It's About Time
By bma

Title: It's About Time
Author: bma
Rating: R (for language and violence)
Spoilers: Everything I guess
Distribution: Anyone who will take it.Just tell me
Disclaimers: It all belongs to Joss, WB, Mutant Enemy, and Fox
Summary: Answer to Drial's challenge.Giles can't stand the way been treating him this past year. He ask Buffy out for dinner so he can talk to her about it. He goes only to wait for a while for a non showing Buffy. He he goes to find her and finds her with Riley. Lots of screaming on both parts. It even has a a brief fighting.
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Author's Notes: The story takes place right at the beginning of summer vacation. Riley is supposed to leave for Iowa. This is for Kathryn Collier who was nice enough to beta-read my first major fanfic. You're an angel. This is also for all the great writers ou there.

Giles was waiting for Buffy to arrive. She was already fifteen minutes late. A week ago both of them had agreed they needed to talk about what happen this past year. Particularly the way she treated him. Not only did he want to talk about her neglect but also his true feelings. Basically he wanted to tell her he loved her. It was the perfect time. Riley was leaving for Iowa and Buffy was feeling guilty about her behavior. Giles glanced at his watch showing that Buffy was forty-five minutes late. Obviously not that guilty to make me wait. Giles was definitely losing his patience. He arranged a dinner with all her favorite food. It wasn't an expensive restaurant but it was nice. An hour later, Giles was getting worried. He knew Buffy was usually late to everything but not this late. He had been waiting for twenty-five minutes for her to arrive. It was now dark. Although it was summer and activity was low, the slayer was still in danger. He decided to call Willow to see if she knew where she was.

"Willow, this is Giles".

"Oh, hi Giles. What can I do for you?", Willow excitedly asked.

"Is Buffy there?" Giles asked urgently.

"Sorry Giles, Buffy is with Riley at the coffee shop. Is something wrong?", she asked with concern.

Wrong! Oh nothing is wrong except she bloody stood me up so that she could have some smoochies with soldier boy and probably shag later! Calm down Rupert. Giles slowly counted to five as he tried to calm down for Willow's sake before replying.

"Buffy and I had a dinner arrangement tonight but obviously she forgot. I had something important to discuss with her. She had me quite worried." May I add, very pissed.

"I'mmm sure she didn't mean to. It's just that.. Riley is leaving for the summer, so she probably got caught up in saying good-bye. You know Buffy. Always forgetting something. She's probably looking for you right now", Willow said with uncertainty. Giles despite the situation couldn't resist a smile at Willow's attempt to smooth it over.

"Nevertheless, it doesn't excuse her of being so petty", Giles sighed. "Personally Willow, I don't know how much more of this I can take. She repeatedly hurts me and yet I forgive her. One minute I'm angry with her for not showing up and then I'm worried sick for her when she's late. I'm tired of be lied to and treated with disrespect."

He didn't realize what he was admitting but Willow did. Willow had known that Giles had loved Buffy for a while. Heck, even Xander wasn't that clueless to see it. Willow truly felt for this wonderful man. Willow was angry at Buffy for not seeing how much pain she had brought to Giles. Angel and then Riley had blinded her from the true love of her life. She liked Riley but he wasn't right for Buffy. Buffy probably only chose him as a security blanket.

"Then she has the tenacity to stand me up for Riley", Giles unknowingly yelled.

"Calm down Giles. Why don't you go to the coffee shop and talk to her. You have the right to. I'm sure you can sort this whole thing out. Just tell her you love her.. and see how it goes from there. Well I gotta go. Bye Giles", she blurted out hurriedly.

"How in the bloody world did she know!" Giles said to himself. Although Willow calmed him down, Giles was still very angry with Buffy.

I think I'm going to take Willow's advise by having a little heart to heart with my slayer. No matter how much I love Buffy, I not going let her use me when she sees fit.

"Ten minutes later Giles was stalking to the coffee shop. Passerbys steered away from him because this man's expression clearly showed get the hell out my way.

One minute Buffy was sitting in a corner booth, laughing with Riley and the next there was one very pissed Giles standing menacingly over them.

"Hi Giles, what are you doing.... Oh my god, I forgot. I'm so sorry Giles. I just got caught in saying good-bye and you know how time flies", Buffy rushed out.

