Home Sweet Home
By Mac

TITLE: Home Sweet Home
SUMMARY: After a long tiring day we all need a little ‘pick-me-up’.
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He put his bag down near the desk and slowly walked towards her.

Hooking a finger beneath her chin, Giles tilted her face, covered her lips with his clever mouth. His kiss left her breathless, craving more. Hours, days, weeks more. A lifetime more.

"I missed you". He pulled back to rest his forehead against hers.

"I want you." She murmured.

"I haven’t been able to get you out of my head all day." He confessed. His fingers traced her breasts through the flimsy T-shirt, then brushed her nipples, making first one, then the other tighten into hard nubs. He pressed closer and Buffy felt his arousal against her stomach. It made her wet with longing, wobbly kneed in anticipation. She sagged back against the wall, her heart beating a mile a minute.

"All day I’ve wanted to touch you here…" He cupped her breasts, then traced the curve of her ribcage.

"And here…" His hand slid inside the elastic of her waistband, pushed sweatpants and knickers over her hips, then returned to rest his palm atop her belly. The aching in her core grew and spread like the ever widening circles that disturb a pond’s surface when a stone is dropped into its depths.

"And here." His fingers moved lower, parted her curls and slipped between the folds, finding her damp, pulsing core.

Gasping, Buffy arched against his hand, clutching his shoulders to keep from falling. Inside a fever built, searing away all rational thought. With each stroke of his fingers, he pushed her closer and closer to the edge of a precipice.


For an instant he pulled back. Not far, just enough to read the plea in her eyes. Then his mouth took hers in possession so consuming she wanted to cry out. But even more, she wanted…needed, to feel him too. Needed to feel him surge in her hands. Needed him inside her. Clumsy with desire, she fumbled with the clasp of his trousers, finally freeing him. Her fingers closed around him, gliding the length of him.

A groan, a raw, fierce sound tore from his throat. Then his hands slipped around her and he gripped her buttocks, lifted her, and nestled between her thighs. Supported against the wall, Buffy wrapped her arms and legs around him as he thrust deep within. The tempo of their thrusts increased and she felt him strain to make the final leap, and she hung on tight, her entire being focused on following him.

They went over together.

"No wonder I married you Mr Giles."

"Hello to you too, my wife."