By Cap

Title: Graveside.
Author: Cap
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Note: I wrote this one to see if I could get one of those warnings not the happiest of fics by one of my story's. let's see if it is good enough.

Giles, Willow, Xander, Oz, and Cordila stood by the grave site. The Funeral had been over for some time. He had just continued to stand there. The group looked at him, they didn't know what to say to him. So just stood there sharing their grief.

Finally Xander walked to him and put his hand on his shoulder and then had hugged him. He pulled back and looked at him. "Your not leaving with us are you." Giles just gives him a smile. It wasn't a real smile but Xander appreciated the effort. "Your going to wait for him I know. He can't hurt her anymore. That doesn't mean you turn your back on him, I don't care what the others say. I don't trust him." Xander looked at his Jacket pocket he knew the Stake was in there. "Use it." He then walked to the van to wait for the others.

Willow just hugged him and moved after Xander to the car, too emotional to even speak. Oz looked at him for a long time. "She wouldn't want a confrontation, but I think she knew it was coming. That's why she held on so long." The young man couldn't think of anything else to say so just walked to the car.

Cordila walked slowly up to him fidgeting. Then she suddenly wrapped her arms around him and said. "I'm sorry." she had more on her mind that she wanted to say, but for once she had decided to hold her tongue.


The night was slightly warm with a soft breeze as the two men stood next to each other staring blankly at the grave. "I loved her." Said the vampire.

"No, you didn't." Said the man standing next to him in a soft gentle voice. Angel looked at him from the side. He thought to himself that the words were simple grief and that Giles would apologize when he realized what he had said.

Giles touched the top of the grave letting his hand trace it tenderly before slipping back to his pocket. "I know why you came here." He said. Angel simply continued to stare at the quiet Watcher.

"And?" Angel asked him. Wondering if the man had finally fallen into the pit of insanity he lived so close to.

"Let her find some peace for once you bastard." He finally looked up at him. "You are the one thing I could never protect her from, the drug that claimed her strength and happiness, and worst of all damn it you knew. You just couldn't let it rest though. You pulled her into your pit of despair. You wrung the child out of her body like water from a rag." His breathing became harsh. He seemed to stare at a point just to the left of Angel like the darkness of the night was writing the sins of their shared past out for him to see. "Any darkness that harbored in Buffy's soul was put their by you. A moth to the brightest flame is what you were. You burnt us all though."

"Rupert, I....I loved her with everything I.....She was so....." He starred at the grave. He closed his eye's and let out a sigh. "Please end it."

"No." Angels bent head stares up at the man as his eye's focus on him. The demon in him coils back from the look in fear, but the soul of the man known as Angel reaches the pinnacle of all the guilt he had carried throughout his endless life.

"She was always yours, but I wanted to stand in the way. I knew, I just didn't want her to. I heard she did at the end, said she loved you. I hated you for it. I loved you as my friend, but I could tell how you felt."

"When Jenny died she saved my life. Tonight she saved yours, remember that." They stand in silence for many hours. Angel takes one last look at the man standing in front of the grave.

"I did love her."

"Burn in hell." And with that the vampire returns into the night.

Giles stands there looking at the grave. "I know your afraid of being alone. It won't be long, I'll never leave you, You won't have to do this on your own. Just a little longer Buffy." He touches the grave and walks to the house that at one time was a home. He will live because that is what Buffy would want, because it is what the others need. In his heart though he knows his time is short for this world. Even in this as in all other things he shall follow her.

The graveyard remains silent for a moment more, then the figure in the black duster approaches the grave reverently. "You were a great slayer. Don't worry about them. I'll look after the others for you slayer make sure no nasty's get them. As for your watcher. I'll do it. He won't feel a thing, he won't even wake up. Promise." He lay's a stake at her grave and scatters dust into the night air. A homage to the hunt he thinks as the wind picks up the pieces of his sire.