Helping Hand by Karen Jephson


Title: Helping Hand
Author: Karen Jephson
Rating: R - very R. Be warned. Extremely R. If you don't like R don't read this. And I ain't talking about the violence baby.
Disclaimer: Well, they're Joss's but I don't think he'll like what I do to them. Spoiler: It's the college years, but only deals with happenings from Season 2.
Summary: Buffy needs help. Who else should she turn to but her watcher?
Contents: This is a B/G piece, so if even the thought makes you sick to your stomach, please feel free to delete. However, I'd like to think it's a different kind of B/G piece. And,guess what? It's got a plot. The first two bits are just laying the foundation, so bear with me. But they're kind of important, so please read?

On with the show......

The young couple lay on the bed, their limbs entwined. Their mouths fused together hotly as their tongues mated, increasing their passion. They shifted restlessly, trying to ease the ache of sexual desire.

The girl moaned as she felt the weight of her partner press into her. <Yes>. They'd been going out for a few weeks now. She was ready. <Yes>. He'd been so understanding, so patient. Now it was time. <Yes>. She tensed in anticipation as his hand cupped her firm breast. <Yes. Yes>.


"Wha?" He lifted his head in shock, not believing what he was hearing.

She pushed away from him. "I said no. I'm sorry."

Frustration made him angry. "No?! What do you mean no? You said you wanted this."

"I know! I know. I-I thought I was, but I guess I was wrong."

He shook his head. "And when are you going to be ready?"

She stood up, disappointment and frustration raising her temper. "I don't know! Just be patient..."

"Patient? I have been patient." He stood also, pacing within the confines of his room. "You know, I didn't believe them when they told me. I thought they lied, because you'd rejected them. Well, you certainly put on a good act."

"Wha-?" Her confusion showed. "What are you talking about? Who was right? And what did they say?"

"That you're either a tease or frigid. Which is it Buffy?"

She froze in shock. The look of betrayal on her face caused him to pause, but before he could say anything she turned and walked out of the door.


Giles finished marking the last of the essays. It was quite fascinating sometimes, looking into the minds of America's young adults. And at others, it was tedious. But, he'd promised himself, he'd finish these before he started his research on a fascinating demon he'd heard of.

A noise in his study interrupted his concentration. Nobody should be in the college at this time of night. Putting down his pen, he rose, gathering a cross on his way to the door. One could never be too careful.

He paused at the doorway, surprised at his visitor. "Buffy?" She turned toward him, her face wet with her tears. He stepped forward, concerned. "What is it? What's wrong?"

"Nothing." One look at his face stopped her denial. "I-it's just. Well, Todd and I had an argument. I think we broke up tonight."

"I'm sorry. I didn't think he meant that much to you."

"He didn't. I mean, he hasn't broken my heart or anything."

"Then what is wrong?"

"Can't we just let it go?"

"Buffy, something's upset you. How can I help if you don't...."

"Alright!" She closed her eyes. "Alright." This time quieter as she looked at him, before looking away. "The reason we broke up is that I couldn't.....I couldn't...."

He looked at her embarrassed face, and started to piece things together. "You were unable to make love with him? Become intimate?" She nodded, her head down. "Perhaps you just weren't ready?"

"Not ready for him. Or for any of the guys I dated. I want to Giles, but, every time I try to .... get intimate, I can't. I have to stop it. They say I'm frigid. I guess they're right."

"You can't know that!" He found himself getting angry at the callousness of the young men. "Perhaps you just need the right person to..."

"What right person? We both know the truth. Ever since Angel - if another guy touches me, all I remember is what happened with him. And the consequences of that night."

He sighed, unable to go on. "You know that that won't happen with others. That they won't be cursed."

She lifted her hand, pointing to her forehead. "In here I do. But" she dropped her hand to her chest "in here, I don't know. I'm frightened of intimacy Giles. And I don't know what to do."

He stepped toward her, his arm patting her shoulder gently. "I wish I could tell you what to do. How to suddenly make this fear disappear. What do you want me to do?"

She looked at him hesitantly. "I thought maybe, if I tried it with someone I trusted. I mean really trusted...."

As the implication of her words sank in, he flushed. Stepping back quickly, he severed his tenuous physical contact with her.

"I guess not." The disappointment was tangible. She turned. "Forget it Giles. I was just being - stupid, I guess. Don't worry about me. I'll be okay. I'll see you tomorrow." She left the office, leaving a confused and guilty Watcher behind.


