Honesty is the Best Policy
By Renee

PLOT - Willow is up to her old magic tricks this time it's a truth spell.
AUTHOR - Renee
TITLE - Honesty is the Best Policy
SPOILERS - Set mid season 6 sometime before Giles left.
DISCLAIMER - Joss Whedon owns Buffy but I own the continual hallucinations of BG goodness in my mind.
RATING - I'm never very good at rating my fic's but I assure you it's nothing worse than on the show.

"That's it I've had enough!"
"Will calm down no one is accusing you."
"Yes you are, you may not say it out loud but you're all thinking it." She was fuming with rage, they never trusted her anymore. Buffy had come across a portal in the basement earlier that day whilst doing her laundry. She'd immediately consulted Giles and he'd checked it out. He managed to close it with seemingly little damage done. He decided it could have only been opened by someone with a decent amount of magical power. Granted in Sunnydale that could be any number of people but all fingers pointed to a certain red-haired witch with a magical abuse problem.

"Willow you have to understand it from our angle, it's downstairs and we don't usually allow just anybody to drop by."
"See! I knew you all blamed me." She folded her arms and blew a stray strand of hair from her eyes.
Xander moved to comfort her, "Will be reasonable."
She turned on him, eyes ablaze. "Be reasonable? I....didn't.....do.....anything!" Each word was screamed in his direction.
"Please Willow, sit. We're all adults here we can discuss this rationally surely." Giles always the voice of reason attempted to calm things down a little.

Willow grabbed some purple dust from her pocket and blew it into the room, Giles stood to stop her. Willow began to chant and the dust sped around the room until each person was sprinkled with it. Giles bellowed, "You arrogant fool! What have you done?"
Willow now feeling more level headed explained, "It's a truth spell, no one would believe me so now you have to because I can't lie."
"How could you Willow, do you have any idea of how dangerous this could be? Of course you don't you've never thought sensibly when it came to magic, it was always I want and I want it now, well I hope your satisfied. The reason no one trusts you Willow is because you've broken that trust." Giles covered his mouth with a hand, he'd allowed too much to slip already.

Willow began to cry as she slumped to the floor. Buffy moved to comfort her friend, wanted to tell Will that they didn't really think that but it came out another way, "Giles is right, as always, he's so smart have you ever noticed that, I mean like genius quality." Buffy gasped and threw her hands over her own mouth, this truth spell was working a little too well. Giles looked at Buffy surprised by her revelation, he was shocked that she thought so highly of him, he'd begun to wonder. Buffy blushed and avoided everyone's gaze preferring to sit quietly on the couch.

"Well this sucks." Anya strangely enough sounded very much the same, truth spell or not.
"Xander when can we go home and make with the orgasms?" Xander tried to get his girlfriend to shut-up but managed to let slip that he also wanted to go home and have sex as soon as possible. He grinned shyly, "hey I'm a guy what did you expect, no woman we can't have the sex there's more important things going on? Puleaze!" Anya smiled at her boyfriend proud that for once he'd said it out loud.

Buffy stood, "You know what? I don't really want some tea but I'm gonna go make some because I'm feeling incredibly awkward right now and I'm afraid that I'll tell everyone that I..." She clasped her mouth shut and ran toward the kitchen. She tried to busy herself with putting on the kettle but her heart was racing, "Oh God, oh God, oh God, I almost let it slip, stupid stupid stupid Buffy."

Giles' every urge was to follow Buffy into the kitchen, anything to get away from this madness but it was too risky. If he opened his mouth he was desperately afraid the three most dangerous words, I love you, would break free and he'd be forever more a condemned man. He turned on Willow instead, "You stupid girl, is this reversible or will we just have to wait till it wears off?"
Willow cowered, Giles had a glare that could freeze even the sturdiest of hearts, "Ummm wait till it wears off, I was impatient and I didn't bother looking for one with a reversible spell, I wanted to do this today."
"You had this planned all along?" Xander furious at Willow's abuse of power spoke quietly, however all could hear the angry undertone.
Willow could only squeak out a 'yes' before running to the bathroom in a fit of tears.

