Heartfelt Love
By Tori Deathangel

Title: Heartfelt Love
Author: Tori
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: If I owned any part of Buffy, Giles and her would already be together, but I don't they belong to Joss and Mutant enemy, I own nothing, except my demented mind.
Dedication: To you the reader! Without readers this would just be an archive!

"Good morning sweetheart."

All Buffy could do was grumble at her mother, for she definitely wasn't a morning person. She gulped down her orange juice and inhaled the rest of her breakfast.

"Sorry hon., I can't stay this is the first real day back at the gallery and I want to make a good impression, oh, this was in the mailbox this morning."

Buffy kissed her mom and took the envelope from her. The writing on the front was written fancy, it was pretty to her, and she twirled the envelope from front to back trying to get an indication of whom it was from. <Oh god, what if its from Riley.> She dropped the envelope on the breakfast bar and started to walk away from it. <Definitely don't want to go down that road again. I'm just getting over him.> She stopped dead in her tracks. <Ok, brain flash. Even on a good day Riley could never write that well. God I hope it's not from Spike. I'll kill him if it is!> She walked back to the envelope and carefully opened it so not to ruin the writing on front.

My dearest Buffy,
Words cannot justify the feeling I have for you
When we're together, I can't help feeling…
What if's and Hope
My brave Buffy
You have been through so much
I want only the best for you.
I lay awake, upset that you had to through what you've been
If only I could take away your pain.
But also when I lay awake, I envision you.
The sweet scent of vanilla on your skin,
Your beautiful caring blue eyes,
The way you look when your angry, such fire.
The way you look when you're happy.
When you laugh, the joy you bring to my heart I cannot describe
When you cry I want to hold you until the pain goes away.
Buffy, I know you do not love me in the way I would like you to,
So I shall remain content from afar, it will pain me so,
But I shall endure as long as I have some measure of you in my life.

The card itself was made special for her. It was a red heart with a white paper lace border, all down with great skill, the writing once again in the beautiful calligraphy. It was truly the most beautiful valentine she had ever received. Now she had to figure out who sent it to her, obviously it wasn't Riley and most definitely not Xander <and EEWWW can even that thought be even more worse, hell he's like a brother> Spike knew better then to pursue a dead avenue. <Dead, huh, I made a funny. Besides been there done that> It wouldn't be any of the guys from school, <and oh my god! It couldn't be…. Giles?!> The words on the card ran through her mind. <Oh god, it is! It has to be! I'd never thought he'd feel that way about me.> A smile played across her face.

H E A R T F E L T L O V E      H E A R T F E L T L O V E      H E A R T F E L T L O V E

Giles noticed an envelope laying on the counter. It was her writing. He knew everything about her. He loved how she'd dot her I's with hearts, and now there was something for him from her. He dropped what he was doing, to see what she said. He opened the card….

Dear Rupert,
I had always believed that you had a father's love for me,
But now I find that it isn't true.
I'm overjoyed with this revelation!
But I am also afraid.
Every man that I have loved has left me.
Please be there for me.
I'll see you tonight.
Your place.


<She reciprocates!> the feeling he was having left him excited yet fearful at the same time. He never expected her to feel the same way

H E A R T F E L T L O V E      H E A R T L O V E L O V E      H E A R T F E L T L O V E

Rupert walked through his door to find his flat awash in candlelight. He wondered where she was, and the candlelight alone, it was extraordinary. Buffy walked out from the kitchen, clad in….

<Oh my Lord!> Rupert dropped everything he had in his hands and his jaw dropped, then suddenly snapped shut. Gulping he looked over her blinding form. The white lacey teddy accentuated her form in every way. He felt the blood rush from his reddened cheeks to his now hardened erection.

<I've got to be dreaming. A glorious dream none the less>

Buffy sauntered up to him and pulled him in for searing kiss.

"Buffy," Pulling away from her regretfully, "We have to talk."

"What is there to talk about? I want you. I have for a long time. In fact ever since I first saw you in the library. I know you won't ever hurt me. By your own words you admitted to loving me. I feel the same towards. There. We talked." Buffy resumed her assault on her watcher and found that he was responding more to her.

Giles couldn't fight it no more, this is exactly what he wanted. He grabbed her firm buttocks, and lifted her on to him, with her against the wall. She ground into his erection. She grabbed his glasses and threw them on to the couch. He began nibbling on her neck and Buffy tore his shirt open. She ran her hands through the soft curls on his chest.

He held Buffy close and walked up the staircase, where he threw her unceremoniously on the bed. It didn't even phase Buffy. She was already back on the assault working on his belt, eventually releasing his manhood. Taking it in hand, she licked at the tip of his penis, making Giles moan in pleasure. When she took him fully into her mouth, he growled. If he didn't stop what she was doing now, he won't be able to hold out.

He grabbed her hair and brought her luscious lips to his, plundering her mouth, he cupped her breast, tweaking the bud. Laying her on the bed, he continued his travels southward, coming within inches of her mound; stroking her clit with his finger he inserted his tongue into her channel. Buffy cried in pleasure, bucking erratically under his thrusts.

"Giles! Please! I need you now!"

He looked into her pleading eyes; she was ready, beyond ready. He placed his rod inside her, stretching her walls, filling her completely. He hesitated before continuing, but before he could do so, he found his self on his back staring up at his slayer. She began to ride him into a fever pitch, finding their positions changing in an instant. He was now on top of her again, ramming home hard with each thrust, causing her to go over the edge, screaming her bliss, as he emptied his seed into her.

They lay for several minutes in each other's arms, gasping. He smiled and kissed her nose and forehead.

"Buffy, my love, my dearest love. I love you."

"I love you too, Rupert."