and upper chest, and she was bleeding profusely.

Seeing the way his Slayer leaned on Willow and Xander let him know that she was injured fairly badly. He quickly scooped her up and carried her to the couch.

"Xander, get my first aid kit from the bathroom," Giles said, his eyes on Buffy's pale face.

Buffy pulled away from Giles, "Will, help me get this shirt-or what's left of it- off of me."

"Buffy!" Willow's eyes were wide. "What about.?" She trailed off, but looked at Giles, her meaning clear.

"What? Oh.it's not like he's gonna' ogle me. It's just Giles." <I'm sure he' s seen Olivia's chest. Not bleeding> Buffy thought as she tried to pull her shirt off. When she winced in pain, Giles did the first thing he thought of.

He put his hands to her chest and ripped her shirt right down the middle and off of her. Buffy's breath whooshed out when he did it, and she knew that if she weren't in such pain that she'd be pretty excited right about now. Her face reddened as she realized that she was kind of excited anyway. <Calm down, Summers, it's just Giles.>

Then his fingers gently probed the bleeding area and her brain stopped functioning completely. Xander had returned by now with the first aid kit, a bowl of water and several washcloths. Giles carefully cleaned the area, then bandaged her up.

Xander had moved to the kitchen and started tea-the great cure-all. He stayed there until he was given the all clear. He took one look at Buffy, gulped, and went upstairs.

When he returned, he had one of Giles' oxford shirts. Buffy smiled a thank you, and Willow and Giles helped her put it on. Without thought Giles began fastening the buttons.

Willow handed Buffy the tea that Xander had made for her, and two tablets, all of which Buffy took with gratitude. After she had taken the pills and drained her tea, Giles spoke.

"Buffy will sleep here, so that I can keep an eye on her, but you two should probably get home. Xander? Do you have your car?"


"Well, then, be very, very careful."

"Okay, then um.. Goodnight," said Willow. Xander echoed her and they reluctantly left.


"Hmm?" She responded.

"Do you want to go to bed?"

Her eyes flew to his face. He seemed oblivious to the loaded nature of the question. "Yes, Giles." And she started to rise. He put a gentle hand on her uninjured shoulder.

"Here, let me." And he swept her back into his arms. She froze for a few seconds <justGilesjustGilesjustGiles >, then relaxed into his warmth, resting her head on his shoulder.

He carefully carried her up the stairs and gently deposited her on the edge of the bed. He stepped back and moved to leave.

Her hiss of pain as she leaned down to remove her shoes stopped him cold. Two seconds later he was on his knees in front of her removing her shoes and socks. <It's just Giles. Calm down. Yeah, Buff, like that worked so well earlier. > His hands moved to the fastener on her jeans and his eyes met hers. "Do you want me to.?"

She managed to keep it off of her expression by force of will. "Yes,  please," she said calmly. He unsnapped her jeans, then unzipped them. She lifted her hips so that he could slide them off of her. Giles couldn't help the thoughts than ran rampant through his mind. <Focus, old man. It's obvious that she thinks you're quite harmless. If only she knew. >

When he finished, he shifted the covers aside and helped her lay against the pillows. She settled back with a sigh. The last thing she saw before she fell asleep was Giles pulling a chair next to the bed.

She awoke once during the night when some small shifting on her part made her injury hurt. She must have made some sound of pain, because Giles' eyes flew open, and he sat up in the chair he'd been dozing in.

He was at her side with two more tablets and a glass of water. "Thank you," she said as she took them.

"You're welcome. How do you feel?" He asked gently.

"Still hurts. But less."

"You'll feel much better in the morning. It will be several days until you' re up to full Slayer strength. Best take it easy, hmm?"

"You don't have to tell me twice. Do you think I'll be okay by Saturday?"

"Probably. Why?"

"D'uh, Giles. Saturday. Bronze. Friends. Fun for Buffy." She gave him an impish smile.

"I'm certain that you'll be fine for that. Just don't overdo it, all right?"

"I won't," she said, her voice getting drowsy. He tucked a stray lock of her hair behind her ear. He was startled when she moved into his touch. "Night, Giles."

"Goodnight, Buffy," he murmured as he retook his seat.

The next thing Buffy knew, Giles was gently shaking her awake. "Buffy? Your first class is in an hour. Are you hungry?"

She was surprised to find that she was. "Starving."

"Good. Breakfast in ten minutes, then I'll drive you to the dorm."

"'Kay," she said as she sat up slowly. She moved her shoulder gingerly. "Better." She swung her legs over the side of the bed. When she stood, she was happy to be quite steady. She shot Giles, who hovered next to her, a 100-watt smile. "Much better."

"Excellent. I'll be downstairs if you need me." And suiting action to words he left.

When she came downstairs, he had breakfast ready for her. After she had eaten, Giles drove her to the dorm.

