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SUMMARY: In this version of Doppelgängland, it's not the other Willow who comes into their dimension, but Buffy and Giles. B/G
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She pushes her way towards him, determined to kill or be killed. Then suddenly the people, vampires and the Master disappear and she is in the factory alone.

He sees the glowing amulet and grabs for it, when suddenly the hand at his neck and the demon whom it belongs to is gone.


He stared at the people fascinated. Although it was dark everything seemed so bright. The people walking around without a care in the world and certainly not afraid of the night and the creatures it brought with it.

Then he felt a hand on his arm and jumped away.

"Relax. Something strange has happened."

"Oh, Miss Summers. You're... you're here as well?"

"What do you mean 'here as well'?"

"I mean in this world. Just look around you. This must be the Sunnydale Cordelia was talking about."

"So you managed to destroy her power center?"

"Well, actually... I'm a little confused."

"About what?"

"About this. That I am here. By destroying the amulet our world, since it was caused by one of her wishs, should have been totally erased or at least left in its own dimension. We certainly weren't supposed to come into this world."

"You are saying we are in the version of life, that was before that girl made her wish."

"Exactly. The world in which Buffy Summers came here to guard the Hellmouth."

"And why are we here?"

"I'm afraid I have no idea."

"That's really of help, Jeeves."

She turned around and walked away. He went after her.

"Where are you going?"

"Trying to find that girl. What was her name?"

"How are you going to find her, if you don't even know her name?"

"Do you know where I can find her?"

"I... I suggest, that we go to the library."

"Truly a watcher. If there's trouble, stick your nose in a book. I think I'll pass."

"Not for reading. Cordelia seemed to know me and you and since I work at the library..."

"All right let's go."

She walked off.

"Miss Summers, the library is this way. And my name is Giles. Rupert Giles."


"Seems you were right about finding someone."

They looked through the window in the door to the library. They could see Giles sitting inside reading a book.

"What's up, Jeeves? Don't wanna meet your 'better' self."

Before he could say something she opened the door and went inside.

"Oh, Buffy, I thought you were going out to-"

He looked past Buffy at the person that was entering the library. The person that looked like himself only... What was going on?

"I... wha... who..."

She turned around to the man beside her.

"Librarian, huh?"

She turned back to Giles, who now just stared at... himself.

"I'm Buffy Summers and this is, as you probably know, Rupert..."

"...Giles." He finished before she could get it wrong again.

"What... How?"

"Jeeves thinks, we're in a different world, due to the wish of some girl called...?"


"Who's Jeeves?"

The other Giles sighed.

"She means me."

"Eh... I think I need a little more tea. Do you care for some?"

"Yes, thank you."

"I'll pass."


When Buffy entered the library that evening, she slowed down after seeing Giles.

"Hey, Giles, what's with the new look? Not that it's bad, it looks kinda... not bad at all."


The way he said it made her frown. Almost like a prayer and he looked at her as if he had waited for her - for years.

"Is everything all right?"

"Not exactly."

She turned towards the familiar voice and stared open-mouthed, confronted with an exact double of herself. Then she saw Giles. Again. She turned back to the table, where he had sat seconds before and still sat. She looked back at Giles and deciding that he had to be the right one, went to him and pulled him aside.


"Yes, it's me."


"They seem to be from a different dimension, caused by a wish of Cordelia."

She looked at him.

The Giles from the table got up and went towards them.

"We are... from a world, where you never came to Sunnydale."

"Until today."

They turned to the Buffy who was still leaning at the door to Giles office.

"Yes. After Cordelia told me that she knew her, I called Miss Summer's watcher and asked her to come."

"And how exactly did you come into... eh, our world?"

"They have no idea."

Buffy was a little annoyed by the arrogance in her other self.

"I think it requires extensive research. We should call the others."

"What others?"

"I have a couple of friends who help me."

"With what? Slaying?"

Buffy started to get really annoyed.

"Slaying, researching, fighting the bad. Do you have a problem with that?"

She approached the other girl, who didn't seem the least intimidated.

"You have to know, what you do. I just don't tend to involve civilians. *I* am the slayer. *I* am the *one* who fights the demons. And I don't see how 'a couple of friends' could help a slayer. I can't really say that my *watcher* is of any help..."