"Buffy, I have constantly asked for your respect but all I get in return are lies. It's pissing in the wind. You rather laugh and bonk Riley then to have real conversation with me.

"You have been treating me like a bloody door mat ever since I came to Suunydale, you only visit me when you need something. Oh when I actually try to have a life, it gives you the fucking 'wiggins'", sneered Giles.

"Don't look so shocked. You should have known this was coming. Buffy it's plain and simple. You're selfish and may I add blind."

Riley decided to interrupt, "I don't know all about this watcher-slayer relationship but I do know you have no right to speak to her that way. Mister Giles why don't you just leave."

"Why don't you shut your bloody mouth and leave, you Pillock! Sod Off! It's between Buffy and I", shot back Giles.

Between this conversation the other customers were looking on with a kind of awe. Buffy was too busy trying to calm down when suddenly Riley jumped over the table. Riley didn't know exactly what pillock meant but he knew it wasn't something good. He wasn't about to let this ex-libarian talk to Buffy or him that way.

Oh great! Now I have to break them up. Buffy thought to herself. Nah I better calm down if I don't want to kill them in public.

Giles was the first one to connect. He connected right in the midsection. Riley buckled over slightly but recovered and sent a right cross to the right side of Giles's face. Giles stumbled back but regained his equilibrium. All of Giles's training and anger was the only thing keeping his ass from get kicked by the surprisingly strong commando.

Buffy decided this was the best time to bring this charade to an end. Personally she wanted to kick Giles's ass for what he said to her but deep inside she knew he was right. She knew the first three years of bad treatment was because she was trying to run away from her destiny. This year was different. After seeing him with Olivia, she had this strange feeling. You could say it was jealousy. This women was taking Giles away from her. She would have been satisfied if only the jealousy wasn't so strong.
Could it have been more than jealousy? Is it possible that I have feelings for him. It would explain the way I felt when I saw him in a robe with Olivia. Looking all sexy. Oh my god! I can't believe I said Giles is sexy. Well it's true. That smile and the color of his eyes makes me melt. The simple gesture of his hand on my shoulder makes me feel secure and nothing can harm me.. Knowing that he will always be there for me. I think I'm in love with Giles. I was avoiding him because I didn't want to be rejected. I rather him hate me than reject me. How could he love me after all the pain I caused him. She knew that she loved him and that Riley was just a safe heaven. He thinks I don't need but I do. Giles had gone through tremendous pain for me. First Jenny died then he was tortured by my former lover. To top it off, I lied to him about Angel returning. He thought I didn't respect him anymore but I do. I'm a horrible person. How can Giles still look at me. Buffy had to fight the urge to flee. Her lip started to tremble uncontrollably. "Giles, can you ever forgive me?", she whispered to herself over and over. Buffy was in such disarray that she see didn't register what the two men were doing.

They were chairs flying in the air. The customers, who were still there, were huddled in a corner. Some of them were rooting for the men.

"Kick his ass Rupert!", shouted one of his singing listeners. "Don't let that blond baboon get the best of you!"

"Come on Riley. You not going to let this old fool beat you down!", shouted a college pal of Riley's.

Riley ran at Giles and connected with a couple of punches. Giles responded grabbing Riley in a headlock and ramming his head into the jukebox.

"I told you you bloody wanker. This is between Buffy and I!", Giles spat out while ramming Riley's head for emphasis. Some how Riley was able to get out of the headlock. He backed off and gave Giles a left jab right to the nose. Giles returned the gesture with a right jab to his face. Blood immediately trickled out of Riley's nose. The customers were now circled around the two, cheering them dead on. This was the most exciting thing that has happen in a while and they didn't want to miss it for the world. The owner was hiding under a table watching his shop be demolish. There were broken chairs and tables littering the shop. Buffy was oblivious to everything around her until a chair nearly missed her.

Uh uh.. this has gone on too far. Put yourself together. Buffy got up and walked to them. At the sight of Buffy, the crowded stopped rooting and backed way immediately. All you could hear were grunts as the men continued to beat the living crap out of each other. By the look of it, Giles was winning fairly well. Riley's nose was still bleeding and his lip was split in two places. His shirt was ripped in shredds. She couldn't quite see Giles' face but at least his clothes was in one piece. She couldn't believe they were acting so childish. Giles had a right to be angry with her but he didn't have the right to beat the crap out of Riley. This ends right now.