There were a few kids in front of the dorm when Giles dropped her off, and more in the lobby. They all looked at her strangely. And Buffy's roommate, Kathy, gave her an odd look when Buffy came into their room wearing blue jeans and a man's large shirt. Since Buffy was used to getting strange looks, she thought nothing of any of this.

She got cleaned up and carefully changed clothes. She was afraid that she'd be late for class, but she actually made it with three minutes to spare. As she entered class she noticed that she got more strange looks.

As the week continued, so did the weird looks. She eventually decided that her reputation had finally caught up with her. <Oh well. I'm surprised that it took this long. > She thought philosophically.

On Friday night she went to train with Giles. Her injury was almost completely healed, but even so, training consisted mainly of aerobics. After training Buffy sat with Giles and they talked about the strange looks. Knowing her as he did, he saw through her blasť attitude and knew that it bothered her to once again be 'the freak'. He tried to reassure her with limited success, then they drifted onto more general topics. Later he drove her back to the dorm.

On Saturday she visited with her Mom, and it was nice. Then Saturday night came. Buffy wasn't nearly as excited about it, as she should be. She could admit, if only to herself, that it did bother her how the others thought of her. She knew that Giles probably had figured it out, but wouldn't press her about it. He did however arrange to meet her at 10:30 in front of the Bronze for patrol.

Buffy wasn't having a particularly good time, but she made an effort to mingle. The guys all seemed interested in her. Or rather, her chest. And they all seemed friendly. Some of them seemed too friendly, in fact.

Finally around 10:45, Buffy was talking to a cute guy in a quiet corner near the back exit of the Bronze. His name was Kevin and he seemed less grabby than the others, but still a little intrusive. She was well aware of the time, but was intentionally dawdling, hoping that Giles would come looking for her and find her talking to Kevin. She didn't want to think too deeply about the why, but she knew that she needed to punish him. Punish him for making her stomach nervous without even trying, all the while acting like he didn't even know that she was a woman. Punish him for being unaffected when he ripped her shirt off; when it had made her brain practically shut down. And mostly punish him for Olivia.

It was just as Kevin put his hand on her butt that Giles came looking for his wayward Slayer. Buffy had been just about to break some of Kevin's, um, equipment, when she saw her Watcher. Caught between choices she went with the one that opposed her instinctive need to go to Giles. She smiled at Kevin. Giles stopped two feet short of their corner.  The guy looked up at Giles, and smirked. "Friend of yours, Buffy?" He asked snidely.

"It's just Giles." She replied without looking up. She saw Giles' hands tighten out of the corner of her eye and hid a smile. Then she saw Kevin swallow convulsively, and looked up at her Watcher. She took in his narrowed eyes, and tight lips. If she hadn't been in the corner, she would have taken a step back from the anger blazing in his eyes. "Actually this would be Ripper."

"Giles, Ripper, whoever, this is your old man? The guy who brings you back to the dorm in the morning?" Kevin's tone was insinuating, but it took Buffy a minute to grasp what he was saying.

It only took Giles a second. His reaction was immediate. He grabbed Kevin by the front of his shirt and hauled him up about six inches so that he was on face level with Giles. His voice was dangerously quiet when he spoke to Kevin. "Listen very carefully, for I shall say this but once. You and your pathetic cohorts will treat this young lady with respect. The filthy insinuations and nasty gossip will cease. Do you understand?"

Whatever Kevin saw in Giles' eyes made him nod repeatedly, and Giles released him. The guy sprawled for a minute at Giles' feet. Then he scrambled up. He started to say something, then thought better of it, and just took off.

Then Giles turned to Buffy, who was just catching up.  "They thought that you and were, that we were, because you drove me back after I got wounded?"


"How stupid are they? I mean, really? To think that you and I.?" She broke off as she took in his expression. <Oops> He took a menacing step towards her. She was already in the corner and had no place to go, so she just looked up him defiantly. He grabbed her hand, and pulled her towards him. She squealed a protest as he threw her over his shoulder.

He whacked her firmly on the butt and told her to be quiet. To his shock she complied, and he moved quickly to the back exit and out. He didn't set her down until they stood next to the back wall of the Bronze. She opened her mouth to speak, but he put a finger to her mouth. "No. You be quiet. You've said quite enough already, I think." He took a step closer, and she shrank back. "What's the matter? It's just Giles, isn't it? 'Just Giles'." He snorted. "What could you be afraid of? Hmm? Certainly not me." He braced his hands on the wall on either side of her shoulders and leaned towards her. She stared at him mesmerized. She had started this to punish him and now he was going to kiss her to punish her. She moved as far from him as possible. <Not this way, please not this way. > She pleaded with her eyes, knowing that she'd not raise a hand to stop him. Although she didn't believe Giles; or Ripper, would hurt her. Not like that.

When he saw her pull away again, seemingly honestly afraid, all of the anger went out of him. "I'd best get you home. Forget about patrol tonight." He started to pull away, but she grabbed his shirt, and pulled him to her.