Buffy stared at the strange version of herself. Then she turned around to the other Giles.

"What is your world like?"

"It's... dark. After the Master rose, vampires took over Sunnydale. We... tried to fight. Still do... in our world, but... I knew that it could be better. This is what it was supposed to be."

He smiled at her.

She smiled back then her look became serious.

"That doesn't sound like you want back."

"I...", he looked past her to the other Buffy, "... this isn't *our* world."

A shadow of emotion past over the face of the other Buffy.

Buffy nodded at him. He seemed quite sad.

"Maybe we could postpone the research to tomorrow."

Giles looked at her.

"You are right. It's quite late already and we'll need help of the others. And since there doesn't seem to be an immediate danger... Are you okay with that?"

The question was addressed to the other Buffy, who just shrugged.

"Whatever. But where are we supposed to sleep?"

"Mom isn't home until Saturday."

"Then I suggest that... Miss Summers stays at your place, while we go to our appartment."

They all agreed and were on their way out, when Wesley entered.


"Hey Wes."


"Exactly. May I introduce: Buffy Summers, Rupert Giles, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce."

"Who is he?"

"He's my watcher."


AU Buffy and Giles looked at Buffy, then Giles, then Wesley, then back to Giles.

"That's a...", he looked at Buffy, "... a long story and not too pleasant. Wesley, we'll inform you tomorrow."

He went out the door and the others followed, leaving Wesley at the counter puzzled.


"Are those your friends?"

She pointed at a picture of Buffy, Willow and Xander.

"Yes. Two of them. There's also Oz and, hmm, Cordelia, if you want to call her a friend, and Angel an-"

"Angel, the vampire?"

"What do you know about him?"

"He led me to the factory. Wanted to help."

"That's him."

"He was dusted, I think."

"Oh, god."

"Well, that's the way all vampires should go."

"No! He's... he's different. He has a soul."

"Vampires don't have a soul."

"He has. It's a curse."

"So...? He doesn't feed and ages and everything?"

"No, he... he's still a vampire, but one with a soul. He can feel. He can love."

The other Buffy suddenly understood.

"Oh, no, please tell me that he *isn't* in love with you."

Buffy dropped her gaze.

"And you're in love with him, too? You gotta be kidding. You are a slayer. He's a vampire. How could that ever work out?"

Buffy looked at her. And unfortunately she could think of nothing to say against it.

"It can't. We're only friends now."

"Hhm. I guess it's best that way. You should try to find someone else. A human."

"Are you with someone?"

"No, I... he died."

"I'm sorry."

"Yeah, well. That's the way it is. People die. That's what we're for, fighting the demons. Until they finally get us."

"Eh... I'll show you your room."


"It's truly amazing, what difference a single person can make."

"I think not any person. But Buffy certainly is capable of changing things for the better."

"I'm glad you appreciate her."

"Appreciat her? I... I always knew how much she meant to... Sunnydale. I wasn't aware of how radical the changes would be, but I can assure you, I am ever grateful she's here. She makes my life..."


"Yes. But maybe we should stop talking about it. It must be quite depressing for you."

"Not at all. I mean... it's soothing to know, that life *can* be good. I refuse to give up hope. That's why I stayed in Sunnydale."

"Which I find quite astonishing. Not that you stayed, but that you..."

"... are still alive?"

"Yes, actually."

"I have help. Friends. Isn't that what keeps us going? Well most of us."

They looked at each other.

"She is so different from your Buffy."

< *My* Buffy... > Giles smiled inwardly at that.

"She is... "

"I think she is alone. Your Buffy isn't."

"No she isn't. She has good friends, who try to help as best as they can. Even though they are only 'civilians'."

"And she has you."

"Well, yes, she has many friends."


"Here's a picture of all of us."

She took a quick look, then turned to look around.

"Nice room."

"I'm sorry. You must be missing your friends."

"I don't really have that many friends. It's kind of difficult as the slayer."

"Well, at least you have your watcher."



"Nothing. It just seems funny how a watcher would be a replacement for friends."

"Hhm... I... what is your watcher like?"

