Her Giles
By Shawna

Title: Her Giles
Author: Shawna
e-mail: smkrause4@juno.com
couple: Giles/Buffy
Summery: Buffy wonders what's wrong with her and relationships. She realizes she is in love with Giles. What will he do?
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: They are not mine...I wish but they are not. They belong to Joss Whedon, Fox, and the WB network.
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Note: This is my second fanfic and first romance...I am hoping to write a giles/willow next....I just wish to thank everyone for their kind and encouraging words on my first fanfic..Thanks again...I didn't think I was going to write another one but I guess I fooled my self.....

Buffy was bored. Where were all the demons and vampires? Surely, she hasn't killed them all. Here she was patrolling and she has not found one bad guy. Were they on vacation? Did demons take vacations?

"Yeah, I can see them now. 'I'm tired of evil. Let's go on vacation."

Come on, it wasn't even Halloween. The one demon holiday...supposedly the one night they did positively nothing. So, where were they? She had walked eight cemeteries. The only vampire she had seen tonight was Spike. When she walked away from him she was sure he had stuck his tongue out at her. Maybe she should have staked him....

Buffy had to wonder what was going on. She could already hear what Giles would tell her....

"Something big is about to happen. Time to research!"

With Sunnydale living on a Hellmouth... Something big is always happening. Maybe she should stop by Giles' after patrol, tonight. How long has it been since she did that? She shook her head sadly. A long, long time.

She was patrolling by herself. Maybe that was another reason she was bored. Usually, Riley was by her side. He wasn't now. They had a stupid fight. Lately, they were always having stupid fights.

Buffy knew that just because they had stupid fights didn't mean that they should brake off their relationship. Though lately, she had been thinking about it. Sometimes, she wanted Riley to be more of a friend and listen to her then a lover. Couldn't they be both friends and lovers?

The words Riley said to her today were still echoing in her ears...

"Why didn't I fall for a normal girl?"

"Why don't you?"

After she said those three words she quickly walked to the door, opened it and walked out. All she could think of was getting out before anything else was said. But she still heard the soft spoken words...

"Maybe I should."

The words hurt but shouldn't they have hurt more then they did. Shouldn't she have felt like she was being ripped apart. Shouldn't she be crying.

Buffy wondered if something was wrong with her. Looking back on her past relationships...she had to wonder.

Was she really in love with Riley or was it lust? Where did that thought come from? Did she love Riley? She knew what she felt for Riley was different from what she felt for Angel. Or was it?

"I'm so confused! Great, Buffy, why don't you start talking to yourself? Like, that will help."

Startled, she realized that she was now standing in front of a door. A door that was very familiar. Very confronting. But, only because of who was on the other side.

She gently placed her hand on the door. She also placed her forehead against the hard wood.

She didn't even remember walking to his apartment but she was glad she was here.

It was very late but she knew if she knocked he would open the door. Her Giles would be there. No matter how many times she hurt him. No matter how many times she forgot about him. No matter how many times she called him old or teased him. No matter what. He would always be there. No matter what her Giles would love her...NO matter what. Her Giles...Comfort Guy. Always there Guy...Her Guy?

Giles, her closest and dearest friend. Though she never showed him that or even told him how much she loved and cared about him. He was still her Giles...wonderful Giles.

She slowly lifted her forehead from the door and stared at it with wonder.


Was she in love with Giles? She loved him like a daughter right?

Nope. She knew the answer to that one. She never wondered about her father the way she wondered about Giles. 'He is like a stevedore in the sack.' Hmmm...

"I still wonder what a stevedore is. He never did tell me."

Loved him as a friend, right? Loved him like a woman loves a man? Her Giles...

Suddenly, she remembered the night, Willow and her, played Truth or Dare at a cemetery. Willow looked right into Buffy's eyes and asked...

"Do you think Giles is sexy?"

"Uh, maybe is he didn't wear so much tweed..."

"That's not what I asked..Do you think Giles is sexy? Yes or No."

"What kind of question is that? Ask me something else."

"That's against the rules but because you are my friend and I like you...Okay, the first time you saw Giles in the library, did you say to yourself 'Man, is he sexy!?"

"Willow! Giles is old!"

"So, that doesn't make him less a man or even less sexy. Alot of men look better with age."

"Willow! Are you saying you have noticed Giles...Giles!!"

Willow blushed and gave a small, sweet smile.

"Yeah, I have and I think he is sexy. So my question is do you think he is sexy.'"

The game Truth or Dare came to a close when they were attacked by vampires. Buffy never answered Willow's question or did she by not answering at all.

