It's the way you make me feel
By Seeker182

Title: It's the way you make me feel
Author: Seeker182
Summary: A drunken Giles, a not so drunk Buffy - sparks fly.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, they belong to Joss, Mutant Enemy, WB, FOX.
Rating: Definite NC-17 B/G
Distribution: Anyone who wants it, just let me know where it's going!
Feedback: Please, please, please please... (Just don't make me beg...please...)
Timeline/Spoilers: Set during the middle of Season 4.

Note: Plot? What plot? I'm happy to say that this is pure smut with the odd splattering of angst. Also for this one you have to imagine that the open hatch through to the kitchen in Giles' house is slightly taller!
I have finally succumbed to the lure of cheesy pop songs and this is named after the current STEPS single out now in the UK - 'It's the way you make me feel'. It had some pretty apt lyrics for our duo and I must admit I actually think it's a damn fine song!

"Giles!" Buffy burst through the door, her eyes searching the room frantically for her watcher.

Unfortunately for Giles he had just downed a vodka chaser which ended up spraying forth from his mouth in surprise.

"Giles." Buffy repeated, her gaze taking in his obviously drunken state.

"Yes, surprisingly enough this is still where I live, if you couldn't remember." He retorted having recovered from his initial surprise.

Buffy's eyes narrowed as she took in Giles' appearance. He was slumped against the breakfast bar his hand resting on an untouched glass of beer. He was dressed untypically in tight black jeans and a smooth grey shirt, covered with a worn looking leather jacket, as though he'd been out somewhere... Somewhere slightly more dressy than the local store.

"You've been out." It wasn't a question.

"Hmm... I'd repeat my comment about your immense talent for being able to state the obvious, but I really can't be arsed."

"And you're drunk." A disapproving tone could be evidently heard in her voice.

"Hmm..." His eyes bored into her, his pupils unusually dilated.

Buffy squirmed uncomfortably under his intense gaze, a slight shiver running down her spine. She'd seen him drunk before, but not like this. This was a man far removed from her slurred-speech, bumbling Watcher, but not quite at the youthful stage she'd seen appear during the band candy incident. This was somewhere in between the two, the real Giles she'd always suspected existed below those layers of tweed and big words. A front he used, she guessed, to allow there to be enough distance between them... so this kind of thing wouldn't happen.

However, what that thing was right now, she wasn't quite sure. Still a part of her wanted to find out... wanted to find out a lot.

Giles picked himself up from the bar and sauntered over to his Slayer, invading her personal space and stopping only inches away from her body. She had to remind herself to breathe as she could feel the heat and the tension pouring off him in waves.

"Now Buffy... what exactly is it I can do for you?" He said huskily, causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand on end.

"I... er..." All rational thought it seemed, had temporarily fled from her mind and for a split second she couldn't remember why she'd been in such a rush to see him. From the moment she had lifted her eyes to meet his, she couldn't think straight, let alone remember the reason for her being there. Her senses were in overdrive, the proximity of his body allowing her to smell his masculine scent, coupled with the heady aroma of cigarettes and alcohol. It definitely wasn't the safe smell of earl grey tea and musty books that she normally associated with him.

"What... what is it that you want?" He punctuated each word with a short pause.

"Well, er ... patrol..." Buffy started to explain half-heartedly before he interrupted her.

"I meant, what do you want Buffy? What do you want from life? Surely you must have some idea by now with all the time you've spent wrapped up in it." He voice turned bitter as he spat out the last words.

"What do I want from life?" Buffy had to stop herself laughing out loud. "What do I want from life?" She repeated incredulously. "Come on Giles what kinda question is that. You and me both know I'm not exactly going to have the longest innings." She paused, for a second searching his face for any kind of reaction. When her searching gaze was met only by his cold, hard eyes she continued, her tone turning bitter as hurt rose to the surface.

"What's wrong Giles? It getting you down? Not being able to have what you want...who you want?" At the brief flicker of surprise across his face she continued defiantly. "Come on Giles I've seen the way you look at me, when you think no one watching. Didn't you think I'd notice the desire in your eyes...the longing...the love? I know you as well as I know myself."

"Well that mustn't be very well then." He studied her intently for a minute taking in her body language, the flush in her cheeks and slightly raised heart rate, before leaning down to her ear. "You think I couldn't have you if I really tried?"

She didn't doubt it for a second, in fact she doubted he'd even have to try.

With that he turned away from her and moved back to his original position leaning against the counter, his fingers running slowly up and down his glass of beer, leaving tracks in the condensation, his eyes watching all the while. She had almost gasped audibly when he had moved away, the heat of his body replaced by a cool nothingness. She'd grown so accustomed to his near presence that she suddenly felt very alone.

"Would you like a drink Buffy?" His tone was calm

"A drink?" She eyed the bottle of vodka suspiciously. "Well, maybe a small one." This was Giles right? If he was offering her a drink then surely it must be okay.

She watched as he poured her a liberal shot that she guessed would be at least a double or a triple.

"You got any ice?"

"First draw in the Freezer, there's coke in the fridge too." He said, his intense gaze settling again on her body.

Buffy was aware of his eyes following her every move as she walked past him into the kitchen. She poured the liquid into the glass, the cracking and fizzing of the ice cubes breaking the heavy silence. As she placed the cap back on the bottle, she finally raised her eyes to meet his.

The expression she saw there caused a tingle to run down her spine and pool in the bottom of her stomach. His eyes were practically smouldering, the desire radiating off them in waves. She realised that below the tweed and Watcher talk, Giles was a total bad boy. Dark, dangerous, exciting and cared so much he would die for her.