"Like all of them."

"All of them?"

"He's my fourth. And I stopped seeing any differences after the third. They come, they read and write, they die."

Buffy couldn't believe the lack of emotion. She tried to imagine how she would feel if Giles... she pushed the thought away.

"I'm sorry if you feel that way."

"Why? Is your watcher any different?"

"He's... he saved my life many times. When the Master rose he wanted to go instead of me. He was willing to die for me. He's not just my watcher, he's a friend. A close friend."

The other Buffy seemed surprised.

"Who would have thought. He seemed more like 'Wesley, the Wimp' to me."

"I'm not talking about Wesley. I'm talking about Giles."

"But didn't you say Wesley was your watcher?"

"He is. Giles was fired."

"By the council? Wow. Why?"

"Because... because he loves me."

The other Buffy's eyes widened.

"Not like that. Like a father. 'A father's love', that's what the council guy said."

"And do you... do you feel the same? Do you love him? As a daughter, I mean."

"I... yes, I love Giles."

The other Buffy took the picture in her hands and took a closer look now.

While Buffy thought about what she had just said - and what she didn't say.


The next day was research time. Wesley was out training with Faith. Willow wasn't here yet, but Cordelia agreed to help after not being able to tell them anything about her wish. The other Giles had been at first a little afraid of Xander, who had terribly enjoyed sneaking up on him a couple of times.

The other Buffy watched them from the office door. She saw how a bag of chips was passed around without even being looked at. They worked hand in hand and obviously did so very well. Giles was at the counter, everyone else at the table in the middle, including the other Giles. He didn't seem out of place. No, she was the only one who wasn't going through a book. Xander pointed something out to Buffy grinning. She took a look at it then hit him playfully before going on.

Friends. She had only had one friend since she left L.A. And she had thought that it had been better that way. The image of Jon being killed flicked in her mind. Then she looked at the others again.

When her gaze fell on the Giles at the table, he looked up and smiled at her.

She walked towards him.

"Can I... can I help you?"

He seemed a little surprised.

"What... what do you want to do?"

"I... forget it."

She turned around and went into Giles' office.

She felt like an idiot. She was useless in this world. They didn't need a slayer, who could nothing but slay. She turned around as a hand was placed on her shoulder.

"Are you all right?"

"Fine. I'm... fine."

Then why did she feel tears filling her eyes?

"We'll find a way back."

"Back to what? You don't really want back and I... I don't want to be alone, Giles."

He took her in his arms, gently stroking her head as she cried into his chest.

After a while he said.

"And I'm glad that you finally know my name."

She looked up and returned his smile.

He brushed her tears away.

"You are not alone."

They looked at each other for a moment before slowly leaning in on a kiss.


Buffy looked up from the table to Giles. She smiled at him. Again. She had done so more than she usually did, but that might have been his imagination. He took one of the books and walked to his office stopping short in the door.

Buffy who had seen this got up from the table, worried. She joined Giles at the door.

They looked at the slayer, that was crying in the arms of the man, who should have been her watcher.

Unconciously Buffy and Giles entangled their hands. They looked at each other smiling. Then they turned to their other selves again. Their grip on each other's hand tightened as they saw the two people in front of them kissing. They looked at each other again, a serious look on their face now. Their gaze shifted downwards to their still entangled hands and they almost jumped apart.

Before either of them could say something, Willow entered.

"Hi, I'm here. And I'm late. And I'm not really sorry about it."

She tried to sound tough. But she couldn't quite keep it up and her next question was full of worry.

"Is everything all right?"

"Well, the end of the world is not near. At least not the end of our world."

"Wi-Willow, good that you're here. Maybe you could go surf the net for information on other dimensions and how one can pass... people between them."

"Other dimensions?"

"Yes, it seems that... something caused a passage between our dimension and a world in which..."

"... we were really bad vampires."

"Are we looking for a spell?"




An hour later they knew what they wanted to know. Giles thought it would be better to research the whole thing before going to Anya, since she couldn't exactly be trusted. But now he felt that he knew enough to keep her from sabotaging them.

"I think it is time to invite Anya."

The other Giles pulled him aside.