Buffy took a deep breath and trudged back into the living room. She avoided Giles' look as she set the tea tray in front of him.
"Tea? Stupid question I know."
Giles smiled, "please."
She made it exactly the way he liked it and handed him a cup. "Thank you Buffy, you certainly know how to please a man." He coughed uncontrollably disturbed that he'd allowed himself to speak at all. Buffy smiled to herself, she pleased Giles?
"You're the only man I want to please." The smile slipped from her face and she darted from the room.
Giles sat staring into his cup for the longest time until Xander piped up, "go on G-man you know you want her, go make with the orgasms."

Giles stuttered unsure of what to think or do, "She didn't mean it that way Xander she was just afraid that I would take it as such and that's clearly why she's embarrassed."
"For people that make a living out of seeing things others don't, you two sure are blind." Anya was constantly bewildered by people's tendency to ignore the things right in front of their noses.
"Yes well I don't thank you for your opinion, I have never wanted it before and I shan't start now. Oh bugger." Giles was unaccustomed to speaking his mind and discovered he didn't enjoy starting now. Anya was unperturbed, she was used to people not appreciating her social views.

Xander stood and made for the bathroom Willow had holed herself up in, "I'm gonna go see if I can help Will any, I love her you know." Anya spun on Xander so fast he thought her head would pop off.
"Excuse me?" Anya was clearly jealous.
"As a friend An that's all."
"Oh, well you can't lie about it so ok I believe you, go be friendly, but in a strictly paternal way, which is the only way you would because you're just friends." Xander smiled patiently at his girl, kissed her cheek and left the room.

Giles tried to recite every word of the latest watcher's diary he'd read in his head, anything to avoid saying aloud what he was thinking. Beads of sweat began to form on his forehead and his hands started to shake, it was becoming more and more difficult to hold it in. Finally all resistance gone he bellowed after Xander, "Please for the love of all things holy don't leave me alone with this woman. I would rather drive a stake through my eye than be forced to have a conversation with her." He sucked in a breath relieved that the tension was now gone but panicked as to what an ex-vengeance demon's reaction to his statement would be.

"I apologise Anya, I really would have rathered not say that aloud."
"That's ok I think you're an interminable bore too, honestly I don't know what the others see in you. I mean ok yeah you're attractive, when you don't hide behind layers of tweed. And you could be extremely fascinating but you always hold back, this is honestly the first time I've enjoyed being in your presence."
Giles unaware of how to respond chose simply to sip his tea and pray someone would return soon.

"Will, please open the door."
"No!" A sniffling voice shouted through the wood.
"Will, I'm sorry you had to hear all that, none of us want to hurt you, we love you."
The door cracked open slightly and a teary eye peered out. "Honestly?" Xander smiled at her and waited for her to realise what she'd asked. "Oh yeah, you can't lie. I love you guys too." The door opened the rest of the way and she leapt into his arms grateful that she still had a friend.
"I'm really really sorry Xand, I can't control it anymore, I'm so scared."
"We're all here for you Will, we'll help."
He held her and let her cry.

Buffy flopped down on her bed horrified that she'd told Giles she wanted to please him. 'But you do want only to please him.'
"Shut-up!" She told the little voice inside her. She began to pace the room talking to herself.
"Ok yes I do only want Giles and yes, he is the man that I love and ok sure, I want to have lots and lots of orgasms with him but I don't want him to know that!"
'Why not?' She heard it say.
"Because he doesn't see me that way." She slumped onto the bed again her head in her hands, that was it. Giles was her Prince Charming but she couldn't tell him that because to him she was a daughter.

Giles became impatient sitting in the lounge room alone with Anya, there were so many things he wanted to say to her and none of them pleasant. 'Perhaps I should go assure Buffy that I would never presume she meant she wanted to please me in an erotic fashion. Possibly not in those words though.' He stood and rushed to the stairs before he could tell Anya how overjoyed he was to be getting away from her. When he made it to Buffy's closed door he knocked gently. "Buffy it's only me."
Buffy panicked what would Giles think if he knew she'd been in here crying her eyes out because she loved him? She blew her nose and wiped her face, it'd still be puffy but it would be more suspicious if she ignored him.

