by Gabriele Schulz

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SUMMARY: Due to a spell gone wrong Buffy and Giles can't lie... B/G
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DATE: 11/15-24/99

"Oh, Buffy, you look beautiful today."

Giles frowned a little at his own words, but Buffy just smiled as she entered his flat.

"Thank you. I love to hear that, especially from you."

It was Giles' turn to smile and Buffy's to look a little irritated by what she had just said.

"Why are you here?"

"Oz is back."

"He is?"

"Yes, and he wanted to see Willow, so she told me to get out. In nicer words of course."

"Do you think she is all right?"

"I think, she's not sure whether she can trust him anymore. And who could blame her, he's a guy after all."

Now Buffy looked shocked.

"Buffy, you should be fair. Not every guy lies."

"Maybe not *every*, but there seems to be a whole lot of them. Why can't they be more like you?"

Giles stared at her open-mouthed not registering her wide eyes.


"Giles, something is wrong."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I say things I don't want to say."

"Like what?"

"Like when I came in. I didn't mean to say that I like you calling me beautiful."

He looked at her worried. She looked around the room, confused, as if she could find any clues to what was going on.


She turned back to him at the touch of his hand on her shoulder. He took it away.

"No, don't stop touching me! Oh my God. I certainly didn't mean to say *that*."

"What did you-"

"Not that I like it when you touch me!"

She clasped her hand over her own mouth.

"Buffy, it's all right. I will touch you."

Now he looked as terrified as she did.

"Did I just say that I would touch you?"

Buffy took her hand from her mouth but just nodded.

"I *wanted* to say I will help you. I honestly did."

They looked at each other, then spoke as one, when realization dawned.


"I really will have a word with her about what spells are for and more importantly what *not*."

"I can't believe she did that."

"You said yourself, she didn't know if she could trust Oz. She found a way."

"But why us?"

"Spells that are cast with false intentions tend to go wrong. We should get to her as soon as possible."

"But she's talking with Oz right now."

"We have to find out what exactly she did to undo it."

He grabbed his keys and went out. She followed.

"We could wait for an hour, you know."

"Buffy, the truth can be a dangerous thing. Don't you remember when you could hear peoples thoughts? It's not always healthy to hear unfiltered truths."

"Are you hiding something from me?"

He turned around.

"Yes!" He sighed. "And I just meant to say 'No'."

"What are you hiding?"

He didn't say anything just went on to the car. She followed him closely.

"Giles, I thought we didn't have any secrets."

He just glared at her.

"Hey, I almost never lie to you."


"I didn't mean to say almost."

"Well, you can't lie now."

They reached the car and got in.

Before he started the car, she reached for his hand and stopped him.

"Giles, I honestly hardly lie to you."

"Of course not. You hardly tell me anything at all."

"That's true! Oh God, it is true, isn't it?"

"Buffy, I really think we should stop talking until the spell wears off or we find a way to undo it."

"Is it so bad to tell me the truth?"

"Buffy, did you forget what just happened in my flat?"

She blushed slightly.

"That was just... I don't know where that came from."

He looked at her searching her eyes for something.

"You really don't. Of course not. You couldn't lie about it."

"It was just there. And it wasn't so bad. I mean, so I want you to touch me, that doesn't necessarily mean that I want you to do other things."

"Not necessarily, no."

"Giles, I really want you to- Where is the don't? Where is the damned don't?!"

"You really want me to what?"

She just looked at him, then ahead of her.


He started the car and drove to the dorm. When he stopped, neither of them made a move to get out.

"Don't you want to get out?"


"Me neither."

They sat in silence for a moment.

"Giles, what should we do?"

"Should? I... I don't know."

"And what do you *want* to do?"

He looked at her, down to her cleavage then out of the front window. He was clenching his fingers around the wheel, then opened his door and got out just to get in again and lean forward so that he was nearly kissing her.

"I want t-"

He was stopped by her lips on his mouth. She ran her hands through his hair and opened her mouth inviting his tongue in. While their tongues mated passionately she struggled to get closer to him. She found a way to straddle him and rubbed herself against his growing erection.

"Buffy, please don't stop. I mean... oh God... just let me drive home."

She didn't move away just switched her attention to his neck.

"Go ahead. And hurry up."

"You want me to drive like this?"

"I can't wait."

Giles silently prayed that no one would see them. Thank God, his home wasn't far.

He managed to get them to his flat intact. When he closed the door Buffy was still firmly attached to him. Her current focus was his right ear.

"Buffy... maybe we... this goes so fast..."

"Not fast enough."

She moved just far enough away to start undoing the buttons of his shirt.

"Buffy, an hour ago you didn't even know that you had those feelings."

"But I know now."

She kissed his chest as she exposed it. He took her chin in his hand and lifted her face up. He looked down at her then kissed her gently for a very long moment.

"I love you, Buffy."

She just looked at him, then moved to kiss his chest again, when she felt him tense visibly.

She looked up at him again.

"Giles, I love you."

She looked surprised, then said it again.

"I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you."

Her face lit up in a wide smile.

"Oh my God. Giles, I..."

"...love you."

She nodded happily. Then getting over the shock of her realization returned her attention to the task at hand: Unbuttoning his shirt while kissing his skin as it was exposed.

When she was finished, she moved the shirt off his shoulders and walked slowly around him, kissing his body as she went. She kissed his back and snaked her fingers around his waist, then up to his chest where she paid special attention to his nipples.

Just when he wondered where her urge had disappeared to her right hand slid into his pants and circled his erection. He moaned. She got up on her toes and whispered into his ear.