"Maybe... don't you think it would be better to do that tomorrow morning. We could... research a little more."

He looked around to the other Buffy.

Giles felt a little uneasy, but he couldn't deny him. He turned to the others.

"Maybe it's better if we sleep over it and do it tomorrow morning. I still have to get the ingredients for the spell."

He shortly looked at Buffy, who knew exactly, that they had enough time to do it the same evening and it wasn't hard to guess, what the other Giles had asked from him.

The others agreed and were gone after a couple of minutes leaving Buffy and Giles and their doubles alone.

"I suppose the two of you could go to my place. I'll sleep on the couch."

They stared at him.

"We happened to see you."

"Uh... well... thank you."

He put an arm around the other Buffy.

"Maybe you could get me that book you were talking about..."

"Yes sure."

He walked up into the stacks. Buffy looked at the couple. They were smiling at each other. She had taken his hand and now they kissed again. Part of her couldn't stand the sight. It somehow felt painful to see them so happy. Wasn't it ridiculous. They were from a world where everything was worse and yet she was jealous. Cordelia's wish hadn't been able to keep them apart. They were destined to be together. She thought of how she had held Giles' hand. Then of the conversation about Angel. 'You should try to find someone else.'


When Giles came down from the stacks he stopped short, seeing them kissing again. Then he turned his gaze to Buffy, who looked at them, with something that could only be described as longing.

She turned around to him and they stared at each other, not able to look away, until the other Giles cleared his troath.

"Uh... here you are."

He walked the last steps down and handed him the book.

"Thank you."

They walked out arm in arm leaving Buffy and Giles alone.

He turned around to her.

"Maybe... maybe you should help Faith on her patrol."



They looked at each other for another long moment.

Then Buffy got up.

"Nothing. See you tomorrow."

"Yes. Be careful."

She just nodded and left.


Buffy lay awake in her bed. She thought about Giles. About her feelings. Where had they come from? Two days ago she was in love with Angel. Trying to fight it, sure, but nevertheless. And now? Her conversation with the other Buffy had made her think. She could never be with Angel. She knew that, but for some reason, she had kept hanging on to her feelings for him. Although it was a constant fight with herself. With her needs.

But she would never stop feeling that way, if she didn't allow herself to move on. To someone, she *could* be with. Someone she was destined to be with.

She didn't know why she had never seen more in Giles. Had she actually believed that her feelings were those of a daughter? Or had she just not thought about it? Sadly, she had to admit, that it probably was the latter. She had been so caught up in her feelings for Angel and the constant struggle they brought with them, that she hadn't been able to see how much Giles meant to her. And how much she meant to him.


Giles lay on the couch. He couldn't sleep. He heard them begin again. They tried not to be too loud and the moans were faint, but he could hear them. 'Buffy', but more often his own name. She was repeating it over and over as if to make up for not knowing it in the beginning. What would it be like to hear 'his' Buffy say those words to him. To moan in ecstasy. After being fired for loving Buffy like a father, he had begun to think about it. He knew that he loved her, but he wasn't sure of what nature exactly his feelings for her were. And he had been afraid of exploring it too thoroughly. But now... he couldn't deny his feelings any longer. He loved her, he longed for her, he wanted her. All of her.

Above him Buffy and Giles climaxed shouting out a little louder.


The next morning Giles opened the door for Buffy.

She came in and he followed her to the couch and sat down next to her. He couldn't hold back a yawn.

"Couldn't sleep last night?"

She stroked his cheek teasing him.

Then she heard the moans from above. Her smile was gone. She looked at Giles and when she realized her hand was still at his cheek, she pulled it away as if it were on fire.

They silently prepared breakfast, trying their best to ignore the moans as they grew louder once again.

The breakfast went mostly silent. Buffy and Giles watched the others as they ate and kissed in turns, not able to keep their eyes or hands off each other.

The sight of them caused a strange feeling in their stomachs.

Giles was relieved when they were ready and his double asked.

"Would you terribly mind if we went upstairs again, until we have to leave?"

"No. Please do so." He almost added 'But for god's sake, try to keep the noise down.'

The lovers hurried upstairs, leaving Buffy and Giles alone in the kitchen.