The following evening Joyce looked up at the knock at the door. She turned an inquiring eye on her daughter. Buffy just shrugged. Neither of them were expecting a visitor. Joyce got up and moved to the front door.

"Rupert?" She was surprised. He hardly came to the house. There was no need. "Is something wrong?"

"No. Not really." She invited him in. Buffy stood at the entry of the living room. He glanced at her then turned back to her mother. "The thing is, um, I just wanted to let Buffy know that we have to go away for a few days."

"We?" God she hated it when he became all nutty professorish. It'd take her ages to get the information from him. She looked at Buffy, but got no help from there.

"Yes. I received a request from a - a friend. They need some help to dispose of a demon. I've decided to assist them." If Joyce had looked at her daughter then, she would have been concerned at the change in her demeanor. There was surprise, and hope. And gratitude.

"How long will you be gone?"

"One night. Possible two. Hopefully it won't take any longer than that." He looked back at Buffy. His gentle "Alright?" offering her a chance to refuse.

She nodded. "Okay."

"Okay. Well, I'll see you tomorrow after school then. Joyce." He nodded at the older woman before leaving.

Joyce looked at her daughter, shaking her head in confusion. "Is it my imagination or is he getting more anti-social?"

"He has a lot of things on his mind." Buffy turned back to the living room, hope and fear warring within her.


He closed the door gently behind the porter. Buffy stood in the middle of the room, looking anywhere but at him. It was a fairly large room, with a sitting area, as well as a double bed. A door led off to what was obviously the bathroom. The walls were painted white, with a couple of quality paintings on the wall. A glass coffee table with a basket of fruit as its' centerpiece sat in front of a floral divan. A white eyelet quilt sat atop the bed, it's white Queen Anne headboard covered in pillows.

Giles moved toward her slowly, gently. As if she were a wild animal he was afraid would run if he moved too quickly. He shucked his jacket and removed his tie. She'd seen him in only his braces and shirt before, but today he seemed somehow dangerous.

"I thought somewhere away from the norm of our lives might be more relaxing."

She nodded. "And easier to avoid detection."

He smiled. "That too." He was in front of her now. Placing his crooked finger under her chin, he raised her head. "We have all the time in the world. We'll go as fast or slow as you want." He lowered his head, covering her lips with his in an undemanding kiss. Although she responded, he could sense her hesitation and reluctance. Sighing, he broke the kiss.

She couldn't look at him. Moving his hand down, he clasped hers. "Come on." He led her to the bed, encouraging her to lie on it. She expected him to kiss her again, try to make her respond. Instead he lay beside her. They looked up at the ceiling, neither of them saying anything for several minutes.

When he spoke, his voice was full of curiosity. "When you look at me, what do you see?"

That was easy. "I see Giles."

"No. That's who I am. What am I?"

It took a few moments for her to realize what he meant. She shifted up onto her elbow, looking at him. "You're a man." She started to look at him fully for the first time. "You're a man."

He half-laughed. "You needn't sound so surprised. This wouldn't work quite so well if I wasn't."

She blushed. "Sorry. I just never thought of you as anything but Giles before."

"I know." His hand brushed her cheek lightly. "Now. When you look at me, what do you see?"

She looked closely. "You know, you're quite attractive." He laughed again at the surprise in her voice. "You have what Willow would call a character face. You're not beautiful like...." She stopped. Determined to work through this, she tried again. "You have creases on your forehead." She moved her hand to his brow, trying to smooth the lines. "Is that because of me?" Not giving him a chance to respond, she ran her finger along the scar at his temple. "Are you ever going to tell me how you got this?"

"Old battle scar from my bad Ripper days." He could feel his body responding to her gentle touch.

"And this too?" Her finger was now touching the bridge of his nose, the crook a result of a break from some brawl. She moved her hand back up to his eyebrows. "These are straight. Your glasses hide your eyes. They're normally green aren't they? They look darker now." He wasn't about to tell her his eyes changed color when his passions were aroused.

Buffy ran her exploring hand down his nose, then along his mouth. The pads on her fingers tingled where they touched his firm lips. They weren't wide, but they were well defined. Kissable. She didn't know where that thought came from, but now it was there, it wouldn't go away. She moved on down, over his square chin, resting briefly on the pulse on his neck, before stopping at the edge of his shirt.