"Stop damnit! Stop!", yelled Buffy. Both men were looking at her wildly. Riley still had the chair that he was going to throw at Giles. "Riley I want you to put that chair down and go home. And no buts or I'm going to slug you one. I'm that pissed off!", said Buffy with authority. Riley slowly put down the chair not once taking his eyes off Giles. Giles did the same thing. Riley knew that Buffy wasn't kidding so he reluctantly left the coffee shop.


Buffy turned to Giles. Giles could clearly see the anger written on her face but there was something else in her eyes. Something new and raw. He thought he saw love in those beautiful sapphire eyes. For one moment his heart was filled with hope. It couldn't be what he thought. Buffy walked over to him. Giles was a little calmer after releasing a lot of his anger on Riley. Riley did a pretty good job. Giles had a split lip and tomorrow he would wake up with a couple of bruises on his face. Well worth it. Giles always wanted to beat the bloody wanker. To him, he was the reason Buffy neglected him. Here she comes.

She puts her hand up and says, "Giles before you chew me out again I want you to listen to what I have to say. I know that I was wrong about the way I treated you. I know I took you for granted. I'm so sorry." Tears started to stream down her face but she continued. "I had no right to treat you that way. I am sooo sorry and I know that's not enough. After I saw you with Olivia and you told me to be my own person, I thought you didn't need me. I also thought I didn't need you but I do. I know you hate me now but can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me. I just want things to be the way it used", sobbed Buffy. The other customers looked on with sadness.

Rupert Giles couldn't let his slayer think that he could hate her. For God's sake I love you Buffy. He walked over and embraced her. She buried her head in his chest and uncontrollably sobbed.

"Luv I might be angry and disappointed with you but I shall never hate you. You are my slayer and shall always be", said Giles in a reassured whisper. He kissed her on her head. It sent shivers down her spine. Giles just called me love and kissed me. He hasn't shown this much emotion since that unfortunate night everyone knows about. Is it possible that Giles has feelings for me. Ohh.. I hope so.

Buffy looked up into Giles eyes and what he saw sent chills down his back. He saw Love pure Love. Giles couldn't believe it.

"Giles I have to tell you something while I have the guts. I love you Rupert Giles. I don't know how long but I do. You're the smartest, sweetest, and strongest man I have ever met. Nothing will keep me from loving you. I know I don't deserve your love so I'm not asking to receive it. I'll understand if you don't love me" , said Buffy in a husky voice.

Giles still couldn't believe it even though it was coming out of her mouth. "Buffy you don't know what you're talking about. Like you said, I'm a fuddy duddy. I was here to guide and watch over you and now you don't need either of those", said Giles pointedly.

"Giles I do need to be guided. I Need You! No one else. Get it through your thick skull that I need you and love you!", exclaimed Buffy.

"Buffy I love you too but I really don't think you love me", Giles said sadly. Buffy went into shock when she heard the words love. Giles does love me. Buffy knew there was only one thing to convince him. Buffy reached up and grabbed Giles head. She pulled him down for a kiss. Giles didn't react that much so Buffy increased the pressure. Eventually Giles opened up and began one of the most passionate kisses Buffy had ever experienced. They didn't let go until the customers started to clap. Looking around embarrassed Buffy and Giles noticed that some of them were smiling and some were even crying.

"Buffy luv"


"I think we should take this somewhere private like my flat."

"But I don't want to lose this fluffy bunny feeling.", pouted Buffy.

"Don't worry about that luv." Giles said wickedly.

"Why Mister Giles, are you saying what I'm thinking you're saying? The look on Giles face answered it.

They walked hand to hand out the coffee shop with applause behind them. Giles suddenly stopped.

"Buffy what about Riley?"

"I love Riley but I'm not in love with him. He was nice to be around because he was safe. Giles, you have nothing to worry about. I'm in love with you and nothing's gonna change that."

"Ohh Buffy, I love you too. As long as I'm alive and after death, you will be my one true love."

As they were walking down the street a dark figure walked out of the shadows.

"It's about bloody time. I thought they never wake up and smell the lust. The bad thing about it; I won't be able to watch my favorite soaps on the telly."


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Did you notice the symbol coffee shop. Coffee is the non relationship drink of choice.
So from the very beginning Buffy and Riley's relationship was going no where.

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