She could even remember when her friends were telling her about Giles singing at the Espresso Pump.

"That is so creepy...He was really singing?"

"You have to admit it was kinda sexy." Willow had to throw in.

Later that night, with just the two of them, they talked about Giles.

"You really think his singing is sexy?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah, you would too, if you listened to him. Really listened. Not with just your ears, but also with your heart."

She still hadn't heard Giles sing. She wanted too. Everyone had heard him sing....But not Buffy. Would it really be so creepy? No, no it wouldn't . Not her Giles. It would be very...very sexy. Buffy laughed to herself. Sometime, she'd have to ask for a private concert.

Okay, Giles is a wonderful, sexy man. Too wonderful for her. He deserved someone who would stand beside him. To be there for him as he was always there for her. To laugh. To cry. To hold. To care. To love. Why couldn't she be that woman? Damn, she wanted that woman to be her. Buffy Anne Summers. Not Olivia. Not someone else. Not anybody but her.

Suddenly, determination flowed through the Slayer's vains. She lifted her hand and formed a tight fist.

Bang, bang, bang...BANG!!!!

"Come on Giles. I know you are in there! Open up and I mean NOW!!!"


Her fist nearly hit Giles when he opened the door. You could tell he was thankful that she didn't hit him.

"Buffy, what is wrong?"

"Wrong! Does anything have to be wrong for me to see you?"


Whatever Giles had been about to say was quickly forgotten. For Buffy grabbed Giles' head and lowered his lips to meet hers.

Wow! Double Wow! Really Wow!

The kiss seemed to say so much. Much more then words could express.

Finally, Buffy let go of Giles' head and let her hands drift down his back. Even though she was the one to start the kiss she was going to allow Giles to finish it. Buffy was happy to notice that he didn't push her away from him. As a matter of fact, his arms seemed to tighten around her. He was still kissing her. So, that must be a good sign..Right? She realized that she loved the feel of his arms around her. With him holding her so tightly against him...She felt so safe, valued even....So loved. She didn't want the kiss to end.

Giles slowly lifted his head and looked at her with gentle, passion filled eyes.

"Buffy, has Willow done another spell....tell me what is wrong."

"No, Giles, Willow hasn't done a spell...Willow hasn't done anything. The only thing that could go wrong is if you don't love me. That would be wrong. Very wrong."

Buffy placed two fingers against Giles' lips when he looked like he was about to speak.

"Just listen to me. I've been wrong in many ways. I've been wrong in how I've treated Willow and Xander. I've been wrong in how I've treated you. Very wrong. I'm sorry, Giles, but I am not sorry for falling in love with you. Oh, and I have to tell you that I think you are a very sexy and handsome man. That green robe you are wearing...Wow, I'm having a lot of naughty thoughts. They are happy thoughts but still naughty. Ummm....so Rupert what do you think?"

There was a long, long silence. Maybe, because Buffy still had two fingers up against his lips.

Giles brought his hand up and gently kissed her two fingers and then her palm.

"Are you sure you are not under a spell?"


"Because I love you too and I would be devastated to think you loved me back only to find out you were under a spell."

Buffy looked deeply into Giles' green eyes.

"Are you under a spell?" she asked him.

Giles smiled.

"What about your boyfriend?"

"Rupert? Well, all I know is that I love him and I would also like him to sing to me later."

"No, not me, Riley."

"I've realized that we are only meant to be friends. He is nice and everything but I don't think he understands Buffy the Slayer or Buffy-I-wish-I-was-sort-of-normal girl."

"Buffy, no woman is normal. Each one is different and unique. You are more than a beautiful Slayer...You are a beautiful woman. Inside and out. I love you..."

Buffy gave Giles a beautiful smile.

"Giles, please, show me.."

Giles slowly lifted her up in his arms and carried her up the stairs. He was happy to show her.

Much, much later. The two lovers were wrapped in each other's arms. Buffy lifted her head from Giles' chest.

"Honey, tonight when I was patrolling I didn't see any vampires or demons. Well, except for Spike. Come to think about it I haven't fought or seen the bad guys in two or three days."

"Hmm. You know what that means. Something big is going to happen. We will have to call everyone over for a meeting. It's time to research..."

Buffy looked at him and lifted a eyebrow.

"In-In the morning, of course. Maybe, even late afternoon." Giles answered quickly.

Buffy knew that whatever the Hellmouth threw at them they would fight it together. Buffy kissed her Giles. Then she lowered her head back down to his chest and smiled.....