He held his breathe, wondering what she would do next. If she would stop, or continue her exploration.


Buffy swept her eyes over his body. His hard male body. She noticed his arousal, but didn't mention it. She knew she was safe with Giles. And that he wouldn't try to do anything she didn't want. Taking a deep breathe, her fingers released the top bottom of his shirt. Whorls of hair peeped out from the white linen.

"You look different to Angel." She stopped. "Sorry."

"Don't be. Comparison is natural under the circumstances. And alright as long as it isn't negative." This last with a smile.

She undid two more buttons, spreading the material back, exposing his chest. "You're broader. But more muscular, I think." Testing her theory, she ran her hand along his flesh, feeling the firmness. "More muscular." Nodding at having proven her theory. "And, you have hair. He didn't." Her fingers played with the chest hair, feeling it's softness as it curled around them. "It feels different. Good different." In case he thought she was criticizing. "And you're hot. So very hot." She ran her hand down his torso, surprised her flesh didn't burn from the heat of him. She stopped on the softer flesh of his stomach, watching as his breathing lifted the outline of her hand against his shirt. She frowned, remember ridges and dents that weren't a natural part of his body. "You have scars."

"War wounds. Another difference between vampires and humans. We don't heal completely." If his voice came out strained and breathless, he couldn't help it. It was taking all his willpower not to move.He felt her hand shift again, and was only mildly disappointed as it made a return journey to his chest. Her fingers plowed through the hair, her fascination with it obvious. He gasped as she touched one of his nipples, the nub already hard from her exploration. She paused, before returning to it, rubbing it, experimenting.

Buffy was concentrating on Giles' reaction to her touch, and her physical response to that. She jumped when she felt his hand at her chest. "What are you doing?"

His smile was only slightly strained. "Removing some of your armor?"

She looked down, then up in acknowledgment. She wore more than she ever had before in his presence. She made no argument as he unbuttoned her jacket, allowing him to push it off her shoulders. His eyes asked permission to continue. She only hesitated slightly before nodding, allowing him to remove the tailored shirt. One of her shoestring tops was now the only barrier to her breasts. She tensed, anticipating his removal of it. Instead, he ran his knuckles gently across her sensitized nipples, eliciting a gasp of her own.

"Buffy. Kiss me." She obediently bent her torso, fitting her moist lips to his. They kissed slowly, tasting each other, exploring the shape of the other's mouth. Giles hand clasped the back of her head, holding her prisoner. He deepened the kiss, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth, before following it's retreat with his tongue. She welcomed his invasion, mating with him, encouraging him to ravish her mouth.

A moan escaped as she pressed her chest to his, the material increasing the friction between their flesh. His hand moved, rubbing up and down her back, before resting on her backside. He squeezed one of the cheeks, before gently moving between her legs, pressing into her sex.

Buffy froze, before relaxing into his embrace. He continued to rub and push into her, causing her flesh to burn at his touch. She whimpered, wanting so much more. He lifted her leg, resting it against his thighs, then returned to the apex, pressing the material of her trousers into her lips.

The kiss was now out of control, their breathing hot and panting. He broke away, holding her eyes as he continued to rub her. He shifted her until she straddled his thighs, his arousal pushing into her groin. He hesitated at the momentary look of fear in her eyes. "Do you want me to stop?"

She placed her hands either side of his head. "No. Oh no." She kissed him again, before moving her mouth to his chin, down his neck. He swore he felt a nip at the exposed vein, and groaned at the sensation. Her lips continued their journey across his collarbone, stopping at the beginning of the matt of fine hair. She muzzled her nose in the now damp fur before continuing on until she found one of his nipples. Taking it in her mouth, she suckled then licked it.

Giles pushed harder into her, spreading her further. He could feel the dampness of her arousal on her trousers. Holding her head against his chest, he rolled, pinning her beneath him. He pressed into her, rubbing his aroused penis into her sex. Lifting his torso he gathered the material of her top in his hands, before pulling it over her head.


Buffy waited, her hands resting against his upper arms. She could feel his eyes on her now exposed breasts, her nipples puckering under his perusal. "Oh Buffy. I always knew you were beautiful. But I never knew how much until now." She released a breathe she hadn't realized she'd been holding, only to catch it again as he lowered his head, pulling her nipple into his hot mouth. She moaned as he repeated her act, suckling then licking the sensitive bud. He turned to the other breast, giving it equal attention. His hands moved, gathering the quivering mounds of flesh into his palms. As he bathed one breast with open kisses, he rolled the nipple of the other between his thumb and forefinger. He continued for several minutes, alternating between breasts. Finally, in frustration, she groaned his name.

