By Criss Moody

Title: Inspiration
Author: Criss Moody
Distribution: Archives of the lists the receive this, yes.
Anyone else, ask.  I almost always say yes.
Spoilers:  Vague for season 4 of Buffy.  And oddly enough, major spoilers for the movie "Best Actress."  If you haven't seen it yet, you might not want to read this.
Rating: NC-17.
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Content Warning: hmm..nothing that I can think of.   It's m/f.oddly enough ;)
Feedback:  I completely adore it.  It means so much to me, even if it's just a short, "nice fic" comment.
Summary: Buffy finds some inspiration on TV.
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and his corporate friends own the characters and the concept.  I'm just the silly git who stays up 'till 3am writing smut.
Notes:  I was watching "Best Actress" and found some inspiration of my own in a certain scene that will become patently obvious as you read this story.  All I'm gonna say is.if I were Rachel Hunter.sigh.

Giles groaned as he reached his orgasm, pumping his cock faster with his hand as the semen shot out and spilled over his hand.  He slumped over a bit, gasping at the force of the lust.  Not 20 minutes ago he had been at The Bronze, looking for Buffy.  A report of a strange creature near Breaker's Woods had sounded suspiciously like a sighting of Adam.  So, Giles had swallowed his pride and actually gone out to find Buffy after calling the dorm had garnered no results.  And Giles had indeed found his Slayer, his former Slayer rather.

She had been dancing, if you could call it that, with that young pup Riley.  Giles had remarkably fond memories of "dancing" just like that on more than one occasion with more than one young woman, and young man, in his younger years.  Unfortunately, being a Watcher did not lend itself to passionate, erotic dancing with nubile young creatures.

Giles had stood frozen on the edge of the dance floor, watching Buffy rub against Riley like a cat in heat, her eyes half-closed, a small smile gracing her lovely face until he could barely breathe.  As he turned to go, Buffy's eyes had opened, meeting Giles' without shame, without embarrassment.  Buffy had seen the rising lust in her former Watcher's eyes.and she had ground her ass against Riley, laughing out loud when her dance partner gripped her hips to increase the pressure.

The former Watcher, sometimes researcher of arcane knowledge, had fled the club, his muscles tight, his cock rock-hard, his face twisted in some perverted expression of lust.  He had barely made it in the apartment before lowering his trousers and boxers, grasping his cock with a loud sigh, and tugging on his erection until his recent empty orgasm.

Giles leaned against the wall next to his front door, his eyes closed, and contemplated where he'd like his cock at the moment..either deep inside Buffy's hot center, her surely tight ass, or better yet, her lush, perfect mouth.  That way, he could create the illusion that he was in control of the fiercely awesome creature.  Idly, he stroked his softened cock.  He knew that he should pull up his pants and boxers, shower, and then fall into bed.  As he tried to get his legs and arms to follow his wishes, he missed the front door quietly opening and closing.

He did not, however, miss the wet suction on his cock.

"Bloody he."  Giles broke off the curse as his eyes drank in the sight of Buffy's blonde head buried in his pelvic area.  He closed his eyes again, convinced that he had to be dreaming this.  What he heard next disabused him of this belief.

"Hope you enjoyed my show.I went out dancing with Riley because I was watching TV...and there was this guy on who looked just like you.masturbating in the bathroom when his wife finds him, and tries to give him a blow job, but he refuses.  Are you going to refuse?"  Buffy nuzzled the cock as it valiantly stirred, inhaling the musky odor of man, soap, and come.

Giles tried very, very hard to find some semblance of righteous indignation in his soul, but it appeared that it had all been vanquished by Buffy's mouth on his penis. Bloody hell.

"No, I won't."

Buffy grinned up at Giles, taking off her jacket and putting her arms up to grasp Giles' exposed ass cheeks. She delicately licked his cock free of come, nibbling and scraping a bit as she went, smiling even more when Giles' hands dove into her hair, gripping tightly every time her teeth made light contact with the silky skin covering his penis.  Buffy sucked the head of his cock into her mouth, one hand leaving the tempting flesh of his ass to toy with the velvet covered balls, caressing them with a sure, knowing hand.

The Slayer sucked hard on his cock, which was enjoying a comeback quicker than Giles had enjoyed since at least the seventies.  Her wet, hot mouth formed a tight seal on his cock and her tongue played with the bulbous head, flicking at the piss-slit and the pre-come seeping out.  Giles knew he couldn't last long under such talent, lost amidst what had been one of his fondest dreams since Buffy had turned 18.  When Buffy briefly deep-throated him, her mouth sinking onto his cock, right up to the root, Giles let loose and for the second time in less than an hour, came. Only this time, he had a sweet, steamy cavern sucking the salty cream out his body, rather than his well-used hand milking it out.

Buffy withdrew her mouth, kissed the again soft penis, and stood up, stripping off most of clothes as she did so.  She held out her hand to Giles.

"Shower?  Or we could talk or something, but a nook and cranny shower sounds like just what I need right now."

Giles bit into his lower lip at the thought of Buffy's nooks and crannies.  Talking really was highly overrated.

He accepted her outstretched hand, leaving questions, worries, and fears for tomorrow.