Giles leaned forward, his elbows on the counter, his hands resting only inches away from hers. He could see the interest in her eyes slowly being replaced by an answering desire. He titled his head down and gazed up at her as he slowly ran the back of his fingers down her bare arm.

His mouth curled upwards at one side in a sly grin as she shivered uncontrollably under his sensuous touch. He left his fingers resting on her hand, the question clearly in his eyes.

"Do you have any idea how you make me feel?" He asked.

"Giles..." Buffy stared at him not really knowing what to say. The whole thing just seemed so surreal.

It only took her a split second to decide what she wanted. Deep down she'd known for a long time. She grabbed the glass in front of her and downed the vodka in a series of consecutive gulps. She placed the glass back on the top, a smile on her face as she took in the slightly surprised look on her Watchers face.

Taking advantage of his momentary lapse in concentration she grabbed the lapels of his jacket and pulled him forward for a searing kiss. Their lips fused, exchanging pent up passion, their tongues engaged in a timeless duel. After what seemed like an eternity Giles pulled away from her, his eyes still closed and breathing irregular. He lent his head against hers, trying to grasp on to some semblance of control.

Buffy was startled when he finally opened his eyes. Dark pools of desire bored into her soul. She still couldn't believe that he knew her so well, knew exactly what would turn her on.

"Do you have any idea how you make me feel?" He repeated in a whisper.

She was starting to get a brief outline.

"Show me." She whispered tracing her hand down along his five o'clock shadow.

"Come here." He said standing back from the hatch as he waited for her to walk round.

He pulled her into his arms breathing in the heady scent of her perfume mixed with her growing arousal. He bent his head to her neck placing light kisses down the side of her pulsing jugular. She gasped in pleasure as his hands roamed across her body.

Needing to feel his mouth again she pulled his head up to capture his lips, the fingers of one hand entangled in the back of his hair. The other firmly grasping his arse, grinding her groin against his growing erection.

He moaned into her mouth. "Buffy!"

"God, Giles I want you." She breathed moving her hands from their exploration underneath his shirt to unfasten the buttons on the front frantically.

She made short work of his shirt as he managed to disentangle himself from her mouth long enough to pull her skimpy top over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples stood up begging for attention. Not one to disappoint, Giles swiftly lowered his mouth to capture one of her erect nipples, licking and nibbling on the erect nub.

A moan of pleasure and frustration came from Buffy's mouth as she moved her hands back to his head trying to redirect him to her much neglected other nipple. He dutifully moved sides, his free hand replacing his mouth. Buffy could nothing but moan in pleasure, leaning heavily against the wall, her legs weak with desire. He was making her so hot, so quickly, she thought she could almost come from the way he was touching her now. However after a few more seconds of exquisite torture a more primeval need took over her as she felt Giles' hard cock pressing into her thinly covered groin.

Her hands quickly went to work on his belt, moving swiftly onto his button and fly. She pushed his jeans down urgently slightly surprised to see he wore no underwear. She brushed her hand against his bulging cock, experimentally and was rewarded by a deep growl from her Watcher.

Giles was almost painfully hard. That's what comes of over four years of foreplay...well on my part anyway. He thought ruefully.

He kicked off his jeans, thankful that he had removed his shoes when he had come in earlier. Their passion was almost frenzied, both of them looking for release. There would be plenty of time later for explorations and slow lovemaking. Right now though he just needed to be inside her, needed to feel her tight heat engulfing him.

Nearly losing control at the thought he pulled his mouth away from her nipples and set her on the counter. Her head was throw back in ecstasy as he almost tore off her trousers and panties in one go. Knowing that she would most definitely be ready for him, but wanting to taste her first, he lowered his head and dipped his tongue into her core.

Buffy moaned his name loudly as she felt the tidal wave of her orgasm pour over her. She threw her head back in delight, her hips bucking upward trying to bury his probing tongue deeper.

Before she could come down Giles removed his mouth and positioned himself in front of her, taking one last look at her beautiful, naked body withering on his kitchen counter before plunging deep inside her.

She screamed his name again, startled at the sudden deep penetration, but almost immediately wrapping her legs around his back trying to send him even deeper. Giles started thrusting into her at a frantic pace knowing that he wouldn't last long.

Buffy couldn't believe the way he was making her feel. He filled her completely, stretching her, making her feel like she was heaven. As he started thrusting into her with wild abandon she felt herself flash into another humongous orgasm turning her into a withering, moaning mass. As Giles felt her inner muscles contract as she came, he finally surrendered to his own release collapsing on top of her slick body with a groan.

When she had finally regained some semblance of control over her body she looked down into the grinning face of her Watcher.


"Yes luv?"

"I think I'm going to like sealing this rift between us."

"Well, I can say one thing for sure, it's going to require a hell of a lot more sealing." With that he swept her into to arms and carried up to his bedroom.

The End

It's the way you make me feel
The way that you make me feel
Spinning my world around
Tell me, how can I walk away
I don't care what they say
I'm loving you anyway
It's the way you make me feel

I'm gonna make you mine
It's not impossible
Got to let you know
I'm irresistible
Baby can't you see
You're the one for me
But you belong to another
I don't wanna hurt nobody
But my heart just can't hold back

When I look into your eyes
Everytime you smile at me
Oh I go weak inside
Baby I just can't hide my love

'It's the Way you Make me Feel'