How'd It Happen?
By Gibberish

Title:  How'd It Happen?
Author: Gibberish
Disclaimer: They belong to Joss, Mutant Enemy and the WB.
Rating:   PG-13    B/G  
Spoilers:  I really don't think so.
Summary:  Giles is injured in a highly embarrassing way. Short silly fic.
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Notes: <Thoughts> *Emphasis*

      "Oh God, oh God, oh God." Buffy moaned over and over as she reached her orgasm. "Giles!" She screamed.

 "Buffy!" Giles called as he reached his own climax. Buffy's legs tightened around him and she jerked. "Buffy?" Giles said uncertainly. Buffy released him from her leg grip and he nearly cried out in pain.

 Buffy looked up at him with wide worried eyes, her breathing still not quite steady. "Giles, what is it?"

 "I'm not sure." Giles said painfully. "My back, something popped."

 "Oh God." Buffy said, echoing her earlier words in a completely different tone. "I hurt you."

 "I'm sure it's fine, Luv." Giles told her as best he could. "If you could just ...?"

 Buffy carefully scooted out from under him and helped him lie flat. She heard a quickly muffled cry. "Oh, Giles." She bit her lip. "Did I break your back? I gotta call an ambulance."

 "Don't you dare." Giles told her. "How would we explain it?"

 "It might be bad." Buffy said in a small voice. "If you can stop me, I won't call."

 Giles tried to grab her and broke out into a cold sweat for his trouble. He conceded with a gasp. "All right. Call."

 Buffy haphazardly threw on her clothes and raced downstairs to the phone.

 Giles closed his eyes as he heard her make the call. "Bloody hell. Couldn't have been a bloody heart attack, no. Then I could have gotten cleaned up."

   Buffy let the paramedics in and led them upstairs, where she hovered nervously as they checked Giles.

 "How did it happen?" One of them asked. He saw the girl's eyes widen in horror and flash to the man. Then he noticed that the man was completely naked, except for the sheet and the girl's clothes were askew. "Nevermind." He said as he turned back to the man.

 Together the three paramedics got Giles onto the stretcher with extreme care. Buffy covered her mouth with a hand as she saw the intense pain on Giles' face. "I'm sorry." She said softly. Giles attempted a smile.

 "You might want to pack him up some clothes and meet us at the hospital." One of the paramedics told her gently as he observed the exchange.

 "I'm going with you." Buffy said determined as she began to throw some of his clothes into a bag.

 "Buffy." Giles said in a strained voice. "My wallet and keys."

 "I'll get them." Buffy told him. She leaned down and gave him a gentle kiss and mouthed 'I love you' against his lips, before they took him down the stairs.

   Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya saw the ambulance parked in front of Giles' complex, but were too far away to catch it. They saw Buffy as she got in after the stretcher and the doors closed. "What's happened to Giles now?" Anya asked.

 Willow and Xander exchanged frightened looks and ran back to the car, the other two following behind.

   Although they had let Buffy ride to the hospital with Giles, they wouldn't let her go with him once at the hospital. She filled out the forms for him and then waited. She tossed his bag of clothes into a corner and paced the waiting area.

 The Scooby Gang rushed in and over to her. "What happened?" Willow asked breathlessly.

 "Was he knocked out?" Xander asked.

 "No, not knocked out." Buffy said distractedly.  "It's his back. God, I think I broke his back."

 "What? How?" Willow asked. "Training? Were you training?"

 Buffy shook her head without thinking.

 "Buffy, how did it happen?" Willow asked.

 Buffy looked at them as if she'd just noticed that they were there. "Why does everybody keep asking that?" She asked impatiently in return.

 Willow and Xander looked at her surprised. "We're just worried, Buff." Xander replied.

 "I know." Buffy responded. "But what difference does it make how it happened. It just did."

 "Because if it didn't matter, you'd tell us?" Xander ventured.

 Buffy's control snapped. "We were having sex, okay? He had just given me the most intense orgasm of my life and I lost control. Aren't you happy you asked? Is there anything else you wanted to know?"

 "How intense?" Anya asked not perturbed in any way. "And what did he do?"

 The others stared at her in shock. "You are kidding, right?" Xander asked uncertainly. Buffy just looked at him. Xander noticed how her blouse was misbuttoned and the hickey on her neck. "Oh God, you're not kidding." He groaned.

 "What did he do?" Anya asked again.

 "You and Giles?" Willow squeaked out.

   Two days later, Buffy fussed over Giles as he laid in bed. "I'm all right, Luv." Giles kept his voice down since Joyce was downstairs.

 "I'm just so sorry." Buffy told him again.

 "It wasn't broken." Giles reminded her. "A disc was merely popped out of place." He brought her hand to his mouth and gave it a kiss. "The worst part was the knowing looks from the staff." He said with a grin. "Actually, the worst part is being forced to endure bed rest without you able to join me."

 Buffy smiled at him. When they heard Joyce on the stairs, they quickly moved apart, but Giles gave her a wink.

 "Well," Joyce said as she reached the top of the stairs. "The groceries are all put away. Everything Buffy needs to take care of you for a few days."

 "Thank you, Joyce." Giles told her.

 Joyce shrugged it off. "Nothing to it. Buffy never told me though - How'd it happen?"

 Buffy and Giles just looked at each other in horror.