"Run upstairs and get out of your clothes. I'll be with you in a minute."

He turned slightly around and was about to ask something when she silenced him by squeezing his member.


He ran up the stairs into his bedroom, getting out of his clothes, the thoughts running wild. What was she doing downstairs? Was this really happening or was it just one of his fantasies? How could it be that she loved him and never realized? Were they going too fast? What if she wasn't ready for this? What if Willow's spell had more than this one side effect? What if she hadn't only used a truth spell, but also a love or worse lust spell? What if-

That was when all thought stopped, since Buffy appeared at the bedroom door covered by nothing but her hair. She smiled at him.


"Almost perfect."

Her smile faltered.



"What is it that disturbs you?"

"You're a little bit too skinny. Buffy, maybe we should stop talking."

"No, it's okay. Let's be honest. Angel was better built than you."

He looked at his shirt at the floor wishing he still had it on. Buffy came closer and kissed him.

"But you're much bigger than him and in any case I don't..."

They looked at each other.

"I don't love him anymore."

She let out a quiet sigh of relief. He watched her knowing what this meant to her, to be over him and even more so knowing what it meant to him, to hear it from her when he knew she could not lie. He loved her and he trusted her, but he wasn't sure if he would have been able to fully believe her, had she told him she didn't love Angel anymore. Now both could be sure.

Buffy dragged his face down for a kiss. While their tongues engaged in a hot, wet duel, she moved onto the bed and pulled him along with her. She lay down on her back and he trailed kisses along her body.

"Giles, this is wonderful."

His mouth reached her already wet sex and when he started licking her clit, she moaned.

"Ohhhh, please stop."

He immediately looked up.

"I'm s-sorry..."

"No, I just..."

She sat up, grabbed him by his shoulders and lying back down pulled him onto her, until his face was inches from hers.

"I want you inside me."

"If you're su-"


She put one hand on his cock and after ascertaining that he was as ready as she was she moved her legs around him and guided him inside her.

"Oh God, Buffy, you feel so wonderful."

"Get going!"

He started to thrust into her.

"That's better. So did you dream about this?"

"Yessss. Ohhh. But it wasn't nearly as... you're so hot and wet... and tight. I don't hurt you, do I?"

"No, Giles... aaahhh.... you don't. You *are* very big, but that's not bad at aaaaaaaaahh, yessss."

"I love you so much, Buffy."

"I know... I think some part of me always knew... oh God, Giles, harder, please."

He increased speed and pressure and she moaned loudly.

"Is that what you want?"

"No." Before he could stop again, she added. "Harder! Please, Giles, I need it harder! I'm the slayer, I can take it. Give me all you can give. Oh my great God, yes, yes, that's it. Keep going. Don't hold back."

He pounded into her furiously, just like he used to in his youth although it had been lack of care back then. Now he couldn't help obeying her words that excited him to unbearable measures.

"Buffy... I can't... soon..."

That was when she exploded beneath him, screaming out something that could have been his name. Her whole body convulsed and when her shaking had quieted down he thrust into her a few more times until his own release shook him.

He collapsed on top of her, then when he had regained something like control over his body he slid out of her and lay down next to her taking her in his arms.

She snuggled into him.

"I love you, Giles... Rupert. It sounds a bit weird."

"Why, thank you."

"No, I didn't mean... I just meant I have to get used to it."

"You can keep calling me Giles, if you want to."

"No, no, I mean after this..."

She blushed, suddenly very shy.

"I can't believe I said that to you."

"You mean that you needed it h-"


"You shouldn't feel shy about telling me what you want. I can't read your mind. So you'll have to tell me what pleasures you the most. Unless you want to wait until I find out myself."

He kissed her neck.

"Hhmmm. Nice. What about you?"

"Oh, I enjoyed that quite a bit."

They smiled at each other.

"So you're not regretting it, love?"

"Oh, sure I regret the best sex I ever had in my life."

She wanted to tease him, but Giles realized that if it wasn't a lie and she regretted the best sex in her life, then that had to have been... Unless...

"I don't love you."

She looked at him shocked.

"No, Buffy, I do love you..."

She moved away from him.

"Buffy, no, stay here."

He pulled her back to him and saw the tears that were forming in her eyes.

"Try to lie to me."


"Lie to me."

"How could you do this to me?"

"Lie to me!"

She paused.

"I hate you."

They looked at each other and for a moment he wasn't sure, if she had told him a lie or how she felt. Then he saw realization dawning in her face.

"My name is Slutty Sue. And I always dreamed about hot sex with Snyder."

"Slutty Sue?"

"Well... so the spell is gone?"

"I suppose so."

"Giles, how could you say that? I mean of all things, why *that*?"

She looked at him not angry or hurt, but wanting an explanation to decide if she could forgive him.

"I just thought of the most ridiculous, most untrue, most impossible thing, I could come up with."

Her look slowly turned into a smile.


"Not at all, it's the truth. And why did you say... what you said?"

"At first I wanted to say 'I love you', but then I realized that it still was the truth... I could never hate you."

"And I shall never give you a reason to do so. I'm terribly sorry, Buffy. It was very unthoughtfull."

"Yes, it was, but let's not talk about it anymore. But prepare to hear about it whenever *I* do something unthoughtfull in the future."

He smiled at her and kissed her cheek.

"So you forgive me?"

"I might if you start looking for... you know... what I really want..."

She smiled at him seductively.

"I guess then I better start now..."

And he proceeded to do so, much to Buffy's pleasure.