"Don't you?" She asked.

"Don't I what?" He responded, confused by her quick shift from apparent fear to. whatever this was.

"Think they're nuts for thinking you and I.?" She asked with a quirky smile.

"What?" He was even more confused.

"Do you think it's a crazy idea that they could think that we are intimate?"


"Like you and Olivia." She said flatly, jealously written all over her face.

He thought he understood. "You understand that no one can take your place? Not Olivia or. well anyone. If you father started to date.." He trailed off because she was shaking her head.

"My Dad has dated. When I was up there over the summer, he had a girlfriend. I was happy for him. You're not my dad, Giles."

"Then I don't understand the.." Again he trailed off. He blinked as several thoughts crossed his mind at once. "That boy was meant as a punishment?" She bit her bottom lip. "Do you understand how foolish that was?" He was angry again, and moved closer. She pulled back, until she was once again pressed to the wall. "Is this a game to you, then? See how far you can push the old man?"

"Not the old man, Giles. My old man." And Buffy looked up at him, in a clear dare. "What did she do, Giles, to attract your interest?" She ran her hands across his shoulders, and leaned towards him. "How far did she have to push you?"

"She's an old friend from home, Buffy. There was no pushing involved. Mutual need and affection." He said bluntly, giving away more than he intended.

"But you want more than that, don't you?" She finally thought she was getting this figured out. Her hands trailed down his chest. "You want it all. And you only settled for.." She broke off abruptly as he grabbed her wrists. He was still holding them when he wrapped his arms around her, trapping them behind her as he pushed her back against the wall.

"You don't know what you're talking about."

"Then why did you stop me?" Her lips parted, daring him to take the step, knowing, finally, with certainty what this was all about.

His lips descended on hers and his hands released her wrists. He intended it to be a lesson about pushing him. But the second his lips touched hers, and he felt her respond it turned into something else entirely. Something suppressed for far too long. She parted her lips as she felt his tongue trace them.

He felt his body respond as her tongue met his. One of his hands slid down her back, leaving shivers in it's wake, until it finally came to rest on her hip, and he pulled her against him. His other hand slid under her blouse to lightly stroke her breast. One of her hands slid into his hair as the other caressed his chest through the fabric of his shirt.

His hand tightened on her hip as he felt her unbutton the next couple of buttons on his shirt, and slide her hand inside. The kissing grew more frenzied, and both of his hands moved to cup her butt and pull her against his arousal. She grabbed his shoulders with both hands and wrapped her legs around him causing her skirt to ride up to her hips.

He groaned as he felt her squirm against him. He held her to him with one hand, carefully bracing them against the wall, as his other hand sought the heat at the juncture of her thighs. He felt her pull away from him only far enough to fumble with his zipper. As soon as the cold air and her warm hand touched him his brain shut down completely. He was lost in the mindless need to finally claim her as his.

He moved her panties to the side and pulling back to watch her face he carefully slid the tip of his cock inside her. She opened her eyes and pulled him to her for a deep kiss. He slid the rest of the way home. Her legs tightened on him as she pulled him deeper and deeper, every bit as lost as he was.

There was no sound except the sound of skin on skin as he thrust into her, until finally she cried out in release. His cry of "Buffy" came seconds after. He continued to hold her to him as they came down. "God, Buffy. I have no words. I love you so much, and never hoped.." He stopped, as a terrible thought intruded.

Before Mr. Guilt could take hold, Buffy spoke. "I love you, too. I was so jealous of Olivia that I couldn't see straight. But you never belonged to her, did you?"

"No. Always you." She slid down his body and they started to adjust their clothing.

They looked at each and leaned forward for a kiss at the same time, meeting in the middle. "I love you, Rupert Giles."

"I love you, Buffy Summers."

***Three months later***

"Do you have any idea how we're going to tell my Mom?"

"No, I can't say that I do. She was livid when you told her that we were in love. Telling her that I got you pregnant that first night will without a doubt send her homicidal."

Buffy giggled. "You mean Giles-icidal."

"This is funny to you. You'll make a lovely widow, I'll grant you."

"That's not fun.. Did you say widow? Did we get married when I wasn't looking?"

"No, but I suspect that we may not get a chance later, so we should.. Do you not want to get married?"

"Well, I was kinda' hoping for something a little more romantic."

He looked at her, lying next to him in the bed. He sat up and faced her, his words were said with absolute sincerity. "Buffy, you are my life, my heart, my reason for being. You make me complete, and I can't wait to go to bed a night, just knowing that your beautiful face will be the last thing I see before I go to sleep, and the first thing I'll see in the morning. You are more necessary to me than oxygen. I love you and I love our baby. Will you marry me?"

Buffy was unabashedly weeping and could only nod. He pulled her to him, and held her. "I love you so much, Giles. I just wish I were as good with words as you are. Let me show you?"

And she did.

The End