"Come in." She called from her position on the bed.
He poked his head in and quickly stepped inside closing the door behind him. He was torn between turning and running, afraid of what he would divulge and staying to comfort her. He could see she'd been crying and as always her feelings were his first priority. He moved toward the bed but opted not to sit beside her, that was too personal and in the current circumstances personal meant comfortable which could lead to further unintended revelations.

"Buffy dearest, what's wrong?" He hoped she missed the term of endearment.
Buffy blew her nose one more time but refused to look up as she tried to tell him she was fine. "I'm horrified that I let it slip that I want to please you. Man this truth thing bites!" She grunted, frustrated.
"Buffy, though I think about you pleasing me every night I certainly didn't think you meant it in the way that I'd hoped." His eyes bulged and he knew there was no way to explain his outburst away.
She looked up for the first time and saw that he'd really meant it, she knew in her head he couldn't lie but to see it in his eyes was all the proof she needed.

"I love you Giles, not as another dad but as a man. I think you're the sexiest, smartest most wonderful man I've ever known." Giles was blown away, it had to be true, she was unable to lie but it was still too difficult to believe.
He opened his mouth to ask if she really meant it but all that came out was, "I love you too Buffy, I have for such a very long time. You're my every thought and wish, my heart beats only for you. God how I love you Buffy."

She leapt into his arms and pulled him back onto the bed. He landed on top and groaned as he felt his body meld to hers.
He stared in her eyes and trailed a finger down her cheek, "I really want to kiss you right now."
"I think I'll die if you don't." He smiled, perhaps honesty was truly the best policy. He leant down and captured her lips with his own. She loved how soft they felt, how gentle he was even though she could feel the passion bubbling beneath the surface. She gently kissed him with every ounce of love she contained. It felt as though her skin had been in stasis until he touched it. Everywhere she felt him it burned, every nerve ending screamed for only him. His love for her had made him want to take things slowly, savour every second of every touch but being this close to his Buffy was far greater than anything he'd imagined.

Passion was simmering inside them both until neither could stand it any longer. Soft gentle kisses transformed into needy passionate embraces. His hands wandered over her skin wanting to claim every centimetre of her as his. She ran her fingers through his hair holding him as closely as physics would allow. Their legs intertwined, skin seeking out skin. He pulled back long enough to rip her shirt free and gaze at the prize beneath. She lost it as his kisses trailed their way down her neck, she moaned when he found her spot just below the left ear. He mumbled something into it and she tried to concentrate to understand.

He pulled his head up and looked in her eyes, "I want you to know that I plan on marrying you Buffy, if you'll have me. This isn't just a fling, I'm yours for eternity."
Tears slid down her cheeks, "It's not for me either Giles, I so want to be your wife, I'm already completely yours." His eyes became misty as he kissed her tears away. They made love for hours, it was a relief to know that every word uttered was the truth. They'd been completely open with each other, it made for the best sex either had ever experienced. They dozed in one another's arms, naked in more ways than one.

The spell had worn off an hour ago and the others were very much relieved to leave the couple upstairs alone. As happy as they were that Buffy and Giles had finally figured it all out, Xander thought he'd have to stick a large and pointy object in his head if he had to listen to one more scream of "OH GILES!!!!" Buffy and Giles awoke to a darkened and empty house. She squirmed in Giles' arms and tested the spell that had brought them together.

"That was not the best sex I've ever had, You are not the sexiest man alive and I don't want to do that with you 5 or 6 more times tonight."
Giles's eyes widened until he realised what she was up to, he tickled her slightly and was rewarded with a wriggly naked Buffy.
"Well in that case Miss Summer's, marrying you wouldn't be the most wonderful thing in my life, I don't want to wake up to you naked each and every morning and I don't want to have a horde of our children running around!" He smiled as he kissed her nose.
Buffy's eyebrows flew north, "a horde?" She giggled again as he pinned her beneath him and began to ravish her once more.