"We... should clean the table."


They carried the dishes to the sink and Giles started to wash them, while Buffy dried them.

When they got to a plate their fingers brushed. They dropped the plate and stared at each other, their fingers still touching.

It was totally quiet except for the moans that started above them once again.

Not a word passed between Buffy and Giles. They were unable to speak and just looked at each other.

And then they were in each other's arms kissing so passionately it was almost violent. Their hands were everywhere trying to feel as much as they could, while their bodies tried to get as close to each other as possible. Buffy staggered backward, pulling Giles shirt out while her tongue brushed his. She held onto to the table cloth not able to stand on her own any longer. He pulled her top out of her trousers and cupped her breasts. She moved forward into his touch, taking the table cloth with her and sending everything on it crashing to the floor. Her hands found their way under his shirt and started roaming his chest. They were still kissing wildly and moved out of the kitchen, feeling their way as they went. She removed his tie and his shirt, pressing him into a wall to get even closer. He cupped her ass cheeks and she moved her legs up and around him after he stepped away from the wall, causing a picture to shatter to pieces. Her legs were wrapped tightly around him and she ground herself onto his growing erection.

"Oh, god, Buffy."

He gently bit her in the ear, then ripped her top apart. He moved forward until she was propped on the desk near the couch. He removed her bra and captured one of her nipples with his mouth, while one hand kneaded her other breast and the other hand moved over her stomach towards her trousers.

"Oh, Giles."

She moved her hands on the desk for support. He pushed his groin into her sex and she moaned, moving backwards on the desk, pushing the phone and the lamp off it. She moved her hands away from the desk, one into his hair the other to his trousers, opening his zipper.

They kissed each other again, never getting enough of the other's taste. She managed to push his trousers and boxers down and started stroking his hard cock. He moved slightly away and pulled down her trousers. Her underpants were soaking. He yanked them down and cupped her mound. Then he pulled her with him as he moved backward, finally feeling the couch behind him. They stumbled over their trousers and fell half on the couch half to the ground. He got on his knees in front of the couch and moved Buffy to a sitting position spreading her legs. Then he captured her sex with his mouth licking and sucking her while he fully removed the rest of her clothing.

Buffy couldn't help moaning loudly and uncontrollably. Her feet were on the table behind him and when he sucked on her clit with all his might she kicked it away, screaming.

He got up getting out of the pants and boxers that were pooling at this feet. When he looked back at Buffy she was just moving towards him taking his penis in her mouth and sucking him. He closed his eyes and moaned, then he pushed her away onto the couch until she was lying beneath him, her legs spread wide, waiting for him.

He kneeled between her legs and looked at her for a second before he buried himself deep inside her.

"Ah, yesss."

They started thrusting fast and hard. He kissed her neck again and she urged him on moaning.

"Harder, Giles, oh god. Yessss. I want more."

He pounded into her with all his strength, while she wrapped her legs around him drawing him into her.

"I... I... I love you, Buffy."

"Oh, god, Giles... I..."

She started crying as she was overwhelmed by her feelings. Her grip on him remained tight.

"Don't slow down. Please, Giles."

He kept moving at a furious pace and when she tightened around him in orgasm she moaned.

"I love you, Giles."

He shot his seed in her with one last hard thrust.

He collapsed on top of her and held her to him tightly, kissing her whole face then her lips. She wrapped her arms around him. Their kisses and caresses were tender now.

"I love you, Giles."

"And I love you."

They kissed again, oblivious of the two people standing on the stairs looking down at them.

"I guess it had to happen."

"Maybe they just needed a little... inspiration."


She pushes her way towards him, determined to kill him - and to survive.

He sees the glowing amulet and grabs for it. Anyanka lets go of him and he pushes her away.

He puts the amulet on his desk and finds his paperweight to smash it.

"You trusting fool! How do you know the other world is any better than this?"

"Because I've seen it."

He prepares to smash the amulet.


As the paperweight hits it, the amulet shatters into pieces, green light flowing from it.

Then the light is gone as is the demon.

When Giles realizes, that whatever dimension it is, they call *their* world, is still there, he rushes out of the door to find Buffy.