Her shaking hands finished undoing the buttons to his shirt. He raised himself as she removed first the braces, then the shirt. She ran her hands up and down his torso, feasting on him fully as he had her. If she found him wanting in any way, her expression didn't show it. Instead she looked extremely hungry. He moved down, taking her mouth in an open kiss, their tongues dueling as his chest pressed into hers. Her legs were wrapped around his thighs, pressing him into her.

Buffy felt his hand moving along her waist, and over her midriff. The pop of the button on her trousers sounded loud in the quiet room. His hand rested on her stomach, before moving down as he followed the journey of the opening zipper. Moving his hand over her hip, he rested it on her cotton covered ass, before pushing the material of her trousers over her thighs and down her legs. She unwrapped her legs, helping him to remove her trousers and shoes completely. She was now wearing only her cotton underpants. Raising himself to his knees, he undid the button and zip on his own trousers, watching her face. There was fear there, but also arousal and curiosity. He finished undressing, until he too was wearing only his underwear, a pair of cotton boxers. Her eyes had never left him.

Buffy sighed as he leaned over her again, waiting for him to kiss her. Instead, he kissed the tip of her chin, before moving down her body, stopping for just a short time on her breasts. Her stomach clenched as his hot breathe drifted over her sensitive flesh, her breathe quivering as his tongue dipped into her navel. As his mouth touched the material of her panties, she panicked. "Giles wait. Nobody's ever...." her sentence finished in a moan as his mouth covered her clit, openly kissing her through the material. Using his hands, he spread her legs, opening her further to him. She shifted, not sure if she was trying to push him away, or drag him closer to her.

She didn't notice when his hands grabbed the material of her panties. Only vaguely heard the sound of ripping material. She began to whimper when his mouth touched her exposed flesh, sucking the juices of her swollen, throbbing lips. His tongue licked along her lips finding her opening. He opened her further with his fingers, before penetrating her with his tongue. He continued to love her, licking her pulsing vaginal walls as he pushed in and out of her. She was tossing her head side to side, the feelings he evoked in her too much to handle. A high keening noise came from somewhere inside of the room. She wanted to stop the noise, but the sensation of his tongue darting in and out of her blocked all else.

Giles could feel her orgasm building. He continued his ministrations, then rubbed his thumb on her clit. Taking the swollen nub between his thumb and forefinger, he rolled it as her keening stopped. Suddenly she froze, before emitting a shocked scream. He continued to kiss and pet her as she came, building her higher, even as she tried to come down. He didn't let her go until she'd orgasmed at least twice under his mouth.

She lay exhausted, her hair damp from her own sweat. She felt him shift, knew he was looking at her exposed body. But she couldn't moved. Plus, she reveled in his looking at her, seeing all her secrets. The sound of a packet ripping barely penetrated her sated mind. She felt his weight against her, and wrapped her arms and legs around him. "Buffy." At his quiet command she opened her eyes and looked at him. She gasped as she felt something large and hard push against her juncture. She started to protest, but it was too late. He pushed himself completely inside her, filling her.

Giles lay still, allowing her time to become accustomed to the feel of him inside of her. She expected some pain, but surprisingly there was none. Then she realized that she was still slick from her orgasms. She shifted, enjoying the feel of him moving inside of her. Her actions caused him to groan. She looked up, seeing the pain of arousal in his face. "Giles."

It was all he needed. He started moving in and out of her, building the tempo slowly, allowing her to catch up with him. He didn't know how long he would last this way, but he intended to make sure that she went with him. Pushing in and out of her, he felt her nearing her third climax. Trouble was, he was close to his own. Moving his hand down, he found her nub, fondling it as he'd done before. It was enough. She cried out his name as she orgasmed, pulling him over the edge with her.

Several seconds later, Giles felt his breathing return to something close to normal. He lifted his weight off her, and looked down. She gazed intently into his eyes, looking for something. He doubted if she even knew what. "Thank you." He nodded, before kissing her once more. He then rolled on his side, keeping his arm across her torso. They were both asleep in seconds.